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28 Oct 2016

I've been trying to find this song for years!

I am looking for a song which I can't remember the lyrics to. The first wordin the song was "baby" and I think the chorus contained "uh ah uh ah" but I'm not a hundren percent sure! It was sung by a black female artist and she wore a red and white striped dress and I think red heels. She was walking as she sang. I think the song was released sometime between 2010-2013 and was a big hit on British radio. It was popular and I think the artist may have been British herself but I'm not sure.

28 Oct 2016

Need to find this song PLEASE!!!!

I really need to find this song, I just know the lyrics...

"...before you came in my life, there is something I should let you.."

27 Oct 2016

looking for a song+

two female singers old school r&b I think a black and white music video.. andits slow and all for the women lol+

27 Oct 2016

we are holding on Enrique Iglesias and a female singer+

27 Oct 2016

words from lyrics

"im sitting on a beach now trying to forget" + lyric reggae song

27 Oct 2016

Looking for song

In he video the girl is riding in the car and the guy singing is riding on theback of the car and at some point in the video she is at a grave site+

25 Oct 2016

looking for song

a black guy is singing about fighting and he talks about a bulldog on thecorner...

24 Oct 2016

I'm looking for a hip hop/rap song

Hi everybody. I'm looking for early 2000s hip hop song that goes like this "black and white working(or living) together status quo...- that's all i remember. Oo, and the horus "goodbye goodbye..". I was a lay back song, with a piano sample.

24 Oct 2016

Looking for a song, it was used as a theme song for a particular soap operaaround 2008.It is in spanish and it kinda starts off with beats of the reggaeton genre. I dont remember any lyrics nor the name ofthe soap but i gootta find it man..+

24 Oct 2016

Band Help!!

An old song maybe from 2005 to 2007. It's a band and in the music video thelead signer has shoulder length bron hair, i feel like the word angel is in the song.. at first I thought it was the band our lady peace but I don't think it it. They're in a white room pretty sure and there are a bunch of characters in it

22 Oct 2016


On tonights x factor sang by sara first line began shush

Don't watch X Factor, even if I did it would be the original and not be the US version

22 Oct 2016

looking for song

male singer, he has curly hair, very young..the title of the song had thewords "you" in it. In the music video it's him and a girl but never together and at the end it shows him with a different girl

22 Oct 2016


there is a song I heard while I was getting a hair cut but I couldn't turn myheard to see the artist. in the video, it was an Asian man and a woman, both dancing on water and as the music began to end the both fell in the water. the video was on mtv but still cant seem to find it. help lol

21 Oct 2016

Looking for song

male singer . Singing about being a singer or guitarist who is out lateperforming he comes home and doesn't want to turn the light on so he doesn't wake his wife up.+

21 Oct 2016

i am looking for a particular song how can i find it

this song was made by a female or female , lyrics stated that's getting awaywith murder. It may even be the +of the song. that's getting awaaaay. that's getting away with murder. that's all i can remember from this song.

21 Oct 2016

Looking for song

I don't remember the lyrics but the music video has the band performing in acave and simultaneously shows the lead singer chasing after a girl with a circular suitcase. At the end of the video they end up at the beach and the girl walks off into the water with her suitcase as the guy watches. It was an indie/alternative song but I cant find it anyhere, I've been looking FOR DAYS

21 Oct 2016

Looking for name/song

Black female solo artist, pop/dance song, it sounds similar to the chorus inRihanna/Calvin Harris' "this is what you came for", in the video she is dancing alone, white backdrop, changes outfits several times, has a Japanese/anime influence? From several years ago, maybe 2008-2010?

20 Oct 2016

Looking for an old song

I'm looking for a song that I knew when I was very little. It started off witha young boy, I think he was on his way back to fishing or something. Throughout the song this kid grows up and eventually has a child. I think the child was a miscarriage as well. I remember this because when I was little I wrote all of the lyrics down on a piece of paper. It reminds me of my father and I would really love to hear this song again. Thank you!

20 Oct 2016

Looking for song title and artist

The song I believe is from the 2000's. The music video features the singerwalking out of a brownstone type house and walking down the middle of the street. I believe the title is faithfully or something like that, it definitely starts with an F. I have been trying to find this song for years and to no avail. Please help!

20 Oct 2016

looking for title and singer--1950s c&w words 'I walked away, before the tearscould start-with a smile on my lips and an ache in my heart.+

19 Oct 2016

80s rock balade

It starts with a phone call (man to a woman), chorus goes I CANT REMEMBER... and at the end it has a piano part. Sounds kind of Whitesnake. Please help!

19 Oct 2016

What song is it?

HELP ME! In the 90's there was a video clip, a dance-song, kind of trance or rave or something like...it was often on MTV .

It begins with a crazy man in the dark ,with a radio in his hand., he whispers or saying half-outloud: "It's there...it's inside...the RADIOOO!"

Then , camera moves inside a room, +a factory -like room where dancers dance: kind of arty dance, with a chinese or japanese dancer girl too..... Then i cannot remember but i think lots of dance there.

Later there is a picture on the wall with persons (or 1 person?) +waving with their hands, picture +becomes alive, it moves,- the dancers in front of that see the sun going up or something on the pic and falling down, like falling asleep one-by one.....

At the end of the clip camera goes out of the room, there is a door with bars, lights go out-and end.

Please tell me what is that, THANK YOU!!!!!! Zoe

18 Oct 2016

loop music video

Hello I wonder if anyone knows this video: A girl leaves her apartment, andshe's downing the staircase of the building, but when she opens the door, she returns upstairs and she try again and again and it becomes a loop, and occasionally in the video the DJ's appear in another room, I can't remember the song or the name of de group, please help :'(

18 Oct 2016

RAM commercial

What is the name of the song and who is the singer?

17 Oct 2016

what is the song of a girl is singing using a recorded on a car and another girl is driving (racing) wao wa'ao it's an old song

16 Oct 2016

Let your ya be ya and your no be no now

15 Oct 2016

Red hair singer pop song help me!!+

sings quite fast +

13 Oct 2016

looking for singer's name

female singer, song is called Phenomenal, and part of the lyrics are "You be my king, I'll be your queen

12 Oct 2016

r&b song

It hasa rapper and he raps about a place and the girl sings and screams shestrapped its a ballroom or credpy hotel 2000s

12 Oct 2016

falling in love lalalalalala+

i cant locate this song.. i heard it in a uniqlo store, and i reckon it issome indie singer .. anyone knows?+

11 Oct 2016

slow down, what's your hurry

11 Oct 2016

Also from childhood (90´s)

Military themed video clip and song with girl singer in camouflage. For unknown reason, I believe it was something from Shakira, but when I trying remember, it was not her style and I did not find anything similar. Cant triedmidomi, because cant exactly remember song. Thanks for help.

11 Oct 2016

female artist in a dress standing on a porch daydreaming of driving off intothe sunset in a convertible.+

11 Oct 2016

1990's british music video

I don't know the name.There were hardly any words, just real catchy music

It's a video all filmed backwards, it starts off with two men playing tennis (I think) The ball goes up into the air. And then everything goes backwards. The two men run backwards to a car, they jump out of a plane and parachute. (But all done backwards) until they finally get to some place where they catch the ball. Does anyone know what this might be called? Thanks

10 Oct 2016

sad song from a left for dead video+

i heard it from a left for dead video on youtube right before left for dead 2came out, and the song starts by saying i'll go away i just wanna find the name of the song. it is a slow sad song+

9 Oct 2016

Catchy tune catchy chorus

Greetings... wondering if anybody can help me... been hearing this one song for so long (for sure it's an American rock band)... the vocalist has a very good pitch... he sounds maybe a little like Aerosmith vocalist Mr. Tyler...

Never got to know who sings this song but the chorus is goes like this... "You... you.. you ooo oh oh..." until it outro's....

Can anybody help?

9 Oct 2016

looking for song/music video

I saw a music video where a girl was with her Dad fixing their broken down carroadside. A bus full of multiple guy singers came by, singing a lively song (about a wild girl or some such?), and enticed her to run away with them on the bus and have a new adventure. Does anyone know the song or singer(s)?

8 Oct 2016

song with the rain in the background. deep mail voice. there's a ord tonight in it.+

i am searching for a song from the late 80th, early 90th with the rain in thebackground. very deep male voice. there's a word 'tonight' in it. it is rather slow and probably romantic. +

8 Oct 2016

Please tell em name of song in comments

Piano coruse: "when it rains (tune change) MY eyes come aliveeee

7 Oct 2016

Chorus "I'm a looking at you your looking at me "

7 Oct 2016

duet song form the early 90s+

please help me ive been looking for this song with no luck its a duet one girland maybe more than one boy her part says:... let you go because its now ... now i want you babe want to be your lady... now i need you babe right here by my side" the part for the boy is upbeat and like a group part.. let me know please if you know its name+

6 Oct 2016

recent song stuck in my head!!

i heard it on the radio a few times last week/week before it was a catchy tuneand a male singer im sure the words were "im gonna rock your mind" or "im gonna ride your mide" i thought it was in the charts cause it played more than once in a couple of days but i cant find it. anyone know it??

5 Oct 2016

lyrics to song

The Love of God, so rich and pure, so measureless and strong.

5 Oct 2016


Looking for a song. All i know is that in the music video is a girl dressed asa bunny and a black guy who has a small child's body. Everybody parties in the pool that has soap bubbles and in the end of the clip two guys are just sitting at a psychologist and laughing. Thx :)

5 Oct 2016

this song was in a movie in the 1980s or the 1990s

some of the words are


5 Oct 2016

The first lyrics of the song goes like "ooooooh , ooooh," sung by a male angthe first scene of the music video is where the man was sitting in a cafe and the camera walks in front of him to his back. 2015-2016 song

5 Oct 2016

1990 dance song flying nun

I am looking for a song of a female singer sung in english. It's apop/house/dance song from 1990. In the videoclip appears a flying nun singing and flying everywhere. Thank you.

4 Oct 2016

down and dirty

Was on a Cruise and they played an album by a 90's cajun style hard funk rockband one of the songs repeated , "Get Down and Dirty","Get Down and Dirty"+

4 Oct 2016

I know you by heart

Looking for the song I know you by heart +It was a duet the male was possiblyDerks Bently +It was played some where in the 2001-2005 They also did a christmas version of this song

4 Oct 2016

40's- 60's

I've heard this song my grandfather had a lot of records I was about 5yearsold. I know it was a male who sang it, he had a soft voice and in the lyrics +he sang to a woman about making her blue eyes brown (that's in the lyrics) can you please help me with that song. I can't ask my grandfather because her passed away. And I'm dieing to hear it. Thank you.

3 Oct 2016

Music video

Big black guy and girl in mansion singing bout making or having money

3 Oct 2016


I am looking for song, which often played in China, Harbin. In their Gardensand people was danced.. Help..

3 Oct 2016

am looking for a gospel song which goes lyk this:everyday is testimony,

3 Oct 2016

Country song marred a blond haired girl, proved them wrong

2 Oct 2016

seeking for a song

I remember the clip of song:an attractive girl work at a shop. a young man (atruck driver with six pack) comes and buys something. the girl sing and dances with three or two other girls.

2 Oct 2016


if you turn off the light i can see you in the dark i will think you in myheart cause you think is too remain

1 Oct 2016

music video of young woman and child, they are all alone walking outside, like they don't fit in anywhere

1 Oct 2016

looking for the name of song with these lyrics. Do you remember, yes Iremember, the song that made us fall in love.

1 Oct 2016

looking for a song, a duet between a boy and a girl, probably in their 20s.the song could be spanish or maybe english or both i don't remember it. i think the singers were latin but not sure and the music video shows a little girl with curly hair, running and dancing

30 Sep 2016

I can't remember this clip

I'm positive it was an emo song. It was a very low budget video, it startedwith an acoustic guitar, i think it had piano, the lead singer had emo-ish hair and i remembera pink shirt lmao. I can remember the melodic line but not a single word. I think it was from 2007-2008

30 Sep 2016

Female artist

Looking for a female artist singing on traintracks with a cowboy hat and reddress

29 Sep 2016

looking for song

in this song singer comes from a room and sit next to his grandmother thenwalk to the camera and clip ends do u know that song with this video clip?

29 Sep 2016

Rain Icicles - SOLVED

Les Nuits - The Launderette

28 Sep 2016

who sang a version of come on over by derek lara

28 Sep 2016

music video goes like below

A man buys a car in a very poor condition and turns it into beautifull yellowcabriolet. I remember this from a first half of 80's. That's the biggest mystery from my childhood.

28 Sep 2016

Reggae with soca melody

I am looking for a song that start with, I wanna know if you can dance for me,get on the dance floor set your spirit free oh yeah, sweet reggae music soca melody

27 Sep 2016

song title

I am looking for a title of the song. I heard it form a Korean Drama called"Jealousy Incarnate. The lyric goes like this: Keep me right keep my breath till the end of story let me wait if you're late till my worst my fears, Someday you color me and you. Please let me know the title of the song. I have been looking for this forever and couldn't find it. A million thanks to you!

27 Sep 2016

Guy and Girl Duet

I'm looking for a song by a girls with short blonde hair who plays the bassand sings a duet with a guy playing the drums. It's just them two in the video.+

27 Sep 2016

Girl singer+

Trying to find a song.. It's a female singer, she's walking through a fieldwith fairy/twinkle lights, think she says the words I love you in the song and I think it was around 2012-2015 please help 😬

26 Sep 2016

band behinf a window+

26 Sep 2016

gosple song have you ever love someone that died it has some ragge in it

25 Sep 2016

agirlon a roof

It is a pop song or something like that and it's a girl singong on a roofaround a ocean and it was on Disney channel+

24 Sep 2016

Two songs and I can't find titles anywhere!

Song One: I may be short and white but I got one thing right, my love is bigger than you think

Song Two: You’re smooth like a leather glove, I’ll stay right here loving all you can shove

24 Sep 2016

The video is mainly a guy in the back of a Volkswagen bus playing the guitar.The singer sounds like he has a German accent

24 Sep 2016

song from musical

words "I will find you" and either "crazy or sexy saxophone" in 2011 approx

24 Sep 2016

I'm looking for a song. I think it's from the 70s or 80s. The chorus it says "I need you ohhh I need you. I think it is a black an singing. Can anybody help. Thanks

23 Sep 2016

80's - early 90's

it's from my childhood, so i don't remember much but this: a blonde womanwearing black and the chorus was something like "HEY do do do" .. and ends with "do do do do, do do do do DOoo .. do do do do + something she says"+

23 Sep 2016

Song or artist

Female singer in front of live audience walks down between the audience darkhair around 1955 to1960 and wearing a blue dress most of the song is in English but she does start singing in an other language+

23 Sep 2016

Talk about a girl in the bar with her boyfriend and she walked out with someone else+

22 Sep 2016

Jazz piano solo

the track is Never let me go, love been looking for this piece for years

22 Sep 2016

I am looking for a song where a black girl is at a party has a little girlsvoice and she was ask to sing everyone at party go quite and listened to her sing and when she finished singing she asked sing like that what song was this

22 Sep 2016

summer beach sad song

I am looking for a song about the sea or beach. +female singer .+ Within thelast 6 years. +Like a sad song. +easy listening. +Played alot during the summer.+

21 Sep 2016


the song is about a guy with blonde hair walking in a fores and he keepsseeing a lady and its an rnb from the 90s +from UK

21 Sep 2016

Song i cant find

Looking for a song that has a piabo or sin. intro.Its a calming one i wouldsay more cheerful at start.Its a male singer possiblu from the 80s or 90s.Goes something like pam pam pam parararara pam apam pam pararara....

21 Sep 2016

Rap song, me of the artist?

BonBon by Era

21 Sep 2016

I'm lookin for someone to save ., looking + for some one to save my life + Iwant to get back home so I can fly, + Mirah carey is mentioned

21 Sep 2016


Heard it on a youtube ad but it was called smooth an a white guy was singingan dancing

21 Sep 2016

english song where a suited guy standing on road and a hippie couple gave liftto him

21 Sep 2016

like chillout

a girl say in the beginning: oo oo o... i will rise up now and follow guit guitar and bass electronic

21 Sep 2016


Can you help me please,The song was all about a fat girl, I think she's aprostitute but at the end of the song the girl died. :)+

21 Sep 2016

songs wit man rap in latino with girls white frog and golden hair +giving water to flower and dance in group. At the start of the music a man with flute will start+

songs wit man rap in latino with girls white dress +frog and golden hair+giving water to flower and dance in group. At the start of the music a man wearing hat with flute will start.+

20 Sep 2016

Finding out you have a child after one night stand+

Think it was American group with female lead singer+

20 Sep 2016


ok so I forgot name of song and who sings its but in the music video; itfeatures a couple they happy and then like throughout the thing she gets caught cheating and then chases after dude. It's a brown skinned couple in the video, she wears white dress, and in one scene she sitting on a deck with stairs surrounded by flower bushes. It's like a soft sorta slow melody song. Please help I swear I'm going crazy

20 Sep 2016

One song several artists

I'm need of help..milli vanilla sang girl im gonna miss u. A reggae artistalso sings a version of it. I thought it was beanie man but nothing's coming up. I heard fire and iced version too but that's not it. Please help

19 Sep 2016

an old gospel song i cannot remember the name and cannot find

i am looking for an old gospel song . in it a Christian mother work and sendher son to university and when he return home he did not beleave in God no more saying to his mother he will beleave in god when he can see him. One night he got a very bad toothache and his mother went to his bed side and ask him if he could see the pain and he says no he only feel s it moving up and down his face and ask him if he can see the pain and he says no, then his mother tell him that is the same way she cannot see God but she can feel him moving up and down her soul

19 Sep 2016

Why don't you love me love me love I will always be true

19 Sep 2016

Hip hop/rap song

Two young black women are rapping on a roof top. I think this is a fairlynew/current song. I saw the video on Vevo about two weeks ago. Help!+

19 Sep 2016

A white man playing the guitar on a beach house for his girlfriend

Looking for the music video of a white guy playing the guitar on a certainhouse near the beach. He looks so inlove with his girlfriend. +I heard it around late 2015 and early 2016

19 Sep 2016

Don't know the song

I just heard it and I think it is new this 2016, +It has River in the songtitle and in the refrain of the song

18 Sep 2016

Eagle eye cherry

The comment about the video of a guy playing even character is the song "savetonight" by eagle eye cherry+

18 Sep 2016

I know the tune and what the album looks like but don't know the name

There's a song I used to listen to all the time but then I stopped one day andhaven't heard it for years! I remember the background of the album was yellow and I believe there was a black woman with curly hair on it too. It's a rap/r&b type of song.. And I THINK the lyrics were something like "who knew this would take us so far.... La di da la la" haha this is hopeless but does anyone have an idea???

18 Sep 2016

Trying to remember artist

It was a male singer from, I think, 2006-2007. He was sort ofindie-pop-electronic kind of thing, and sang with quite a high voice. I believe he just went by a single name, not his full name. One of the most memorable things about him was his very hipster-y haircut. I think in one music video they were all singing outside a pub, and maybe singing while driving round in the back of a truck.

18 Sep 2016

Song from early 2000- Music video (in English, fast singing) had 2 asian women in punkish outfits

Song is from the early 2000s- it was on a some compilation album that wasreleased in Australia and I don't remember any lyrics at all- just the music was kind of pop/rock and had fast singing by a woman or women and the music video had 2 Asian women in it dancing around dressed punkish

18 Sep 2016


This song plays at my job on the September CD. I work at Journeys in Georgia.It has a black guy singing in it and people dancing throughout bedrooms.

17 Sep 2016

It starts out ooooooooh baby oh baby oh baby oh baby then instrumental sound like black lady singing I think from 70s soul kinda sexy song+

17 Sep 2016

Please help me+

The song starts saying, I see your clear visions today, and something like Can you love me despite the crowd? OH ah ah ah oh ah ah ah+

16 Sep 2016

Do you know this song?

Looking for the lyrics and artist of "A Dream." The Mystic Moods Orchestra hasan instrumental version on their "One Stormy Night" album. The lyrics do exist; I remember hearing a vocal version of the song long before I was exposed to The Mystic Moods. Thanks.

14 Sep 2016


This song was set in a dark forest (Night) and it had really beautifulcoloured plastic icicles hanging. The singer was a white guy with black hair. Rain has something to do with the song, I think it was an indie band

14 Sep 2016

I am looking for a song with a white guy singing and dancing in a dark forest(night) and it has beautiful coloured plastic icicles hanging. "RAIN" has to do something with it. XX PLS

14 Sep 2016

I'm looking for a song title 'tere bin' this song from 1990-2000 I think. Iheard that song just once so I don't have any idea who's the artist or ........I just know the dune and title of that song.This song was Hindi Punjabi I think 'tere bin soni lakete'something like that .Thank you...

13 Sep 2016

I can't find it

Late 70's early 80's a male artist sing a love song about a boy, a girl and ahouse on the hill

12 Sep 2016

Asian Girl Beats up Guys in Diner

I don't know who sings the song or the name of it but in the video this prettyAsian girl pulls up on a motorcycle. +She is wearing an all white motorcycle outfit. +The guy who works at the diner throws a knife thing at her so she beats him up and these two other bodyguard guys. +Eventually, she beats up this guy who, I think, killed her boyfriend.

12 Sep 2016

Slow Indie Song

Looking for a song title. Slow indie type song male singer. Lyrics include,"You and I fall down". Driving me crazy to not know title. Thanks!

12 Sep 2016

There is a song where a man starts singing Wheeoooooeeeooo and then some othermen repeat it, and then trumpets start playing. And then, the singer somewhat "raps" and says sth about the base leave the base leave the ball, the same forty samplemen will go on stroll (i know it doesn't make sense, it's just what I hear). I've used shazam etc, but it plays just in a scene of a tv series, and it doesn't last long enough for shazam to catch it...

11 Sep 2016

this heart is a broken heart i just can't stand it i just can't say goodbye

11 Sep 2016

He knocked and knocked and called and called and wanted to abide then opened I this heart of mine and Jesus stepped inside. +Now Life is worth living I would do it again He knocked and I answered and then He came in.

11 Sep 2016

Remember the music video but not the tune (2014 or earlier)

I remember watching the music video on the public tv while working out in the gym but I would always bring my own headphones and listen to my own music so I remember the music video much more than the tune. The song was recorded no later than 2014 (probably in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 but NOT 2015 and 2016)

It was animated and anime inspired, either by Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Evangelion or some other cyberpunk. It was definitely not Me Me Me, Kanye West's Stronger or Pharrell William's It girl.

In the music video there's a girl on phone to her boss or something and Iremember a motorcycle and I think it was set during the night in a big city and the palette was bluish, bright magenta, yellow etc.

11 Sep 2016

New (ish song)

There's this song but I don't really know the lyrics, its a upbeat kinda song,either UK or American, and I thought it sounded like Olly Murs or Ed Sheeran. Its chorus is some where along the lines of, "falling close in love, oh-oh oh ohhhh, whoaa - oh oh oh oh oh, falling close in love, whoa oh- whoa-oh oh oh"

11 Sep 2016

I dont know the song

But the video has a man who is running to find this girl and that he was in arelationship ship with they broke up or something or they were never together but he likes her and see her sitting in a coffee shop looks in and see her but then he runs away+

11 Sep 2016

Dance track

I am looking for a dance track that has a girl in it with a white tshirt on covered in water

11 Sep 2016

secret love

once i had a secret love

10 Sep 2016


Song in chipotle. Dreamy feel chorus with female vocals. _____ girl _____girl..." Maybe a Jamaican/reggae male in the verses.

10 Sep 2016

Rap song, me of the artist?

Looking for the rapper, white female with blonde hair. She's walking down asnowy road wearing a big coat with pink fur on the hood. Can't remember the lyrics

10 Sep 2016

Looking for a song title

Late 700's early 80's song is about cheating woman man says I told you+

10 Sep 2016

TO all the girls I have loved before

10 Sep 2016

Cant find an artist

Okay so I just remembered an artist that I liked back in the mid 2000, Iremember a blond girl, kinda hippie and indie. She sang a song about a love note in a shower I believe and another song about a rainbow. I want to say her name started with an A. I know its really obscure and random but if anyone has any idea please shout it out!

10 Sep 2016

Lyrics - Big White Bed / Big Feather Bed

From a song by a solo female artist (alternative) 1980's...

9 Sep 2016

I dont know the song

But the video is about a man who wlaks into a shed and starts playing thepiano and then 2 indians come and try to find water and then the boy indian falls in love with the indian women and the indians are really small. I dont think there are any lirics and around 2007. Thanks for your help

8 Sep 2016

Hallmark Movie Valentine Ever After - 2016

Song at the end of the movie is called "This Girl". +Credits state JustinJames is the artist performing the song. +I emailed his website and he said not his song. So I am wondering where I can download this song from and who actually does sing it. +Thanks

8 Sep 2016

Song from 1950' or 60's

I am looking for a song that I thought Chuck Berry sang. The lyrics aren'tcoming to me. I know the song is about a guy dancing with a girl. He says the time every once in while as it goes by. Something like, next thing I know it's 10:22 and I'm still dancing and she's dancing too.+

7 Sep 2016

new age 1999/2000 approx

Looking for that song for years. Feel like deep sea fishing right now loll. Lyrics: very sensual, sang by a man, Believe named Michael, "Walking on a beach" Making love... Played a lot in 2000 on 92.5 in Montreal Canada in aradio show that was taking place from 9 pm to midnight

7 Sep 2016


what is the name of song that is done at the end of a commercial with a puppyfollowing its owner has a bandage on its leg and the last words of the song is wandering sun

6 Sep 2016

i cant find a song+

i saw the video once it was a rooftop party at night with a lot of slow-momoments and i only remember one line i think the singer was europian and he said champagne like shum-pain it's like a party song not hip hop

6 Sep 2016

Song trying to find think between 2004-2006+

Lady lady cos I'm almost there I'm not scared I'm not sure what I've donewrong+

6 Sep 2016

looking for long time

hey guys I am looking for this song so long. It is techno/trance could be 80s or early 90s

It keep singing with lady voice repeating "I m feelin so good" (or it could be something similar)

The notes is: do-do-do, dodo, do-so-so, soso-ti#-soso, so-fa-mi-fa-so, do-do-do, dodo, do-so-so, soso-ti#-soso, do-dodoremi-


5 Sep 2016

It has a red head girl with a nose ring,and her and this guy gets out fromdetention and ties up the principal and runs to the forest with water guns+

5 Sep 2016

Name of 90's Song

In the end of the music video for this song, a guy and girl sit down and kissas a nuclear bomb goes off, the screen turning blank. It's more punk style I believe, and it aired on MTV in I believe the late 90's. Please help??

4 Sep 2016

I can't find this song.

The song sounds like a rock song and begins with a guitar playing and theopening lyrics are something within the lines of "I can see your eyes through..." I don't know what it is exactly. Thanks.

4 Sep 2016

Looking for song

I'm looking for song, woman sitting on the chair, and white paint is trown ather, and as videoclip is going she is levitating over the ground. The woman is pale and I think blonde. Plz help

4 Sep 2016

reggae song+

lyrics...it smsg-_4_sep_2016-002 seems that everywhere I go, the more I see the less I know. but Iknow I love you, I love you. I love you , baby girl

4 Sep 2016

Sensual / sexual song with intro

Hey, I am looking for a song, which by brother used to listen to a lot and Ihave no idea by who it is or how it's called. It is an older song (60's I guess), music in background is something like smooth jazz or something like that, the main instrument is flute. There is no actual singing woman just describes her sexual experiences and how she explored her own sexuality and then just music continues. I thing it has a video which is animated.+

4 Sep 2016

Can't think of a song

Looking for a song were the girl in the music video has short red hair, she'ssinging about a boy who killed himself or died and I think another death is mentioned, in part of the music video it shows a wall with graffiti with the dead persons name on with people going to the wall

3 Sep 2016

2016 song

I'm looking for a song that came out this year. It's driving me crazy becauseI can't recall the lyrics or anything. I know it's a female singer and it's about revenge I do believe. I'm pretty sure it's about an ex boyfriend or cheating boyfriend. If someone could help me, that'd be awesome! Thank you

This site is not very good for recent music (anything in the last 5 years) you should be looking on http://chart2000.com/

3 Sep 2016

top 20 song+

this music video was played on the box network in the early 00's i think itwas a a band that were multi cultural might have even been top 10 don't know the song or band name but they were english i think and singing on a lush green hill with each of them on each peak+

3 Sep 2016

song without lyrics from the 90's

looking for a track without words, I think it's from the 90's. I remember the video was in black and white and there was a young girl sitting in a train...anyone? :(

3 Sep 2016

A song in 2015 or 2016

There is this song of this young guy who is singing while walking through aforest I think it starts with "Don't" I cant remember.

3 Sep 2016

name of the song and artist PLEASE!!!

So the video of the song starts by showing the blackout that occured in 2003in the east coast. And the singer is just chilling on a car or something and this he sees this girl i think and then eventually go to a house party where everybody is having a great time and everybody is sweating but no one cares. The artist is african american and if im not mistaken then his name either starts with a J or a K but im not sure. Please anyone?

2 Sep 2016

90's? song

There is a song that began with an old man speaking in a deep voice (notsinging) and then the song began. My brain is telling me that there is the word "mountain" somewhere in the lyrics, but that is just an obscure guess. THANKS!!

2 Sep 2016

Looking for a song

Its old like 90s early 2000 i guess in the video the singer is a black man andhe meets with other people but everytime its him and its like he goes into a store then he becomes the guy working in the store then he gets robbed and the robber gets hit by a car and the singer is the one driving it

1 Sep 2016

Music Video with a Guy who is looking for a girl he just met.

Hi! I am looking for a music video (well song) where a guy meets a girl, andthen they exchange phone numbers I believe and he pictures her. But then she disappears and he goes looking for her.

1 Sep 2016

Frech song

Clip with the man in a car driving in desert giving roses to any ladies hecomes across,+

1 Sep 2016

Old Rave tune+

late 90s or early 2000 hard house tune at the beginning the opening words were something like Come up with your arms out put the gun down then the beat kicks in

1 Sep 2016

Can't remember name of song or artist

Its from the 2000s and I think a male black person sung it I only remember asmall part of the lyrics "but I want you" that's it and its driving me crazy+

31 Aug 2016

song goes lyk this

he comes in a american muscle car get downs in a parking lot there the song starts n he acts as if he is getting hit by some invisible soul

plz get me the song name

31 Aug 2016


I don't know the lyrics but at the start of the music video there is a dancebut it's in black and white and then the singer guy comes and he changes the colours to like rainbow. +I think it's a little bit old also. Please help me if you can!+

30 Aug 2016

Please help

I only know a few lyrics in the song but they're not significant enough tobring good searches on google. I know it's a female singer and there's a piano playing throughout the song. The lyrics I do remember are "Stay...Stay with me." There's one part where she's humming with the piano as it arpeggiates a diminished chord again and again. I work at a movie theater and this was one of the songs that would play before the trivia commercials would start. These songs change about once a month and I found it on youtube a while back but they deleted the video I saved in my playlist and it just says "One or more of the videos have been removed or deleted" but it's not like there's even a greyed out video it's just gone so I can't salvage it that way. You guys are my last hope I swear, my memory is just too unreliable. Please send me an email if you can somehow find this song for me. I can't find it through the screenvision website and I can't remember the whole title of the freaking song, only that I think the word tomorrow was in it FML please email me if you can help.

29 Aug 2016

he is always looking out for me.

when I think of all that are happening to me. I have legs to walk ears to hearand eyes to see. when I think of all the good things that he sends my way. I know its jesus he keeps loking out for me

28 Aug 2016

Name of Song/Artist

The Music Video start in the dessert, where a man is burried i guess and theyare wearing some silly masks, later the are in the jungle

28 Aug 2016

looking for 1990s song

it was a african american guy who stands in the dark rain infront of a truckand singing something about , no matter what but i love you... please help

28 Aug 2016


"ori ori ori orie" thats all I know about the song.

27 Aug 2016

french songs+

girl with curly hair an the music video was shoot in new york

27 Aug 2016

Looking for a song name based on a video

Please help, it is not Duran Duran.

The video is a white guy with long hair (possibly dark or blond) from the 80's or 90's. He is wearing a white shirt and is on a boat standing and I believe the boat was on a river stream. Please help me find This song as I have not had success with Google.

26 Aug 2016

cant thing of a song

Don't know the singer but he was in a dark room and there were hanging photosor videos all around him possably disaster clips+

26 Aug 2016

Looking for an old song

Hey people I am looking for an old song (maybe in 2010 or something aroundthere I guess..I was young). It's a french female singer singing to a boy ( she is telling him that he is no good or something like that). She is in a room of a house and he is there looking at her then he falls to the group but when he hits the floor he just deseapear...Thxs a lot

25 Aug 2016

name of song and artist

this song is by a doo wop girl group. the lyrics start: i'm seeing rainbows upin the sky and the main chorus is: funny funny funny what a love can do

24 Aug 2016

looking for a song

some lyrics I can recall are "a little girl with golden curls was stopping allthe ladies, my dolly is gone can I walk along and rock a bye your baby. His nose is red no hair on his head

24 Aug 2016

from birth to death+

hi guys im looking for a song but i dont remember neither the lyrics nor thesinger. however i do remember the video clip. it shows on green background the life cycle of a man and how he grows up from a newborn to an old man. he doesnt wear clothes or anything else. i think it was quite popular in late 90's but it could be older. thanksss

24 Aug 2016

I am looking for the name of a song popular in the 90's I am sure, with fourEnglish guys wearing sunglasses with the main scene on the roof, they were in a similar section to Madness etc but I can't for the life of me find the song anywhere and I don't even know it well enough to describe it well.

23 Aug 2016

60s/70s song

Song that alternates time signature every 20ish seconds. +Also repeats thisfor the duration of the song, and has a 4 or 5 word main phrase sung during it

22 Aug 2016

Rapping Robin Hood+

22 Aug 2016


I'm looking for an old school rnb song that goes "that's what I feel about youor that's what I like about you" Its by a black american..sounds like Joe but it isn't. I can just hum the song.

22 Aug 2016

I've been looking for this song for many years now...a Nigerian song..I thinkit's flavour or bracket just not sure..its an old song...it goes like: you're my kudu, show me nice things eeeeeeeeeh..you're my kudu kudu my foodu foodu when starving starving eeeh..

21 Aug 2016

Need to find this song

A sorry if it's racist a black girl in a blue dress with a man singing

20 Aug 2016

Old song of Reba's a video live on stage and she is in a long blue gown in thelate 70's or early 80's

20 Aug 2016

i'm looking for perticular song

The song is modern rnb, around 2009, i remember a video of the song: scene ishappening in a modern house, i think it's night and is raining, the singer is black and sings about his lost love... lyrics that i remember is:"how could you do this to me..." clasic i know, but it's a great song and i can't remember the title and the singer. If anybody know the song it would be awsome? Tanx

20 Aug 2016

gospel song

the song titled: (move satan) i heard it back in 1973. i know there is anothertitle with same name, but it's not the same song.

20 Aug 2016

What is this song called..16 Aug 2016

Kanye West - Love Lock down

20 Aug 2016

Song red hair

Perfect - Fairground Attraction

19 Aug 2016

hope he's looking down on me

19 Aug 2016

Song from the late 80s to early m

18 Aug 2016

Gospel music+

I've been trying to find this song for years... It's about a black youngkid... Who loves to party he meet twins at a club ... Anyway his friend accepted Jesus in his life... And after awhile so did the boy... The goes something like this" Jesus came in my life... And saved my soul... Jesus came in and now I'm happy.... That's basically what I remember

17 Aug 2016

song red hair singer

Hi, i am looking for a song from 80s or 90s, red hair female singer +withsunglasses, singing in rain, in a boat on the river, catchy song +about that he wasnt the one and she will find someone who will be the one (paraphrasing)... thank you in advance

17 Aug 2016

+need help to find a song i heard years ago pls!!!

