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The site at // provides some fun lists like "100 Greatest Beach Music Songs" and is well worth checking out. They rank music according to input from users, however they seem to have avoided the most obvious "vote stuffing" that other such sites suffer. This chart is based on the annual listings they have.

The listing we have for most years is slightly out of date. The years 1940 and 1941 have recently been added.


The attributes we use from this data are:

  • artist: The artist
  • name: The name of each song
  • position: The position within the list of songs from this year
  • year: The year the song was a hit


There are a wide range of ways to assign scores to artists in order to work out which artists are most significant. Here is one listing, of the top five artists of each decade within the DDD Year chart.

Decade Number 1 Artist Number 2 Artist Number 3 Artist Number 4 Artist Number 5 Artist
1970s Stevie Wonder Lynyrd Skynyrd Led Zeppelin Bruce Springsteen Bob Marley
1960s The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Beach Boys Led Zeppelin Aretha Franklin
1950s Elvis Presley Chuck Berry Little Richard Fats Domino Hank Williams
1940s Hank Williams Wynonie Harris Woody Guthrie Louis Jordan The Orioles

Since these songs are already ordered within the year one simple way to assign a ranking for each artist is to sum the scores for their songs, by giving each song a score of one over the ranking we get a reasonable order for the artists. Here are the top 20 artists for this chart using this approach:

# Artist Entries Biggest Hit Year Year Position
1 The Beatles 69 She Loves You 1963 2
2 Hank Williams 31 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 1949 1
3 Elvis Presley 55 Hound Dog 1956 1
4 Led Zeppelin 15 Whole Lotta Love 1969 1
5 Chuck Berry 24 Johnny B Goode 1958 1
6 The Rolling Stones 29 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 1965 1
7 Ray Charles 23 What'd I Say 1959 1
8 Fats Domino 40 The Fat Man 1950 1
9 Little Richard 20 Tutti Frutti 1955 1
10 The Drifters 28 Money Honey 1953 1
11 Marvin Gaye 15 I Heard It Through The Grapevine 1968 1
12 The Beach Boys 25 Good Vibrations 1966 1
13 Stevie Wonder 13 Superstition 1972 1
14 Billy Ward & The Dominoes 13 Sixty Minute Man 1951 1
15 The Temptations 16 My Girl 1964 2
16 Lynyrd Skynyrd 4 Freebird 1973 1
17 Wynonie Harris 16 Good Rockin' Tonight 1948 1
18 Bill Haley & His Comets 11 Rock Around The Clock 1954 1
19 Aretha Franklin 13 Respect 1967 1
20 The Shirelles 9 Will You Love me Tomorrow 1960 1


The song title. There are too few entries for any summary to be meaningfull.


The position within each year.


The year that the song has been assigned to by DDD

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