I listened a song years ago on vh1 channel and i dont remember the name of the song. Instead i remember the videoclip. is an electronic music, with english lyrics and a female voice. The video starts with a young girl (arabian i think) waking in a small house in a poor village, she buys shoes or a dress (dont remember) for a prom. she`s shy and start dancing with a shy boy (both of them dont dance very well..) this is all i can remember, i hope you can help me. (sorry if the english isn´t perfect, i´m portuguese) Thank you!

17 Aug 2016

Music video from i think 00's where girl is wearing bikini as a shirt,nacklace and i think leather pants.. There is a rapper too and she singing slow and not loud and she is dancing+

16 Aug 2016

what song is this called?

the song is a black american guy singing in a white background where thereslots of tribal people dancing its quite a famous song+

16 Aug 2016

Can't find this song

Lord I believe because of faith, somehow my life has been embraced.

16 Aug 2016

Funk song from the 60s or 70s

Funky song with horns. +Lyric

I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna make sweet love to you ...

14 Aug 2016

Song Search - Safe from my addiction

I am looking for a dance song from late 1990's - early 2000 with the lyrics -Take me far away from words and humiliation, tempt me with love and laughter, safe from this addiction. I can't believe that I fell this hard, but love is sexy. I can only find one source on You Tube from the show Charmed - however this information isn't recognized anywhere. It says the songs is called, "Safe" and it's by Sarah Hudson. However it's not the current artist Sarah Hudson. I am curious if this wasn't a track released by a producer or DJ and simply featured vocals by a Sarah Hudson. If you have any additional information that would be great. It's almost as if this song and artist disappeared into thin air.+

14 Aug 2016

This man has up and gone his opened up the door his a lucky fella+

13 Aug 2016

blonde girl singing on the road in the snow in a fluffy pink hoodedjacketwords

13 Aug 2016

latin boy with 2 girl ann car in desert+

hi everybody m I remember that ,a boy about 13,14 sign spanish song with 2 girl and old car in the desert .does anybody know this song .Unfortunately i dont remember any name and lyrics

12 Aug 2016

looking for a song

the song is a duet there is a guy and girl singing and there is a part wherethe girl says " you said that we were done" and i believe there is a part where the guy says darling we can do anything

12 Aug 2016


Talk about talk about I'm back now that i know its for real

I want to to know the band and song title

12 Aug 2016

sang by a man and a woman

this is a song i heard about an younger girl who fell in love with an olderman.their love could not be because of their age difference.the man went on a trip and upon coming back the girl was married to his friend.

12 Aug 2016

Heard it in Spain

It is a male singing and it isn't really a song. Like, He says some spanishwords and then says sexy like sex-y, then repeats but says sexy in a different tone. Of course, youtube can't help and I tried Midomi but I can't remember the words before "sexy"

12 Aug 2016

name of the song

Hello there,

I am looking for a song, but I only know it has a word " brother " in it, butit's a very up beat, exercise song, I had it before and I accidentally deleted it, now I can't find it and I don't remember much. Please help, - it's really pumping song, fast, good for exercising thank you in advance any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated+

11 Aug 2016

Looking for this song for more than 8 years now

I have been looking for this song, since forever, i kept hearing it from myneighbors way back 2007 or earlier, i guess. The beat sounds a bit reggae-ish, i think, it's by a male singer. The lyrics are not right i'm sure about that, but the chorus sounds something like this "my oh my...oooh oh my love...stay with me..every night.." The beat is pretty catchy.. I heard it randomly again 3 months ago at a restaurant by the beach and hurriedly grabbed my phone to shazam it but it kept saying "we didn't quite catch that etc.." so, i'm still unsuccessful. The song has a very chill vibe to it, really something like a song you listen to while chilling by the beach while drinking pineapple juice, hence me categorizing it as reggae-ish, lol. Anyway i hope someone can help me find this song. thanks

11 Aug 2016

a girl

11 Aug 2016

Reggae Song

"she's my baby, she's my one and only, she's a bird she will never leave me,she's the one, who'll always be by my side whooo naaa, she's my princess".

10 Aug 2016

I call your name Baby


Iam looking for a song It's was ends 80s or beginning 90s. I copy the Lyrics Song Woman sing after man sing I call your name Baby Man sing Im so mad about you Im so sad about you if it come's consequence of Love. Im so mad about you Im so sad about you if it come's consequence of Love. I call your name While Im walking,in the Park The Wind is blowing the Leaf is flying the Sky is dark

The time as come you done me wrong and I have so much to say The time as come you done me wrong and I have so much to say I open my eyes +

10 Aug 2016

wtf is this song and artist+

heavier set artist 80s/90s with shoulder length hair and bandana in musicvideo..playing guitar..on a bed at times..

9 Aug 2016

Looking for a song

I've tried google but no luck. It's a country rock ballad; female artist: chorus starts with "my kinda sunshine, my kinda rain, my kinda wonderful....." other lyrics in the verses include " sailing on an ocean of candy floss dreams..." something along those lines. Assuming the song is from the early 90's. Please help !

9 Aug 2016

Looking for a song

I've tried google but no luck. It's a country rock ballad; female artist: chorus starts with "my kinda sunshine, my kinda rain, my kinda wonderful....." other lyrics in the verses include " sailing on an ocean of candy floss dreams..." something along those lines. Assuming the song is from the early 90's. Please help !

9 Aug 2016

please help with this song

this is a song that has a video that starts off in a cemetery and ends up showing a train leaving.I do not know when the song was written. I think the song or artist may have the word Red in it maybe? Thank you for your time,Debbie

8 Aug 2016

Don't know the title of the song?

Heard a song on radio. I remember part of the song's chorus it goes: Baby ba-by huh huh... The singer featured a rapper, it sounded like Pitbull. I am not sure.

8 Aug 2016

I only remember the music video

I'm looking for this one song where the music video was about this kid in ahoodie who gets in a taxi with this black guy and then they end up encountering a bunch of supernatural things along the way and in the end they all die in a car crash and then the guy ends up singing in hell

8 Aug 2016

A man sing the Believe of Cher+

Please help me to find a song. A man sing the Believe song of Cher. Very soft voice.

5 Aug 2016

Only remember part of the video

A music video group of three girls Afro American singing in front of abuilding raining slightly+

5 Aug 2016

there is a hindi song by a female where she is singing in rain near a tree

4 Aug 2016

What music video has a black man in hospital singing to his diyeinggirlfriend+

4 Aug 2016

looking for a music video in black and white images

Name of the song or the music video is a romantic, love song... Male singer, mix of country and pop song, Inthe music video there is a young couple, all photos are in black and white, and the last photo is an old couple hugging..... thank

4 Aug 2016

don't know any of the lyrics but a female singer sang it

This song is maybe like 2014-2016 maybe and it's always on McDonald's. It'slike a summer song kinda and you can bop to it. There's lyrics where she specifically sang "I'm so scared" and the chorus is like "What did I..." or "Why did..." Please help me out. When she sings, she sounds like a mix of Gwen Stefani ish and other female artists.

Songs after about 2008 would be better searched for on chart2000.com

3 Aug 2016

And youuuu never told me

2 Aug 2016

looking for song

can you help me to find song, two girls are singig, one black other blonde, Ithink in spanish, very nice song, thay are in some nice ambient with pool, there are some other people around, I dont remember any word of the song...

2 Aug 2016

looking for a latin song

there is a song where the lady sings in red frock and a group does zumba typedance. Its latin/spanish song. Please help find

2 Aug 2016

Words I. It

31 Jul 2016

i cant find this song anywhere ;-;

all I know about this song is that it goes "I don't know why don't you showme, we should get away we should get away" and also it has like a lalalalalalalalalala bit+

31 Jul 2016


Looking for this rapper i seen a while back on facebook, he had a tailoredsuit and top hat and spits some wicked rhymes. He was releasing an album or something but can't remember for the life of me.

31 Jul 2016

it wouldn't be right for you to leave me, our love has travelled such a long way

30 Jul 2016

what is the name of the song which starts off mexican and then goes into house music

29 Jul 2016

looking for 2 songs

this line in the song: "How long must I waite on you". Its not comming up ongoogle also "But I stood there on the doorstep as i watch you walk away"

29 Jul 2016

only remember part of the music video

A music video about a rapper i believe talking about how he trusted his record label, and they betrayed him and at the end of the song he list off a few names and then says peace, i'm out

29 Jul 2016

hit count down 2016 june july

Starts with re a girl performer pop sounded mixed

29 Jul 2016

TO all the girls I have loved before

Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" (1984)

28 Jul 2016


anyone knows a song title and singer that has this lyrics: ...I know the pastwell someone tell me please...who i am who i am stranger tell me i know you...who i am who i am

28 Jul 2016

song title and artist

+I have a clip of a song sung by a women with the lyric - what it is, to beloved. +Do you know that name of this song?

26 Jul 2016

Laaaaaa la la la la la

25 Jul 2016

female french singer

there was a song that was in french and the music it had a blue background andshe was wearing a black suit and she was dancing with 3 or more people i down remember but I'm trying to look for it but i can't find it please help. it came out last year or in 2014

This is the wrong site for songs after 2010, you should be looking on http://chart2000.com/

24 Jul 2016

hit from between 1997 to 2000

two women on a yacht with a man dressed as a captain

24 Jul 2016

name of the band

the song is from a hard rock band from the late '60's or early '70's similar to Bloodrock, Spirit, Blue Oyster Cult, Spooky Tooth. the song has the lyrics from the Beatles, I am a Walrus chorus-you and me and we are....,in the middle of the guitar riff bout halfway thru..

21 Jul 2016


tell me if you wanty me do you really need

21 Jul 2016

my darling i love the, now that you're gone please come back to me

21 Jul 2016

1960s or 1970s? British mod+

This is from a video ..... A guy is at the park ( he's a blond guy ) and hesings to a girl on a towel on the grass ( there's also a band +) and he says I can't stop hanging around about 3x. +And there's a sign from a famous British river thing ... Penton hook. In the video.+

20 Jul 2016

who singing????? british band in forest spot 1990st piano, singing and glasses?????

20 Jul 2016

just one small voice

+I heard a song "Just one small voice" performed during Songs of Praise 2016the junior school choir finals. It begins I'm just one small voice in the middle of the crowd" +IO would like to know the composer and song writer and where I can get a sheet copy of this wonderful piece of music which I cannot get out of my head. Someone help me please.

19 Jul 2016

reggae song

Few black men singing and playing some instruments, white background, kindareggae rhythm, lyrics contain something like la la la or land or lander or similar of love something ljke that hahah not too much, but song was absolute hit in the past, its streamed often on vh1, maybe its even in their commercial break

16 Jul 2016

old 78 rpm song

Billy , don't do it please don't do it stop holding my hand . if you take myhand then take my heart , but if you do it please don't do to anyone else but me. /late 40s / early 50s

16 Jul 2016

trying to remember the name of song

in video it is concentrated on shoes,wake ups go to take shower only legsshown, guys walks into showroom try shoes, goes to disc,+

16 Jul 2016

Video appeared on muzu in 2015

Not sure if it was in "Indie" category but the lead singer is a black male andthe video starts out with one black girl coming out of her home and starts dancing in the street and then another black girl and then they show the two black girls dancing. The male singer comes out and joins them. What starts out as the 3 of them dancing their way towards a river or bay, additional dancers join the group. The video ends up with a group of around 10 girls and the singer with them standing on the sidewalk in front of the water. I guess the song was a 2014-15 and I believe the singers name was something like David D... with the first and last name having the same initials, but could be wrong. Thanks

15 Jul 2016


anyone know ,,,,the video 5- 10 years old country ////a guy,s girlfriend leaves to go to work and he makes her coffee and runs to his car(fast) and speeds though town to meet her at work and give her,, her coffee before she go,s into work

think car was a grand torino

15 Jul 2016

Only remember part of the music video

Hey everyone I would really appreciate it if any one can tell me what song wasthis music video made for, I only remember some of it as it has been a while, but the music video is about a sort of abused/neglected girl that works at some shop or another, her boyfriend drives a muscle car and picks her up in the parking lot and the outcast guy that wants her sings about how she would be better with him, or not can't remember probably but any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes in this post

15 Jul 2016

UK place name in title or first line

With line And i'll do anything you say

15 Jul 2016

Band with Black T-Shirts, singing metal in parking lot

This band popular in 2005s, I heard them from Metalhammer Magazine. But I lostmy mind to remember, the song is sad. I am totally forgot the lyric, but I am sure the genre is metal. the video clips was in underground, lighting theme is yellow, they're playing instruments wearing black shirts. Thanks for email me.

15 Jul 2016

name of music

singer: a latina girl this music video start above a roof while group of girl talking. one of themask female singer to sing suddenly a group of boys on the front roof turn up radio . girls start dancing and in the middle of song female singer dance in alley while a lot of people watching on apartments balcony then 5 girl start dancing front of a brick wall and girls ride on the boys shoulders.

15 Jul 2016

What do you see looking at a baby

the answer is "Look at a Baby" by the Collectors from Vancouver BC

A male group, early 1960s? Lyrics include "Look at a baby what do you see?What do you see looking at a baby?+

14 Jul 2016

I'm happy even if you're not with me

Looking for this song every where with no luck.It's a female artist with avoice similar to kylie minogue or madonna from their 80's albums.Any help would be appreciated.

13 Jul 2016

black betty with irish music

I was at a party where the dj played a verson of black betty that i neverheard. It was black betty which would cut between the rock verson then go in to a very fast irish music. i asked dj what it was he said he did not know as he had it years.Its not the one with banjo music i know that one. I cant find anything on line about this verson so i hope some one can tell me what it is and where i can get it. its very good and defently a end of night party song.i know its not spiderbait.

13 Jul 2016

please help me to find this song

i heard a old romantic song in a restaurant, i just remember these - "do ........ray ray ray ray" or ++ "do............rain rain rain rain" i don't sure what the line is. and there was a word "desert fire" in that song. and I think it's a duet... please help me to find this ...thnx

12 Jul 2016

help needed!+

i heard this song with the lyrics keep repeating "falling in love, falling in love lalalala" catchy tunes...

female singer.. anyone has any clue?+

11 Jul 2016

trance tune from the early 2000s

the lyics contain the words 'baby set me free, your love is all i need to takeon me'

11 Jul 2016

guy singing in garage while sexy black woman dancing on the road, RnB

9 Jul 2016

hat worn backwards

8 Jul 2016

looking for a song name - please help

I heard a piece of a song last night it goes something like "oh na na nah i'mjust tryna let you know" but i can't find anything on google! it's a girl that sings it but i think there is a guy that also raps in it, it sounds like an rnb song with a good beat

8 Jul 2016

Looking for song i can't get out of my head

This song plays on Starz encore westerns after Wagon Train. +At least part of the lyrics are I know it's gonna take some time til we find a way. We're gonnamake it to the other side, yes we can, we can find a way

7 Jul 2016

Soft rock

It's a slow song of just picking at an +acoustic guitar and the only words Iremember are close your eyes, and he says "today" a lot. He has a raspy voice and it's a sad song that I think had to do with a friend passing. Please help!

6 Jul 2016

i just cant remember the songs name nor the artist or album name

there is a man in the video with curly hair and his singing it in a studio..

5 Jul 2016

who sang the song with two girls facing each other with the words uh ahappearing in +the video in the early 80s.


5 Jul 2016

Name of the songo

In the music video there is a boy with his gang and a girl with her gang ofboys. they meet in the dance floor, then they scape to a place where there is a pool table they kiss there until the girl's gang finds out and want to fight they guy but the boy's gang steps up. In the end they got hit by a truck. The video is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet,

4 Jul 2016

Dance track


I am looking for a song which had male vocals to a chill/dance track and says' I'll be alright, bright light'. It is repeated throughout the song. I heard it on the Dutch radio.

4 Jul 2016

Song "Night and Day"

There's a great version of this song that I've heard by, I think, a youngblack man, recorded in probably the last 10 years. I can't find it anywhere. Help!

4 Jul 2016

I'm Taken by you! Oh take me! Sung by two women in the early +80s.

4 Jul 2016

Just For Your Love I Will Do Anything For You+

3 Jul 2016

you want quit me now babyand i`ve been lovin` you forever which song?

3 Jul 2016

I use to listen to a song, the singers sounded British, it was about picking you up in their car and taking you to the movies . . . love it, don't know the band; don't know the title!!!!What song is it?

"Saturday Night At the Movies" by The Drifters?

2 Jul 2016

looking for a song don't know the artist or title

This is a country/rock song but I don't know the artist or the title and theonly thing I can remember is sharks are circling, fins to the left fins to the right and your the only girl in town+

1 Jul 2016


I have a quick question and I been locking for this song forever and I can'tfind it but I remember the music video of it maybe u guys can help me out. the music video is based on the 80's and the begging starts off by these friends knocking on the door and they start having a party. and there is this guy on TV that the girl that are obsessed with. does any body know what song that is iv been trying to remember the name but I don't remember.

30 Jun 2016

Kiwi female artist? +Sitting in flora dress in a house room, +acoustic guitarsounding song, part of video had stop animation of a ship sailing. made several years ago.+

30 Jun 2016

1980's mtv video

The band was playing in the desert and a sand or wind storm started while theywere playing. It was a male band. I remember the V.J. saying that when the song was taped, the storm came up and they kept playing and made it part of the video

29 Jun 2016


Looking for a group.

one song is with train and summer

group name is something like loop or troop.. ( NOT LOOPTROPP )

29 Jun 2016

Music Video made around 2006

I'm looking for a rap music video made around 2006 in a motel in a video thereis a maid dancing and also a black man goes into the shower with his clothes on

28 Jun 2016

here/who we areeee

a song I heard in costa, was unable to shazam it. has the voice of the imaginedragons frontman kinda. says something like, "here/who we areeeeee" an ideas? thank u

28 Jun 2016

adele song on youtube

HELP! before the release of her 25 album.. youtube leaked some songs that weresupposedly were on the new 25 album however, it was not. +It was actually sung by a different artist and Adele had covered it. +It is in English language however the chorus of the song is in French.. can anyone help???? PLZZZZzzz

28 Jun 2016

mexican song

woman goes to a bar to find her man

27 Jun 2016

a particular song

i am looking for an artist and the name of the song, it use to play on BET, ithink its Amy Winehouse, this lady she's was wearing black,please help

27 Jun 2016

Video on a yacht

Late 90's or early 00s male threesome band singing on a yacht in thevideo...nice bassline too from memory..??

26 Jun 2016

gospel song

I'm looking for a gospel song called. Those who live in glass houses shouldn'tthrow stones.

We have no lyrics just titles. How about "Glasshouse" by The Temptations (1975)?

26 Jun 2016

Hip hop song from 90s/2000 starts with a knock on the door

knock on the door 'yo alisha'. lyrics start something like... never thought Iwould go through.......and the chorus is I'm in love with you my baby oooooooo oooooooooooooo oooooo

25 Jun 2016

What's the name of that song+

The lyrics are, "Break my heart and I'll die you keep alive, girl keep mealive, you you

25 Jun 2016

What's the name if this R& B song

The lyrics are, I live for you and die so please keep me alive

It's by a black singer

25 Jun 2016

euro 2016

this lyric is somehow like this :

i'm collecting stars,i'm my way to mars..this trip is everlasting..sending amessage to all of you..

24 Jun 2016

Rock song with a ski lodge

Looking for a rock song the video is funny and mainly in slow motion with an80's ski lodge theme

24 Jun 2016

a female vocal so close your eyes.... then the chorus is well i am....

24 Jun 2016

Song titled I think about you all the time

23 Jun 2016

old techno trance song

"far too long, yes it's true, please don't leave me hanging on, I'm so deeplyin love with you"

22 Jun 2016

in a sound studio

Its a female singer, from what i remember she was in a sound studio and wasarguing/fighting with another guy.+

22 Jun 2016

Song from 2000's video has blonde with frizzy hair, she's in house arguingwith guy at the end she drives away in red sports type car? Maybe muscle car.

22 Jun 2016

please help me find this song!!!!

a guy with brownish-blondish curly hair with slightly shaved sides and blacksquare glasses, wearing some sort of blue shirt/jumper, was in a submarine (I think) kinda looks like a cross between Justin Timberlake and Olly Alexander from Years and Years. It was probably made between 2014-2016

22 Jun 2016

cant remember this song

it is old and it has been used in films and sometimes get the lyrics wrong and the lyrics are like IIIIIIIIIIIII then IIII long then short+

21 Jun 2016

i only know the first line. . . +

doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

mellow song with girl singing came out around 2003, I remember the words'sweeping/sweep' and maybe 'church'

21 Jun 2016


Anyone know the song that's attached to a new music video that's currentlyout... About a guy losing his father and he's gay but has a girl but the guy singing it comes to the grave to see him ??? Anyone know that song ???

21 Jun 2016

I watched a video song but i don"t remember the title of the song

The video song is kind of an animation of a man who falls in love with afemale fly and dies at the end of the songs

20 Jun 2016

Pls help

I seaching for i song idk the lyrics its somekind of hacker music its kindcreapy the lyrics is something like Flamenu,flamenu

19 Jun 2016

song help

I'll try and be a Better man ill do the best that I can

19 Jun 2016

=i am looking for a song I remember it was a girls voice in a techno like song..

comon over... I am saving my heart for you maybe you think I am crazy

19 Jun 2016

finding a new song i heard on the radio

i only remember the chorus , it was a female singer , i'll get over you , i'llget over you i'll get over you , her voice was heavenly .I think it's a resent song . it's driving me mad .

19 Jun 2016

Can't find song

Okay, so this is a long shot, but I am losing my mind trying to find this song!!

It plays over and over again at work, but I can't see our playlist anywhere

But the lyrics go something like this

"Nothing compares/comes past to you..."

"I keep on calling but I can't get through........... The things I wanna do........"

It's a really happy song, and I just get so energic when hearing. Please help me

19 Jun 2016

what song+

big black guy saying "say my name" to girl in mansion handing her +stacks of money

19 Jun 2016

Song from advert containing "best I've ever had"

18 Jun 2016

Help find this edm song

it's this blonde girl singing on the road in the snow in a fluffy pink hoodedjacket words I don't understand but it's like edm.

18 Jun 2016

magic of the funk

It the magic of+

17 Jun 2016

Come on don't be shy you can do better than that

17 Jun 2016

+song about breaking up+

Male Black Group singing about breaking up - wearing all white in music video

17 Jun 2016

Metal video

The video you had a guy in hell with people pushing huge boulder up an inclineand starting over. Some huge overlord demon was laughing at the very end of the video. Been trying to found that one out for years.

16 Jun 2016

90s or early 2000s male solo singer+

music video is him traveling somewhere on the side of the road trying to get aride.i think he had a guitar with him.shot on one camera i think.its definitely on youtube but i cant remember anything about it.

16 Jun 2016

Song Title - Show Me How You Flow - 1997

Desperately been trying to find a r&b song i recorded off the radio in 1997. Ithink the title is "Show Me How You Flow", sand by a young girl who sounds exactly like the singer Robyn. , however it is not "show me love". Lyrics are... Verse - I cant explain the way im feeling now, it feels so good i just wanna get down. Words dont express what the music does to me, baby when i throw my hands up, (Chorus)show me how you flow, dont just stand around, youve just got to get down. Show me how you flow. Move it to the left, move it to the right. Show me how you flow. Verse 2 - You know im free when i feel the vibe, so wont you show me, how you come alive. I wont hold back, even though i should, when i put my arms around you, show me how you flow - Chorus again.

16 Jun 2016

Looking for a song

I was teenage girl and loved that song, I am trying to find it, help! Twoteenage girls siniging: na, nana, na, na, NA! One of them is dressed like skaterboy, and one is with black hair and one highligt I think . After that I remember they had one more song, video, like in the house, they are in the room and going out from home through window, and there is party downstairs. THANKS !!!

16 Jun 2016

help me please!!!

I'm looking for this song I listened to ages ago, unfortunately I don'tremember any lyrics only the music video! All I remember in the music video is that in the beginning there was a woman (I think) in a suit at some elderly home like place and she and some woman from the elderly home some start falling love. There was also a part where they ended up in a garden. Any ideas??? Anything would be helpful and thank you in advance!

15 Jun 2016


Don't know how old only remember that it is a female who sings and the chorus goes. Hay' we're living in the colors of the rainbow, and every single place has a story to be told, it's a picture it's a portrate +that's moving as the wind blows, and at the end you'll find a pot of green and gold. ++

15 Jun 2016

classic house track

male vocal ah ha nono ah ha I can't stop! followed by a synthesizer di~~~di di di~~

been looking all over please help

14 Jun 2016

find a song

In 1950 or l951 I remember hearing this song. It had a lovely melod and a very nice lyric. No one I know or ask has ever heard it or heard of it. Can you help me out? I don't know the title (gessing it might be Out of Sight, Out of Mind). I remember these lines:

Out of sight, out of mind And I've just about run out of time. Oh, what a fix I'm in Since you're out of love with me....

It seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.....any ideas? Thanks so much! Mrs. Patsy Eller

The only song (of that era) with that title we have is Five Keys "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" (1956)

14 Jun 2016

Darling darling darling

13 Jun 2016

Looking for a song and can't find it anywhere!

It's an R&B song that's sung by a way underrated R&B singer. What I canremember about the music video I is that he's in the military or something like that and he goes up on a small stage to sing to his girl. There was I believe three other guys harmonizing beside him on the stage. She gets upset about whatever he was singing about and walks out. The man is African American, and they are talking for I think 2 or 3 minutes before the music in the music video starts. +I remember that I used to watch that music video all the time so I must've really liked that song but I can't remember any of it. Somehow, I forgot. Please help!!

13 Jun 2016

I am looking for a particular song

Some of the song lyrics include I love you I love you I love you honey want you call me the moment you get there ohhh baby I I I I love you I love you I love honey want you call me the moment you get there. +

My dear my dearest of all darlings, I know .......

13 Jun 2016

Black Music from 2000's

I am searching for a music sang by a woman.. All I can remember is that all phrases ended with "you" and with a man singing "Ohhh!" "I nah, nah, nah to be like you..." (Ohhh!) "I nah, nah, for you..." (Ohhh!)

And that the man had its own part in it too... Thanks

13 Jun 2016


Heard on the radio today. Guy singer, I believe. Talks about a girl and sayshe name repeated a few times in the chorus. Was something like Shawty or so

13 Jun 2016

What song is this?

The song says "Hello darkness smile friend"

Oh very good I've not heard that one. If you are really having trouble with it try typing it into Google

"This is the dawning of the Age of Asparugus, Asparugus..."

13 Jun 2016

70's or 80's instrumental song

sounded like it was asian, but was played in urban area

12 Jun 2016

Please help me find this song

I've been looking for this song for year but all i remember is the video.. Itbegins with this long haired guy playing a piano and singing while a girl dances in the background.. seems to be in a big hall or something. Then the guy walks out of the hall and through the doors in bright sunlight.. God Please Help ME!!!

12 Jun 2016

about love

One line is that would be the end of the world for me by female artist

"You're My World" by Cilla Black (or Helen Reddy's version a few years later)

12 Jun 2016


It's an R&B song with a guy that has a deep voice. The only lyrics I know are:sweetie sweetie and deeper deeper+

11 Jun 2016

please help

Song was made London and you saw big ben and World cycle and blonde Guysinging thats all what i remember +made 2000s

10 Jun 2016

Trying to find a song

I think it was in the 80's. A song where a male artist talked the whole time,did not sing. It was a song about life, as if he was talking to the younger generation. Example of lyrics: listen to your parents, they only want whats best for you". Heard it on the radio a couple of times back then.

10 Jun 2016

Looking for a song

So I saw the clip ages ago, I was trying to find it again but as you think ithaven't happend. In the clip there was a guy (with facial hair) and he was cycling. The weather was changing as he was moving. And in the chours he was singing about a woman (in the clip she was showen as an indian(?) woman)

10 Jun 2016

I remember parts of the music video

I remember watching the video in 2007, a Japanese male artist withblonde/white hair, very good looking and the music video was set in a blue and white environment indoors with him walking around the place singing to the camera. I think the music was a bit electronic+

10 Jun 2016

Female singer, white,+

Female singer was either sitting at a desk or near building window. +Whilesinging she was in the air and floating.

9 Jun 2016

time can never tell how love will come crawling its true ... woman its you its crazy looking for a love like yours and mine I could be searching until the end of time I'll search no more found what i'm looking for You hit me right between the eyes

9 Jun 2016

Music video 80's 90's female singer,

In the video the boyfriend doesn't want that she continues with the 'stupid'band

9 Jun 2016

pretty little girl came walking+

8 Jun 2016

Looking for a rap song i heard 18 years ago

Only thing i remember from the song is that it had a chanting chorus with a very deep voice saying "muu muu murderer" like 3 times in a row. Really bugs me been searching for years with no luck.

Best regards Paul

8 Jun 2016

song title

Trying to find a song on youtube that has people dancing in a 1950s swingstyle. But it's an American rock song from the last couple of years

8 Jun 2016

oldies love song

oldies song about a boy who couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his friendwith his girlfriend, but later he found out that they were having a birthday party for him

7 Jun 2016

hindi song

ma to mitt gere ho

7 Jun 2016

Pop song+

A tanned brunette in a red or whit dress really pretty she was singing in thevideo the background is like inside of a cube or some place very quadratic it was one of those catchy songs something like cascada there was a guy in the video aswell I think he was in a suit not sure looking for it for so so long now+

7 Jun 2016

90's song, donttknoe the lyrics??+

A friend asked about a song that he doesn't know the right lyrics to, only thepiano melody that sounds like something I've heard in an advert? the words say something like 'I wanna feel love, all my love/all night long ' and in a very high pitch something like 'yeah we got it going on now, +it is quite an old song and I can't find it Using Google?+

7 Jun 2016

French song

I heard a typically French (with an accordion) sounding sound (in French) by amale singer. It was very fast and the lyrics sounded like gobbledegook (to me a non French singer).

It was background music on a Spanish show.

7 Jun 2016


horns in the beginning, possibly 1970's, slow, ohh ohh ohh you

7 Jun 2016

R&B 2000's Song

I'm trying to find a song that a women sings that is being cheated on by herman and so she is trying to find a real love. But there is this guy that is ft. In her video and he sings lines like "i won't mistreat you just try to please you, everything you need girl you can find in me girl. Just looking for a real love just love…" please help

6 Jun 2016

older rap/ hophop song

im looking for 2 songs I heard on an older cd. One of the songs repeatedlysays need it (ohh) or need it (ahh) im not sure which one it's actually saying. ++ +The second song was on the same cd so its probably from the same rapper, and it goes Like that? like that!+

6 Jun 2016

trying since ages to find this one

only know the lyrics of ending part

and she keeps moving in and out of room falling in and out of love

5 Jun 2016

+ i took a trip to jamaica

a guy rapping saying, +i took a trip to jamaica. went to the bathroom andshort the door and that's alright +in 1990"s

5 Jun 2016

All i seek i+ find +in You+

5 Jun 2016

im losing my mind trying to find this song! cant find it anywhere please someone help!!!!

the song is from about 10-15 years ago I think it was on a the best of garagecd its a couple of people and the only bit I can remember is " London town, that's where were coming from!" any help would be great thanks in advance jade x

4 Jun 2016

there is a girl with red hair in the park singing and I forgot the tune but I remembered I loved it and now I have forgotten+

4 Jun 2016

try this+

Tom's Diner [Long Version] DNA feat. Suzanne Vega (1990)

3 Jun 2016

<<Bell sound>> Hello is it me you're looking for

Sang by a lady during the early fifties and preceded by the ringing of a telephone-bell

Surely that's from Lionel Richie (in 1984)

3 Jun 2016

Go into the bar looking for a tow

3 Jun 2016

classic house music

male vocal loop ah ha~ no no ah ha~ I can't stop! followed by the synthesizer Di~~di di di

I searched everywhere but no result please help

2 Jun 2016

English /Italian romantic song from the 50 or 60's

Hello New York...Ce Ce Roma sang by a female and a male

1 Jun 2016

80s Disco music

52 weeks a year

1 Jun 2016

trying to find a song with the words really need you to hold me sometimes

1 Jun 2016

Help me find this song PLEASE

all I remember is parts of the video. It has a boy seems like he was runningaway,walking through town with his hood up, wearing a black hoodie and he looks a little beaten up. Then theres a skinny redheaded girl also running leaving her home, at some point she lays on the ground underneather a water spout and turns the water on, its runs over her face. at the end, the both emerge from some kind of body of water, where their eyes meet and they kiss.+

1 Jun 2016

Looking for an obscure rnb song

The song has a male singer and it occurred in the 90's or very early 2000's. The singer even had a video for this song that was on a notable label but I can't remember the label,song title, or singer name. +The video also had some c-list celebrity male in the beginning of it giving the singer advice. All I know is the lyrics which haven't been helpful. Heres the lyrics

"everytime i close my eyes i see you night and day, for a minute of your timei throw my life away, all i want to do is spend the night with you. Everytime i close my eyes i see you night and day, for a minute of your time i throw my life away, loving you is all i wanna do"

30 May 2016

song or video

a guys vocals is awesome and he sings with an orchestra

29 May 2016

song viedo

looking for a older classic song with the words -- of a letter that i'll neversend. remember a young couple with a girl sitting on a stone wall.

28 May 2016

I'm looking for a song in which a girl with half black and white hair dance with two co male dancers+

27 May 2016

It's a song about someone passing

I'm trying to find the song with the words the day is gone what's done is donewe must move on to a better play also in the same song the words in the moonlight in the sunlight in the wind and the pouring rain, also in the song I'll be in that unexpected breeze.


25 May 2016

Girl sitting on leather-covered armchair (like one you can see at hairdressers) and pink liquid is dripping on her from ceiling

I'm looking for a music vid, where a woman walking in some building with pink walls and one leather armchair inside. She sits on it, and something like pink yogurt start dripping on her head. I've seen it on MTV, it was popular song in 2002-2005 I guess. Thank you.

25 May 2016

trying to find this song

In the music video all the members are kinda on a circular stage where ibelieve there are lights hanging in the back they are all warring tux's and the main singer is in front singing with a mic stand and i believe there was also a piano player i believe the background was also black and blue+

24 May 2016

Trying to find this song..

goes like this- ''I'm a lover, I'm not a fighter, don't try to change me 'cos that's who i am'' it is a Jamaican song

24 May 2016

Possibly a pop party song

Just had a nostalgic thought about an old song which started with a helicoptersound and had a young male singer. I believe it could have been on like a pop party cd or just dance or something like 8 years ago roughly

On this site songs from 8 years ago are not considered "old". You might try chart2000.com (where 2008 is "old").

My own opinion is that the best song starting with a helicopter is "Goodnight Saigon" by Billy Joel (the live versions are best)

24 May 2016

rap song with drum parts sung

I am looking for the tile of a song where the singer sang the drum part andthen the drummer repeated what he sang. After that there was a musical part that wen Dum dum dum dum dum dway dum and repeated that with horns over the top. I know this is vague, but, am hopeful some one can decipher my weird entry!!

24 May 2016

cant +remember the song and group

it was about 1987 lyrics like "it was fun when you were young, but slow down"stop driving or speeding. lyrics 1980s song european band "when it was fun slow down stop driving" lyrics 1980s song european band "when it was fun slow down stop driving" and I think they were a euro band like scritti politti or from norway or something like aha. it was a good song soft song that was about giving up driving and car pollution and being more responsible. it was a good song.

24 May 2016

Love Song 50s or 60s

Its got this really beautiful high pitched twangy guitar intro (almost like aslide guitar. Its in a bunch of classic movies and even mob movies. I think a woman is singing the lyrics. Lyrics I can remember... "all alone?" I cant get it out of my head! The intro is what the song is known for its a simple melody that just sucks you in.

23 May 2016

Really need this song

Starts out with a whistling then the lyrics go "I found myself a new way, I'll get on by with my new way, I just flew right along without a care.....and this is my new way"

Please help. I'll be eternally greatful

22 May 2016


The song is about a mas in the desert and it says

"Im here in the desert pa pa rarararara

22 May 2016

This 70''s song had the word "while" in the title+

Maze "While I'm Alone", The Bells "Stay Awhile", Freda Payne "Cherish What Is Dear To You (While It's Near To You)", Olympic Runners "Get it While You Can", Rita Coolidge "I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love", Janis Joplin "Get it While You Can", Bill Brandon "We Feel In Love While Dancing", Continental Miniatures "Stay Awhile", Mary MacGregor "For A While", ZZ Top "Arrested For Driving While Blind" and 10CC "Get it While You Can"

22 May 2016

snow/Mexico, don't go/goodbye

22 May 2016

Name of song and by who

it was on Fox and Friends this Am while the ladies were swimming

21 May 2016

Remember me' remember me, remember till the end of your days

21 May 2016

And happy girls and happy boys...

21 May 2016


I'm looking for a song about dimes

Try searching for dime in the search box on top of each page.

The most obvious songs are "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" (a hit for Bing Crosby, Rudy Vallee and Leo Reisman), "I Found a Million Dollar Baby (In a Five & Dime store)" (a hit for Fred Waring, Bing Crosby, The Boswell Sisters, Ben Selvin and Bobby Darin) "If I Didn't Have a Dime (To Play The Jukebox)" (a hit for Gene Pitney and Tom Dunphy), and "Dreams are a Dime a Dozen" (Vaughn Monroe and under a different title for Margaret Whiting and Sammy Kaye).

The more obscure ones would be: "I Wish I Had a Dime (For Ev'ry Time I Missed You)" by The Andrews Sisters, "Dime" by Belle Perez, "Dime" by Beth, "Loan Me A Dime" by Boz Scaggs, "Dime & a Dollar" by Guy Mitchell, "Love & a Dime" by Jan Garber and "If I Had A Dime" by Martine Girault

And, of course "My Superstar" by Dimestars

20 May 2016

i need too find a certain song

theres this song that theres a girl singing and shes saying words likeconfusion and stuff and shes singing slow somewhat and she isnt singing full sentences and theres a piano beat too the song i think there is some rap too it? dont really remember if you could find it it would help so much been stuck in my head for almost a week now

20 May 2016

i need too find a certain song

theres this song that theres a girl singing and shes saying words likeconfusion and stuff and shes singing slow somewhat and she isnt singing full sentences and theres a piano beat too the song i think there is some rap too it? dont really remember if you could find it it would help so much been stuck in my head for almost a week now

19 May 2016

Song from around 2005,sung by teenage girl black hair,in music video girlbounces on bed,vaguely remember lyrics being about her fighting with her dad

18 May 2016

Trying to find this song+

Something like when the rain came falling, babe, would you break my heart?It's a rap kinda song like house trance with a male singer somewhere in 2012-2015

17 May 2016

wonder if anyone can help?

back in the late 80's and early 90's there was a reggae pirate radio station we used to pick up from London, so we'd tape it on my double cassete stereo and make copies for all my friends. Over the years I have lost my old tapes and there was this one song i'd very much like to find out who it was by and what it was called. The lyrics went something like... '...and in the fifties my people were told, that the streets of England were pathed with gold they say come to England if you want money there's a whole lot of ...something.... for everybody'

And i think the chorus went something along the lines of '...send someone to meet me im going home'

Anyone know I would be forever grateful.+

15 May 2016

The song is about a girl on a train she wants to be a movie star she booksinto a motel and every morning has a coffee with a man and tells tells him she want to be a movie star she bring men back home a night and one morning she is not having coffee she has brought wrong man home and is dead he than said the she will be going bac on the train+

13 May 2016

Disco song, I think form '90 or early 2000

Hi there,

well I'm looking for one disco song, I don't know if somebody can find it, but anyway I will try. So, the song is going like this " Genie come, genie come, genie come, change en sin (?) the is two different characteristic instrumentals, the go like that" ti-ti-ti-tittiriri tu tu" and it's played on keybord or guitar, the I thing is something like (I really can't interpretate this insturment, but it's like "bam barambam" ect. Sorry, for bad interpretation. The the best to interpretate is this beginning "Genie come, change en sin" , but of course I not sure in lyrices, I'm sure that definitely in lyrics this repeats three times "Genie(?) come, genie come, genie come". Ok I will be happy if somebody will know what is that song. It's definitely a disco song, from 90 or 2000s. Contact via e-mail, on igorkawal@op.pl


12 May 2016

oldies but goodies

Me and my forthy five record's

11 May 2016

Trying to find artist

Trying to find the name of black female christian singer who sang Travis. Cottrell's I WORHIP YOU

11 May 2016

reggae song

I am looking for a reggae song i think it is in 80s I just remember this word "colombia cali "

I hope you can find it.

Thank you

6 May 2016

Please Help!

I heard a song on the radio once and now I am trying to track it down. All Ican remember is that at some point in the song the artist states something about a mom smiling down or blessing his relationship.

5 May 2016

i am looking for an instrumental song+

the instrumental is played a couple of years ago during christmas time ibelieve a champagne commercial while the product/bottle is slowley turning. It goes like "lalalalaaaaa lalala lalalaaa

1 May 2016

Name of song+

+song that came out years ago....it's a Hispanic guy singing and in the videohe's riding a motorcycle with a chic and a group of friends. It's a summertime song. They're riding thru LA or Miami.

29 Apr 2016

No one can help

I remember hearing this love song around 1982 or so. I do believe that some ofthe lyrics are, "one thing is true I know that you love me too."

29 Apr 2016

I will smile again

29 Apr 2016


trying to find this song we sang at a Catholic funeral, +it is called +and the Father Danced

28 Apr 2016

looking for a song

no no I never met a girl like you but its true take you to the USA and we aregoing to have a good time. something like that

25 Apr 2016

WHUR Quiet Storm Song

"Here we are...all alone standing here"

Slow ballad I keep hearing on WHUR Quiet storm but never get the name of the group or song.

24 Apr 2016


The song is ambient house. I only the artist name which is Roommates but notthe track which is playing. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwX3uI0fnDM#t=11

24 Apr 2016

State of Virginia

Tell Me of a Land That's Fair

24 Apr 2016


shes 18.... + thinking bout +(daydreams) + wtf i dont know more xD a very nicesong often played bi guitarists on the streets

23 Apr 2016

please kindly help to find this female single old song

I can only remember with the lyrics starts with "

"I see you here. I see you there. You are everywhere..." What is the name of this female single old song? Many thanks.

23 Apr 2016

song lyrics

Title of song is "Masterpiece of Mercy"

19 Apr 2016

Trying to find this song

It's goes like this

Baby come to me come lay down relaxed your body let me free your mind all I have its all for you you won't regret it the way we making love tonight


Loving you it's all u wanna do all alone baby just me and you come on now lay right next to me and all show you how good my love can be

Baby can you feel what I feel when you touch my body I just can't keep sayingdon't stop what you doing baby just keep moving we both got all night so let's keep making love

17 Apr 2016

song from the late 80's

I'm trying to find a song when I used to live in Italy in the late 80's early90's, it was a song that had the words "nothing going on in my life" (as an acapella) sung by a woman, but the band was some one like, dee lite, inner city, cc music factory, sfs, someone like that, and it had xylophone playing as well...any ideas?

17 Apr 2016

music video sometime between 2010 - 2013

it was a music video with a guy in a hoodie walking on the beach. He sounds alittle like Bruno Mars. Don't know the name of singer or the song except his voice was sort of haunting.+

17 Apr 2016

a song that's sounds very similar to bobby brown's we have something in common

14 Apr 2016

Re: slow rock type ballad 80,s or 90,s [male singer] 30 November 2015

This song: sitting there beside me all alone took so long to find you face unknown

chorus: but im not supposed to see you im not supposed to care im not supposed to tell you what love is all about love is all about love is all about is all about y-o-u

is All About You by Thomas Leer on Cherry Red records. It can be found on theCherry Red compilation 'Pillows and Prayers'

Thanks for the information

13 Apr 2016

really want to find this song

it's a late 90s/early 2000s sounding r&b song, very funky and upbeat, sounds abit like getting jiggy with it by will smith in terms of the groove. It goes 'la la lalalalala lalalalala' in the chorus, and there's a word before it says that. It's a female that sings it, and I think there's rapping in it as well. Heard it years ago when I was much younger but have never known the name, it's always that chorus part that sticks out to me. Can't find it on the internet and I'm pretty sure it was really famous over a decade ago!

11 Apr 2016

Need the song

I can only remember the album cover when I watched it on youtube.

Black background Sort of rainbow colour back ground Two guys might be brothers standing next two each other in white 70s suits with guitars in their hands. It is a very slow and sexy song with a sexy guitar intro Only words I remember is "Mymy I never meant to hurt you... no one wil love you the way that I do...

Please help been waiting on this song for 3years. It is an old song

11 Apr 2016

you want me to wait while you are doing me wrong

3 Apr 2016

trying to find this song

the song starts. when i was 23 i married a widow... she has a daughter withred hair and his father marries her...

3 Apr 2016

ID song played on alternative rock station in march +2008

Song is slow and there is a word repeated, may be girl's name. Male singer istalking to the girl about leaving sadness behind now that she is older.

2 Apr 2016

Listened this song on HW music channel in India

A black guy walks on his hands in the forest. He has a well built body and isexcersing in the forest,

31 Mar 2016

In One Ear and Out the Other

"won't you talk with him like a brother"

31 Mar 2016

Hello guyz I would like to know thz song Jesus made a promise'dung by a woman

30 Mar 2016

looking for a song

This song was popular probably 10 or 20 years ago. I just remember that one word was held for almost 8-10 seconds. Maybe even longer. It was a Pop song. An upbeat song. I wish I knew more (lyrics). I think a man sung it. Thankshoward

29 Mar 2016

Black female

Track where she sings makimg jungle animal sounds

28 Mar 2016

missing a person at family gatherings

It may contain the line but your not here

28 Mar 2016

old r&b soul song called "walk", you know you're doing me wrong

27 Mar 2016


There was a song in the mid 80's I can't remember the words but it here was aline in the song that said are you broke are you broke

26 Mar 2016

forgot it

im looking for and man and there neon lights around with alot of women aroundhim and at first there is like a tv and it was glancing around him plz help me+

25 Mar 2016

i forgot

In the song the singer say BABYYYYYYYYY i can hear the ocean or something likethat im sure its a 90s or early 2000s song

25 Mar 2016

a song that was in a try not to laugh

I am looking for a song where there is a row with dudes in red suits thatsigns a catchy song.

24 Mar 2016

I am looking for this song

Man & Female duet...I just want to get ya close to me baby....close to mebaby....close to me baby. I just want to be there for you darling....

24 Mar 2016

I did not appreciate it back then!

Dear all, I am looking for a particular song, sung by a man and woman. It used to be in a playlist my boss had on during work, but back then I was 14 and totally into different stuff.

The playlist contained music such as the Beatles as well, some Bruce Springsteen if I am not mistaken, music that I now really love.

The song is as I have already said sung by a man and woman. I somehow always think of the woman as Kylie Minogue-like, and the man has a rich and deep voice. The melody really flows and takes you on a journey. It had romantic vibes, with also a little country. And while it didn't sound very old, it was certainly not anything too modernistic. I have been trying and trying to find it, but I really have nothing to go on but the things I just stated. Oh, and it was sung in English, so that should narrow it down...

I hope some of you will throw some songs at me! Hopefully I will find it and bring this search to a happy ending.

Thank you!

24 Mar 2016

I am +looking for a sing I don't know who sing it A Rose Well Do For Susie please help me

Never in a chart as far as we can tell

23 Mar 2016

Song played in 1986-East Listening

Lyrics sound kinda like this: Can't stop till I'm satisfied...I'm coming to get you back again.....I guess I realize that I never took a good look at myself...memories, nothing but memories. I've been searching for years for thesong. It sounds like an easy listening type black singer. Thanks for any help you can off. MIGUEL

22 Mar 2016

what song is this

down by the water deep in the sea there lies atlantis and a part of me

17 Mar 2016

Looking for this song...

He's wearing a hat... With an alligator below him, he sings somewhatcountryish music.+

16 Mar 2016

i forgot

there is a song with a blonde girl in a fluffy pink scarf singing on the roadkinda like a highway but on the mountains and she looks alot like pia mia

15 Mar 2016

Reggae song

Opening says Crying morning just can't wait till morning

13 Mar 2016



I need your help, I'm looking for a song from the 90's, it is a ballad, the main instrument is acoustic guitar, actually the intro hears similar than the Extreme's song "more than words", this guy, his voice is similar than Mick Hucknall of Simply red, and I'm sorry but I was too young when I heard it and didn't speak any english the only part of the lyrics I remember is "I am" in the chorus.

I hope you can help me.

12 Mar 2016

Looking for a song

There is a line "the day you broke my heart" by a singer women

8 Mar 2016

singing about jesus

A verse sings ,,(you said that we should come boldly to your throne of grace)& then something like (in your house and sing you praise) (we sing and shout halilujah holy is your name the mountains melt in your presence,,, we sing Jesus, we sing Jesus

7 Mar 2016

Love the song...

All i know is I think the song I heard was on MTV rocks and was from the 80sor 90s . I remember that the singer was painted in many colours and the video had much mythycal creatures in it. he was dressed like an indian I think. I would be very thankful if you help me. Im not sure about the mythycal creatures though.

6 Mar 2016

black male group singing about a love that died

2 Mar 2016


2 Mar 2016


I'm looking for a song that was a hit not that long ago it's a bit like dammiim song smile it is a happy song young girl with long hair very catchy hope u can help cheers

29 Feb 2016

Country music song

Song about a guy going on vacation who sends his mom flowers on Mother's Daythinking what a great son he is and meets a little boy who is putting flowers on his mom's grave

28 Feb 2016

looking for a song

it was song by a black group and this was not the title but the words were I want to touch you +a real love song

24 Feb 2016

Hello guys. I need your help. I need to find a song. It was kinda countrystyle with electric guitars, sung by girls (no male voices in it), I heard it in the mid nineties and the chorus said ¨All I can see for miles around are black clouds and they´re making me blue¨ and part of a strophe said ¨I´m caught between love and desire¨. I can´t remember anything else except it was a hell of a song. If you know please write to niconaranjo72@yahoo.com Thanks a lot.

23 Feb 2016

I do kind friend s I do I cannot wait for you so I will hang my heart on aweeping Willow tree and may the world go well with thee

23 Feb 2016

i need it so badly+

hey guys im looking for song me and my bff were obsessed when we were 10-12..im going to make a video collage and all that stuff so.. i only remember that there was clip in which fireman, worker and other 2(or 3) guys are collaborated and are singing on the stage with a huge audience... pleas pleas help me! <3+

14 Feb 2016

Can't remember

Late 70's early 80's a male artist sing love song about a boy, a girl, and a house on the hill

14 Feb 2016

Looking for a song with "Someone Like You" as chorus

There is a rap song that uses Adele's "someone like you' chorus as the song'schorus. +I don't know what the song is called or who the artist is...it was on a cd in a car that I borrowed and I don't know what it is...non Adele part of the song is about a break-up+

8 Feb 2016

Rap Song

It was in the 90's or late 2000's, where a rapper gets locked out of his houseand then they take his car and then he raps on the roof of the house, i Know the lyrics was this shit happens daily, and that is all I know seriously

4 Feb 2016

R&B song from late 90's

looking for the singer and title of a song from about the late 90's, it wasfrom a movie soundtrack. singer is a black female, i believe she had sandy blonde hair, possibly dreads, not very long. i think she had a hat on in the video and a raspy voice. pretty sure she was a one hit wonder.

2 Feb 2016

love song

i am looking for a song where a black man sing for his lover in the evening atthe beach

31 Jan 2016

an old song maybe in the 80's

i'm searching a song which I think starts like this :it was really a Mondaynight when I saw you standing there, before I knew it in the heat of the night, we were dancing with no care, we only wanted each other for the night, the night was ever so right, to be the start and also the end , we know we'll never do it again. Ref is like this: and now we can't let go , ooh no

30 Jan 2016


lyrics goes like:talk talk talk to me, or got got got to be something likethat

28 Jan 2016

country band sound

song I am thinking of reminds me of Tom Petty stuff or Tom Cochrane "life is ahighway".. the music video was from the 90s- country band singing in the back of a hay truck/pick up... guys wearing wife beaters.... straw in their mouths... help. PLEASE

24 Jan 2016

Cashbox Album charts

Can you tell me where I might be able to find the top 100 weekly chart listings from Casbox magazine.

Many thanks


If you look on the "Song Chart" page you'll find the sources we know about

23 Jan 2016


I am looking for a song with the lyrics: make him look he's the look of the... + That was the only part that i could hear and the last word was something like asty but I don't remember what exactly. It was with a voice of a woman. I can't find it anywhere :(

22 Jan 2016

I love u honest I do

22 Jan 2016

R&B/ Hip Hop song played on tv show

Episode three- show Flesh & Bone: song playing while topless "Crystal " is dancing on stage and "Claire" is watching. Lyrics I think I might have right:"can you put it on the floor since we're walking through the front door." +..."I'll take you from the couch to the kitchen floor "

22 Jan 2016

Love song

Im looking for a rnb love song, the guy who sang it is bald and he looks likea arabic guy. That's pretty much all I remember about it

21 Jan 2016


for a while as we journey through this life, you an i, we can be each otheguide ... just like i would do anything for you

20 Jan 2016

lookin for a song its by haystak

360 degrees let it be kown I'm addicted to weed I do what I got to do to getwhat I need

17 Jan 2016

Help Find French Song

I discovered it on YouTube in the 2004-2008 range. The music video features afemale thin woman (blonde?) who sings in french. She lays in a fetal position underwater...she might be asking for her mother? I don't speak French so I can't remember the lyrics

15 Jan 2016

Looking hopelessly for a song

I do think the title was something like Antarctica or Arctic but I still can'tfind it. The music video begins with a man who hold a boy surrounded by wreck and debris. Then, we see the little boy with a fluffy big white monster (the boy wears a skin similar to the skin of the monster) and they journey together while being chased and at the end, the boy climbs a mountain and that's when we know he died. Thank you in advance!

15 Jan 2016

song in the desert

Looking for a song, I remember only an old music video with three singer inthe desert

14 Jan 2016

female singer /black singer.2015-2016

'i cant wait' +'when the rain fallings''nana na na '

11 Jan 2016

music video,father son airplain hanger

10 Jan 2016

Uncle Albert

That song "hey across the water, water, hey ..." is "Uncle Albert" recorded by Paul McCartney

8 Jan 2016

Audrey & Judy Landers song.

You can start mess'n around with the bosses daughters, they done noth'n to you, oh no

8 Jan 2016

Phase in the song was work it baby keep it up keep it up please don't let me down

8 Jan 2016

"hey across the water water, Hey across the sky"

I think you probably mean "Hands across the water - water. Hands across thesky. And that is Paul McCartney "Uncle Albert (Admiral Halsey)"

7 Jan 2016


I heard this song with lyrics, 'and so highhhhhhhhhhh and highhhhhhhhh'.

from this link at he beginning of the video:


5 Jan 2016

Looking For A song

If a beggar asked you to throw him a crumb Would you gladly help the poor Or would show his he's not welcomed And chase Him from your door I know I was wrong and I'm willing to pay Please don' chase me away

Don't Drive me away Knock Knock til your fist get sore Don't Drive me away Cause I'm Not gonna let you in

(Please Don't Drive Me Away) 1970 - 1975

4 Jan 2016


Phrase in the song is "hey across the water, water, hey across the +sky"

2 Jan 2016

County song?

partial lyrics: Dirty Little Alice is a Heartbreak Queen.

31 Dec 2015

How Can You Tell Me That We're Through

Group almost sounds like the Beatles trying to sound like a country band!

28 Dec 2015

Looking for a song/album release

Another alternative to searching albums/songs is www.allmusic.com off course.Not all albums (or tracks on albums) listed, but an indispensable source for any music fan.

Indeed, thanks for the suggestion we've added the site

18 Dec 2015

Really popular song?!

Ive had this song stuck in my head for days. Its fairly new, very popular butall I can remember is something about "after we stopped having sex? I hear the words you say to me like slow piano loops" but I cant find it anywhere, please help

15 Dec 2015

2012,you tube ,greiving wife ,talking about the funeral,A day I wont forget black clothes black car..... Lonely but Im not Alone her memories are vivdly clear abiut hearing his footsteps on the stairs...hes a soldier in the army they are in a corn field she tells she cant make it without him

14 Dec 2015

90ish Grunge, maybe Australian Local Band.

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YmmH-ra-kw

I have a comment in above comment section to reply to or reply.

These are my understood lyrics:

you can do what you want what you want is what you need

? ? it get's you high ? take what you like it's no big deal

uh huh

you can come along get right back where you belong it's not right or wrong just a way to get along

just another song wonder if we come out strong but you can come along get right back where you belong

hey hey light it up light it up light it up la dee dah ? light it up ? yeah

you can shake you can swing or you can stand there staring like an idiot

no big thing huh huh

you can come along get right back where you belong it's not right or wrong just a way to get along

just another song wonder if we come out strong but you can come along get right back where you belong

hey hey light it up light it up light it up

one two three four <guitar stong> hey

now don't you tell ya ? you are wrong

don't you let them try to tell you

thanks in advance... :)

9 Dec 2015

counrty music song

guy is at a bar I think and a dancer is harassed by boss she pulls his gun andthe guy and girl ride off to Mexico and get into a shoot out his gets hit she takes off on his motorcycle ???+

7 Dec 2015

new hip hop song

hip hop song with lyrics - we got a really big tean, we need reallt bigthings, we need really big rings, don't come with no srings

6 Dec 2015

a hard rocker girl 200 - 2010+

iam looking for a song about +girls on a stage performing for men but theyfight back crazy hair color girl need help hardcore+

4 Dec 2015

guy running with green smoke and a white haired girl-music video

i am looking for a music video where the singer run in forest with greensmoke....and the girl has white hair

2 Dec 2015

Can't remember name of song

+It's about a helicopter pilot who was train by the government, " and theytaught me well". And now is running smuggling across the Rio Grande

1 Dec 2015

lost song

A song I heard in North Carolina in the 70s on shaw radio +in Raleigh nc.itwas a song that says mayb u are not black may be you don't know what it is to be black have you ever were jumping rope and when your turn came they moved the rope and you fell this never happen to you then mayb you are not black mayb you don't know what it is to be black. A little boy had a dog and he wanted to go play so he tired the dog but didn't tired +him well and the rope fell and the dog whined and cried because +he thought he was tired the boy went and played and had a good time the dog could have too but he thought he was tired

30 Nov 2015

slow rock type ballad 80,s or 90,s [male singer]

i have most of the lyrics. ive searched and searched. goes like this :

sitting there beside me all alone took so long to find you face unknown

chorus: but im not supposed to see you im not supposed to care im not supposed to tell you what love is all about love is all about love is all about is all about y-o-u

feel ive been searching way down inside your like the saving grace i had to find

but im not supposed to see you im not supposed to care im not supposed to tell you what love is all about love is all about love is all about is all about y-o-u

miss-believe its true is all about you

i -? sorry now feeling no good the ? is out tonite -? +-? always your -? i still ? +? +?

and im not supposed to see you and were not supposed to care im not supposed to tell you what love is all about love is all about love is all about is all about y-o-u

ive been tracking down some old favourites i have on tape! i managed to find most of them but strangely this comes back with nothing. maybee someone may recognise it. oh and it has a synthesiser rather than guitar. thanks.

30 Nov 2015



i heard this some days ago but i cant remember the melody nor the name of it!

please help me!

the song was some kind of techno/electro somethin' similar,

the name of the artist was somethin' like or absolutely close to "dogo" (no, its not club dogo, the fuckin italian band!). but i remember this detail as well, the artist name was named after this word, dogo!

the song was pure awesomeness with a beat that stopped somewhere in the middle of the song, kept going for a while in a syncopated way (like a loop beat repeated as if it got freezed) and than exploded in the enchanting and wonderful chorus!!

recapping, a techno/electro song, Dogo written over the artist name, 4 minutes long, a beat which get stuck for quiet time in the middle of the track and than let the chorus scream as well, and somewhere through the lyrics in the chorus there was some singed words like "la la la" o "shala shala shala" or "ole ole" or somethin'

please, please, please, i must find this, HELP ME!!!!!

30 Nov 2015

Song in the 2000s

I don't remember a whole lot about the song but I think it was about liketeens running away or something and there was a music video and I remember seeing a tin barrel on fire or something and they were on motorbikes I think I don't remember a whole lot but it's really messing with my head

24 Nov 2015

A slow reggae 1970 more likely 1980s jam...

Thanks to all for your help! +I don't know who covered this song or what thename of it is, as I was just a child when my mom played it. +All I do know is that is was a slow-smooth late 1970s-early 1980s reggae jam which a man sang with a high tone or more appropriately, falsetto, with a lot of horns in the background. +I'm sorry as this is all I have. +I thank you all for your help!

24 Nov 2015

rap lyrics dance from ends of the 80's

a few part says like "i spot one lady at the end of the bar, cmon dj riff that guitar, yeah this nice let me hear you say boom baby" And a sexy female voice sings the chorus of "Allright now" by Free

Help me please to find the name or band.

21 Nov 2015

Old rock n roll song

Seventeen, seventeen, dirty sox, old blue jeans, bleach blonde baby aint no square

20 Nov 2015

kenny roger

i swear

20 Nov 2015

The name of a piano melody

It`s a piano and orchestra melody. It`s from 90`s or end of 80`s. It sound sosimilar to a song from Bruce Hornsby ("the way it is")but is just a melody.Please help me! Thank you so much.

19 Nov 2015

Song name Discoteqhue

Hi, I am searching a song name Discoteqhue. It was in French, video clip wason MTV for years ago, it was taken in west Africa, a flag has been seen on video. Unfortunately I could not find it on net yet.

19 Nov 2015

two women

two different kind of woman, one is free, travelling around the world, theother is an housewife, and they envy each other..

19 Nov 2015

two women

19 Nov 2015

a slow love song

maybe an 80s song by a female (or possibly a duet) the lyrics I remember could be the chorus and goes: "we fell in love right from the start,a love so strongcould never part and I believe I'm in love for the first time..."

14 Nov 2015

Blues song, female singer

Song talks about being singer not having to answer to anyone about where she been.

11 Nov 2015

Im looking for a song by a woman singer i THINK was inm this time frame and it had "4 years" in the chorus

11 Nov 2015

cant figure this song name out

All I can remember is this distinct " I don't know why-y-y" kinda slow and soft. Maybe it was kinda indie. any help would be great

7 Nov 2015

country song

The song talks about when they were young and in school. It's a girl singingthe song. It's recording is in these years... Maybe 2005 till now?

6 Nov 2015

count down song

It's a song for little ones to learn to count....It starts out 99 layingingthe bed they all turn over and one falls out and so with 98 next. +I just can't think of the name of it...It was very popular 25 years ago

5 Nov 2015

song name of an old music video from the 80's or 90's with a man wearing a long cowboy coat in the field singing I believe the song was about his father

2 Nov 2015

a iam have the boy +the first name i+ Jana

30 Oct 2015

spanish duet+

About a man telling his friend that a girl isn't good for HIM

29 Oct 2015

female singer or group, soul/funk/R&B 70s/early80s maybe

Rock oooooooonnnn/ Baby Rock oooooooonnn ( dont you wanna party all night long). Not sure of lyrics, they are very close. the beat playing is similar to (give me your love) by Curtis Mayfield. As the beat plays she sing rock on baby rock on baby

27 Oct 2015

lyrics to find song

There is a light rock, easy listening song I have heard many times, but Ican't figure out what it's title is nor artist. +It is by a rock group and has a "breathy" kind of presentation. +I have searched song lyrics extensively without success. +I think I am hearing the words correctly..."I will be your brother... and I will be be your sister...mother...till the end of time". +Last phrase is like a refrain throughout the song. +Can you help me ?+

27 Oct 2015

need lyrics

I am looking for an song with lyrics ...something about wont you look at thoseeyes... pre 70's for sure, maybe even early fifties,,, thank you for any help you are able to provide

24 Oct 2015

I'm looking for a song I don't remember the name but I remember the chorus it went like this

In the ghetto those are dying in the hood I can hear them crying sit back and think what would you do if you were to lose someone close to you we all go through this place sometimes can you answer my question why? I live my life as a thug and a gangsta every thug needs the Lord's blessing~ That's all I remember I would appreciate if someone can tell me if they knew the name of this song and the artist

23 Oct 2015

morning song

We are all in our places with sun shining faces this the way to start a new day

17 Oct 2015

song lyrics

Jatah jatah jatah watah ding ding ding

16 Oct 2015

next best thing


13 Oct 2015

I'm looking for a song about a woman in war

12 Oct 2015


OMG there's a tune from the 80's, soul track. A guy singing "I'm in love with you I'm in love with you I'd anything for you...something about only one direction and physical attraction... Love the song but who sings it!+

10 Oct 2015

looking for song over a decade now

I have tried to get help from others on how to find a song with just a few lyrics. ...yes i'm looking for a love that's free from all man-made obstacles yes i'm looking for a love a love that's pure, a love sent from above

7 Oct 2015


sung buy a female vocal my include lyrics "in 1000 years... in 1 millionyears... in 1 billion years"

6 Oct 2015

Please help me find this incredible house song+

Deep House music song with the lyrics "Birds and bees and the flowers and trees from the 1990's

5 Oct 2015

find old song

Song by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition from late 60s or early 70s. It'sabout 2 brothers meeting on the battlefield in the Civil War.+

28 Sep 2015

father singing from heaven+

This song is about a father who dies and his son is having a b

27 Sep 2015

I'm looking for a song's name


Could someone help me? What is the name of the song from above link from 9:24 ?

Anybody knows? Thank

25 Sep 2015

Song from my childhood - 80's-90's NZ

'da ru-rah ru-rah ru-raaah... da ru-rah ru-rah ru-raaah... in the night time'... (something something FALLING?SHOOTING? STAAAAR)...

That's ALL I remember, and maybe a guitar solo? Lol. Was an awesome song though.

24 Sep 2015

Please help me find 1980's R&B/Funk song

What artist in the early 80's had an R&B/Funk song with a military cadenceintro featuring cartoon character Donald Duck. Song started with lyric ( Attention! forward march )

23 Sep 2015

Song from the 1960s

Looking for a song came out in the 60s with the lyrics: +Darling your beauty differs from all the rest, +all the other girls I know.... Girl You Know WhatI Mean

23 Sep 2015

I am looking for a house song that in the video there is a black man who worksin a bar and he's sweeping the floor but thinking of a woman and suddenly he just starts dancing. Part of the chorus is 'I'm sorry baby....i'll never get over you"

22 Sep 2015

heard in kiss one hundred today in the morning(heard the line ,honestly wouldyou love me the same

21 Sep 2015

I'm looking for a song

lyrics: Looking for love, looking for happiness, when will it come my way.

20 Sep 2015


okay so the song starts with the sound of rain, then a bit of thunder, then a piano tune, then a guy starts singing.

Its not pop/hiphop/rap but i think it was acoustic? or folk? house? all i know it gave me a chill mellow vibe (perfect to listen to during the rainy season)

i listened to this song back in the 2010-2013 but out of nowhere someoneplayed it on their phone. i was too shy to ask what it was and now- i totally RAGRET it.. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME :(

19 Sep 2015

Looking for song\lyrics

My father used to sing a song and the lines I remember are, I think, "I'd like to give your hand a plain gold band, with the blessing of heaven above". If you help me find the song I would be most grateful. Thank you

Mike O'Dwyer

17 Sep 2015

i believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sky

How hard have you looked?

17 Sep 2015

please help

Does anybody remember a music video from about 1997-1998 where this chick is driving a vw beetle convertible on a beach or desert track. She gets bogged then a guy comes along to try and tow her out but then he gets bogged. Then another guy comes to tow them both out and he also gets bogged.. This go's on for about 3 more times before a bunch of chicks turn up and tie their scarves to the first bogged beetle car and they tow the girl out using a scarf tug of war style rescue. What is the band and song name?

16 Sep 2015

i am looking for an old song title.

I think its from the 1940's.It goes:How can i leave u when i know its time togo ,how can i leave u when i love u so.Eventide is calling i must be on my way,allthe world is calling but my heart says stay.Think of me beloved kiss me once more and then think of me beloved,till we meet again.

16 Sep 2015


There was a music video around 2006/2007 where this girl was telling her guynot to leave, i think he was going to rob something. He had tattoos. She thought he got killed or maybe locked up but at the end he returns.

14 Sep 2015

I think the song is called "Dirty T-Shirt" or "Madeline"

The only Lyrics I think I can remember are, "Shes so scared, even after fifteen years. (Line I can't remember) As I stand right by her side. Her hair, those lips were mine, Oh Madeline!" Its something about playing together when they were young and something about a "dirty shirt". It wasn't a well known song but I can't remember who sang it or how the rest goes. HELP ME?

12 Sep 2015

im looking for a particular song I now a lil bit of the lyrics

My heart telling me that I dont want to let you go I allways hear it were Iwas working kfc

12 Sep 2015

12 Sep 2015

2000s english song

I dont know anything about the lyrics or title, but i have a vague memory ofthe MV. It took place in a convenience store, there was this one guy singing, and there was/were mascots dancing...Thats all i remembered >.>

12 Sep 2015

I am looking for the song

I am desperately looking for the second song from this video "Stardance 2015"

Thank you in advance


9 Sep 2015

Take a look around the room loves comes

8 Sep 2015

Song from the 80's NZ

The song had the word Believe in the title and I think it was a hit in nz inthe 80's. Male singer

7 Sep 2015


Who had Female slow version of " Don't be cruel " from early 60'?

You could look on the "Don't be cruel" song page (Song 125), that would suggest Barbara Lynn is your answer

6 Sep 2015



2 Sep 2015

elp me find this groovy funky song or tune...please

female artist funky pop song with lyrics like...do you reali want it baby ifyou reali want it...do you wana funk with me tonyt

31 Aug 2015

I am Looking For A Particular Song, How Can I Find It?

This song came out in 1983 and it was a group of young black males. They werealmost like the group New Edition. Thanks

30 Aug 2015

randy travis sings this song that begins with these words " I'm the life ofthe party "

30 Aug 2015

Country song title

Some of the lyrics are"won't you tell me the truth"

25 Aug 2015

..........I called about that conversation That I had with you last night It must have been a combination Of shooters and neon lights I didn't really mean to say... ......

23 Aug 2015

Tyler Perry movie Daddy's little girl+

They're in a bar dancing+

23 Aug 2015

finding an artist

1970 or +19801 soul song chorus is I will be there a male artist

21 Aug 2015

Girl riding in a car hit by a truck

after she was hit by a truck the video back up and it showed her walking backin the door. +country song from 2010- 2012. saw it on CMT

20 Aug 2015

Song from youtube+

I remember scrolling on youtube and listen to women singing about love andnightmare. She said that he was her favourite nightmare. But I cant find that song anymore. Can you please help me?

19 Aug 2015

song from the 90s by black singer

Im looking for this song for years!!!! The song shows a black women thatwalking and she is getting in to a coffee shop and im not sure if its all in backwards or only some parts of the video

18 Aug 2015

All I Have To Do Is Dream

Wasn't "Claudette" the B-side of the Everly Brothers' "All I Have To Do IsDream"?

17 Aug 2015

Please help!!!

Please help me find a song that's been stuck on my head for years! It beginswith a magic music and then a woman starts to talk not sing, through the hole song she talks, I remember only "first there was" and then +some words like "gold" or "goddess" and then my mind it's empty! It's from the late '90's I think. Please help.

16 Aug 2015

A title song

Please help me to find a title son. It is a French romance song +in the 70swhich tells of a young man returning from a galaxy far away to the Milky Way where we belong us. He tells his girlfriend that serves a large pot of coffee that I have a great story to tell. What is the title of the song?

16 Aug 2015

gospel american song

am looking 4 this gospel song i don't remember the name of the song nor the artist but i know the lyrics it goes as:" this is the word i breath .and i desperate for you . this is my daily bread .we are so UN wealthy lord but we stand in your presence" please i really love DAT song

15 Aug 2015


"You're so much a part of me" by the Browns in 1960 (video herewww.youtube.com/watch?v=qHsC0-p4RFY) I heard it first on a 45 by The Everly Brothers. +It was the B side of "All I have to do is dream."

15 Aug 2015

amor entre un hombre y una mujer

Es una cancion romantica, bellisima,, en frances alrededor de 1978 en el queuno de ellos habla que viene de muy lejos, de una galaxia mas alla de nuestra via lactea, y le pide a su pareja que le sirva una jarra de cafe porque tiene una gran historia que contar. Si alguien sabe el titulo de la cancion, por favor me lo diga. Un millon de gracias. Ne

13 Aug 2015

Girl phone the edge of the cornfield at the end of a long dirt road

12 Aug 2015

name of a song & artist+

I am looking for a song that come out in the 70's don't know the name of it orthe artist but some of the words go like this +a bluebird will sing outside my window each morning but who going to love me now that you are gone would be so thankful if you could tell me who it was thank you & God blessing

12 Aug 2015

country male singer

words with ,wont you tell me the truth?

10 Aug 2015

looking for a song

song by a male with acoustic guitar i heard it in 2008 maybe bfr with somelyrics..he says if you wanna...if you wanna..... and nananana+

10 Aug 2015


female singing song with lyrics- I trek across the desert in my bear feet. nofood or water with nowhere to sleep

9 Aug 2015

what's this song?+

I'm looking for a song thats from the 90s/early 2000s. they're a 2/3/4 manband. in the music video they're white and have dreadlocks, they also wear baggy, colourful sort of hippie clothes. the music video also includes clips from a film about a man and woman, the woman wears a red top and at one point they're at a petrol pump. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the name of the song includes the word 'baby'. this has been bugging me for days, I'd seriously appreciate it if someone could help?+

7 Aug 2015

1980s song

There is a song i like from the 1980s I think but I don't know the title. Theartist is female. I think on the chorus she says the lyrics "I'm waiting for you" then theres another part just after when I think she says "All i wanted was someone like this". Any idea what sogn this is

7 Aug 2015

Because your mine+

looking for person who sang this song. Was played a few months ago soundedlike a woman but can not find out who it was+

4 Aug 2015

Ask me do I love you ask me do I care I can't tell no lie

3 Aug 2015

male r and b group with teena marie singing on the track

3 Aug 2015

70's or 80's r and b male group

The lyrics in the song are i'll do it over and over again, at the end of thesong is a woman singing that sounds like teena marie.

3 Aug 2015

only heard the bridge/interlude!+

Heard this in a Zara store. MUCH HELP APPRECIATED sounds like:

I have [Someone like you] "_________"(Singer sings her lines) I have [Someone like you] "_________"(Singer sings her lines) 2x repeat

It was by a backup vocal team sung it, while the real singer sung other lines.it may be of a different language. Very upbeat and Pop Rock. PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!

2 Aug 2015

Looking for a song.

I don't know the Lyrics. But I know the clip, I saw it on MTV in 2014. In thebeginning there was a woman with blonde/white hair and also some huskies on a mountain. High vocals. When she was done singing her part. There was a black man singing, I think it was like reaggeaton, but a little bit different. Sorry my English, but I need to know which song this is.

1 Aug 2015

Female singer wearing scarf as shirt in music video

This has been bothering me for the longest time. I remember a music video onVH1 around 1999-2002. It featured a woman dancing and singing with a microphone in a stand in the style of Aerosmith. She was wearing a scarf as a top draped around her neck and over her front. During the chorus she made rapid claps above her head but away from the mic. (four rapid claps, pause, four rapid claps, etc.) I'm rather sure a comment was made that her father was an opera singer.

27 Jul 2015

Looking for lyrics of Raise up Your Glass - NOT the one by PINK - It was doneby a group from Wisconsin - group had Wheels in their name

We don't have lyrics, just charts

25 Jul 2015

Forire forire

17 Jul 2015

Dont know the name

The song is high pitched a certain point when he either talks about a hoghwayhighway or he says my way

16 Jul 2015


break up walk out lost everything we built

14 Jul 2015

fast song female artist 'baby if you want...'

12 Jul 2015

only know the intro

I am totally frustrated, I'm looking for the title of a specific song. I onlyknow the intro. It starts with soft guitar strumming and then a few repeating piano chords follow. Through the chords you still hear the guitar.

10 Jul 2015


PLEAE help me I am looking for a song that is either from the late 90's orearly 00's. It is a love song sung by a woman with kind of a soulful voice. The only words that I know of this song is "outside my window" or "under my window" It is not the title of the song it is just some words that happen to be in the song that I remember. I have been looking for this song for 15 years and I am driving myself crazy. If anyone can help me or give me any idea where to look or who to look for that would be so helpful. Also I know it is not that Melissa Ethridge song come to my window. Thank you in advance.

10 Jul 2015


SONG WAS SUNG IN HALLMARK MOVIE: Bridal Wave. LYRICS: Just one day, that's all it took, was just one day. Now this wise guy's got nothin' to say, you blue him away. I was headed the wrong way 'til you turned me around. Now sweet affection's my only direction. It took a lifetime, but you had me in just one day. What a difference in just one day. You gave your sweet heart, and stole mine away All in just one day.


8 Jul 2015

please helppp

I used to listen to this song ages ago, it was called 'The only one' don't remember who sings it but was a female artist. now i can't find that song anywhere?? this was a couple years ago. I've tried looking up the lyrics everything. no luck

2 Jul 2015

Song between 2005 to 2010

The song i am looking for was screened on mtv bteween 2005 to 2010 somewhere. Featured a girl with white short skirt singing and a guy plaupying the banjo. In the lyrics was the word management. Any suggestions?

2 Jul 2015

plzzzz help i really want this song!!!!

The lyrics go by "i think I'm fallin inlove with the way that you touch me with the way that you hold me you're driving me crazy you know"plzz help guys:)

2 Jul 2015

Looking for a song

the song lyrics go something like . I said it and I mean it baby , no one can come in between us . Ma shanty Ma homeboy Ma Man .

1 Jul 2015

Reggie song

Looking for Third World song that starts with the words "she was raised on burgers and fries,

29 Jun 2015

african hot club song

there was an african hit song in clubs and all over the world. the video has alot of weird twerking in the the streets men and women. I have been looking for it for 7 months now. help!

24 Jun 2015

hipster dance music

I'm looking for a dance song . the MV was a bout an asian guy who get high anddrunk in japan city, he get wasted and f with some pretty girls.... tht MV is really nice... Please help!!!!

21 Jun 2015

Looking for artist and song by music video description

I saw a video where a man was pulling a house by a rope. +He pulled the housethrough water and also up a mountain. The singer is an older man. +The only lyrics I remember had to do with heaven and hell. Please help me!

20 Jun 2015

I AM SOOO FRUSTRATED, I cannot find the song I am looking for anywhere, I onlyknow a few lines from the song and I have no clue who sings it but I know it's not a new song, one of the lines says something like "you'll never knoww, what loves gunna do to ya, you'll never know, you'll never knoow, you'll never know, you'll never know" ...and another part I can remember is "you'll never know when you meet that special someone" I'm not even 100% sure that it says 'youll never know' but thats the closest I can get to it, please help!!!+

18 Jun 2015


I'm looking for a song its a old one which starts off with 50's style "baaabaaa baaa, I don't know why I love you Iike i fool, is it because I think you love me too" I'vee tried putting this in google and all I get is the wrong songs any ideas?

16 Jun 2015

Re: i have no f*** clue

26 Apr 2015

Rammstein - Stripped https://youtu.be/M4SmZkmLRjQ

16 Jun 2015

Italo Dance Electro song from 1984 to 1986

Can someone help me with this song. I know some lyrics, but I need to know who sings it and the name of the song. Any help ? I also have some of the song from an old tape

tough guys fighting forever making me shiver i like long nights diamonds don'tmake it my heart can't take it show me give me wanting hold me let me give you some lovin

16 Jun 2015

find a song

an old school song called pick them up

15 Jun 2015

Love and hip hop atlanta season 2 episode 1

What is that song the beginning of Love and hip hop atlanta season 2 episode 1 ?????+

13 Jun 2015

metal video

Trying very hard to find the name of a metal band. The video has a gold tintfilter, one of the guitarists is bald. No theatrics. They do a lot of technical guitar. Melodic but not winey vocals. And they're in a small room.

13 Jun 2015

Don't know song

1978-79 - B side or maybe promo. +Female singer(s). +Sang about someonestaying the night until the sun comes up (or morning). +Repeated line is Keep it coming..or something lie that. +Very pretty song...

10 Jun 2015

Dance music video


Trying to identify a dance song form the last five years. The video is a blackgirl in a blue dress singing. She is walking and dancing around her apartment the night after a party and as she moves around the room she moves into scenes from the night before. Please help!

10 Jun 2015

Song played midday today on star105.7

Very ethereal female singers haunting

9 Jun 2015

2013 may-august black couple singing to each other

ok difficult to explain.. a young black guy is standing on stage lookingreally small and is singing. behind him is a large movie screen and a beautiful blonde black lady is visibly moving and listening to him sing. she then sings visa versa until she comes on stage and they finish the song. a romantic sensitive ballet. pls help+

8 Jun 2015

ragga 90's song

am looking for a 90's hit ragga song going by this lyrics "its burning my heart its burning my soul now I believe in this thing called love....I believe ooh I believe its you and me..." anyone who recalls the song?? I'll appreciate the feedback. shevvy

6 Jun 2015

i am looking for a song that was written by bobby russel the name of the songis honey, +which artist sang it in italian +thanks

4 Jun 2015

looking for a song +with +husky +voice

I'm looking for a song that the singer had a husky +voice like chris rea, thesong played on guitar,I think +he sang "I don't know,she's not like me...she can walk ,,"or something like this.PLZ help

3 Jun 2015


im looking for song,i heard couple times in a local radio station,i think thelyrics is +you,re the reason im me you,re my memory

2 Jun 2015

What's that song called that goes she keep it 100 when she with us that's herloyalty. Ha majesty ya majesty she a loyal queen

1 Jun 2015

Old School Rap type of track 90s-99+

Iam looking for the old rap song I know part of the hook it's a black guy andit gos like "Heeeeey hit the Bowl rock on now " that's the only thing I know about it+

31 May 2015

I'm looking for a song

People I'm looking for a disco song.I love it but I don't know the name,maybe you can help me: It's a song sung by a girl or a group of girls,it may was released in the seventies or the early eighties,the chorus goes like: ''Miss you (aah aah aah) miss you (aah aah aah) and in the middle of the song the rhythm changes and the girl says ''one time...two times...three times...four times..) I have searched everywhere and I can't find it.Help me please You could send me the answer to my email: retromusiclover@hotmail.com

27 May 2015

artist and song+

'i only remember his MTV. Its a rock song.

In his MTV, he run through walls with dirty sweat shirt and he has long blond hair. he never showed his face. a big guy (looks like the undertaker from WWF). anyone?

26 May 2015

song: Mister

Mister, would you like to go out for a walk on the sand and mister, would youlike me to listen as you talk and hold my hand. That wouldn't be hard to do but let me be fair with you; I must beware you see, don't think of loving me

24 May 2015

Spooky electro song

It is electronic blend of "Seven Nation Army" and "Another One Bites the Dust" and has a spooky groovy strong and empowering mood.

It was in the car commercial few years ago. The car drove throught darkness with giant neon figurines jumping and doing things aroun it.

22 May 2015


Iam looking for a song named Hot Sake in or about in the 50's and I think a Priscilla Lee sang it

22 May 2015

the 60s group who did the song saying goodbyes not easy


Skylark "I'll have to go away" (but there's no need to shout)

20 May 2015

Song from the 70s

I'm rough I'm tough I'm big bad stuff

18 May 2015

Late Night Play-off cue

Paul Shaffer frequently begins a playoff cue with this song introduction, but it goes to commercial before I can recognize it. +It is a slow brass chord repeated 3 or 4 bars. +

Quarter note/quarter note/ eight/eight/quarter rest --- +REPEAT Twice Then, same sequence a third up. HELP. +It's making me crazy +

18 May 2015


Loves a loves a lucky charm warp around when am making to you its heavenly heaven

17 May 2015

Hello, Im looking to find a song from an 80's movie called Christmas Evil +During an office party at around the middle of the movie a man put on a record, its a motown christmas song. It goes something like this "please please santa dont make me sell my soul" The songs sounds a bit like James brown or bb king. Its not listed at the end with credits or on the soundtrack. Can someone please tell me the name of that Christmas song and who sings it?

16 May 2015


A lady sings these song she telling a testimony and she sings the devil didn't have me

15 May 2015

Techno anthem-dance song from 1996/1997

The only phrase/sentence or words In the song: " You don't need eyes to see you need vision "

15 May 2015

I'm desperately looking for this song and I can't find it please help I really need it

The lyrics goes like this Baby come to me come lay down relaxe your body and let me free your mind, all I have its all for you, you won't regret it the way we making love tonight Chorus Loving you its all I wanna do , its all I wanna do all alone baby just me and you Come on now lay right next to me, and show you how good my love can be

Baby can you feel what I feel when you touch my body I can hear you say, don't stop what you doing baby just keep moving +both we got all night so let's keep making love

13 May 2015

show me that you love me don't be a stranger in the dark

13 May 2015

im looking for a song I heard on a episode of soul train lyrics says tonite I feel like I wanna do something, I cant sit still like I wanna do something+

9 May 2015

Emely A song from chasing ghost while hes getting interviewed

Hello im looking for a song from the movie chasing ghost but I have +heard that song elsewhere but I cannot find the name ? please ifanyone +can see themovie an dseethe +part where hes getting interviewed by many peple a song of flutes or something comes on, I just need a title

7 May 2015

+heart's cd's or albums

why can't fine the album or cd with the songs-2 faces of eve, sister wild rose and break the rock???? I have been on internet for over an hour and get run arond

6 May 2015

im looking for a rock song ish and i remember that it said something along the lines of "she holds the world in her hands" or "the world is in your hands." something like that.+

5 May 2015


used to listen to a song i think in the eairly 90s sung by a guy words sounded like " say say say my name again did did did di

4 May 2015

I am looking for a song sang by a black guy I think he was born in New York the lyrics are my blue eyes still crinkle with I have for you

4 May 2015

Goodbye bye to the girl with the sun in her eyes

3 May 2015

Forgot song & artist/band..

Okay it starts off as if they had a party & were hangover..all I remember was that two white guys were walking and one of them (I think or both don't know) slapped a black guys ass...they thought he was a woman. Then later on the guy is running in a dress and heels after both of them. That's all I remember. Yes it's heavy metal or rock music whatever u wanna call it

1 May 2015


Looks for a song from the 80's and it starts with a lot of piano and line says "She, Sheila's in my head, when she looks at me, I might as well be dead, she, Sheils's in my mind, ??? +I might as well be blind??? Finishes off with the same great piano at the end? Thought it was The Smiths and they have one called Sheila but I don't think that's it?

30 Apr 2015


Looking for a song, cant rem jack shit aobut it except that it has a riff that is close to identical to this:


its the same light tone with nearly the same tone changes except that during the 3rd verse it goes up abit more

30 Apr 2015

Hip Hop group

I'm looking for hip hop group that I cannot remember their song titles or any lyrics. But in one of their music videos the two guys are on a roof top singing and dancing

26 Apr 2015

I heard a song in 1974

Walking in the rain with your shoes untied. That's all I remember thought it might be R.E.O Speedwagon?+

26 Apr 2015

gospel song

words in the gospel song: like a mothers love she'll do anything, she's up early in the morning and sometimes late at night doing all she can

26 Apr 2015

i have no f*** clue

it's years ago... i am searching for a song, where there's a male singer and it's going like this: "take me, to the promised land.. +(pause) .. let me see you strip.

seriously, not quite clever, but it is a mayor problem to me :D

25 Apr 2015


I have been looking for a song it seems for ages and I have not been able to find it anywhere. I cannot remember the lyrics very well, but I do remember that the song was sung by a woman (or female group) and the hook went something like "You are my heavenly princess" or "precious" or something to that effect. If you can help at all I would be more than appreciative.+

23 Apr 2015

Played on a children's radio station

This was a music video with black and white cartoon featuring nazi crows keeping a man from sleeping. It is not necessarily a children's song but has a catchy beat ans was played freequently - about 4 years ago. Any ideas?

23 Apr 2015

song title to a song

I heard a Cajun song notto long ago + I only know th first line she,s +walking +like a+ slow + moving +bayou ++ if you +know +this +song + I need + the ++ lyrics ++ ++ ++ ++

22 Apr 2015

sax solo

21 Apr 2015

Black Metal Song that Ends with the Sounds of a Baby Crying

There is a song that i used to always hear back in the days and the issue is that i had it on a tape (which i have long lost) and it was something i had found at a friends place. I have no idea who the band is but all i know is that it was a melodic black metal band, and i guess it was a really well known band. The song ended with the sounds of a baby crying! Please HELP have been looking for this song for years!!!

21 Apr 2015

Hunting for a song

I am looking out for a song sung by an African American Female singer in 1993 called sattelite

20 Apr 2015

Find a song that I love forgot it and can't find it

Late 70's early 80's. A male artist sing a love song about a boy, a girl and a house on the hill. ++ Can you help me

20 Apr 2015

help, looking for song, music video

im looking for a music video/song i used to listen to and watch the video too.

this was back in 2006-2007 i believe. 2005 at the earliest. it was a band, im pretty sure they didnt put out much music afterwards.

in the video, its mainly the lead singer, a blonde guy, dressed up in 70s like clothing, singing, and kind of dancing around. the music video is also kind of a play off of 70s videos, like it will show him kind of dancing then multiply him so it appears that theres four of him.

so theyre a band, and im pretty sure they usually would play like.. alternative music, but this song in particular had more of a soulful sound, with more of electronicish drums, by electronic i dont mean uptempo. the song is a slower paced song, or mid tempo. the guy is singing in a high pitch voice. possibly, the chorus says something about "i need you", or "i feel you" or "i breathe you". POSSIBLY. im not sure. all i know for sure is the visual memories i have of the music video.

it was played a lot on mtv in the mornings and evenings during their music video blocks. mid 2000s. likely 2006-2007. its driving me crazy!!!!! please help. i honestly am feeling like i will never ever find out what this song is for the rest of my life.

my girlfriend thought i was talking about "I believe in a thing called love", but thats not the song. it sounds nothing like that at all.

if you can help me, i will love you forever.

19 Apr 2015

80's song

The 80's song hook goes "Somewhere there's a river and the stars don't wanna shine and the postman he dont deliver....I havent heard this song since I was about 7 years old in 1985.

19 Apr 2015

tell me sister +do you know that man

19 Apr 2015

just a year ago dear mother, I was dancing at a ball, when I met my blue eyed willie, and we danced from dark till dawn. I was happy than dear mother far away from sorry and strife but tonite I lie here dying, a young mother but not a wife. Take this blue eyed baby mother, bring him up as though your own

19 Apr 2015

video song

I am searching for an english video song in which a girl throws pieces of fire as a clue to find her and finally her lover(akon I think so not sure in that song) saves her at last can you please tell me what that song is I want to download that but I didn't find that till now...lyrics ..I can see your.....wonder ...not sure

19 Apr 2015

help me find this song with partial lyrics to this r&b/soul female singer

yes i’m looking for a love that's free from all manmade obstacles, yes i'm looking for a love, a love that's pure a love sent from above

16 Apr 2015

Beautiful song sung by a male I heard on Tradewinds radio with "you are" in the lyrcs and piano playing. Not sure if it is Christain music or Classic Rock

16 Apr 2015

I can not find this song

It was made in the 70's and it contained song titles In lyrics

16 Apr 2015

Help me pleeeeease :)

I only have details of the video clip but....the video clip is of a uk artist walking through the Forest playing an acoustic guitar and singing and as the song goes on other band members join in from the side and keep walking with him playing their instruments.He starts of talking about where he is and then starts playing the song, walking face on to the camera and the cameraman is walking backwards filming it.

16 Apr 2015

music video

a woman goes to a bar or something in russia (maybe) during winter, she is lonely and at the end a tank breaks through the wall and she leaves with the driver

15 Apr 2015


great is your glory you go before me

14 Apr 2015

hello im loking for:

hello i'm looking a song, here: http://laurentbouit.fr/portfolio/de-ouagadougou-a-conakry-la-route-des-possibles/ + 01:57 minute to 02:15. it's Bob Marley? Thanks

14 Apr 2015


I am looking for a song with the following words in:

"I want to play on my banjo and sing a song for you, but now the strings are broken so I cannot sing to you"

Do you know the name of the song? And where I can possibly find the sheet music?

Hope to you hear from you soon

14 Apr 2015

sad , mournul, used in game of thrones, csi: male singer

I have heard this song in sad shows: CSI (when they finds a body), game ofthrones (at a death), Investigation I.D ( body find, funeral, etc) It is a very sad, mournful song played by an acoustic guitar with a lone male singing. +I don't know the words but the tune kinda goes..lalaLa..lalaLa. It goes on in that cadence throughout with just this beautiful man singing.

13 Apr 2015

Music Video

which male artist sang a love song while playing guitar on a train in an 80's music video

12 Apr 2015

Singer and Song?

singer who has a music video where she has string connected to her hand when she wakes up from bed at the end of the video.

11 Apr 2015

song heard on the radio

I heard a song on the radio and idk what its called. The sound is 70's. a guy with female harmonies. he sings Ill keep walking in circles in the sand or Ill keep doing circles in the sand. followed by hold onto me, i want to be, how long to be or something but the be me free the sound of "eee" is sustained then it breaks to a slow strum of an acoustic and then picks back up to a steady beat of what sounds like a cowbell repeated with a fuzzy rock tone on electric

10 Apr 2015

looking for the song that has the words,"There's a house in the storm and it's love and only l that keeps it warm.

9 Apr 2015

can help find artist

On April 7th,on not,Ann arbor,no heard a singer who said he was "techno" but it sounded mellow,acoustic and very different.the only thing I caught to identify was one song that had "howling " in it. It was lovely and haunting.it was on npr radio and it was just so brief if anyone has the answer I would be so grateful. +

9 Apr 2015

I'm trying to find a song that's sang by a girl but it sounds like the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. It's a slower song and it's amazing.

8 Apr 2015

Music Video

This video is about a blonde singer that goes to a wedding +and she runs out and before the wedding +i rhink her and her +fiance +were arguing+

7 Apr 2015

Secret garden

I got love to give+

7 Apr 2015


What is the song where theres a red headed girl dancing. She has her hair in a bun. Theres about 8 different bodies in a line. e.g skeleton, organs, halo and a normal human with nice clothes.

7 Apr 2015

gospel choir music

This is the day

6 Apr 2015

That's +All song in the 1940's

Who was the original singer of That's +All song.

4 Apr 2015

A song in Spanish

I have been looking for this song for a few days now. It first starts off with a guy singing slowly, and then a woman comes in and raps extremely fast. It goes back and forth a few times.

4 Apr 2015

what was the song with the terrible music video of the group dancing outside a shop (?) Or restaurant (?). Really bad weird dancing... any ideas? 90's song possibly!?

4 Apr 2015

what it is

In response to:

"I hear this song yesterday and not sure what it is called...a woman sings it and has the words someone to hold +and forever more...I believe its a new hit but not sure would someone know ...thanks" Answer: What It Is - Garnet Mimms & Truckin' Company (1977) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YQu4EvKjG8

3 Apr 2015

an 80s song

Can't remember song or artist name. But it's a black man with short dreadlocks, in the video clip he was in a warehouse and kept bending with his floor microphone, and even jumped with a split legs. what i remember from the tune goes like ".... if i can't make you stayyyy, i'll just say i love"

3 Apr 2015

indian parody song+

forget the name maybe mr. XXXXX <dont remember. was a like joke music video (like lonely island) anyway he has some magic instrument that made him famous then he started playing poorly once he made it big then threw it from the highest tower in his village

1 Apr 2015


The band sing similar to Paramore, woman vocal. Song is not too sad, very [hmm] energetic. Only lyrics I remember was in refrain and still not too good because of my memory xd "I'm sorry" / "So sorry" / "because sorry" one of this or not... But 'sorry' is very frequent in song.

After "??? sorry" there's word (or two) and another 'sorry' or it's just sound like

Difficulty lvl max. x)

31 Mar 2015

A rock band

I saw video of a rock band. they dress like a monkey suite, I think. Year, 1999/2000/2001/2002. Part of song: "thunder fighter spidon haaaa hooo" I love this song. If u can do anything, thank u. Hug, Kim

30 Mar 2015

Rap or Hip Hop Song

it goes like this: And the streets going wild S.I hey baby hey something like that its a classic song, i heard it when i went to california

29 Mar 2015


I am looking for a song that a woman called a man to tell him that she him him in a restaurant the other day, It was a song like a normal phone conversation, she trying to ell him that she saw him somewhere and she liked him+

22 Mar 2015

old soul tune

Tell me what you want from me and I'll give my love

22 Mar 2015

trying to find a country son

Little Boy Blue was a country song that came out around 1974-1978 maybe. the words were....

Little boy blue why don't you blow your horn, why do you look so tired andworn? +I heard around town there's a lot of pretty sheep, but when I need lovin' you're fast asleep.

21 Mar 2015

Garcinia Cambogia

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21 Mar 2015

iam going nuts looking for this song

A song not to sure if it was trance electronic techno or 80 s real good hit.. tun tun tun tah tah tun tun tun tah tah

21 Mar 2015

A song that was a drive home on the radio song and included takes on Australian music artists such as: Kylie, James rein I think he was from Hot Fm. He also gave tips like if your driving keep left

20 Mar 2015


Havin a ball, oh yes I'm havin such fun. Havin a ball, I think that when I'm done i might have another or maybe two, cause i'm havin a ball how bout you?

20 Mar 2015

looking for a song go soul sister

played in LA 3/17/2015 hard driving soul song by a woman with lyrics +sounding likego soul sister

20 Mar 2015

old song

male voice, slow singing , not sure bout the lyrics of course : "turns/ turned me/ you on, the things we had "

19 Mar 2015

finding a song named my dad

the song is my dad

19 Mar 2015

A video clip

I am looking for a video clip where there a girl raises a baby octopus and it grows and grows so big to help her from robbers and fight against them and at the end it play many instruments.

18 Mar 2015

Old school

The song uses the song structure: verse, verse, brigde, chorus, chorus, chorus - which is pretty destinctive. They also make a tempo change halfway through the song. The band name is two parted, think it starts with P and M. Last thing; the guitar riff is pretty funny, something you remember :-) I have no clue as how to find it, but I really hope you can help!

17 Mar 2015

i'm lokingfor a song from 80's

Love or sad song by a Blonde guy playing piano live on stage . the text like hi or hey ...

16 Mar 2015

animated music video with birds in paradise ( if i remember well)

it is singed by a girl, i dont know the words i just remember that a bird slaps another in the video. it is between 2002-2005 i think

16 Mar 2015

i'm lokingfor song from 80's

Blonde singer with sad love song and playing piano live on the stage ... The text is like hey or hi .......+

16 Mar 2015

folk music song from late 60's or early 70's. can't remember artist- could've been 1hit wonder..?

Part of the lyrics were ..can't take you out in the morning dew, my honey.. can't take you out in the morning dew at all...

15 Mar 2015



15 Mar 2015

R.e a song in french

hiii, i came across this song a number of years ago, but i can find it nor rember, its 4 french boys singing on a stage, like a band, where one is on drums the others on guitar, and one singing, its a song in french, but has I LOVE YOU in english, it sounds I (beat, LOVE (beat), YOU, the whole song is in black and white. i really want this song as i wish to propse to my girlfrend and she was given birth in a french speaking country.

15 Mar 2015

studio video white band black people on ciy bus holding flyers enter the studio to form a choir

14 Mar 2015

a white guy singing to a black girl wearing a green dress

14 Mar 2015

The song I'm looking for I can't find it nor the lyrics of the song but I do know the lyrics it goes lIke this. ++ ++ ++ + Baby come to me come lay down relax your body let me free yo mind all I have its all for you, you won't regret it the way we making love tonight. ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ + Chorus. ++ ++ ++ ++ + Loving you its all I wana do all alone baby just me and you come on now lay right next to me and show you how good my love can be Baby can you feel what I feel when you touch my body I can hear you say baby don't stop what you doing baby just keep moving we both got all night so let's keep making love Thts all I know its in the 2000 or 2001 somewhere ther please help I really want it

14 Mar 2015


I'm looking for a pop song,late 80's or early 90's, about leaving a town and 'meeting at the river'. + any help out there?

14 Mar 2015

Please help

Ok im looking for an oldie song where its i think 4 white guys singing and the music video switches from black and white to color. I dont know amy of the lyrics but if it helps at the end they all come out of a room and pass a janitor

12 Mar 2015

rap song from the 80's

rap song with the word "sarsaparilla" in it, would hear it on the radio, believe it went something like " and I grabbed myself a glass of sarsaparilla". I know that is not much info, but maybe someone is familiar with the song.

9 Mar 2015

"In him I do live"

9 Mar 2015

just remember the music video, not the lyrics.+

its a black and white music video i think, it was a couple sitting under a tree. and so the guy dies, on her lap i think. when he was buried, she sat by his grave and cried, with many small crosses round. its a female singer with very long white/blond hair, she was/is famous, but i cant remember her name, its a simple name.

8 Mar 2015

Love lost

I saw the sun come in And the ? Begin to sink I walked right past I never asked. I Never asked. I never asked

8 Mar 2015

trance song

I am looking for a particular trance song which the video clip of it is about a woman who is married but she leaves in middle of night and go to club , pick up some young guy from there and make out with him, then around morning come back home, I heard this song around 2012.

please help ... the first few words of this song is like we are gonna be like super star ro something like that..

8 Mar 2015

A song called '3 hours'

I'm searching for a song called 3 hours. Does anyone know the artist or theband? It's the type of a song between rock'n'roll, chillstep, dupstep, techno, something like that. The singer is a girl, singing with a sexy voice, literally screaming at a guy how she is going to f*ck him. Please email me if you know the song. THANKS!i_n_n_a_alexandrova@abv.bg

7 Mar 2015

a girl being brave

I'm trying to find a song video about a brown girl whith curly black hair.

7 Mar 2015

who sang

lyrics go. wendy yeah yeah its like she thinks I'm the messiah or something. from 80 90's sang by a guy. its upbeat song

6 Mar 2015

Maybe tomorrow, i say it every day ...(song)

I listend to a reggae tune in the 90s which had these words...I wait to see you every morning, hold my breath as you walk by, once again the chance is over, I wish I caught your eye, oh oh chorus: Maybe tomorrow, I say it every day. Maybe tomorrow, I'll find something to say

5 Mar 2015

A girl standing by her man,+

4 Mar 2015


Looking for a song with a country singer whose is i+ this house with a huge windows while its raining. .. anybody any hints

3 Mar 2015

find a song

Walking down the street in ragged clothes is not a joke People point you out and call you beggar because you're broke,

3 Mar 2015

Techno Song+

I am trying to find a techno / dance song that starts out with a guy talking and he says this "This is a song about a girl i met one night. she was so fine. I went over to her and i asked her if she wanted to dance. she said (not exact words) Di. Di. Dia"

I googled the heck out of it and still can not find it.+

2 Mar 2015

Do you love me,say you do

I'm looking for the 90s song all for you. Dont know if that's the title..but the chorus went like this...Do you love me say you do,is it like I always.....

1 Mar 2015

1970's song

It is a song about a guy going to a wedding and I think he must have dated the girl getting married. Regrets he didn't marry her.

28 Feb 2015

'I am looking for a particular song, how can I find it

The lyrics go like this"do you love me ?,say you do !Is it like I always.....I believe its a 90s tune might be a canadian artist.Please help

28 Feb 2015

song 90s

Dear reader,

I am looking for a song with the following text:

The air, the birds, the wind, the sand in the refrain.. This was an dance song in the 90s!-)

Hope you can help me...



25 Feb 2015

Looking for the Artist/Title of 1990 dance elect. song

Its sung by a woman- the main verse goes..a little bit of love is what I got just a little bit of lovin baby-( more lyrics ) Theres no time to waste I'm here to set another pace with you baby thats how its gonna be - I know what your looking for what you never had before- i know i know (then she scats) . (been looking for years- and never did find this song) I usually find what Im looking for eventually- this one is a tough one. Thanks in advance

25 Feb 2015

name of reggae song - answer

"name of a reggae song deep in the heart of the forest there is love true love where there birds are wild and the air is free. deep in the depths of the sea there is love there is everlasting love and this love is burning in you and me burning in you and me. my heart is hanging from a tender shelf when jah is near be always there just try to reach it and you will see. there's love enough to share for you and me jah knows there is love enough to share for you and me." +

Love to share - Carlton & the Shoes ++ +

24 Feb 2015


I listened to this song on repeat like 3 yrs ago It was new at the time. So the description of the video is this Overweight depressed Asian man walks into a bar and starts drinking and as the song playS in the background he gets up and goes to this karaoke machine and starts singing the song. as he reads the lyrics there's a video clip in the background of the screen and theres 2 men dressed in indian ( from india ) outfits dancing and singing. Please help me out.+

24 Feb 2015

please help..it's obsessing me

It's a very popular song, a R&B song,I guess from the 2000's. And the bridge sung by a children's choir. Something like that..it's a(something..I don't remember)life nana..it's a..life nana.Or instead of life it could be world..not sure. I am sorry I can't give u more details..all I know it's very popular..probably everybody knows it..but I can't figure it out.i need help..thx

21 Feb 2015

Girl driving car in music vid, 80s or 90s tune

It's like rain, on your wedding day, a free ride when you've already paid, it figures!

Are you trying to be ironic?

21 Feb 2015

I am looking for a country song a woman sings it about being cheated on by her boyfriend she is in a+ resturant and its ranging outside. Sorry not much to go on but i only remember that part of the video.+

21 Feb 2015

The song is a TV car advert +called I do anthing for you anything+

21 Feb 2015

black french group maybe

i remember this video of a black group dancing on rocks near water in the forest. lead singer is male. it is a disco song, makes you want to get up and dance along. i think it is in french or any foreign language. 1980-1990s.

17 Feb 2015

woman on the beach

a woman gets out of her car at the start of the video with another one of her songs playing in her car then the song goes into the one she sings in the video, about her overprotective jealous partner says something about her loving him but him pushing her away? been driving me mad! please help!+

17 Feb 2015

when the for get me nots turn blue

this was a country song from the late 1970's or early 1980's

16 Feb 2015

girl breaking up with guy who asked her to wait a year

playing piano, rotating camera with mirror images of a street

16 Feb 2015


What's that song called that goes "she keep it 100 when she with ya that's her loyalty, she tell you the truth when it hurt that's that honesty. Ya majesty but she a loyal queen

14 Feb 2015

chinese female singer featuring male rapper in early 2000

That song started with keyboard, male rap saying like 'what you say, what you need ' that song end up with hang up of the phone sound tuuutt.. Tuuutt

14 Feb 2015

R+B video in the 2000s in which black male works in a blue jeans store

12 Feb 2015

Man having affair

Wife sees her husband in coffee shop with another woman

11 Feb 2015

RnB song ive only heard once an never got the name was at least 2-4years ago help???

RnB music video where people men think are chasing a couple in cars and they get away on motorbike its a male black singer he sings on a roof for part of the song.

11 Feb 2015

what is this song

Its a guys song with a girl featuring. Girl has dark hair, 50s style dress and hair, tattoos all down one arm. Its bugged me for days.+

9 Feb 2015

name of song

Either late 90s or around 2005 pop or rock with easy rythym and only lyrics I know is a repeat twice of "I'm alive"....yeah,yeah, I'm alive"

8 Feb 2015


Late 70's early 80's about a boy, a girl and the house on the hill

8 Feb 2015

what is the name of this song

I just wanna dance. Waiting for the Dj to play my song cause its been toolong. Wanna dance. Turn thé music up gotta feel It now Turn thé bass up loud tonight+

5 Feb 2015

played in El Paso, TX block party in 1971?

Around 1971 to 1972, in El Paso, TX, "Delta " area the kids had several "block" parties. On song has always stayed in my mind but I never found out what (I believe) was a "girl group?" Anyway, mainly the chorus sang "you're the one." It was like a soul/funk song? I never heard it on the radio. Anyone from El Paso, TX, USA from the early 1970s out there? Thanks+

4 Feb 2015


it was from 2000's , aletrnative/rock music video was animated with 4 guys driving through a drive thru and fell in love with the waitress, help!!!!

1 Feb 2015

Song where the music video was of a guy playing the piano in the middle of nowhere. +It seems like the song spoke to life and getting old.


30 Jan 2015

A song my late father sang

The Lyrics where , Sailing merrily home, Sailing merrily home Over the garden wall he pops. Into his own backyard he drops, Come down and open the door, I wont stay out late anymore, With his tail cocked on high as he passes you by hes sailing merrily home.

30 Jan 2015

Indian Chant

I'm looking for a Chant used in Latin Freestyle Music in the 1980's. +Could be Indian or Bollywood

28 Jan 2015

What's the song+

A girl and a guy in the video are singing about a kid that is getting bullied and has a bad life the girl is wearing a yellow rain coat+

28 Jan 2015

please help

A Spanish song video that has a guy drive a motorcycle into a airplane hanger before he sings a song while taking picture of a woman. +she is modeling on a motorcycle and car.

27 Jan 2015

Pop-rock 2007-2011

Okay so I'm searching for a song which i don't remember much from so it's pretty complicated. I know a few details, like: I think the video was of people dancing in a club and the singer was just dancing and moving through the crowd. I can remember that he had curly hair and he reminds me pretty much of MIKA (but it is not him), it's younger though. He was also skinny and i think he had some brown jacket (i'm not sure about this detail but it might be) Uhmmm annnnd i don't know i think it s from 2009-2011...it was a pop song, i guess...maybe pop-rock...Can anybody help me? I really need to find it

25 Jan 2015

I guess it is called "Rain"

Hi! I am looking for an old song performed by a woman and a man. I don't know exactly, but it is called "rain" I think. There is a sound of pouring rain in the song. I have listened to it 10 or 15 years ago. Help me to find it please. Thanks.

A hit song called "Rain"? So many options: Ladysmith Black Mambazo? The Beatles? Madonna? Mika? Status Quo? SWV? Terence Trent D'Arby? The Cult? Frank Petty Trio? Erasure? Goombay Dance Band? Ola? Bruce Ruffin? Creed? Jose Feliciano? May Fair Set? Dragon? Guano Apes? Breaking Benjamin? Groove Corporation? Jan Garber? Patty Griffin? Tsuyoshi Domoto? Angela Aki? Arnold Frank & his Roger's Cafe Orchestra? Sam Lanin & his Orchestra?

24 Jan 2015

reggae song

The lyrics are "girl you make me wait so long so long but I have to have that date baby so don't keep me hanging on"

24 Jan 2015

Boyband video around 2003

Uk I think. The video was set in a disused warehouse. I think they only had one hit. The song was mainly the choral which ended woahwoahwoah. Then there was a pause and the singing continued

24 Jan 2015

love song+

so i found this song and i lost it it,now i realy want to find it,i remember the video,a guy and a girl under a tree in a field,the guy sing till the end of time thats all i remember

24 Jan 2015

Help find a song from late 90's to early 2000's+

The music video has a group of guys sanging near a truck. It's about the world not being the same anymore. The only lyrics I remember is ome ride with me and a mother watched her 20 year old son being laid to rest. The 20 year old son is from the military. Please help... It's my dead mothers favorite song. +

20 Jan 2015

Song in the late 80's

Looking for a song that I remember from late 80's, talking about young lovers that go their seperate ways but meet up again later in life.

18 Jan 2015

90's animated song video+

i am looking for song, with refrain that goes something like 'i'm in love' and there is a little guy, flying in some plane and collecting hearts, it looks like a video game thanks+

17 Jan 2015

I remember the music video...

It was more of a punk emo song from 2005-2009, the part of the music video Iremember was a boy and a girl playing in a cemetery and she lays down on a grave a pretends to be dead

15 Jan 2015

I can remember the album artwork but nothing more

A popular song in it's time with a very catchy saxophone riff. It was bysomeone with a title like, "DJ Fresh" not him though obviously. It had a dark brown background with a saxophone across the left side angled slightly. I believe it was about 2005-2007 when it was popular but for the life of me I can't remember it and it's so frustrating, please help!!

14 Jan 2015

A song like back velvet with the sexy music but love song

It might be from movie I use to here it a lot at karaoke it defiantly has sexymusic a women singer+

14 Jan 2015

Looking for a 1990's song could be late 80's

Hi all ive been searcing for quite a few years on and off for a particularsong id love to find. All i know is i dont think it made a number 1 hit it was sung by coloured people and sounded abit like jungle music with the word "WHOO" in it it was a high pitch sound through the song and im certain certain men had dreadlocks, I also remember cymbols used in it like those in majorette bands. please help+

13 Jan 2015

Song with sirens - Blockbuster

This song was called Blockbuster and was by the British group The Sweet

13 Jan 2015

i think old classic music

more than 100 giving courses, some with violin in front, in a big auditoriumand a guy with a wand in the front, all in black suit. its a very very famous song.

11 Jan 2015

help with song early 2000's up to 09

Hi im looking for this song where this white lady sand with these black kidsin school while they dance and they kept singing "no" but im pretty sure it had to do with being against violence it was an early to mid 2000's song could even be up to 09 but any help would be great it is a good song and probably pop genre thanks.

11 Jan 2015

Black and White music video: singer giving bath to a dejected mechanic

hello, my boyfriend has placed a tough task. I'm not good with music video orsongs. i was sent a link of a music video... the video was shot in black and white, the singer was shown giving bath and taking care of her man who looked dejected and frustrated... at one time he is shown working on a bike engine and throwing around things and the singer was trying to keep him together.... please, i do not remember the song or the singer, just the music video. My boyfriend feels I do not care about his likes and dislikes at all. i need to save my relationship....please

10 Jan 2015

Rock song mid(?) 2000's

A not-straight-looking-guy dressed really shiny sings with his band in adome-cupola (that is shiny as well and produses a lot of light in to the camera) stage. The song starts with a guitar solo that sounds fine. This was kind of single hit and I never heard about the band again. As far as I recall the overall style is resemblant to "The Darkness - I believe in thing called love"

8 Jan 2015

name of a reggae song

deep in the heart of the forest there is love true love where there birds are wild and the air is free. deep in the depths of the sea there is love there is everlasting love and this love is burning in you and me burning in you and me. my heart is hanging from a tender shelf when jah is near be always there just try to reach it and you will see. there's love enough to share for you and me jah knows there is love enough to share for you and me.

8 Jan 2015

Then I Can't get down

Rap song, the video has two animated characters pushing a baby carriage. +The bride is "You know I hate it when the ____ starts ___, cause when the ___ starts ____ then I can't get down". +The blanks change with every bridge, and the song ends with "You woke the baby". +I've looked everywhere.

8 Jan 2015

31st non-stop mid night hot party remix hindi songs+

31st non-stop mid night hot party remix hindi songs which is release inbetween year 2001 to 2004 by T-series company in that 31st songs are there and the first song of that album is chal chiyya chiyya by dil se movie

7 Jan 2015

mind in title

Sung by a female with a raspy voice and mentions high school

7 Jan 2015

Country and some rap mixed+

It's a song performed by a white male artist who in the video clip I saw between 8 to 10 years ago and Sang what it sounded like a mixture of country and rap. The guy male was singing to a girl saying why do we always talk about you and its you, you, you, you. He changes outfits numerous times in his video clip and he has a guitar playing like he's a cowboy.+

6 Jan 2015

80's song with dolphin like sound in the background

I thought it was a Bryan Ferry song, but now I am not so sure.+

4 Jan 2015

Country song, not a hit

There was a country song several years ago, a man finds a love note written tohis wife, he thinks she is cheating so he confronts her, she tells him that he wrote it to her years before. Please help

3 Jan 2015

Help this is a new jack song from the 90's

I thought that Bobby Brown sung it but idk. The song say/ (Business,my business, I'm tired, of people always asking me,what's happening,what's going,why can't they leave me alone, into problems that i can't,keep them away from me,yeah (Business,my Business

3 Jan 2015

my dad always sang this song he could only remember one verse evertime we was playing guitar it went something like this..... with a scream and a cry in the ditch where she layed i know she will haunt me till my dying day i was the driver sad but its true i killed that little girl it could happen to you

27 Dec 2014

r and b song first word is "compliments" (old school)

26 Dec 2014

French song looks like old electro-disco

I am looking for a song which is similar in concept with "Kavinsky - Nightcall". It has French vocals and is electro-disco. It is also on the same melancholic/dark style as "Nightcall". Seems to be old but i don't know if it was made like this on purpose or not. It's very similar in concept with the aforementioned song and it always comes to my mind when i hear this. Any suggestions+

24 Dec 2014

Help me to finnaly find this song


For too long I got a song in my head,and right now I really want to know what the title is and the singer/rapper..

The text is like: I love the love and the love loves me but the one I love dont loves me.

I hope you can help me.


23 Dec 2014

I am searching for a pop song released in 2008 or 2009

I don't remember much of the lyrics but i know that the first part of it's negative sounds just like the first part of the negative's song Juanes - Me enamora(from 0:9 to 0:18), and i think at some point the singer(male) says something like "up the ladder". And in the video there is a girl dressed in a blue dress i think and then there is an effect that shatters the screen when the girl looks at the camera.

23 Dec 2014

Need to find this song my mum used to loseb to

All I remember is the song starts off with police seirens and possiblely the only word I remember in the son is "blockbuster " any ideas??

21 Dec 2014

what is the American song where in the music video there is a women driving a light bright blue Mercedes Benz, help???+

20 Dec 2014

band name

I'd like to find out the name of a country trio that had a blonde hair women and two men there was a video of them at the beach her in a bikini one the men in a jeep I think the other was on a motorcycle they might of had 1 or 2 hits than they broke up I think it was because of her. Thanks.+

17 Dec 2014

Help +I need the name of this song and the artist

I am looking for a r&b dance song. The only words I can remember +is I can't stop thinking of you no matter what I have to do. This +song may have recorded in the late 80's or early 90's.it is a dance song.

17 Dec 2014


r&b with the words looking for a lady and putting in an applicatin

16 Dec 2014

I'm trying to find a song. It keeps getting stuck in my head. I only remember what the album cover looks like and the song tittle is kinda of long. The album is drawn/cartoon. It has two people walking down the middle holding hands on a sidewalk and on either side of them there are flowers maybe sunflowers and the sun is behind them. I've been trying to find this song and been having no luck.Please help me Thank you!

12 Dec 2014

Help! Find this song


I'm looking for a particular version of "Silent Night" Its done as a guitar instrumental. The start is simple with clear individual notes but as the song progresses it becomes more complicated with twin notes with slides from one note to some of the next. The more complicated section have notes that start but are instantaneously "hammered" to the actual note.

The distinguishing feature of this version has light drumming that compliments all but the very beginning and is in double (or triple) time to the actual beat. The very end (last 7 or so notes) has the guitar do that twin hammering solo and much slowed down (haunting).

This was a hit pre 2000s ? I believe for only one year as I recall and have never hear it since but has been with me ever since. Something has me thinking that this instrumental may gone by another name perhaps "----'s lullaby"

I've been looking for years, can you help?

Thanks; Peter

++ ++

12 Dec 2014

need help with a song

reply to "ok I am searching for this song, i THINK it is 90s-2000s, could be wrong....was a song about hard times and about god helping you or something a long that line"

you may be looking for 'I'll see you when you get there' by coolio or 'i'll be missing you' by puff daddy

11 Dec 2014

Country anti cheating song

I'm looking for a country song performed by a male singer about how cheating would only make you regret losing the one you love+

6 Dec 2014

lady singing

mid 90's lady singing...I things she says "that's when I saw you" or "that's what love can do" and "haven't I shown you (not Joplin style)...please help

6 Dec 2014

a black man sings dance song

looking for a dance song. it has disco beats. but singer's voice very smooth. the singer side-jumps as dance move. its rhythm is like "modjo-lady". at the end of its chorus, singer says like whhhyyyy, whyyyyy.

3 Dec 2014

shirley temple

hello, can someone remember this song lyrics. cross your arms and give me the key i.m as jealous as can be,everybody loves you shirley!my mother sings this much and we don't know what song if any it is?? thank you for any help and happy holiday's!+

3 Dec 2014

song with girl on beach

there is this song in the msuic video she is a boat then next scene she is walking on a beach and she is carrying her shoes and wearing I think a green dress she also gets a car looks around to see if anyone is near them drives off

need help badly+

2 Dec 2014

Looking for a song

70/80 love song... Thought it was vandros..... About a man who cares deeply for a woman who is in love with him... He cant make his heart love her

30 Nov 2014

woman rapper

I'm looking for a very old song a women is rapping in it it starts of with a piano section and then she starts rapping it has three long verses I think and can't think of what it's called

30 Nov 2014

Lyrics containing the term i'll be there with a big ol grin country song + stuck on the highway

29 Nov 2014

Male group?

Im looking for the name of this song .. it goes like "early in the morning said im .." and i dont know if they are saying sooo tasty or slow chasing or what

28 Nov 2014

Song from 90's

Very fast and catchy, part of their video they (men) are rocking it in a bath with hats on. Thought it maybe Chemical brothers but can't find the song. Help

27 Nov 2014

the flobots

i think its the flobots, handle bars

26 Nov 2014

Looking for a song

Male singer it was part of a mixed time that included the real milli vanilli keep on running,samantha fox hurt me hurt me! hello africa dr alban heavy d and the boyz now that we found love. the song i want is one that sya what if i could... what if i could be sombody else...

24 Nov 2014

I'm looking for a video

Song typically came on at night on vh1 or bet had a possible UK black artist singing in the back of a cab, around 2005 2006 2007 2008 or 2009.

24 Nov 2014

Dont Get Up +For Me

The whole cast is singing +on the sand to Monty Python and +they are singing Dont get Up For Me. +But If you Do Im Tellng You you'll make me happy through and through but dont getup +for me

23 Nov 2014

2007 uk pop charts

Lyrics go something like, "you silly silly girl, you driving my crazy"

23 Nov 2014

90's video

Looking for the group and or song from a video I remember, it's of a girl lead singing with her band they are wearing I think blue sparklie outfits the drummer at one point in the video pauses and crosses his leg and then continues once the band joins back in.

22 Nov 2014

Late 60's ,70's song+

i walk around late at night searching for someone just like me R&B song words Children of the night or something

17 Nov 2014

duet song!!

i am looking for a song that is a slow duet. in the mv, the man is playing the piano while the woman is singing on bed please help

17 Nov 2014

it's so crazy baby i feel sense of screaming that you can +touch me +for me+

16 Nov 2014

band name

its a song of somewhere between 80s or probably early 2000's the music video is abit blurry and kinda laggy and singer is male and the only line i can remember from it was something like this "and it goes down down down.... and the security... and they ...." all i can remember it been a few years since i heard it last time

16 Nov 2014

** I dont know

Trying to find a song whose refrain goes something like.. *something* I dont know.. *something* I dont know.. *something* I dont know.. *something* I dont know.

The words are "I dont know". +I couldnt catch the first few words in each line. +The final "I dont know" has a falling pitch.

Heard it on the Radio today and cant get it out of my head, but only the tune.

13 Nov 2014

Naked man captured in a lab?+

Was it the 90s or 00s I recall a blonde, solo, male singer. He was in a large glass container? Female nurses around him...anyone know anything???

13 Nov 2014


+Looking for a song had it on my ipod 3 years ago I believe it was a alternative male that sung sounded acustic really a slow song all I remember is ghosts in my bed or head something

12 Nov 2014

I'm looking for a song,a black male with dreads who is singing a love song in a house,with a girl that shows and vanishes..this girl is with short blue pants..help mee pleassee boyyz :(

12 Nov 2014


male Singer Song starts with If +There are eight words in the title

10 Nov 2014

Song Name

Female Singer, White Dress, walking home barefoot with shoes in hand

10 Nov 2014


this song was an eighties song whose lyrics were about numbers

9 Nov 2014

papal a and blonda

8 Nov 2014

Male Singer - Late 90's?

Looking for a song, Verse's are usually 3 sentances long, chorus is a higher pitch and ends with a long word I am thinking either "heeeeeeere" or "IIIIIIIiii" at the end of the long word pitch goes to the bottom , Bridge has electric guitar and song is mostly bass guitar - Verse's are quite low males pitch and Chorus is higher pitch+

7 Nov 2014

i am looking for a song

I'm looking for a song, i think it is sang by a group of ladies, it is 90's song and I only know the last part of the song and it goes like this ' I don't wanna play the game of love no more, can't play this game anymore

6 Nov 2014

What is the 90' song which the Video clip about a woman out from a limosine car enter a place which a rock band perform the woman open her coat and only wear lingerie she stick out her very long tongue and grab the guitar of the guitarist - in the end the woman turn to be good and wearing white coat

6 Nov 2014

song name

I lost you for a while. Did you figure out the name of the song by ACDC for me.

6 Nov 2014

name of a song

I think that ACDC sings it.The lyrics go kinda like: The man is back in town.He can get you what ever you need. Dynamite, nitro, then it goes on some more. And it seems like the main choirs is TNT,TNT. Hope you can help!!!!! (Also I think the song came out in the late 1980's)

4 Nov 2014

Song Title

Looking for a particular song title in the late 50's.. 'My girlfriends mother doesn't like me at all, so we meet in secret, rendezvous.. +

3 Nov 2014

need help with a song

ok I am searching for this song, i THINK it is 90s-2000s, could be wrong. It was a group of black guys, I first heard the song and thought it was a woman but saw the video and it was a group of black guys. I remember they were wearing casual clothes, could be rags, and then they had white kind of glowing suits, like angels kind of thing. It was a song about hard times and about god helping you or something a long that line. I cant remember any lyrics right now or names. when it came out it was kind of popular but not for too long. wasn't a top chart song I think. This is driving me crazy so if anyone could help, ideas anything I'd appreciate it.

also seemed like i remember the scenory not having much grass or anything in it. like a desert or slum, poor type of area they were in, song was about people on hard times. i know it had a spiritual side like god or faith kind of thing.+

1 Nov 2014

get you laid

Male singer from 70s to early 80s smooth r&b

1 Nov 2014

punkish rock song

punk rockish band. all i know is that they sing... well she saaaaaaaaiiiiid that its come to far... tooo.... and then thats where i loose it, cant rember the rest of the song. but i have the melody in my head

1 Nov 2014

Female Singer

I can't remember much just that she sings a lil fast but not rap fast, and in the music video she is like walking around town i think, i always connect the song with going out.

31 Oct 2014

Female country singer, sings about she likes to be used and the pain feels good she won't be able to leave it

31 Oct 2014

Need help finding the song name.

I've looked everywhere, typed it in a billion times, and I can't find it. I don't remember it all to great unfortunately. It's a low tone, kinda chill song. It talks about a girl being pretend friend or something. It goes a little something like this " I'm glad i had you as a friend or was it all just pretend " Its easy listening or something. A guy sings it. ASAp Help would be very appreciated. ++ ++ ++ + Thanks!

31 Oct 2014

R&B love song by a group, maybe The Sylvers from the late 70's early 80's.+

Lyrics: Baby it's you. ....... you..........! + I know Baby it's you. ........... +ooh..... glad I know. +That's all I can remember.+

31 Oct 2014

oh no i love my sister heard on the radio 1990

31 Oct 2014

Acoustin song - Male Singer

I'm looking for a song with a cartoon video (Lot of drawings about economy). It has an acoustin guitar and a male voice. It talks with words about economy, marketing and that kinds of stuff related with bussiness...

30 Oct 2014

hindi song with hero in 'baarat band' white costume

hindi song with hero in 'baarat type' music band related white costume - white trouser and white shirt with a lot of similarly dressed male dancers in the background... very catchy music but can't remember the lyrics...

its one of those late 80s movies...

could someone help me find that song...

30 Oct 2014

song by Conway Twitty

traveling girl move on to places far away from here. I don't want to be another stop you made.

30 Oct 2014

Male Group 1960s?

A male group, early 1960s? Lyrics include "Look at a baby what do you see? What do you see looking at a baby?

30 Oct 2014


Home i need you home

28 Oct 2014

Lady and a guy

Country. Love song where she is by a ocean singing and the wind is blowing her white flowing dress very beautiful song touching 2 the heart and she sees a guy from a distance played on video around 2005 their were high mello tones sung totally awesome singer

27 Oct 2014

the affair season 1: look ahead

You touch me now. This bird has flown. You are far gone. Your way home. I was made for you. I wad made for you. I was made for you

27 Oct 2014

I'm looking for this song ..+

I was watching VH1 Old is cool and I saw the music video, it was at night, te song is a little dancey, kinda gay-ish vibe, it's a black guy wearing a black outfit, saying something like "more than love" at some point he was dancing under the water insde the house, like it was raining inside of it, and i remember at the end of it, there was this girl on a bed, dark skin with blonde curly hair, man i thought they were going to give the name of it but they didnt, thats why i didnt pay so much attention! thanks!!

25 Oct 2014

Acoustic song - male singer

Male singer playing acoustic guitar, animated (cartoon) video clip: the guy was walking in this kind of forest and there were animals (I remember monkeys) stopping by and listening to him. Probably has been one of the hits of the 2000s.

25 Oct 2014


Early 2000s, song starts with a baby crying and a gun loads and you hear it shoot stopping the crying baby. Then the song picks up heavy metalish.

Any ideas?

24 Oct 2014

"Higher" and a "woman"

Male singer. It had a really good beat, I'm guessing early 90's to 2000's. Mentions multiple times about "getting higher" or something to do with 'high', and mentions a woman or girl.+

24 Oct 2014

Black Singer

Sings lyric "Oh?...oh? ...oh. With comic inflection to start or in chorus. Could be a white guy immitating black guy. It has the vibe of hip-hop Humpty Dump.+

24 Oct 2014

"You said you didn't say it, but I know I heard it"

... it's a girl singing and a piano upbeat background..

24 Oct 2014

Looking for a song that had a chorus of "tell me ...do you want to be with me? +(music beat of boom,boom,boom) +tell me do you want to be with me? It was around the 80s and I do not think that is a song that I heard on the radio, but a club song. +It was really great for riding along in the car singing along to it. Thanks for any help!

24 Oct 2014

i love you waiting for you to come home

24 Oct 2014

Song name

The intro is "its going it's going I don't know what your looking for"

23 Oct 2014

R&b song female singer

280 Mercedes and the escalady say oh, oh oh

23 Oct 2014

looking for the lyrics of a song of the 80s

it was sing by a group duffs,later the name were change

22 Oct 2014

Need song name

Possibly 80s or 90s song, Rock band.. guy and band singing outside in a storm.. singer wearing a white shirt and is soaking wet. Drummer plays yamaha drum kit

22 Oct 2014

The Business Soundtrack

Trying to locate the name of a track that featured in the above Danny Dyer movie at 72mins. It was set in the 80s but the synth riff was remixed in the early 00s. Wasn't particularly mainstream.+

20 Oct 2014

song name

i don't know the song but i think the artist is alanis morisette

20 Oct 2014

Rock or Metal Band

Hi, I'm looking for a song from a band, probably rock, maybe metal. In the official music video, the lead singer had a yellow t-shirt and a beard. They were surrounded by people and sang on a stage. It's from a few years ago.

20 Oct 2014

country song

Looking for a country song that is over 7 years old. +The music video features a male singer in the mountains playing a guitar in blue jeans.

20 Oct 2014

80's r&b+

The lyrics go like this......hey young girl you are the one I'm looking for this is for real and not for play

19 Oct 2014

Song name?

It sounds like a choir song, but mid tempo with a lead singer throughout. The lyrics I'll be there is repeated in the song and especially at the end. I heard for the first time in 1992

19 Oct 2014

Tonight you're mine completely lyrics

Whoever was looking for 'Tonight I'm yours completely, you give your love so sweetly... + The song you're thinking of is Will You Love Me Tomorrow originally by The Shirelles in the 60's I believe. +It was also recorded by The Four Seasons and more recently by Amy Winehouse.

19 Oct 2014

Country song, either 70s or 80s

I am sure it has the following lyrics: cause I'm crazy for wanting you, crazy for holding you tight, I can't stop loving you, cry for you in the night...

18 Oct 2014

looking for song

man wearing hat, unsual voice. +sitting in chair in warehouse. +please help

18 Oct 2014

Reggae artist

Its the way of the heart

18 Oct 2014

I am looking for the title of a spanish song

It is sung by one or two women. It is played by drums and guitar. It is a slow song. It is in spanish i think.the video is recorded on a beach. It starts by showing a primitive necklace

18 Oct 2014

What's that song

Don't know the band or anything but a rich black guy is sitting outside at a table when his girl goes by with another man. He then goes home and packs her stuff

18 Oct 2014

J e s u s repeated made in 1990 -1996 sounds like a choir

18 Oct 2014

I am looking for a song about a marching eating at a diner called eats or a cafe called eats

17 Oct 2014


I'm looking for a song I used to dance to, late 90's early 2000, I think the song was on a mix dance cd, but it has a great beat to it and throughout the song, it says "repeat" and the beat kicks in again....can't figure out who or what dj this is....HELP!!

17 Oct 2014

Female singer newer artist

Chorus line "I need ya"

17 Oct 2014

Song Name

i'm looking for a song name where in the video clip, there was a tall white female singer with black curly hair and in the video clip there crows and in the middle there is water fountain

17 Oct 2014

Music video

In either 2000 or 2001, I saw a music video which was shot with the camera looking up through a glass floor. +The lead singer stares at the camera as he walks backward through a hallway. +I think this video might be by a British musical act.

17 Oct 2014

Its about a guy that likes a girl but doesnt know if she likes him back

16 Oct 2014

Cd or song

looking for a song from a cd that had a black and green cover from early 2000s probably 2001-2002. I think it was a mix cd... The actual song I'm looking for I don't have the lyrics but it starts hip hop but soft like "ohh hip hop...got you... Like you're... Into a song..." Don't even know if those are the right lyrics. It's driving me nuts lol. It wasn't a popular cd or song but i loved it! Help!!!

16 Oct 2014

what is that song called

Its only cause I'm in love

15 Oct 2014

looking for a song

I'm looking for a song by an old artist called Daneil something.. The song is sung by a guy but he has quite a squeaky voice,its a little basey/ravey too! We got it or wo got to or something... Maybe between the 60s-90s! Help please?

15 Oct 2014

looking for song

I am looking for a song probably 1995-1995 thought group was called orion? had cd. great song about generation x and baby boomers on album but they had a big hit too. lyrics i remember from song which I think was called in betweens....some lyrics... they talked about how baby boomers sold the farm and turned the sexual revolution into our time bomb....begins with I bought a brady bunch of flowers on a susan day.....chorus... so says the queen- the queen of the in betweens? anyone remember this group? why do I only remember the obscure track. They had one hit. Its been driving me crazy! thanks. really catchy tunes male singer.+

15 Oct 2014

A female choir+

There is a piece which is interpreted by a female choir which is used some times in movie and it gives the sensation that things are happening in slow motion. It's very angelic of some sort. It appears to be from an opera I think+

15 Oct 2014

a song thats up beat fast pace guys singing it says beleiving or leaving+

15 Oct 2014


im looking for a song Natasha Bedingfield song love like this but it was sung by a male with the similar beat. i found it using a phone but now im using my laptop and im not findind it

15 Oct 2014

Video in the early 90's with a guy walking and singing underwater. +Girl appears underwater wearing a flowing diaphanous gown. At one point guy is playing bass drum. +Very somber. +

14 Oct 2014


I Sang this in a talent show in 1958-60. I Remember: YOU'RE SO MUCH A PART OF ME, A PART OF ME, A PART OF ME...DEEP WITHIN THE HEART OF ME, THE TWO OF US ARE ONE.(chorus?) WE DO EVERYTHING HALFZEES(sp?) and something about SPLIT PERSONALITY? Also recall only some melody. I would LOVE to have MUSIC AS WELL AS LYRICS

14 Oct 2014

looking for a song particular it music video

music video sometime in the 90s. in the music video there is a man very distraught throughout the video he loses a lot of weight. At the end of the video he is at the top of the building has lost dramatic weight and is about to jump

14 Oct 2014

help with a disco music hit

Hi! I'm looking for a disco music song, a very famous one, with a part of its lyric that says "I need a hot girl", and says "come on come on come on" in another part, too. Also, it has a very funky, catchy piano chorus... year? I dunno... maybe between 1979 and 1981

14 Oct 2014

A song i search for

i think it must be from 60's or 70's... look at me, look at my face when i tell you, tah i need you, and when i tell you when i say you, hell you know is true.. what is the name of this song please help...

14 Oct 2014

Slow RnB song, F major key, male Afro-American vocals

Slow atmospheric love song. Probably 80s. End of the chorus has a chord change hook over lyrics that go something like "And let the (...) live right here" Chords Bb, C, F

14 Oct 2014

Help :-)

in this music video a young guy is walking along and bumps in to a girl he apologizes for bumping in =to her and say that maybe they should exchange numbers so he that he can give her a massage for bumping in to her he looks away for a second and she is gone the rest of the video is him searching for this girl people making flyers, a phone app ask if your_______ girl, and then at the end he is throwing a ________ girl party on a roof hoping that she would show and she does?

14 Oct 2014

ships on an ocean 2008

13 Oct 2014

I love that music video

It is a music video about a bald hot guy falling in love with two girls one is pretty and brunette and the other is blonde and in the end he chooses the blonde one+

13 Oct 2014

music video where music instrument fall down

i'm trying to find a music video (pretty recent, in the 2000s) where a band is singing and their music instrument start falling down throughout the video

13 Oct 2014

Found - Lyrics to a 90's song

give it to me brother, give it to me sister is it Killer by Adamski Solitary Brother is there still a part of you that wants to live Solitary Sister

You are looking for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtENRzTV__8

13 Oct 2014

Ooh, Ahh. Ooh, ahh lyrics

I'm looking for this song where the instrumental sounds brass band, and there's a posh English butler type guy saying "ooh, ahh. Ooh, ahh," which is probably supposed to be comically sexual.

Anybody know this song??!

13 Oct 2014


This song is about aplace I haven't been before Sounds like a country song.Traveled highways. Going to a place

13 Oct 2014

nature, creation video

"I can hear the wind blow" "I believe" "A singing bird, a mighty tree" "When all around, creation sings". These are a few of the phrases in the song. Please help.

13 Oct 2014

80s/90s pop sex song

the main artist has either bright cobalt blue or candy red hair through out the music video and his skin is painted white. its a very +brightly colored music video with lots of cobalt blue and candy red themes alternating. i cant remember the artist or song title though.

13 Oct 2014

looking for a song boy sings to father about graduating boy band in 90s

12 Oct 2014

What is this song?

I hav no clue who sings +it or what its cAlled but the song litterally says ' you love' over and over.. Anyone know what Song it is? ( i think its a new song but i wouldnt really knwo)+

12 Oct 2014

I'm Looking For a particular song

I'm not sure if these are the words exactly but it was a catchy tune.

LLLEETTTSSSS DDDRRRIIIVVVEEEE---------everywhere you go, I wanna take you with me take you away baby.

Thats the rough tune. Could be completely different words but it's a cool old song that would be good to have in the collection. Cheers

12 Oct 2014

Cant find this song anywhere

I remember this awesome song I used to listen too all the time on youtube but can't find it to save my life, all i remember is in the video the guys were in the studio, the lead singer had dreads and was wearing a black bandana and I'm pretty sure the title was "all that i am" or "all i am" and it was rock song+

11 Oct 2014

Find a english song

In the song the boy is a footballer and doesn't give the girl attention at the end the girl dumps him and throws the teddy he gave her in dustbin and its raining+

11 Oct 2014

Video Song

I am trying to find any info on a black and white hit song in the 90s featuring +a white gray-haired singer wearing a black robe shown many times in VH1 with robe violin sound coming up in the middle of the song.

11 Oct 2014

looking for a song

Iam looking for a Hindi song in which a man and woman are standing in rain thunder is also there. I think the man is a photographer and tone of the song is lost love a sad song

10 Oct 2014


out in late 60s by a female,lyrics I wanna go back to the bridge i crossed go back to the love I lost go back to the way it used to be just you and me

10 Oct 2014

song where a guys ex girlfriend marrys someone else and he thinks about stopping the wedding

I think it's late 70s it's about johns ex girl marrying someone else and Johns best friend goes to wedding

10 Oct 2014

Need help looking for a song

I have this song stuck in my head I haven't heard it since grade 12 in 2008, I remember it being like a rnb kind of a song with a black American guy singing & I remember one that goes "Girl there's no other you the one I wanna be with" then I girl sings "I can make it rain" in kind of a auto-tune electronic voice.

If anyone know this song would be fantastic, my email Rhodie_Boy@hotmail.com thank you.+

10 Oct 2014

Remember the video can;t remember the song

I’m looking for a song… i can remember the video but not the song itself, not the band or title… There’s a guy in the video young guy in the hood… he’s on some party… And someone is starting to hunt him down… Guy has a blond hair and the one who’s chasing him has the black hair.

10 Oct 2014

there is a music video of a house pop like song with two guys and a girl in a car while its sunny . they are probably between 17-19 and they crash a motel and they stand outside showering. the music is up beat. this song is either in the 90s or very early 2000s

10 Oct 2014

Music Video - Red Stripes

Hi, I'm looking for a music video from 2008 who was a hit in MTV, but only in US. The song featuring the major singer with a black outfit surronded by red stripes. I thinks is a POP/R&B song.

9 Oct 2014


Cause when we dance we dance forever in each other's arms+

9 Oct 2014

Theres a black guy singing in a video and hes with a brunette, +they go on a boat ride I think it eas 2005 .?+

9 Oct 2014

80's Music Video Song name

There was an 80's video on Mtv that showed sad people slowly walking up a hill/mountain then they jumped off. It showed them falling slowly and they started smiling, then they were happy and went up the hill to jump off again. I believe it had the word "World" in the title. Any ideas?

9 Oct 2014

Marry Me

trying to find a song. it's called Marry Me, it is sung by a women. its a slower song.+

9 Oct 2014

I am looking for a song, the video had kids maybe in school uniforms lip singing their song maybe in a warehouse... I think the genre is rock.

8 Oct 2014

I am trying to find a song, I have searched a lot but I can't find it. It's a new song from 2013-2014 and it contains the words:"change your"

8 Oct 2014


i'm looking for an old song .. there is a guy with curly hair with some girls on a ship .. this song early 2000

8 Oct 2014


a girl who runs off from her guy and she runs under lamps who are getting blown out, she later shoots her boyfriend

8 Oct 2014

summer song

Hi I'm looking a song don't remember the words but in video it was a guy very metrosexual he was a brunet he was singing something to some girl he was all in white - oooo and some of the video was on the boat/yacht and rest was on some party - it was kind of latino but he was singing in english!? help

8 Oct 2014


A few years ago a guy sang a song about he loved a girl and she didn't know how beautiful she was ++ +It's not one direction lol


8 Oct 2014



7 Oct 2014

Trying to find name of song/artist!

A couple years ago here was a song that sounded somewhat like edm. It was a guy singing about a girl and how she's his best friend but he can't love her anymore basically.. Or stay with her. How he needs space. He also sang another love song where the video was outdoors in the rain and she's crying. I know it's not much to go off of but it was a very popular (radio) song+

7 Oct 2014

An old love song by a female whose name begins with a v+

7 Oct 2014

looking 4 a song know some lyrics but cant find who sings this. ++ and u can find us where the lighs all shine and u can find us where the heart keeps time

7 Oct 2014

female singer..chinese chorus

i think maybe this is the some lyric that i can remember.. its just a dream "You were the heaven in my lonely world And he was your sun and your rain" crying game

6 Oct 2014


Trying to find this song sounds a little bit like funk or jazz the musical instruments are mainly drums and sometimes a guitar.the lyrics seem to be:The things I have to do,so I can get close to you,makes me wanna get down with you,yeah shake it.

6 Oct 2014

Oldie Song I heard on the Radio in California

There was a oldie song, beat was really slow and have an punctuated strum/drum/piano key on each beat count. A woman was singing, and the recording must have sounded like 60-70's. It was sad feeling, and I remember at the end of the song, the woman kept repeating, " I'll come running if you love me today," some lyric along those lines. I have been searching for quite some time and have been listening to the same radio, if I can ever catch it again.

6 Oct 2014

Unknown Song

There's a song that I've heard a few times that I don't know the lyrics but I've got it stuck in my head. It sounds like it's from the 70s or 80s. It starts with a synthesizer and the chorus goes something like "two ah oo ah oo ah oo aahhh oooo." Somewhere in the middle it speeds up and it's a male singing it. PLEASE HELP

6 Oct 2014

What's the name of the song that has the music video with the band playing on the roof! There's a piano! And it's a christian song

6 Oct 2014

need mane os female singer

Saw a music video years ago about a woman "Waitress" with dark hair singing in a British restaurant I thought it might be Blondie, but I was wrong....

6 Oct 2014

need mane os female singer

Saw a music video years ago about a woman with dark hair singing in a British restaurant I thought it might be Blondie, but I was wrong....

6 Oct 2014

I think the cd cover was white with a woman wearing red

5 Oct 2014

Country song about cheating men

I am looking for a relatively new song, female artist, and the lyrics are something similar to "it's boys like you who make girls like me crazy" +

5 Oct 2014

looking for a song

its a song from around 2000s or 2005 i think didnt catch much frim the lyrics only the chorus thats goes (i think) like Don't leave me now (that for like 3 times) the singer is a male, and his voice is soft and all the song is with a guitar and kinda slow

5 Oct 2014

Can't find the name of this song I keep hearing it and it sounds like a choir singing "sing loudly"+

4 Oct 2014

looking for name of song, about being mean to boyfriend

Looking for song by black female (middle aged) who sings song about being sorry for being mean to her boyfriend, as says she shoud have lat him talk.... +it's on youtube and singer is has head shot with an orange or red top on.... Please help

4 Oct 2014

song from the 80's

There was a song that was played in the 80's on WBMX in Chicago. The song was mostly instrumental but at one point there is a woman speaking french to her lover. She and the lover are meeting for a rendezvous and by the end of the song, someone breaks in the door and kills them. A reporter comes on the song and says something in french. I remember the DJ from WBMX translating the song and said the two lovers were actually women and killer breaking in the door was one their husband. +Song had a go beat but never knew the name.

Jon D

4 Oct 2014

im looking for a song

female lead singer, late 80's early 90's, that has song lyrics i want to be with you. +its a sad song played in some funerals and has a heavy guitar part through out the song.

4 Oct 2014

I'll fly away

4 Oct 2014

Need help finding a song

There is this song I heard back in 2007 at seaworld about this female singer singing about a man and the ocean. I can't remember exactly but she talked about the ocean and a guy. Somebody know what it's called?

4 Oct 2014

I'VE been looking for u for a long time and I nearly lost my mind+

4 Oct 2014


an r&b new song. a girl sang hey love hey love in the ending of the song.+

4 Oct 2014

???? +country song sung by a female artist

Starts out with a bar scene and its closing time. The female notices a man off the side and they're eye meet and as she heads for the door she takes his hand and leave together. She wakes in the morning to hear the closing of the door and begins to cry and asks herself why? Then she hears a sound outside to see the man bringing flowers in to her... song was during 80's-90's time frame. Please help...

4 Oct 2014

looking for a country song

i can only remember the video, it was a female blonde singer and a male guitarist, and he was playing the guitar with a beer bottle

3 Oct 2014

cant remember

IM looking for this song in the video a lady is in her car and looks across the street and its her partner with another woman, she goes home and he come back with the other woman then the lady starts to cry and walks into a pool or something the voice is the song is quite high?+

3 Oct 2014

Old Song Name+

im looking for and old song maybe 80s or 90s with a blonde haired chick wearing a blue sequin dress. i feel like she was signing and dancer on a bridge? my brain is melting...

3 Oct 2014

i cant believe that im in love again

3 Oct 2014

the song is called sunshine, it was performed by a young black kid in 84 or 85

2 Oct 2014


A guy with a sorta deep voice and has a really funky beat to it. Lyrics are something like Oh its you baby, I think I love you baby.+

2 Oct 2014

love on a two way street last time the lonely highway

2 Oct 2014

New song 2014 the chorus is alone its a slow song amd a guy sing it

1 Oct 2014

1990's music video played on MTV insomnia hour.+

I can't remember any of the lyrics. All I remember is the lead singer was in a black like military jacket. He layed in a bathtub under water and he opens his eyes then the water drains.Does anyone by chance know who that band is?+

1 Oct 2014

a song on a cvm Jamaica ad.

Its an instrumental. With a slow beat but accelerating lyrics "say ooh, say ooh,say ooh oooh

1 Oct 2014

r.n.b song.the best of my love.in the 90,s

There a song in the 90,s call you get the best of my love.by a group or a guy.who is it and the song please.

1 Oct 2014

r.n.b song.the best of my love.in the 90,s

The best of my love.

1 Oct 2014


Trying to find a song from around the 80's female singers (sound like allstars) only lyrics i remember are:

I'm moving Im falling I'm coming over you ...

30 Sep 2014

blondlady about 32 or less. sad song think the song is about jessie smthing

30 Sep 2014

Need to find this song!

This is a message for the message posted on 11 July 2014 using the same subject as herewith. I know it was very vague your description but I think I was after the same song and I found it. Get in touch over here and I will write it.

30 Sep 2014


i think it's a 2014 song, i think it is a boy band, or definitely a boy is singing it. at the chorus is says something like "we can just say", "all we might say" and then they sing "oooh oooh oooh", and "ooh" part is really cool, very nice. thank you

30 Sep 2014


I am looking for a Hindi Song in mid 90's three girls singing in Beach with Blue colour dress, can anyone helpby giving details of song

30 Sep 2014

R&B song by a guy that sings on the hook I'm sick of love

30 Sep 2014


I'm looking for a video of a pale blonde woman in a sleek white hooded dress. +Very sexy. +It's several years old. +Someone similar to Gwen Stefani. +(Maybe her) I just can't remember the name of the song.+

30 Sep 2014

what it is

Who sings what it is, some of the lyrics are: girls doit boys doit even the birds and the bees doit feel lik makin love to you. It came out around 76 77 on the black stations

29 Sep 2014

this is song in female voice as background score of one video

if i can give you one more try, if i can give you one more night but i .... so i wait tonight song in female voice

29 Sep 2014

90's girl group - Jade/SWV?

Not sure of the song title or group. But the lyrics went like: ohhhh wo-wo, boy you know I just can't live without your love. Something, something but your love keeps turning me on...

29 Sep 2014

Cant remember

Old CD I dont have access to I managed to work out it has Catatonia - Mulder & Scully on so im guessing the 90s abouts, I think it was a compilation maybe. The song im looking for has a man, he talks at the start, then it goes into music and has the lyrics of something like "Im not working im just dying" its passionate and strong.

29 Sep 2014

i am looking for a articular song

its a reggae which is " here we go around the mullberry bush the mullberry bush, early in the morning. and ah say we lovin up the dance" +its something like that plz help

28 Sep 2014


I heard a song in a shop which i hadn't heard in a while and it is an old school r&b song by a female artist but I can't remember the name. One line of lyrics goes "It's true I want you so say you want me to" Hope someone can find it for me. Thanks

28 Sep 2014

I can't find a song!

I was in the car and I was listening to a really awesome song on froggie 101. The only lyrics I can remember went something like, 'I'm looking out the window and starring at the street' or something like that. A boy and girl sung it. Help?

28 Sep 2014

Broken heart sadly looneliness theme song

I guess it's a theme song in a movie but i can't remember exactly 'cause i was too young, like a little kid... Just a flash of memory but this singer ( I think it's a male with high pitched voice ) kept on repeat this line, omg it's sound so desperate... " You drive me crazeii.. you drive me crazeiii.. you drive me crazeii.. yeeeeee-iii!!! "

28 Sep 2014

aint going to be your +fool some words broking bottle on floor 1000 feet from the door you not going to tatoo me anymore

27 Sep 2014

A disco song..please help???

Hello! I am looking for a disco song with pretty bright keyboards, an a woman talking/singing in french. It also had a female chorus of high-pitched ladies that didn't say any particular words, but some thing like "tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki-a-tam-tam" and "aoui-aoui-aoui-i-i' Thank you!!

27 Sep 2014

Looking for lyrics/voice of a song

I am looking for an old song's lyrics, melody, voice --- +I don' know its author

"Give me the simple life"+

27 Sep 2014

Song- This is driving me insane

Old song possibly 80's-90's. Lead singer male- raspy voice. Never saw the video but the lyrics talk about how he is sleeping in bed next to his girlfriend or wife. And his side chick calls and he talks about how she shouldn't be calling but she wants him and he wants her also. and there is some talk of an angel? I believe. +Please help me this has been driving me crazy for days.+

27 Sep 2014

im looking for a particular song, how can I find it?

There's this song I am looking for. Its sang by a guy. R&B or rap possibly. He sings about this young girl that grows up in the ghetto. Singing about her body maturing, and something about keeping her innocents... About guys being after what she has.. I believe it came out in 2003-2009. Would be AMAZING if someone could help me out with who sang the song.. I have the melody stuck in my head, but cant think of any lyrics to the song. Thanks :)

27 Sep 2014

heard it in the early 2000s+

its a country song about how this guy wanted to be with this girl but she was with someone else so he waited for her and the he asked her to marry him then they had a little boy who asked his mommy if they could get married but sje told him he would have to wait cause she was married to his daddy

27 Sep 2014

You say dance I say dance You say data I say data You say either I say either

26 Sep 2014

There's a music video with a white guy (brunette) in a white shirt with the lyrics "thank you, thank you"... From 90s-early 2000s...+

26 Sep 2014

Trying to find this song, it was probably in the 50. + The song is called Not Me. + Mentions California and Alabama

26 Sep 2014

song about +down in California, Alabama , + the songs name is Not Me

26 Sep 2014

video song

I'm looking a song, sad acousting song with girl singing on boat in the park its from early 2000s+

26 Sep 2014

I think black man sings it the song goes I don't know why i don't know why, I dont know why... it was in early NBA maybe 2001-2002 or earlier i know that when i was a kid i heard it for first time in NBA.

26 Sep 2014

A Song I sang in the 80s

Here are some of the lyrics I remember

Mummy was he just like me, the special baby um um Dady was he just like mum, the special baby

25 Sep 2014

Can't remember+

I'm trying to remember the name of this song but all I can remember is the film clip for the song well any way it's a guy singing in the middle of a street in (I think) a white suit and I'm pretty sure it's a love song. It's some where from the 90's till 2007 please help as I was hoping to have it as my wedding song+

25 Sep 2014

Oooh,I'm in love,I'm in love,I'm in love,I'm in love

25 Sep 2014

Black woman sitting in chair at warehouse....

That sounds like "SLEEPING +SATELLITE" by Tasmin +. This song came out in 1998 .

25 Sep 2014

90's song white guy and black guy duo

In looking for a song that has a girl singing chorus. The men would sing "I'd do anything" and she say "anything?"...I believe the album cover had a white guy and black guy on it.

25 Sep 2014

finding a song something like the phone went ...+

Its a female singer and I think she is on the phone at the start of the song, her voice is crackling. ..... I'm looking for a song by a man who's singing he doesn't know how to tell the woman that he is sorry and it is over . I think the song on you tube was black and white video something like : The phone went ( title of song ) +

24 Sep 2014

Late '60s or early '70s female singer group of friends moving on maybe at a dinner party?

24 Sep 2014


pop video music in the 2000,a white guy with black hair enter to a bank an appear robbers but is a choreography and every body dance, thw guy recieve a beating but he still flirting with a girl, at the end the guy leave with the girl when the police came. I dont know why I relate this video with Travis but I cant find anything. there's a lot of blue color. Can someone help me, pls pls pls

24 Sep 2014


Im looking for a video from the 2000s, was filmed in a park with a lot of teens, the singer is a blonde male, i though was the calling but I guess is not, I can not find this video.

Hope you can help me, and good luck!

24 Sep 2014

Sixties song+

I'm looking for a song from the sixties in French translated to a woman singing about her hairstyle and how it was dissaproved at the time.+

24 Sep 2014


when i was a kid i dream't of you and me together i would sing and you would dance and we'd sing and dance together

24 Sep 2014

Looking for video black female singer with man in ocean and shower ends up with them in bed sometime in 2000's

24 Sep 2014

Looking for rap/r&b/reggae/reggaeton ~1998

I remember a song around 1998. I searched everywhere but couldnt find it. ALL i can tell you is it was by a man of color and he said "OhhhhAhhhooo" really loud and long alot. Thats all I remember :\ So you can imagine how difficult it is to try and find. I know it was a chant like tone... but rap like lyrics. I am specific it was 1998 because I can recall where I was and what I was going through at the time. MAY be earlly 99 or late 97 but Im pretty sure 98. Can you help me please?

23 Sep 2014

country new artist male

thankful they broke up .... she cancels date and says mothers birthday and he pulls up with a gift just in time to see another guy leaving....

23 Sep 2014


Song sang by female singer, blond, curly hair, wearing glasses, playing the piano; perhaps in the 70's or early 80's. ? singing something about blue jeans....

23 Sep 2014


I am looking for a country song where a lady is singing inside a house standing by a window with the rain pouring outside and has a pool outside ..all i can tell you is its a love song ..sorry thats all i got ..my brain and mouth has shut down on this one

23 Sep 2014

Looking for a song from start of 1980s. About a guy getting out of prison. Has lines like 'it's been a long time comin' >> 'you've done hard time' >> 'look like a million dollars'. The singer has a John Gougar Mellencamp sounding voice.

23 Sep 2014

Female artist

the song was Dream Lover, not bobby darin. A black 60's group

23 Sep 2014


It's a smooth jazz song and one line is something like, "into your lu uvh, so deep in you lu uh uve...darling I know" I realize this is vague but it's the best I cannot. It is not the Bee Gee's, Dru Hill, Keith Sweat, nor a Christan song. Please help!

23 Sep 2014

80'S song

I heard this song when I was in Nordstrom several months ago. I tried to shazam it but there was so much background noise, it could not pull it up. I remember the song from the 80's but had not heard it in years. And I have not heard it since. I have googled the only line I remember hearing, and nothing comes up. It's a male singer and the line is: you have a heart of stone, but I think I like it. It's not Huey Lewis or Taylor Dane. It's from the early 80's I think and it was not a huge hit.+

22 Sep 2014

looking for a song

the song im looking for is by a femail artist its from the early 2000s thevideo for the song featured the artist walking through a cartoon world and she was playing the piano at the begining.

22 Sep 2014

Lyrics to a 90's song

give it to me brother, give it to me sister

is it Killer by Adamski

Solitary Brother is there still a part of you that wants to live Solitary Sister

22 Sep 2014

Song artists and title

it's a soft song sung by men I don't know in which year it was released, I think the title is keep the faith? I don't know the lyrics but, just towards the end it goes something like "Oooh ooh oh oh, well, oh o', well well, doo doo doo..."

22 Sep 2014

Country song

Word in song "walking through my door

22 Sep 2014


I'm am looking for the artist who sings this old song, the lyrics goes like:can't you see that I love you,I'm all for you, I'm all for you, you just another beat in my heart... But the title of the song is I'm all for you

22 Sep 2014


it's a soft song sung by a couple of men and before the end it goes something like "Oooh ooh oh oh, well oooh, well, well, well oooh, doo doo doo. .."

22 Sep 2014


It has a black man an womeb singing the song i think a love song but on youtude it is a video an in the video looks like there in the old days.

22 Sep 2014


I am looking for the song whose lyrics contains the term open up your heart....it is a male singer and is a beautiful song. I got it on a voicemail of an american person.!!!!!

22 Sep 2014


Im trying to find a song that was used a lot in movies from the 80's and 90's really jazzy, that starts with this small guitar intro and right after this raspy black male voice starts singing " I've been dreaming about..." this song is only used for sensual scenes. It's really sexy and classy at the same time.

21 Sep 2014

a girl is sitting in a cafe watching people going by a woman looks in the window to check her hair, a man comes in shakes his umberella

Tom's Diner

21 Sep 2014


please help me out with the name of a song...It goes like,"Tonight i'm yours, yours completely,i'll give my love,love so sweetly" + there is a guy who does a small rap verse and the song is kind of upbeat

21 Sep 2014

Is like soft rock, the guy in the video is in a room with piano and girls look like ghost.the song probably between 2012 to 2014

21 Sep 2014

New dance song

With lyrics I know what your looking for but I'm not that kind + Played on radio 1 september2014 many thanks m

21 Sep 2014


im look for a song i think it was in the early 2000's the course something a long the line of ohhh ohhh ohhh ohh and it had a trumpet in the back round of the course it sounded like a love song and it was sang by a male+

21 Sep 2014


Im trying to find a song The only +i remember is The music video, where a boy and a girl plays togjetrer where they are childs, in the beach and a old house., they grow up and when he come back she is engage. Please+

21 Sep 2014


There this new song with a nice beat people keep using it in vines it goes like this" oh you guessed it whoa!"

21 Sep 2014

cnritan song

Looking for a song that sing several lyric of differnt artist songs

20 Sep 2014

Looking for a song.

Am trieng to look for a song called insane and was released between August 2014 and September 2014. It was sung by a teenage girl guessing she is 18 yrs old from nigeria bt located in the states. Its a love song

20 Sep 2014

90s country song female artist.

Heard it the other day on the 90 at noon. But cant remember it now part of the lyrics went the way u make me feel. something of tha nature.

20 Sep 2014


I'm looking for a song either by or featuring a African American female, from the last ten years minimum. It's sort of indie r&b, it's set in and around an apartment. The woman plays a guitar which squeaks like bed springs

20 Sep 2014

Two related songs from the 1990s

I'm trying to find the names of two songs that were about a breakup. +I think there was rain in the background. +The first was from the man's perspective and the second was from the woman's point of view.

20 Sep 2014

what's the title of this song?+

i dont know what to do can you help me baby there's no one in this world that can help me oh girl i got so much you what if i told you i can take you away all the lies and to the broken cause iwant and you make me and break me up

20 Sep 2014

search song

hello I'm looking for the name or title of the music beginning of the clip of (Yo Gotti Feat. Zed Zilla & Starlito intro They Don't Want It) +there is a shooting gun and the cries of a woman.I think his youth singing this rap . Please thanks+

20 Sep 2014

Re: Hiya

How can I find a song if all I can remember is a small part of the video. I can't remember any lyrics etc

20 Sep 2014

im looking for a song, a black male with long curly hair, during the music video he is dancing, sitting with girls in a car...

19 Sep 2014

a slow +jam by an r and b group in the 70's

I'm trying to find a slow jam by an all male r and b group in the mid-70's.I can't remember the group or name of this particular song during the 1974 - 75 period. the lyrics goes something like this... "I keep trying, but your not buyin baby...

19 Sep 2014

A blonde haired white guy singing on a ledge at a motel and drivin, a dark with a dark haired girl in the video+

19 Sep 2014

club song hit

It was a great song I think in t between the period of 2000 +and 2010.... + lyrics are something like this.... +With youu baby ...tonight I wanna get down with you baby.... +with a sick beat in the back round! ++ Hope locate this song!

19 Sep 2014

Music video/song

This song is buy a british male artist. In the music video he wakes up early to go to his working class job and it shows him working construction while the girl wakes up later and starts playing piano and dancing around in their flat. It will have been made in the last like 5-6 years?

19 Sep 2014


im loking for this french song its a rap the video is made by a beach it about love maybe its calle je t'aime idk i dont remember i just know i liked it its sang by a black guy

19 Sep 2014

Song FROM 70 - 80 Man n woman sing . I'll be ther to love u boy love o boy I'll be ther to give my heart to the world

19 Sep 2014

song name

I am looking for a song's name and band's name as well. All I can remember is that the word witness or witnessed was in the title and was also repeated in the song. I also remember the video being an inspired +sleepy hallow theme with a girl singing who had long curly black hair. I cant find the song anywhere :s

19 Sep 2014

A song that starts off slow, says yeah, and then gets heavy from there

18 Sep 2014


a girl from 70-80 i dont know playing sax...famous on those times...

18 Sep 2014


this is some of the lyric that i remember(maybe wrong)..ihear this song in 2005 ..now i wan to find it... it female singer and some song have mix with chinese language ..........its just a dream, i believe that there is nothing,crying game

18 Sep 2014

song's name

What's this ? Anybody knows? about 1992 happy rave/jungle song. "I feel the rain pourin down on me, i feel the storm taking over me, let me take you away...blabla..." Thanks people:)

18 Sep 2014


It has no mention of flower but goes Sally up bring sally down

18 Sep 2014

I have this song stuck in my head it sounds like either teena marie or or minnie riperton. it's a high pitched voice. its not loving you by minnie riperton.ahhh help!

18 Sep 2014

Looking for a song+

I am looking for song I love I can't remember who sang and I am not sure of the band ,but I kno w that is was in 1995, it go like this I want to remain a child with you for ever here a you lay before me Tess me and tell me to stay what would give . Can any one help me please thanks,!

17 Sep 2014

Music Video

I think it starts slow and in black and white. It ends with man running faster and faster (down a highway a one point) and he explodes through a wall.

17 Sep 2014

Can't find it

I was at a party and this one EDM song came on and it was two British guys talking one knocked on the other guys door asking him to turn the music down and the other British guy tells him to piss off and this is what I like to listen to or something like that if you can help I'd greatly appreciate it thanks.+

17 Sep 2014

70's i think+

It had the word saxophone in songs chorus.....dah dah dah dah dah the saxophone.....sounds to me to be a 70's song.+

17 Sep 2014

90s reggae+

little boy asks girl to marry him and wants her to ride on his bike 90s reggae

17 Sep 2014

2000s R n B

Can only remember a part of the lyric "Tell me that you never go" Thats What she is"

17 Sep 2014

Song with the lyrics " so let go with it if you ever +been it you feel all alone this is my home

17 Sep 2014

Im looking for a song that sounds kinda old a woman is singing and there is gun shots in the song can somone help please

16 Sep 2014


Hi. I looking for a song from the late 70's,likely sung by a black female artiste. Sounds like a song of lost love.Parts of lyrics sound like "when I'm by your side", "and I feel like I'm losing head/mind, I feel like someone else". I think there's the phrase "it's impossible" somewhere in there too. This melody has been haunting me for a few days now. I need to put it to rest. Thanks

16 Sep 2014

Fright Night 2 New Blood

The song is off a movie and its not a song at all, it's some instrumental or classical music and I've been trying to find out who composed it. Fright Night 2 New Blood is the movie, there are no lyrics which makes me think its a classical composition, any ideas please help!

16 Sep 2014

Looking for the song

Can't find the song with the lyrics "Summer shine, summer shine..." but NOT Summer Sunshine by The Corrs help me please

16 Sep 2014

Male performer singing / convincing a shy dancer

It's a music video about a dance group, the performer/ artist sings to a shy woman convincing her to stay and dance, she's really shy and keeps trying to leave

16 Sep 2014

i need this song....

i'm dying to find the song that i've heard when i was child..i don't know the title.. i only remember a small lyris like this reffrain... ++ "it will do ..i like to be with you and only with you..." anybody please send me this song lyric.. i need it so bad.. thank you...

16 Sep 2014

Looking for a song of the 00's

I'm looking for a song of the 00's. I hear a part of it in the Vh+1 channel. The show was "Dancing divas of the 00's" (i couldn´t stay until the name of the song appeared). Information: The singer was a female blonde woman, in a red dress (or lingerie,i couldn't see it very well) and in the part of the video I saw was lying on a white bed. The only part of the lyric that i recognized was "oh oh, oh oh". It sounds familiar to me, but i can`t remember what song it's

16 Sep 2014

I'm looking the name of r&b song that might have the words "when I see you smile"... In the video at the end he's singing to a little girl/his daughter

16 Sep 2014

old rap song

Old rap song the artist is basically talking about and talking to his GF and starts out being nice then tells her he saw her walking and holding hands with another guy. Then he tells her how he took all the stuff he gave her back and took out all the money from the bank etc.

15 Sep 2014

need to know the artist+

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "Maybe if I give you a thousand kisses. Maybe if I give you my heart in pieces, I could never let you, I could never let you go"

Not sure if the lyrics are exactly right but I think the song is called a thousand kisses

15 Sep 2014

80's song

Hello. Im looking for an 80's song.. an african american couple was singing a song. they were wearing blue jeans, the girl had big puffy hair.. I think she was singing hot hot hot hot throughout the song. I cant remember who sings it. please help

15 Sep 2014

90s song a guy sang it, was sitting on a chair and ppl would be moving around him there was hay? and it went something like this (not sure of the lyrics) "the nights that i gave you, the nights of scoola scoop"

14 Sep 2014

Early 80s R&B song with video

What was the song that the video had, at the end of it, an African-American man singing while he was in the ocean with Speedo-type swim trunks. I always thought it was No Parking on the Dance Floor but recently saw that video, and that wasn't it.+

14 Sep 2014


it has shu shu shu shalyla put your little cares away shu shu shu shalyla tomorrow's another day

14 Sep 2014

60 song I think

A man is singing about how his girl is just playing the other guy.. she will be leaving alone, she will be leaving alone in a taxi, she will be coming home to me. I think it is by an Atlanta jazz artist. I heard it on Sirius on 6 and I forgot to write down the name.. any help would be great thanks!

14 Sep 2014


ohhh ohoooo were goin to rock tonight sung by women in the 80's

13 Sep 2014


I'm trying to find this song from late 200's A Black woman is sitting in a chair in a warehouse singing and there are Lights that look like shooting stars.. Kinda like a sad or love song+

The late 200s, wow, around the time of Diocletian you mean?

13 Sep 2014


In the video the guy is in a white suit in an all white room.Its from the early 2000's and i think it has the lyrics i promise you in it ...please help....

12 Sep 2014

Looking for song from around 2000

Got this song stuck in my head. Sounds like she is singing something about making friend? and the chores sounds something like "Do be do be do be do bye...?" think the music video had her dressed in a african dress..? help me! (have been looking for it for years!!)

12 Sep 2014

I can't remember name of a particular song..lyrics goes something like this 'oh, oh, love is..' - recent remix as well if not mistaken

12 Sep 2014

NIKON D750 promo video

"I need a house in the middle of the sea... all through the streets chasing..."+

11 Sep 2014

Pappa & Blondie - I am still in love with you

11 Sep 2014

90s Female Singer

Hey, the song starts with rain in the background. Its a female singer and I think she is on the phone at the start of the song, her voice is crackling. It was out in the early 90s, sometime around when Sophie B. Hawkins 'Damn I wish I was your Lover' was out as I remember having them on a compilation CD that I got as a present.+

11 Sep 2014

Looking for this song for 3 years

The song is kinda hip and up like entertaining, but the music video is this girl singing and she's at a big party and she's talking about turning the bass up

11 Sep 2014

90s hip hop (i think)

the music video was in new york and it had a guy playing the sax on the streets. part of the song was in a diner as well.

can anybody please help?

10 Sep 2014

Looking for a certain country song I beloved its new it goes sumthing like u can see me on the roof top in pouring rain daddy taughtme history n momma playedthe 88 top+

10 Sep 2014

Looking for a song, rap song and the lyrics sound like "you gone marry her" or you're gunna marry her". its rap but also singing and has a beat to it.+

10 Sep 2014

im looking for a 90's r&b sinlge, "baby if you call on my i'll be right there for you on point".

10 Sep 2014

Black and White animated seen in summer of 2008

I was watching MTV past 1:00am on a July night in 2008. A Music Video came on that was absolutely captivating. I believe it involved an alien-like creature wandering around and I believe shape-shifting. I can't remember any of the words or if it was a male or female singer. The video was black and white and animated like a cartoon. It gave off a really sad and contemplative vibe and I would love to experience that again! Thanks!

9 Sep 2014

Lyrics for a song

I heard this jam while I was in traffic but I'd never heard it before. It sounded like one of those old R & B classics, maybe from the 50's, 60's or 70's and the woman w/a sexy voice sang... So won't you stay right here, oooh I don't wanna let you go! DO YOU KNOW WHO SINGS THIS AND WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE SONG?

9 Sep 2014

Looking for a song+

I'm looking for a song were a girl is singing in the music video and there are other people lip singing, the were dancing in a park. The song was about not being scare a bout somone you like, or about your heart

9 Sep 2014


Looking for a song by a young african american woman who sings in french with a raspy smoky voice and is accompanied by a piano. The song is very slow and mournful. I watched a video of it last year (2013). You just see the woman in the video. It was not an old video.

9 Sep 2014

i am looking for an old song from the 80s

i am looking for a song from the 80s that says "me and my girlfriend" its old and sounds like rock

8 Sep 2014

Late 80's R&B song female vocalist

Sorry, I don't know the exact lyrics but going something like: +"The dreams that we dre--am, are starting to go down. +Oh oh ba-by.. da da da da down." Or maybe like "the feelings that we shar--ed, are starting to go wrong.." +etc..

Thanks, I know my examples are weak..

8 Sep 2014

Looking for a song

I am looking for an album which had three babes in golden bikini and an old man tied to a chair. I am not able to remember the album name or the lyrics :( Can someone help me with the album name ?

8 Sep 2014

Looking for a song played when i was younger

It was made around 2008 and was about a little girl that had a horrible life. It described her life from age 9-10 to 13-14

8 Sep 2014

do you know who you had before

8 Sep 2014

trying to find a song+

I think it was a 70's hit - it almost sounds spanish in its form or mexican. +I can hum bits of it in my head -the chorus starts like... ??? "its alright".....something, something, something, some..."tonight". They played it on BBC Radio 2 The other day but darn it, must have said who and what it was before the song, as i waited with a pen and they didnt announce it....its driving me crazy trying to find it.


8 Sep 2014

Gimme gimme a man after midnight ..abba

8 Sep 2014

looking for a song

I'm looking for this song: English guy singing, deep voice, slowlysh symphony style, kind of like Moody Blues "Melancholy Man" or Eric Carmen "All By Myself". Don't know singer or song title, but the lyrics go something like " A half a world away from home ....and I've been searching (?)..." or " A thousand miles away from home". The song is old, early 70's so not Oasis etc. nor country western which is what googles. Any ideas? You'd save me!

8 Sep 2014


I can only describe the music video...it start like a outer space and then all these kid toys start coming to life like they turn on by themselves +

8 Sep 2014

song from 60s-70s

I'm trying to think of a disco type song that has background clapping and talking & each chorus starts: +no much standing outside the walls now I got myself together baby and i'm having a ball at

8 Sep 2014

Country song in train station

I'm looking for this song, which was a country hit and played on CMT - late 80s or early 90s, maybe? The video was filmed in a train station and there's a man looking for this woman. It's summer, and she has short blond hair and is wearing a sun dress that shows off her amazing back. I think he has a bouquet of flowers for her. Any ideas?

7 Sep 2014


I only remember the first line of the song which is 'say, little girl' I think it was either 1979 or 1980. Soul/jazz funk. It's driving me nuts.....

7 Sep 2014


I hear this song yesterday and not sure what it is called...a woman sings it and has the words someone to hold +and forever more...I believe its a new hit but not sure would someone know ...thanks

7 Sep 2014

Looking for artist and name of the song

Im looking for a name of a song called "nobody else can make me feel the way you do oh oh I just want to say I love you". Please assist.

7 Sep 2014

Early 80s R&B song with video

There was a song I danced to at clubs in 1984-1985 that at the end of the video there was an African American man in the ocean in a speedo-type swimsuit. Anyone remember the name of the song? I always thought it was No Parking on the Dance Floor, but I recently watched the video for it and there was no guy in suit at the end.

6 Sep 2014

Song from 70's-80's

It was a female voice +but only remember part of the lyrics perhaps for two more days This could take a little while longer Searching for a destiny

6 Sep 2014

70's or 80's Disco track

Has the chorus "I wanna thank you baby, thank thank you baby, thank you..thank you." Probably a P funk bassline and a soft synth stabs+

6 Sep 2014

song and clip

Looking for a clip... Dance music. It was played in TV may be 12-14 years ago. Noir SinCity-style black and white animation. There was a car moving fast through the night bridge. Rain. Gun shots... It seems there were these words: "In your eyes...(na-na-na, na)...paradise" ))

6 Sep 2014

unknown metal ballad

Hi guys. I searching for a metal ballad,perhapps hard rock ballad.And I know few details about.Idon´t know the name of the band,neither the song name.She starts with a short(?)and powerfull riff,and then a strong rocker voice sings: "you feel the way I do love was just the rule(or rush)many times we had (..) I believe in you (..) now that´s over (weekends or kissies) are over..." +Sorry for the almost nothing details. I´m portuguese,and I heard this song just one time,but was love just at first sight +:)) Please help. Thanks

6 Sep 2014

80's song

It starts with a phone call - a man asks a woman if she knows who's on the phone. At the end there's a piano part. It's 80's glam/rock style, like Europe. Didn't remembered lyrics, only that there's a verse "I can't remember"

6 Sep 2014

can't remember this song!

It was during my dance dance revolution days so around 2005. It was sung by a female andhad kind of a ska pop sound to it. It was on the radio pretyty frequently and I believe it was about live but not positive. +Please help!

6 Sep 2014

late 90s/early 2000 alternative group

looking for a song or the band that has a song that starts with a rainstorm. The singer has a raspy voice, its a short song. In the lyrics it talks about stones...

5 Sep 2014


Girl signs it

5 Sep 2014

Maybe a sad metal song, only remember the video

I've been looking for this song a friend sent me through msn (all history is gone by now) and all I remember is that the video clip was pretty light and blue-ish and there was a girl falling/jumping in a swimming pool and maybe or maybe not drowning, on purpose. The song was very sad and I think it was some sort of alternative metal. He sent it to me 4 to 5 years ago but I don't know how old it was then. Help me!

4 Sep 2014

Please help

Looking for a song and all I know is after the first line there is a loud 'ow oooh ooooh oooooh' +Not much to go on I know. +Also I heard it sung by a choir using clapping as percussion however I'm certain it's origins are elsewhere.

4 Sep 2014

1950 or 1960's song

black female talking to her man about everybody has to leave the house and work or if you don't work you don't eat.

4 Sep 2014


what if i dont remember the name of the song or the singer...just peaces +of the video...its a 90s song its about a girl thats runs aroun the city looking over her shoulder she´s beeing chased..by herself...and the video is kind of blue.. im sorry this is killing me

4 Sep 2014

Brit rock song, similar to +The Doves

it starts with something like :" i thought you'd never leave, i thought you'd never go..." something somethin....

the chorus is something like :" you came along bla bla."


4 Sep 2014

A woman sings this song - "Its all about the Face, about the face No trouble. Repeat. +then talks about booty and curves no plastic surgery....etc +Who is it? +Please reply.

4 Sep 2014


Song from the late 90'es. Was a hit on MTV. It's a pop song with something that sounds like spannish guitars. Pretty cachy. The video has a sort of mexican feel to it and I think there are multiple people in the band with guitars. The last word in the chorus is "Todayyyyyy". The worst thing is I still have the melody in my head, but that is a bit hard to express here.

4 Sep 2014

rock song

and i don't know who i am

3 Sep 2014

Request to know name of track

Hi there is a track that has these words "Ohoooooo ohooooo ohooooo +.....night tonight...." Sounds like its a classic like Rock Please help with the name of artiste and title if possible Thanks in advance

3 Sep 2014

I'M looking for a paticular song from the singing group the "TYMES".I can't recall the name of the song. I't was on their album. Some of the lyrics went like this ++ You know my heart is yours,so what more can I say. I want to be with you,forever and a day.Can anyone help me?

3 Sep 2014

70's song with the words open up your mind

3 Sep 2014

If I'm going to be with you

3 Sep 2014

who did this song

I have a cd that has no identifiable artists or songs when placed in my computer and the only markings on the cd says "FREE 3" and is red with a black colored pair of headphones on it, +it is an assortment of songs...the one I am most interested in is a rap song called (I believe)"I speak for you"...the cd also says "Made in Canada" if that helps

3 Sep 2014

R&b mother and son

Early 90's about loosing a mother not boys to men+

2 Sep 2014

country tip song

all i know is the choirs when the lady is singing

Oh my lord...i dont know the next line...then she repeats oh my lord

i dont believe it is a christian song +

2 Sep 2014

Lets call the pop rotary with crazy girl tonight Scandalous

2 Sep 2014

loking for a son for over 20 years

i am looking for a song abot war, it is from 80's, a part of a lyic says: "The sky is black, and so is my heart" i remember the music but is really dificult to explain it

2 Sep 2014

country male singer

at the end of song he repeats last word songs about a girl maybe leaving or him being broke???

2 Sep 2014

English song with a indian sound?

I have this song that was burned in a cd which is in English but it sounds like the artist might be rom india or something like that. He does not have an indian accent but the music sounds like ti would be from that area. I also have a few more songs that I believe are from the same guy but in a language that might be hindi I'm not sure. But the song says " IIIII +I wanna be with you again" mentions something about in the distance and mountains and I can hear you cry. Any one know?

1 Sep 2014

who sings this song+

I was sittn on a barstool sippn on a cold brew when she walked in.and some other lines

1 Sep 2014

Disco(?) Song

Heard an awesome disco/house song, sounded fairly modern but not sure, the only lyrics I can remember were the chorus of 'Call me, call me up, tonight...' and maybe some phone sound effects

1 Sep 2014

looking for a song for 2 years+

al i know is the film clip to it. it starts of with a break up and as the female leaves the males house and start walking down a city street in day light. she starts mistaking her now ex boyfriends band members as random bypassers eg post man, moving guy ect+

1 Sep 2014


looking for a song that repeats the word time several at the end. +It pauses each time and the word time is said.

1 Sep 2014

Perhaps 1950's / 1960's

Looking for this song, its a 50's or 60's rock song. It goes "duh duh duh duh woah-oh duh duh duh duh duh ya ya ya ya ya ya" Its a male lead singer and the ya bits are higher pitched than the previous lyrics. Sorry for the vagueness+

1 Sep 2014

R&B Song

maybe around 2000. The song talks about where have all the real ladies gone. there is a line that says something about having to go to a museum to see one.

31 Aug 2014

im having a baby

the song is from a 70s r/b group, the words about having a baby and has to tell momma or something about momma told me this would happen

31 Aug 2014

looking for a song electronic possibly swedish+

i saw it on an electronic playlist but i think its been deleted, the video was like on a boat and it started with a fuzzy radio ?+

31 Aug 2014

song by a group named Rstyle

song is called " Give me your Love" beautiful song by a R&B group thst cslled them selves Rstyle. They never went commercial but they should have. Been looking for it for almost 6 years

31 Aug 2014

What is her name ???

There was a woman in England I think, she so much wanted to have her ownrecord......one day she found a place to make this one song on a single.....she was so happy to have this recording, it was her all life dream.....when you listen to this recording.....you find out she cant sing at all.....but her dream came true......I had this song on a tape, maybe 1980's.....the song might be older thou......Thanks...Luci.

31 Aug 2014

R&B song

I'm looking for a song either from the late 70's or early +80'a the hook says I don't wanna stop aaaaaahhh

31 Aug 2014

ANSWER TO 'Looking for an animated music video I don't remember much about the video, but I know that there was a girl flyingto some planet to have a concert. During the concert, she spills juice on the floor and the planet explodes. In the end there is a couple sitting on a bench... I hope you can help me'

Its called we're going to ibiza. The lyrics go, oh we're gonna have a party oh in the medataranian sea.+

31 Aug 2014

plz help me to find a song and album..it is like smile Jamaica smile, love is just began...its between 1995 reggae song.

plz help me to find a song and album..it is like smile Jamaica smile, love is just began...its between 1995 reggae song.

31 Aug 2014

Help :(

Its a chill 90's song and it starts kinda soft and harmonises when singing it must be love. (not sure if lyrics are correct)

Lately, I've been thinking about you, It must be loveeeeee.

it's a pretty popular song too, Still plays on radio. I've been saving my love for youu!+

31 Aug 2014

50 or 60 song+

Hi i am searching for a song that has the following first line in the chorus ...yikes yikes i lost my pretty stripes.' the singer was a female i do not know the name of the group/female/album name or anything but this one song just keeps playing in my mind and it was popular. Can you help me find this song/singer/album???

30 Aug 2014

I cant really remember the song but it was something like all you women out there turn the radio up or on....it was a old school song like between 60-80's

30 Aug 2014

Music video where the young boy and girl got separated from each other but the girl came back when she got older+

30 Aug 2014

Cos I've got only one love Yeah one love

30 Aug 2014

stay with me about 25 years ago something +brown the singer?

30 Aug 2014

old english smuggling song

my love he is a smuggler / he sails upon the sea / I wish I was a smuggler / to sail along with he / to sail along with he / for the whisky and the wine / and sail the boats to [folkstone??] / when the moon do shine

30 Aug 2014

1950s hit. What's the name, group, etc?

Have you been to the island in the Carribbean Where the girls wear shorts and the boys wear jeans? They haven't got an eye for the latest style. You should see the ay they wear a smile. And when they gather round the fire, You can hear this song.....

30 Aug 2014

Please Help Me Find the name of this song.

"Baby get down with me how you want it. Coz we gun fall in love, Tell me exactly how you want it. For Tonight, For Tonight."

30 Aug 2014

polish song

It's a polish guy singing at a club, sayin that he love her, the video clip it's on a night club everyone dancing I think it was a hit last year,+

30 Aug 2014

Tejano Song

I'm looking for a song by a man who's singing he doesn't know how to tell the women that he is with that he loves her it's not a cumbia and the rythem kinda similar to suena by intocable. Or it might go something like I wanted to tell u that I love you

30 Aug 2014

Tejano Song

I'm looking for a song by a man who's singing he doesn't know how to tell the women that he is with that he loves her

30 Aug 2014

Song by The Darkness

I am looking for the name of the darkness song - It was a big hit for them butit wasn't the xmas hit or the 'crazy thing called love' one please help. +He was singing in a very high pitch in this one and was used when Leslie was introduced in the show big brother bit on the side last night

"The Darkness" didn't have enough worldwide success to get their own page on this site. All the hits by "The Darkness" were in the UK charts, find a site that lists all the UK chart entries and you will see the song you are after listed there

30 Aug 2014

I think im in love with you

30 Aug 2014

trying to find some song

Please help me. I'm trying to find some song that goes like "the feeling of love" or something like that by some girl. I think I heard the song wrong.

29 Aug 2014

mid 2005 -2006 song

cant remember title and lyrics.. i hear it from nokia as ring tone.. it sound like let her go of passenger.. i used to hear it before i go to sleep..

29 Aug 2014

Lyrics to a 90's song

Looking for the a song +whose chorus is +driving me crazy......

"give it to me brother, give it to me sister" +

I think it was a 90's song. heeeeeeelp. Its driving me nuts!

29 Aug 2014

Female singer 80 90's one hit wonder

29 Aug 2014

looking for a song

Im looking for a song called "Leaving"...the lyrics are "Leavin', leaving me out in the cold". There are so many version of this song, but I searching for a special one, a r&b version of this song. pls help me

28 Aug 2014

looking for reggae dancehall song+

hey im lokking for a reggae danncehall song starts by waaaaay waaay waaay waaay waaay waaay waaaaaaaaaaaaay , the the riddims starts !!! i need it+

28 Aug 2014

Orange is the New Black You also have a pizza+

In S2 episode 6 who sings the song in the valentines dance with these lyrics,"You say you love me baby, but you show me in your own way. Your never here when I need you, but you say you love me in your own way. I don't wanna be a part time lover........." Who sings that song?

28 Aug 2014

trying to find a song

I am looking for a song from mid 1990s which sounded a lot like Reel 2 Real (but don't think it was them). The song words were: "You gotta love me, gotta love me.... girl girl you gotta love me (repeated throughout the song)" Any ideas who sang this?+

27 Aug 2014

French music video

Hello, I'm looking for a French mv in which the Male singer was in his house, then it's raining hard and he drove his car to meet the girl. I can't remember the tone and name of the male singer and the title. Could anyone give me a hint, please ? Thank you very much.

27 Aug 2014

song search

Hi I'm searching for a song that goes like this:tonight I'm yours,yours completely.a woman singer and a man in a rough voice raps

27 Aug 2014

looking for an oldie song

HI, I had a copy of a song with the words "hey mister dee jay" and i think it continued with "play that song for me" it was a doo wop song done by a guy and a group (I thought it was the teens or teenagers, but it wasn't frankie lyman and the teenagers). +If you can help i'd appreciate it.

26 Aug 2014

female artist sings a song called november


Use the index?

25 Aug 2014

a song

It has a slow bass and drum intro with rain in the background and plays for a few measuresthen it ssounds like greg allman singing, it's very somber sounding.+

25 Aug 2014

1950's or 1960's Song

I remember a song, sung by a black male singer which was in a band.I think It's called Sometimes I Wonder

25 Aug 2014

Please help me to find the songs title+

In the lurics they sang I made up my mind thats all i remeber of the lyrics in the video its guys playing in a band and there is a women or guy laying on back in the floor humping+

25 Aug 2014

Looking for a song

I remember a song when I was little I heard this song. It's probably from the late 1990s or early 2000s. All I remember was that it had a chorus of women singing "whooooaaa, oooooohhh, whoooooaaa, whooooa!" And the music was I think an electric keyboard and it used a beat that a lot of Spanish rap songs used (I've heard different songs with the same beat.+

25 Aug 2014

Oldies.a song that says, "I alays like to be on my p's and q's". Could you find it?

24 Aug 2014


I am looking for a slow song that was done in the 90 by a male group the first couple of lines was I received a job offer 1000 miles away... You always know what to say....

24 Aug 2014

song trying to find

song was from 70 or 80s era. 1 male 2 female wearing yellow outfits i think. song was called something like never giving up or never gonna give up.

21 Aug 2014


1970 with words on the roof

"Up On the Roof" perhaps? We suspect you are thinking of Carole King's version (she wrote it and recorded it on her "Writer" album in 1970, but never had a hit with it).

21 Aug 2014

Looking for this song for over 4 years+

It has a piano in the backround I used it in ballroom dancing it says Something about rings and I'm guessing it's a ninties song and it Sounds a tad bit like kissing you - desree

21 Aug 2014

80"s r&b song

We're in your mother's car.Your laying closer to me. Girl I could feel your body temble cause raining hard outside. Your so cold & wet. Girl I'm trying to be cool. I could feel your kisses in my soul. Look at baby don't you play hard to get. Now it's raining I don't want to let you go. +

20 Aug 2014

lost song

The song was a 60s hit with the words" so I take her in the night! In the night! Hold me tight treat me right in the night! The Internet does not recognize the lyrics which make absolutely no sense to me!!!! Thank you very much!

20 Aug 2014

funny greek 90s song

Am also looking for a funny song where a man is in a beach float in a swimming pool...think the chorus has a greek tune to it.. and it was around 1994-99

19 Aug 2014

Maybe Country Pop+

you're probbably looking for jewel's song "you were meant for me"+

19 Aug 2014

its my life+

if youre looking for the song with lyrics "its my life and its now or never, i aint gonna live forever, i just want to live while i'm alive, its my life." you're looking for bon jovi's "its my life"+

19 Aug 2014

name of hit

Seventies hit.lyrics-you're a beautiful woman.oh yes you are

18 Aug 2014

Re: looking for a pop song from late 90's early 2k

Is it Your Woman by White Town?


18 Aug 2014

find song

The song was played on the pop radio stations 1992-3. It was from a heavy metal band but the song was a love song with a slow beat. All I can remember was one of the people in the song was dead and looking down from the sky and talks about traveling in the sky to find them.+

18 Aug 2014

I can't remember!

Well it came out in Gta San Andreas and idk it had this rap and funk mix together. Any ideas?

18 Aug 2014

Trying to find this song+

It's a rock song that yells just scream but I can't remember anything else from it he song. Football team need a good pump up song and when it's yelled it kinda sounds like scar scream.+

17 Aug 2014

what's this song?

hi guys...i hear this song frequently and i cant find it. some of the lyrics are: ''in my life , in my heart, your love , alive alive'' can anyone help? it's very relaxing with a woman voice...very calm. i appreciate any help. it's sort of lounge music. they play it in a bar called arnold caffe, like subway.

17 Aug 2014

Stop playing with my heart

Also , Mylo sampled it in a song--can,t remember its name, possibly stay with me tonite

17 Aug 2014

Stop playing with my heart

Originally by Judy Tzuke in 1979-called stay with me till dawn. Has been remade as a chillout version in 2013 by ludicr?? Somebody

16 Aug 2014

Black male gay singer

Wears white suit and sings something like. I'm +fine

16 Aug 2014

Hip hop club song

Sounds like maybe Fat Joe with a male r'n'b singer for the hook. The recording I have is from a club so the audio is terrible & Shazaam cant pick it up. I'm in love with the instrumental & i must find this song! Ive only got a couple of lines of the lyrics & im only guessing them... The (?) indicates a word that I don't what it is.

(Rapping) Shes a hot girl, I'm a rude boy/ You don't want no drama, better keep it cool boy/ She got a gym body, like she lifting weights, (?) (?) (?) especially when shes sitting straight/ She ain't have enough, she got her own dough/ (?) on my belt, that's a low blow.

(R'n'B hook) Who wants to find ya, I get to grind ya/ Once I find ya, once I, once I find ya/ (?)(?) gangsta, im the reminder.

Last couple of lines in the song... (Rapping) How she live like that, with an ass so fat & a waist so (?)/ Be real with it, you aint gotta lie to a guy.

The last bit of the song has "High then you drive" & "ride till you die"

That's all ive got & like I said im only guessing. I really cant hear shit with the recording I have, its all in order, of course there is more to the song but after listening to it many times thats all I could pick up from it. I hope someone can help me. cheers

16 Aug 2014

This song is fast, punky. The singer has a loud aggressive voice and it mentions something like 'my hearts still beating loud' Then the chorus goes 'whoo, oh oh oh oh oh' It's a very fast punky kind of song. I can't think of the name

16 Aug 2014

Hi I'm looking for a song

Hi guys, I have been looking for a song for over 14 years. I do not know the artist nor the title. All I know is its sung by a single lady and it is more like a rock or party/dance beat type music from the 70's, 80's or early 90's and I first heard of it in a documentary on tv about how the alcohol affects human judgement. The song sounds like it contains the phrase "I want you" for the most part. The lady has a high pitched voice.

I have searched everywhere on the web for all songs that has the title "I want you" but could not find it.

Please help me end this search that has taken me so long.

I will really appreciate any form of help.

15 Aug 2014


Can't find this song..not sure the lyrics are even right....group kind of sounds like Peter Cetera (Chicago)....could be late 70's up to mid 80's. "You know that my love is for you" Or "You know that this love is for two" and at the end of that last word there is a little piano ripple, probably 12 notes which leads into a little guitar...it's a light wanna-be love/rock ballad....I can't find it anywhere

15 Aug 2014

song WHO

Hiya im looking for a song is tittled WHO white girl with a white short hair and a man it goes like WHO YOU THINK YOURE TALKING TO, it was around 2008 - 2010 not very sure, i never hurd it again and i realy want to find it. thanks alot

15 Aug 2014

Mid 90s country song

Looking for a song played on Hong kong RTHK3 by a girl singer during their country program. Start of the song.. The wind blows.... (chorus turn on or up the radio.... sad song. something like that.

14 Aug 2014

French song with French-English lyrics

Heard a French song on radio some years ago (in France) which I loved but can,t pin it down. The song had the English phrases "I love you, I love you" repeated several times. Female singer; song had an upbeat pace. Any guesses would be appreciated. Thanks!

14 Aug 2014

R&B song somebody know?

Does somebody know following song; it goes like; "I feel it in the music, music, music. It makes me wanna dance with my baby. So come on baby move it move it move it,....

It's an R&B song but i can't find it anymore.

Thx for the help!

14 Aug 2014

only remember the music video

in the music video I remember they were all lined up in front of a school bussinging and they had their instruments there was a guy sitting down at a piano too+

13 Aug 2014

A heavy rock song

looking for a song with a progressive beat, with lyrics that goes like

"Run!---- if you wanna run, if you wanna hide.. if you wanna run and hide and seek."

or run hide and seek are not actual lyrics..+

12 Aug 2014

im looking for a song+

Im trying to find this song by a man and a woman all I know is the lyrics goeslike this if you really love me if you really need +me I'll never go , I'll never go, who can love you tender and who can love you strong stop lookin g through the window

12 Aug 2014

please +help me find this song.

The year was 1992, I remember watching VH1 music video. One in particular I can't find for the life of me. It make things harder when I don't know the bands name or some of the lyrics. +All I remember is how the music go and where the video is being shot.

Ok, I'm going to try to describe the music video.

The music video takes place in a room, in it there two skinny guys playing a saxophone while the lead singer (who happen to be a heavy set guy) sang the song.

Please help me find this music video. +I don't know if it's 80s or early 90s music video.

12 Aug 2014

I'm Looking for a song but i only remember the video clip. It's a band, only boys, singing in a car and there is a lot of light in the back ( Lights like in vegas) . 90's song rock. Please help it's driving me crazy xD. It's not ZZ top just in case.

12 Aug 2014

RNB Soul Song from 1987 and 1993


11 Aug 2014

song from an advert

think it was around 2005/2006. it has lyrics 'I gave you my heart, gave you myheart. I think your beautiful, beautiful. think it was for a drink. was a man singing it. advert went out in the uk.

11 Aug 2014

Oasis - Wonderwall: Looking for title/band name

The song is called Wonderwall by Oasis for "I am looking for a song that has(i think) 4 male members. One specificallyhas a higher pitch and in this song has extended periods where is maintains a note for a while. The youtube video of this song is strange where all four members are just sitting on a bench of some chairs facing the camera singing the song. They slowly start shining or get brighter until at the end they are super bright. The camera is mainly focusing on their faces throughout the song. "

11 Aug 2014

trying to remember a song name and the singer :\

hey guys please i'm trying to remember a song starts with there is something in your eyes its romantic song and old male singer any help please ? :)

10 Aug 2014

name of english song by various artists

1990 s song by various artists. The girls are playing a game on table with one boy and turning the bottle. Each girl on her turn removes her bra and one of the girl removes her panty. Then they all start dancing with the boy

10 Aug 2014

Techno song, found in a Youtube soccor vid.

Since it was found via youtube, I cannot place a date to the song.

I have searched various sentences from the song such as... This is a very upbeat techno song (remix?) but the female singer sounds a bit depressed. Here are some of the lyrics i can gather... The first sentence is in there several times in various ways, together and separate followed by "you make me smile".

"Even when i want to cry, even after all this time... you make me smile". "You're all I need" She also says.. "come let me show you what I (need/mean)"

10 Aug 2014

looking for a song with, I believe the refrain is, Give me, give me, give me a ladder to midnight. +Sounds like an 1980's song?

9 Aug 2014

song identification

im looking for a song were the artist starts out spelling +W.O.M.A.N + i am a woman

9 Aug 2014

R&B Song about 8 minutes long with violin+

I heard a R&B song with a violin (kind of like an acoustic beat intro with bass) the song is about 8 minutes long and the Chorus lyrics say "beware .....(etc)" (Lyrics---something positive maybe even referring to god reference)+

8 Aug 2014

+90's song

Looking for a country song (great for two-step) by a female artist - starts off with these lyrics- "Lately it seems that we don't give much thought , +as to what matters and what matters not". +Title of song might be "Back Then". Anyone know the song and artist ?

8 Aug 2014

I only know that it goes like this"and get ready for the oh me juke box"

8 Aug 2014

am i the only one !!!!

ok !so i remember this video where a black female artist is suspended in spacewith stars behind her etc,as she sings she sweeps her arm across to sprinkle love dust or space dust ?then a bit later she has disappeared only to become stars (like the great bear or the plough etc)but in her outline ?i was sure it was kelis but can't find anything remotely similar.anybody??+

7 Aug 2014

70's slow rock ballad

Hold's high note forever at the end.

7 Aug 2014

a sahabi

the only words that I can remember are : I'm embarossede I'm embarossed . it should be from the 80s or 90s and to me sounded like a british band and it sounds like techno and rock

7 Aug 2014

looking for a song

HI, I am trying to look for a song , background artist seems like an R & B artist souding like mary J bliedge.... +she sings in the background- " And I know I know I know and I know......

I thought the main verse was beautiful beautiful +world....... +how can i findthis song... I am going crazy... HELP :)

7 Aug 2014

trying to find a song

There is choral performance singing:TOGETHER,then a solo starting with WEWILL....(cant remember more),then the choral repeats TOGETHER,trough the wholo song followed by the solo singer with his we will

7 Aug 2014

Looking for a R&B song; can't remember the lyrics exactly

I work so hard... I got to get away (repeat)

7 Aug 2014

Ok this song sounds just like the first 2-3 seconds of Rascal Flatts Blessedthe broken road. It's an older song by a black guy and in the song he mentions how her parents only see him as a black guy

6 Aug 2014

the song was played by my friend which neither him or I remember, the titleconsisted of 3 words, if I remember it was a slowish type song, guy singing, and in the title, the last two words were the same?.. I love the song but it sucks that I cannot figure it out...+

5 Aug 2014

trying to find a song

I can not remember any of the words or honestly much of any of it. I know itwas back in 2007 or 2008. The music video was either on MTV or VH1 and it was in black and white. I only remember that in a few scenes there was this old man and he was streaming black or bloody tears. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE

3 Aug 2014

Looking for an animated music video

I don't remember much about the video, but I know that there was a girl flyingto some planet to have a concert. During the concert, she spills juice on the floor and the planet explodes. In the end there is a couple sitting on a bench... I hope you can help me

2 Aug 2014

it was a hardcore song mostly screaming

Well in the music video the guy well he is blond old and he is carrying ayoung boy when he awakes he covers his mouth cutting his stomach open replacing all his guts with a squid and sews him up before all that he was all hesitating than went waist up in the water letting him go he floted alway than sunk in

2 Aug 2014

baby you're all i want you're all i need

2 Aug 2014

2 songs

one from the 90's, male hip hop group singing about the changing seasons andthe violin playing? second song, female artist, pop all I can remember is "no, you don't" +either know or want or think, very strong beat in background

2 Aug 2014

song title

stop look what i have found am falling in love with you

2 Aug 2014

rock song - with so long in it

80s rock song with the words so long in it - in the chorus - not hard rock butrock. slow deliberate song - I assess 80s. Have heard it before but not in years - heard it while shopping in Coles +- can you believe it?

1 Aug 2014

Sandy Nicholl -shields

Looking for a guy singing in a swimming pool wearing a white shirt with girls round him think it was the 90s

My recollection of the 1990s is that this doesn't narrow the field a whole lot

1 Aug 2014

trying to find song

I cant remember the lyrics exactly but they go something like this: "dealing with the fascination beyond the lying sea."

1 Aug 2014

mid 90s song

The somg im looking for their is a lafy who. Eats up her bohfriend in musicvideo nd takes off with his semi and i think she says my addiction i+ it im not sure been serchong for it for a while now still cant find it help please+

1 Aug 2014

90's r&b+ Im looking for a song thats starts off...are got my eyes on..a man of many words im gonna make this sweet and simple. Chorus goes... your my world your my everthing

1 Aug 2014

lookin for a song

Im looking for a song about friends in late 90s or early 2000s. It had humming at the beginning.+

31 Jul 2014

on the backbar hung an old guitar like none I'd ever seen. + It's neck wasfilled with diamonds and though the strings were old like kings of sound they wound around 6 keys of solid gold

30 Jul 2014

Looking for this dance song+

Song from early 2000s 2004/04 I think. It's a dance song and the videoincludes 5 women dancing with shirts and skirts on top of a roof please help+

30 Jul 2014

Reggae song+

I'm looking for a reggae song sung by a couple with a child in it who says I love you momma , I love you papa , always+

30 Jul 2014

Song Name and Artist

The song is from the 90's by a female country artist.

Lyrics go something like "I'm gonna let it rain, I'm gonna watch it pour, I', through with trying to watch thunder through the eye of the storm, If i could bottle up the lightening, i could handle all the pain, but i can't keep it from striking so i gotta let it rain"

29 Jul 2014

Looking the singer of the song "It's My life"

Who is the singer of "It's My Life"?

Try typing "It's My Life" into the search box at the top of every page

29 Jul 2014

Looking for title/band name

I am looking for a song that has (i think) 4 male members. One specificallyhas a higher pitch and in this song has extended periods where is maintains a note for a while. The youtube video of this song is strange where all four members are just sitting on a bench of some chairs facing the camera singing the song. They slowly start shining or get brighter until at the end they are super bright. The camera is mainly focusing on their faces throughout the song.

28 Jul 2014

looking for this possibly 90s song

the song has to be from the 90's and it definitely sounds like a beachy or asuffer song and in the lyrics at one point goes iiiiii just wanna.... but i KNOW its NOT fly by sugar ray . i herd it on the radio and its bother me cause its such a good song and i cant find it or figure it out! please help!!!!+

28 Jul 2014

heard song today 96.1 Olympia around 3:00 +words +I believe every breath isnot too far from where you are +. +I think the song is about the passing of a loved one. and +josh groben

28 Jul 2014

80's song/one hit wonder

I'm looking for a song the has the chous " because of you". This group soundslike the GoGo's. It's not the Cover Girls. I'm at a loss!!

27 Jul 2014

Maybe Country Pop+

I am looking for a song sung by female artist with a chorus of "We were meantfor each other" not sure if this is correct.

26 Jul 2014

I'm trying to remember a song by a woman, i think it is a remake and ... Inthe middle of the song he kinda raps a little. ..... a song sung by a man about childhood friends who end up falling in love. the ..... I think its new with a reggae/ pop beat.

26 Jul 2014

+looking for song

R&b song, female artist, +slow, +bumping beat, she begins talking at beginningof opening, real sexy, I believe that was the hook/bridge of it.

25 Jul 2014

Looking for a song, please help!

I'm looking for a song... sadly I can't remember who performed it.. or thetitle.. or even the lyrics. But I guees in the title there was the word 'tonight'. In the music video of this song we can see three pretty girls who (I think) get an invitation, and at the end of the video they end up at a party. Not a flashing lights and drinking as an animal party.. :D On a chillout taste wine looking elegant party. There's much sunshine in the whole video. If we can't see the three girls, we see the singer (women) staying in front of the band. I think one of the band members plays on a doublebass. The singer wears a black dress, and if my memorey doesn't fail me, a red scarf. It is a happy song, and maybe there's piano in it also, but I'm not sure. That's all I can remember, please somebody help me, I would really appreciate it! :)

25 Jul 2014

I'm looking for a song

I don't remember any lyrics . I just remember the boy band being in a glassbox it was daylight but I don't remember anything else .

25 Jul 2014


I can't stop loving you b

25 Jul 2014

looking for a song of course+

It was 2005 the first time l've heard it on mtv and is a music video of a guygoing in a disco with his girlfriend and he take pills get drunk and find out that his girl cheated on him so he go with another girl too and after that he died i think of overdose just falling down on the dance floor! Someone please can help me???

25 Jul 2014

I am looking for a Christian song named Your here for a reason

24 Jul 2014


I want to find a song with a long black bug in the video, I would be gratefoul if someone would tell me, bye.

24 Jul 2014

looking for a pop song from late 90's early 2k

it has a quick violin intro and some of the lyrics that i can remember is imsorry for and i miss you can you help me?

23 Jul 2014

Looking for a particular version of a song I already know

I'm looking for a faster version of Dancer in the dark by Fatman P. I have a copy of it on my ipod but unfortunately it cannot be played on itunes as the original file was lost. Can anyone help me find the fast version again?

Try looking under "Dancing in the Dark"

22 Jul 2014

songs of the 80's

Mary can you hear me can you tell me what it's all suppose to mean. +Holdingout a photograph of all that i have seen, i wish i could hold you, i wish i could hold you

21 Jul 2014

Looking for a song

I'm looking for the title of the song that is played at the very beginning ofthe "Frozen Is The New Black" video on YouTube.+

19 Jul 2014

Mini Europe rocket launch song

Which music is played during launch of rocket in Mini Europe at Brussels ? Itis a very famous song but difficult to trace.+

19 Jul 2014

part of lyrics

set it free and if it comes back

18 Jul 2014

i am not afraid of the dark--Jive tempo song

chorus cause I fear I'm fallin, I got vertigo I shiver and shake....... cause I fear I'm fallin, I got vertigo I shiver and shake.......

I am looking for the singer of this song

18 Jul 2014



18 Jul 2014

Looking for a song/band

I am looking for a band and a song that I used to listen to almost ten yearsago. I find it similar to simple plan, but it was from a not so well know band from Montreal that never really made it big. I wish I had more info, I can almost hear the song playing in my head but no lyrics or titles come to mind. It is really frustrating.

17 Jul 2014

Looking for this hip hop song

Which, rap song has female background singers saying "give me ya love."? BTW the rapper in the song sounds like he's from the islands. +I hope you can help me.


17 Jul 2014

I'm trying to remember a song by a woman, i think it is a remake and thechorus is sung in french but the rest of the song is in english... can not remember a single word of it

16 Jul 2014

just instrumental, mostly drums and is loud and gets faster toward the end played a lot at wedding receptions

15 Jul 2014

looking fir a song

I heard a Christian song bout a mom an dad in a Dr. Office an the Dr says thebaby might not make it what do u want to do an the mom says give her life+

14 Jul 2014

Updating info

Does this site ever get updated?

Yes (see the date at the foot of the page)

14 Jul 2014

pre 200 song with lyrics sexy eyes

Hi all, I heard a song on the radio which was trance/pop. Its lyrics are "sex eyes...sexy" couldnt get the next word. I think it was voice. "sexy eyes...sexy voice" And no, its not the whigfield song sexy eyes. As far as I know, it was released before 2003. Internet search result yielded nothing. :( Any ideas?

14 Jul 2014

Amazing Female Vocal with No Actual Words

I'm looking for a song that features an absolutely incredible female vocalthat reaches many ranges but used no actual words. It's a moody emotional song that I believe is was done in the +60's or 70's by a well-known band such as Procol Haram or Emerson Lake and Palmer, that hired a very talented background singer for this piece. I've heard it many times over the years and it always strikes a very emotional chord.

Thanks so much!

To us the obvious candidate would be "Great Gig In The Sky" by Pink Floyd, but that's just showing our age.

14 Jul 2014

I'm trying to find the name of a song

I'm trying to find out the name of a song I heard years ago with the sampledhigh pitched r&b chorus, " I wanna piggyback, celebrate. I don't want to go over" It was a hip hop song with a really good chorus sample and maybe somebody knows the artist name or song name

14 Jul 2014

Song title and artis

Am looking for the original r&b song for the vibez cartel song call me

14 Jul 2014

About how this girl is crazy but he still can't leave her

I don know any of the lyrics. I do know that megan fox is in the music videothou. She breaks all of his records and wears all of his clothes. She also leaves him for her friends.

13 Jul 2014

This is a song from early 80's I believe. Man sings it...something aboutmusic. He has a very distinctive voice. In the middle of the song he kinda raps a little.

12 Jul 2014

Looking for the name of a song

For a friend, I'm looking for a song that has seemingly these words, sung by a Female artist:

I saw Ellen yesterday, at the old Bluebird cafe At a table where the two of you once met And she asked me if I'd seen you, were you playing here in town And had you married anybody yet? It was strange to see her face, in that same ole musty place Just as though the time had never really passed

All help will be appreciated, thank You Lori

12 Jul 2014

Which artist?

Which artist and song has following lyrics?

Long time ago someone sang a song about living in a world where it doesn't matter who you are

11 Jul 2014

Looking for music video/song

I can't remember any of the lyrics, but I'm sure the music video had a sad,melancholy tune to it. +There is this animated figure (I think it was a yellow paper cutout man) +walking around in people's legs. +I don't think the real people are ever shown other than their feet while he's walking. +Then I think it was raining at one point and he might have met up with another animated figure. +

11 Jul 2014

french song

m looking a French music video about father and his little daughter +day out+

11 Jul 2014

Need to find this song!

My sister and I have been trying to find this song for years!

When we were younger our dad would drive us around playing his casset tapes. One song (maybe Milli Vanilli or something like them) was our favorite the lyrics went like this: "I knew that one day I would be the one to fall, fall in love fall in love oooo fall in love fall in love." I know it's so vague but it's all I can remember. Any help would be appreciated!

11 Jul 2014


i only know some of the words all i know is that it says baby i know that youlike me so im gonna tell you that. then i dont know the rest please help me find the song

9 Jul 2014

Looking for this song played on the radio July 8, 2014 a young black man singing it about +some part was lord had made have to hold

You my women .its you

9 Jul 2014

Lord had mad have to hold you my women it's you

8 Jul 2014

What song?

My song is very strange in that I know none of the words - it is spoken inanother language entirely. It has a lot of the same instrumental styles as Foreigner or other classic rock groups. All I can definitively say is that it was on a video on youtube of an Airsoft match from a channel named ScaarAT, and the video is called "AATV Skirmish Video". The channel is Austrian, so that leads me to believe that the language is the same or perhaps another Central European language.

You think the language is Austrian? Let me guess you come the USA and speak American?

6 Jul 2014

+heard pieces of lyrics...stuck

Rapper sounded like biodiesel. Hook- +if she down for me then I'm down forher. Also talking about being forgiven and moving

4 Jul 2014


i looking for +VIDEO with a blonde hair and a black guy they stay in bed the song is balade

4 Jul 2014

I'm trying to find a song+

The singer had a husky sort voice, the song was slow and played on piano, he sang about I'm not sure of the lyrics but ... •in my heart once more • will you still love me everyday •on my own •everywhere *stole my heart I really don't know it and it's bugging the crap out of me please do help if you have ANY idea+

3 Jul 2014

what is songs album name

Songs line is -+ We are once like a skyes to the star

2 Jul 2014

2008 Female artist+

The music video played on VH1. I can remember the lyrics. The video consisted of a female artist standing in a dark stage lit by a red light and sweating profusely.

Song came out and played at the same time as Duffy's "Mercy", Katy Perry's "Ikissed a girl" and Adele's "Chasing Pavement."

2 Jul 2014

need female singers name

lyrics to one of her songs: I'm very much in like with you.... and another has either title or lyrics: American in Columbia"?

2 Jul 2014


I'm looking for a song I used to hear on VH1 can only remember the music videoI can not remember the artist's name or song title, it's about a woman who sings and dances in a "fake" forest there are many colors there are butterflies and flowers trees and the song is very "fresh" please have been looking for this song in a very long time.

1 Jul 2014

jazz song

(jazz) instrumental song which start with I believe a bass, and than a piano (which forms the melody.

1 Jul 2014

Missing my favorite song

French album in 2003 on the CD cover photo of a female singer as the EiffelTower and French Flag has been published

1 Jul 2014

French Song

Consists of a girl singing in sort of a smokey room, partly black and whitevideo, a lot of topless men, and windows. Thats all I remember and the fact that it is french. Please help its a song from a long time ago and I would like to find it again <3

30 Jun 2014

It was a 60s hit on a 45rpm. In the night. Flip side was-another chance.(so I take her in the night. In the night. Hold me tight treat me right in the night.+

30 Jun 2014

It was a 60s hit on a 45rpm. In the night. Flip side was-another chance.

30 Jun 2014

My love i wanna know all there is to know about u where u go where u from+

30 Jun 2014

Irish song.

This Irish song has at the end of a line the words. Its Time I Moved On. Iwould love to know the name of the song, my late Father used to sing it.It might have been writen by Percy French.

30 Jun 2014

What's the name of song

it's just music, almost like Kenny G but I don't think it's that jazzy.

I remember a bit from the video, very classy, mind you~ +a woman in the tubwith the words "I see you smile" floating by her as the artist plays the instrument. I can easily tap out the tune in my head lol but, cannot get it on paper. Please help!! I've been searching for years!

29 Jun 2014

song in the 1970's+

i am looking for a song that began with the phone ring then it goes to answer machine the lady leaves a message saying sorry i not home. Man replys saying hey baby and how he will be home soon. I think they have american accents.

Paul Evans "Hello This is Joanie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song)" 1978?

Or maybe Rupert Holmes "Answering Machine" 1980?

29 Jun 2014

I wanna Know What love is

Did you try entering "exactly" that text into the search box?

29 Jun 2014

Love Me+

Late 90's female lead singer+

28 Jun 2014

Similar song yet not quite

Im looking for a song that is a mashup between Let it Rock & Tik Tok, itsimilar like the YouTube video ¨Let It Tik Tok [Digital Maestro Mashup] Let It Rock vs Tik Tok Remix¨ but when the Let It Rock song goes to the let it rock lyric part of the song thats when kesha with Tik Tok ¨Ohohohoh, ohohoh, Dont stop make it pop ....etc) comes out, i had the song in an mp3 but i accidently broke it, and now when i looked for that song it said that the video was broken or something, 1 year later i look for it and i cant even find the broken video :( it was an awesome song .+

28 Jun 2014

I am looking for a particular song, how can I find it?

I am looking for a dance music song, who's singer is a female with the lyrics"30 seconds to self destruct"

28 Jun 2014

Can't find this music video

I know this sounds awful, I cannot remember the lyrics- the band sounds a lot like the black keys, and the video was of two little boys playing with tennis balls in a room with strange gravity. Main color schemes were blue and grey- and they did something similar to the "Dexter" series blood splatter tests but with balls they pin to the walls.

27 Jun 2014

I am living for today don't know about tomorrow

25 Jun 2014

'I am looking for the title of dance song

The only lyrics that I'm able to hear and being sung by a female are: "30 seconds to self destruct" Without disrespect to anyone this music can be heard in the background of a gay porn video found at URL: =====

Please find somewhere else to add such links

24 Jun 2014

smile, smile smile


21 Jun 2014

This is a classic song a guy sings it it goes like aditi aditee+

19 Jun 2014

What song is this?

The song is kind of jazz influenced, but sounds modern. Its part of the 24 Hour Fitness playlist but I went through every song and it wasn't it. There's very little lyrics and I think the woman is saying " I want you " throughout the whole song.+

19 Jun 2014

song from an RCA music compilation from the 80's

This is a very long shot, but I'll give it a try. I bought a CD at a Strawberries record store in CT. It's an RCA music compilation and had songs from different artists on it. I would know what the cover of the CD looks like if I saw it, but I don't remember all of if. There's a song called "Always" on it, and have no idea who sings it. And it's not by a group that is popular.+

Have you tried looking at the page about the song title "Always"?

It lists 29 artists that have had a hit with a song of that title from George Olsen in 1926 to Aysel & Arash in 2009

18 Jun 2014


I know its sung by by a group my love

18 Jun 2014

song written and perform by:Coenie de Villiers

I'm looking for the song that is written and perform by Coenie de Villiers at the end of the drama show called Cheaper then Roses with Lizz Miering

17 Jun 2014

Response to Feb 15 2014 post about old disco blues song+

Response to: looking for the song and artist

old disco tune with a few lyrics "I will follow you where ever you go 'cause I like the way you act" "it ain't what you got it's how you use it"

Answer: Artist "Marvin Sease" - I'm Mr. Jody


16 Jun 2014

Early 80's MTV Animated 40's Style Music Video

I am trying to find the name of the song and the group who were in a 30's or 40's style animated music video that used to be shown on MTV in the early 80's. I think the lead singer was a blonde woman and possibly New York was in the title. It may have had a light jazz sounds to it. It is not the Parson's Project video. Please help. :)+

14 Jun 2014

looking for a song

the song bigining with that " dreeam some time i find you,i find you in my dreeaam,i my dream...." it is a techno song! please help me to find the song

13 Jun 2014

one more

Female artist from the last 90s

11 Jun 2014

funk song+

who sings ? wanna make with you girl, ive searched for so very long forsomeone exactly like you, go for what you know girl doo wop 80's Funk +

11 Jun 2014

oil hindi remix songs

I am finding a cassette named bollywood hits vol 2 a old songs which where inremix style sung very fast and on cassette cover mamta kulkarni sexy photo was thier and I think it was release on 1990.s

10 Jun 2014


Who sang, "I love the night life, I want to Boogie? Thought it might be called "ACTION"

"I Love the Nightlife" - Alicia Bridges 1978

9 Jun 2014


a female sings the opening vurses and throughtout the song. + she says myheart is beating to the wrong song. the guy is singing im so lost in these thoughts. he sounds like Wiz Khalif but its not. I love this song any help would be appreciated.

9 Jun 2014

80's ballad

Male singer, in the music video, a guy comes back to his hometown to find hisgirlfriend is getting married. +He fixes up his care and gives it to his brother and leaves town again.

9 Jun 2014

classic rock?

i heard this song on a classic rock station but the only lyrics i heard waswhy ya ya why ya ya ya or something along those lines. The beat seemed kind of jamaican or something. I heard it again one other time and it was the same spot of the song i heard which is towards the end. It is driving me crazy please help!!

9 Jun 2014


i am looking for a techno song since 2003. i only remember the melody and themusic video. let me introduce the music video; two girls are playing video game in an large empty flat of a building. the game that they were playing was about something like two characters were tagging (chasing) eachother. one girl chose a Hornet with a glasses as her character. other girl chose a masked hockey player. and hockey player were trying to catch the bee in the game. they were running all around the city. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

8 Jun 2014


a few years ago a woman sang a song and a man did his own version or the other way round I think it was I don't want you back maybe

8 Jun 2014

Can't figure out this song and don't know the words

Okay, this is a long shot, but this song used to play on our classic rock radio station all the time, can't remember anything except the chorus, and I don't really know the words, because it's been so long since ive heard it. It's a 70's era song, and the chorus kind of rhymes with this: who didn't love the archer, or possible who who wants to love the archer, or something along those lines, it's a slower paced song too, singer has a real soft voice but not high pitched. Please help+

7 Jun 2014

Please help finding Song Title and Artist

Hi! I'm looking for the title and artist for this song which sounds like a 1980's new wave sone with chorus "oh ooh ooooh ooh, oh ooh ooooh". It also has a cuckoo clock sound.

Singer is a male.

7 Jun 2014

1970s music with lyrics that include, "Im just playing along in my mind:

I'm just playing along in my mind......

6 Jun 2014

are you sure that you love me are you sure that you care

4 Jun 2014

80s song or 70s song

It sounds like toto playing but it's not and PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS FREAKING SONG BEEN GOING ON MY HEAD SINCE THIS MORNING. It goes by love never ends or love is so strong I don't know who freaking sang it please help me find it PLEASE!. I know it's like synth pop and rock by the electric guitar. When I heard from kool 105 in wheeling wv.

3 Jun 2014

find a girls group

This girls group had a hit in 2004 or 2005. There was three girls in the group. Thay we're a young group. I think that we're on teen pop award. I think one girl wes black the other two we're whight not shore it might be two black and one whight . The lead singer had a red and black checker dress on in +the video

3 Jun 2014

Older Rap Love Song

The song starts off with either trumpets or horns and I can't really remember the lyrics but they have to do with a woman afraid to trust him and love him because of her past. I know he says the word "girl" at the end of each line in his chorus.

31 May 2014

song 1970 years

looking at you from above

31 May 2014


hi wonder if you guys can help me i am looking for a old 90's song name - all i know ITS got HERO WHEN YOU FASTER in the song ?

30 May 2014

80's disco

Id walk a mile to drink your bath water

29 May 2014

looking for a song R&B

looking for a song with lyrics ..."I don't know what to say" r&B. Sound like a black singer

27 May 2014


When i was younger i watched this music video and i can remember what its called for the of me. It had a teenagers riding bikes and they would hang out at a fence and by the end they were fighting and it had at least one girl.

27 May 2014

A yellow haired man with blue skin - help!

Hi! First I'd like to apologise for all my mistakes (I'm a desperate Polish girl who's been looking this song for couple years!) and I hope you'd understand me well :)

Is the song fast or slow? Rather fast (something like pop-rock)

Does it have heavy drums, guitars, etc.? I'm not sure

Does it have any unusual sounds? I don't remember

Is it sung by a male or female? Male

Where did you hear it? I heard it on MTV. I think it was something in MTV Making Video or anything like this show (but I was looking for all songs on Wikiedia and I didn't find it...)

When did you hear it? Probably 2004-2007

Any other helpful information Guy in video had yellow hair and blue skin. At beginning one normal guy was thrown out from club/bar. Then I remember this normal guy was driving a car and this yellow haired man was tie oneself by a line to this car. That's all I remember.

I hope you'd +help me!+

27 May 2014

What song was number 1 on dic 1977

25 May 2014


24 May 2014

70's 80s song r&b slow soulful. Male Group

Just take it off

There is no hit called "Just Take It Off"

18 May 2014

black r&b boy band

+i cant remember the lyrics, the name of the song or who sang it. all i knowis it was a black R&B +boy band, possibly just one guy. they were young, all i know is the song was kinda something about a boy tellin his friend how much he like this girl and his was telling him to tell her how much he likes her. It's starts out with them talking at the begining and when gets done telling his friend how much he likes this girl then the actual music starts it's a cute little love song. I first heard in 2006 or 2007. I don't think it's bad creation or b5.

18 May 2014

80's maybe 90's

Only lyric I can remember is, that's the way it goes......... I suppose??+

17 May 2014


song remade by a country artist called i dont know where im going ,but i sure know where i been

17 May 2014

my soul and my life without asking why

my soul and my life without asking why

16 May 2014

i'm looking for a song sung by a man about childhood friends who end up falling in love. the beginning of the video there is this sweet little boy tell the girl that he is going to marry her one day and in the end of the video the get married.... someone please help me find this song

16 May 2014

post: Nov 2013 video

Someone was looking for a particular song in the early 2000s and in the video, a girl in the climbs the side of the stage and jumps into the crowd. The song they're looking for is "Somewhere out there" by Our Lady Peace

13 May 2014

What's the name of this song? who sings it?

Love is patient love is kind, love will stand the test of time, when you believe in love, love will love will. 'choirs' ooh ooh ooh when you believe in love.

its an R & B song sang by a guy, I've heard it quite a few times just never got the title or who sings it.

13 May 2014

I have been trying to find this song :/

There's always a song that is inside my head.. It is quite old...It is sing by a female singer... It is quite peaceful melody too. It goes like: +Because I love you....cause i need you..

13 May 2014

love song

I'm looking for a love song, played on a piano. I thought i knew the lyrics but after googling it i concluded i was wrong about that. some words i'm 100% sure of they are right: "I'am" ... "Love", "don't you know"... At the end of the song there is a part when the male singer shouts "Heeey Heey". after that part the song continous like it started with the intro.

12 May 2014

mystery song

i am trying to get information on a song with the words "forever i am where ever you are".

12 May 2014

what was the song

there were no lyrics just music. 2 guys dancing dressed in suits in a basement of an old building around early 2000's

9 May 2014

young girl

she is driving a car, she passes a bus stop, waves to a guy, she turns round picks him up .. video is a cartoon

9 May 2014

baby am i crazy for not wanting you

baby am i crazy for not wanting you

7 May 2014

Sad music

The one music/song that plays in bullying videos or abuse videos the One that goes ooo ooo ooo+

7 May 2014

like a rose in september

please help me locate the song like a rose in september

7 May 2014

Im looking for a song i think late 80s

All I know is the lyrics were,You are the one,you are the oneyou are my joy,I need you all the time.It sounds like a guy band,its real funky though.Please help, I lokked all over.....Thanks...

6 May 2014


i am looking ++ +for +a song + with +the +lyrics +baby i no you been a cheating +i think it was the 1960

6 May 2014

What is this country song called-may be a waltz

Look at me now I am so proud

6 May 2014


It's a indian and a black guy rapping about a girl in 2012 and one of the lines said something about reeses

5 May 2014

First we start to kiss then we start to neck and ooh baby then you know what happens next

4 May 2014

Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" in chorus

Has anyone heard a downtempo hip-hop/reggaeish song that uses Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" in its chorus?? I heard it exactly once on Chicago's 103.5 FM, and couldn't Shazam it

2 May 2014

Hindi pop song ?

I first heard this song in a Music video at youtube. The video was a young woman getting all dress up and going out to the bar for a couple of drinks and ending up cheating on her boyfriend by bringing home a guy from the bar. The song was instrumental but there was a couple of words the female singer would sing but I forget the lyrics were. I think It was about sunshine. I strongly believe it is an Hindi pop song. I forget the name of the song and also the music video's name as well, which was spelled in a different Language. Can you please help me finding it ? Thank you :)

1 May 2014

song in french with english chorus

Looking for the names of a song I heard in Paris. It sounded quite modern and up tempo (it was used by a street performer to dance to). The verses were in French, but the chorus was mostly in English. The only words I remember are "New York" and I'm pretty sure it mentioned something about lights or nights. Any help would be appreciated

30 Apr 2014

a girl

owah, owah, my sweet baby

29 Apr 2014

What is the song called

Heard on a classic rock station lyrics sound like "I don't care if you know me...I don't care if you do" he pronounces don't like don. funky beat too.

28 Apr 2014

What is this song called from the 70"s

Ok the song has the lyrics "I'm not afraid"..it's kind of slow, reminds me of some Hall n Oates stuff. It's killing me cause I cant figure this out and i'm gonna go nuts...HELP!!!!

24 Apr 2014

what is this song called

ill take away the stars with a girl singing

23 Apr 2014

song with old bollywood movie videoclip

I'm looking for so long a song that I heard in some TV show. It was a dance perfomance with this music. I unfortunately forgot the tilte and the artist too. But it had a videoclip of an old bollywood movie, and the artist is a british-indian man, who is mixing ethnic music with some electronic stuff. That's all I remember. I hope there's someone out there who has a clue.

Thank you!! Evi

20 Apr 2014

There's something quite peculiar/ lyrics and music

Trying to find a song I have learned over 40 years ago .There's Something Quite Peculiar About this world of ours, Sometimes we live in sunshine bright , Sometimes we live in showers

18 Apr 2014

Okey i can belive i cant find this song i just heard it the other day...for thé first time i dont know nothing about this song...just it à female artise...it talk about moving to thé country...she did not knew where she was going in life befors meeting this guy....have a house in thé country...have hens...she could just imagine life out there him with his woodpile and she Will have a clothe line...make fire beside de river blabla blabla+

16 Apr 2014

Chinese pinyin lyrics of Were You There!

A Chinese choir will be singing Were You There When Thet Crusified My Lord. They only have traditional characters which I can't read, but I can read and sing in pinyin. I can't find lyrics! +

16 Apr 2014

I'm also looking for a song

Hello, I've heard a song in a bar, I liked it much, but don't know the name or artist. It sounds like a jazz and the refrain contains something like "smokey, smokey" or similar.

Any ideas?

15 Apr 2014

frog song!!!


15 Apr 2014

70s or 80s song

I heard a remix of this song on Foxtel Chillout station in background - it's a girl who sings 'stop playing with my heart, playin' with my heart' - it isn't a new song, but I can't find who sang it originally anywhere: again it was a girl singing - I think she was English. Obviously can't be the name of the song but that is the lines she repeats in the song. It sounds very ethereal.

Any help appreciated.

14 Apr 2014

ministry of sound song

Whats the name of the song that goes "i think i'll give it just a little bit more time" its on one of the ministry of sounds albums please help!!

14 Apr 2014

I am looking for the lyrics to a song where the chorus is In the shadow of the journey when friends are so few, I have asked for the lord to be close. + I believe I heard Him walkig in the cool of the day as I sat by the side of the road.

12 Apr 2014

80s song with piano+

I am looking for a song with lyrics ....downtown girl...oh.o.oh..o.oh..o downtowngirl .....wanna have lot of fun....

Try Billy Joel

9 Apr 2014

60s song

im searching for a new love + could that new love be you

8 Apr 2014

Photagtaph had it blowen up like side

4 Apr 2014

60 or 7th song

I'm looking for a song from possibly the 60 or 70s. +It's a song by a black woman I believe and at the end of the song a guy starts talking in French. + Don't know the name of the song or what he was saying in French but my dad would play this song and I would hear it but never asked him who it was.+

3 Apr 2014

doris day

I put my French heels on and I pretend I'm 21....

2 Apr 2014

Need to know nam and artist of this song

THIS HAS GOT ME STUMPED,i looked all over internet and can not find answer. Can you help???I don't know the name of this COUNTRY SONG, but it is sung by a male artist and heres some of the lyric: "im not me without my lady, and i can't live and not go crazy, without you without you babe i'll go crazy"

Please reply answer ASAP.Thank you,Michael Loftis

1 Apr 2014

+a song from the 90's+

he is rapping about a women must earn her stars an stripes before he can marry her.

31 Mar 2014

now the singer Robin Harris Jones on "you tube" What Its Like In Heaven"

31 Mar 2014

gino venelli

cause i'm never gonna brak your heart i pledge my love to you i'm never gonna break your heart someday you'll see it's true

30 Mar 2014


One more night of holding each other "black male singer" Brain McKnight maybe.. song is asking to have girl one more night.

30 Mar 2014

rnb by a female artist

the chorus says: you never say, this is the last time make mid love.....

29 Mar 2014

I am searching for the name of the artist. ..

I want to find out the name of the artist that sang this song..it goes like this...i'm so proud to be wit you, I just wanna let you knw..mine mine mine, mine mine mine mine...

29 Mar 2014

english & french

The chorus ends with Je t'aime but the song is in english. It's an oldie

The obvious candidate would be "Je T'Aime (Moi Non Plus)" by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg. But if you search for "Je T'Aime" in the search box you'll get a lot of other candidates

24 Mar 2014

song i want

In one more semester these days will be yesterday and we'll leave our kingdom behind, +our kingdom behind

22 Mar 2014

Looking for a song, around 1935-1950 timeframe

The song has theses words, I know I've got the prettiest girl, That can't be beat. All the guys make big eyes, as she goes down the street. She's 5 foot 2, with eyes of blue, And hair a loving brown. She'd make a freight train jump the track And turn right upside down.

22 Mar 2014

Love song from early 70's

Sounds like a Michael Henderson song but it's not. It goes : (whoa whoa Hey, I'm goin away +I'm leaving today).

That's all I can remember. Thanks for any help

17 Mar 2014

Oldie in frank Sinatra era

This song title starts with the word Never.. + It is about a man that basically tells a woman that he will never hurt her or leave her.. Its an older song in Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald era.

Please help!!

8 Mar 2014

80's r&b dance tune

the chorus says, "Baby, i'll tell you why. cause i'm so in love with you." They used to play this song alot in the clubs.

7 Mar 2014

90's r&b+

Im looking for a song thats starts off...im not a man..a man of many words im gonna make this sweet and simple.

Chorus goes... your my world your my everthing

7 Mar 2014

Song I don't know+

I'm looking for a song from somewhere in the 2000s with like a crab clicking and sand paper sounds in the background

6 Mar 2014

An older girly song

Okay I have a song I can't remember the music too at all soI can't find the song. It's a really girly song from a few years ago. The artist was african american and she had curly brown/black hair. The music video was kind of animated about her coming home from school.+

6 Mar 2014

I am looking for a nice track+

Hi people.. I am looking for a nice track that was done in the early 90s, around 90/91. It sampled the beat from Gwen McCrae : All this love that i am giving. I have looked at WhoSampled.com without success. Any ideas??

4 Mar 2014

Heart beats like a drum

3 Mar 2014

(M83 Oblivion feat Susanne Sundfør) i heard a song somewhere and its just playing over in my head

I came across this thread while hunting for my own earworm which turned out to be Oblivion feat Susanne Sundr . I don't know if the person who posted "i heard a song somewhere and its just playing over in my head" on the 15th January was looking for the same song but it sounded like they might be.

3 Mar 2014

Another song called Eloise

Hi. +Hope you can help. +I am looking for an old rock blues song possibly 60's. +It sounded as though it was sung by a Black American and had some fine Saxophone in it. +He sings Eloi, Eloise.

Regards Scott

1 Mar 2014

All i know is that it is a Classic Rock song, its a band and the song uses Chords from the song la bamba

28 Feb 2014

oh to be

its a love song, kinda folkish, something about being the kite in sky or hand in your pocket, etc

18 Feb 2014

Two songs I find too time-consuming to identify

Hi, I don't think these are big hits but lately I've been trying to identify an electronic/techno song which has the phrase 'all you need is' which may have been around in 2005/2006 and a reggae/hip hip song probably in 2007 which has the lyric that goes something like 'cos the sun sets down to the streets tonight/and I' in the chorus. I don't have the patience to look through all results in a lyric site and it's even more complicated trying to rely on google/bing especially as I cannot distinguish the artists/producers for these tracks. It's driving me crazy because when I find a track that I think might be one of them and I listen to it, it does not turn out to be the one I'm looking for. So some help would be greatly appreciated, Hayley x

15 Feb 2014

looking for the song and artist

old disco tune with a few lyrics "I will follow you where ever you go 'cause I like the way you act" "it ain't what you got it's how you use it"

14 Feb 2014

1960's or early 1970's r&b song

The lyrics are: +If you want to leave me, you better be sure ,that you know what you're doing. please give the title and artist.


12 Feb 2014

An older song i've been searching for sooo long! Help ^^

Hey! I've been seraching this song for sooo many years and i can't find it. I heard it about 10-15 years ago on some show on the tv. It was a boy band, not very known i think. Or not very known for me.. I think they were 3 of them. And if i remember corectly, they started the song with something like:

+(something) for the hip hop boys!

and then a part of the song i remember:

+...i know it's gonna be better cause she's allways there, forever by my side, until the end of time. Chorus: When i look in her eyes i know they won't tell a lie/ any lies.. (something).. is that familliar to anyone?

The "Hip Hop Boyz" (note the Z) had a hit in France in 1998 with "Stop The Rain", possibly?

12 Feb 2014

music video

great music video of a guy dancing to a girl at prom. he got his sleeve roll up to his elbow. might be european, it a dance track.

11 Feb 2014

Looking for a song from commercial

Hey, anybody knows which song is this commercial? I cant find it anywhere.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djPILd-Ugsk

8 Feb 2014

Trying to find the name of a song

I'm trying to find a song from the 70's by, The Eagles ( I think) with lyrics similar to, "Look out the window and I can't make the time go, you don't even know who I am."

8 Feb 2014

Looking for a song that has the same high note guitar riff in the verse as smells like teen spirit but to a slower beat

3 Feb 2014

Ding dong Song on Buddha Bar ?

Hello, I once found a song in Buddha Bar albums, Ministry of Sound,or Chill Out or Cafe del Mar. It was a track. It stared very chemical brothers and electro, maybe was an remix, and the only words of a male singer were oooo, eeeee +/ oooo , eeeee .. ding dong , ding dong.The voice sounds like Freddy Mecury. I can't +find it anywhere because i have never listened to it nowhere.+

1 Feb 2014

Don't know why google doesn't find it!

"... but if i didn't have the money and didn't have the fame would you love me the same"

28 Jan 2014


Im trying to find a song I heard on pandora it had hurt me in the title I think its a rock song not a sad song like the ones I saw on YouTube please help

Not much to go on, "Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)" by Gap Band, "Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me)" by Rod Stewart, "You Hurt Me" by Hooverphonic?

25 Jan 2014

its a black rnb singer male. the cd is orange it kinda old+

Begining starts like this. How can I say what's on my mind? Ill try to find the words this time. Cus I don't want to be here alone. You make this house a happy home.

17 Jan 2014

I'm looking for the name of this song over 4 years?

I am brazilian, sorry my english. I believe that this song is in English. Help me find it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6GRAWWKd8Y

15 Jan 2014

i heard a song somewhere and its just playing over in my head

You know when you hear a song once and it gets stuck in your head and just keeps playing? Well i'm experiencing that right now though instead of only lasting half a day or a whole one, it's been playing for days. please i need a name so i can pump this track as loud as possible. it's fast paced rock and roll and the only lyrics i know and they may not even be right but they are, and it takes me higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and ohh ohh a woah oh. HELP PLEASE ! ! ! xD

14 Jan 2014

i'm looking for a song that had a r&b woman i think from the 80 early 90's. it starts off slow" oh oh oh oh yeha yeah yeah. thats the only part i kmnow. i know it's hard to find. i can't stop thinking about it, so if ANYONE can help. Thanks

11 Jan 2014

Very old song

I am 87 y.o. and I sang this song before I went to school. The words start;There's something quite peculiar about this world of ours, sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down. I would really lik the words and the music.. Thanks so much. Lila

There is a site that claims this is "Smile, Smile, Smile"

9 Jan 2014

I don't know the title of the song, I can remember that it begins: "this is all where it begins..." Also it has "don't make me high... don't even try...."

It's a such a good song....

8 Jan 2014

piano song with car horn in intro

i thought it was say you love me, but hence, no car horn... now I can't remember what song it is. +but I know there is a song, probably seventies, with a piano intro, and two horn sounds (beep beep - seventies horn, when they really sounded like horns!). +thanks to anyone who cares!

Dexys Midnight Runners "Geno"?

8 Jan 2014

the name of the song is, In Summertime

it was made +in the 70s or 80s its r&b +and one man sang it another song just believe in love,80s or 90s

7 Jan 2014

Looking for a song stuck in the depths of my head...

Thanks in advance.

The song was from the late 80's to early 90's. +A dance song that seemed like a Dj in combination with a high band drum section intermixed throughout the song. It was popular in night clubs especially in Florida and the Caribbean.

5 Jan 2014


this is a song with a man singing on his own and theres all pictures hanging down off what could be memories?!?!?! HELPP!!!!!

1 Jan 2014

I am looking for a song that is a little old.I tryed the lyrics on google but i couldn't find it. All i remember is that there was a female singer and the refren was like this "i don't care, I'm not like you anyway, i don't care,don't you hear me what i say i don't care,cause you're all waste of time and you'll never ever ever be mine." if anyone can help me or give me a clue i would appreciate it.

29 Dec 2013


I do not know the title of the song but the words I can remember was Poor little girl they call you a flirt a flapper wit yesterday's wings You may shine brightly but one of these days your old fashioned sister will come into view with husband +and kiddies and what about you+

26 Dec 2013

songs that didnt make the charts

Hi, I have been searching a song I heard many years ago but do not remember the title. I know it was in the early 1970's,but After going through lists of 200 songs that were released as "Singles" for each year, It dawned on me that the song I heard might have gotten airplay but never made the charts at all or was an album cut only. There does not seem to be a list anywhere of "songs that got airplay but never made the charts" or "All songs released" by year.

Do such lists exist?

Thanks for your help ALex

You could try "rateyourmusic.com" or "discogs"

26 Dec 2013

some dnb stuff


So im looking for that song in here. i know the original one - The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds but i cant find who remixed it. Please help me out : |

14 Dec 2013

I saw this song's video clip in 2006

The whole +clip is in animation +and has no +words in it. at the beginning of the song the animated character is being chased by police who is airborne and after pursuit a rocket is fired on his spaceship however he then manages to jump on the rocket itself when police consider he is dead as the rocket explodes he is shown alive at the end of the video

13 Dec 2013

Looking for a Waltz song for Chritmas

The song is called "I won't be dancing this Christmas", it a waltz beat that we danced to at our local dancing class & I cannot find it anywhere. +Can you help. SuzieB

4 Dec 2013

song name

what is the name of this song? when i step up on the floor. music plays once more,

30 Nov 2013

RnB 90' song

I'm looking for a song i dont remember anything about except the video clip.It came out in the late 90', early 2000'. I think it's a rnb song sung by 2 women (I think). They're african american. In the clip you see the harsh life of some people and then you see how it gets better (a girl is about to being evicted but some guy give her some money anonimously) you also see the women singing on the hood of a car stuck in a trafic jam (in New york I think). everybody comes out of their cars to dance (?) in the street. I think it even starts raining. You often see a butterfly. That's all i can remember. I remember watching MTV when I was around 9 and this song kept showing multiples times a day. thanks

29 Nov 2013


this is the VIDEO...of a man named KIM PEEK...who has a gift of memory...oneof the most briliant minds of all time. in a SHORT DOCUMENTARY VIDEO HE PLAYED A BEAUTIFUL SPOT FORM A SONG I DONT KNOW. TAKE THE SUBJECT I WROTE AND PUT IT IN YOUTUBE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF PLEAAAASSEEE IM BEGGING YOU THIS SPOT HE PLAYS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. there is a woman asking him questions right before he plays it and he says something about weber's "an invitation to a dance" but i looked it up and it is not it. please help me and if you know the beautiful spot pleas email me at potts.dalton@yahoo.com. please thank you please thank you. (:(:(:(:

29 Nov 2013

Looking for a song in the 80s new wave song

I'd like to find the title of a song that played a lot in discotheques it's a new wave song and the only words that i remember of this song are (looking at this photograph...) and it's a man that sings it and the song starts with beautiful disco music.

19 Nov 2013

need help finding a song

I'm looking for a song... And i can't find it, because the only lines I know are 'Da da di da da da di da da da da da, da da di da di da di da da da di da da di da' but that's what they sing... its a womans voice. Please help!

19 Nov 2013

Dance song

Hi im looking for a dance song that the dj used michael jacksons "human nature" music in but a girl sings in it... I even know wot the video is if It would help? Its based at a pool and a dark girl sings in a bikini and u also see the dj amd he is wearing glasses that reflects everything on them..... plz plz help me searching for this song for ages!!!

18 Nov 2013

a record +of 1how +high +the +moon'

a record of 'how high the moon' with a clarinet solo, and in the end ,a clarinet solo with a drum, played together like a 'jungle beat'

16 Nov 2013

song from a movie

I never found the exact video I was looking for But the song is by Moby &patti Labelle. I was also in a bigger movie Miami Vise played during a boat ride. + " One of these mornings " It dose not sound as good as it did in the video I first heard it in...

Thanks to everyone who was thinking.......MOONERR

15 Nov 2013

Need help finding a song, have partial band name and partial video description

The band has the name 'Mary' in it, and it's not Secrn Mary Three. The song was a hit in the early 2000's. Part of the video has a girl climbing up a ladder or something on the side of the stage and then falling back into the crowd and then crowd surfing.

There are many acts with a person named Mary, such as "Daniel O'Donnell & Mary Duff". And some groups whose names suggest the same like "Judy & Mary"

In the era you suggest we can find the following groups "Crazy Mary", "Jesus & Mary Chain", "Proud Mary", "Seven Mary Three" and "The Mary Onettes".

There's also a suggestion (from Paul) that this could be 30 Seconds To Mars doing "Buddha For Mary"

9 Nov 2013

Help finding a song please

Hey guys and girls im looking for a song and i only know partial lyrics. I washoping someone could help me out. I think its new with a reggae/pop beat. Sung by a male. Partial lyrics go.. "Why you gotta be so cruel" "dont you know im human too" "im gonna marry her anyway". The artist sings about asking (i think) his girlfriends dad if he can marry her and the father pretty much says no lol

5 Nov 2013

Looking for a song

Hi there I am looking for a song that I don't know about the lyrics, but Ithink it come out in the year of 2011-2013 and the sound is very deep. It is so relaxing and it uses the words baby; just in time; imagination; fascination. I think it is hip hop or R&B

5 Nov 2013


So the song i'm looking for come on the Townsville radio the other day and ithold significant meaning for me. But all i can remember is that throughout the song the word 'angel' is voiced randomly in a deep voice. If you know of this song please help!

4 Nov 2013

Looking for nane of song/video+

I am searching for song ! Its a love song . Its all about finding the perfect match and to love the other person the way he or she is ! In that music video , there´s a woman singing in a frame. There are different couples (old, young, handicapped etc. ) popping up who have that frame in there hand! I guess this is one of the older song! country/pop

25 Oct 2013

song from a movie ( Its in a music video )

It was a small movie. Film fest.maybe Its about a man who's wife dies. It shows people at his house after funeral. It then shows him missing her. At the end of video it shows him pulling up crosses along the road & puts them in the back of his small truck and drives up onto a highway.. +THANKS & HELP IF U CAN

23 Oct 2013

need help finding this song

The song im looking for has these lyrics.

Hey girl welcome to the party glad to see ya Show you just how we work it came to the right party How you doing over there enjoying your drink cuz its on me as a matter of fact all drinks all night are on me Woah nice and slow sexy lil devil.. halo Ill kiss your neck kiss your b.... and feel that c... to while kiss the rest

Its a rap song i think but has a good beat anyone know name of song and artist?

23 Oct 2013

need help finding this song

The only parts i know are these...

Hey girl welcome to the party glad to see you Woah nice and slow sexy lil devil ... a halo Work your body How you doing over there enjoying tour drink cuz its on me as a matter of fact all the drinks all night are on me How we do came to the right party

One more part i heard was this

Ill kiss your neck kiss your b.... feel that .... too while... do the rest

Its a really hard song to find but has a good beat to it. Anyone know the name or artist

22 Oct 2013

old song plz help

song lyr:chup kr kahin se aawwaz do tum ho mere tum ho merre mausam wohi +manzar wohi ha pyarr ki wohi +ddastann....

20 Oct 2013

sailors lament

I am looking for the one whitch lyrics are a man ame home from work one night to fid his house without a light realy want this song

16 Oct 2013

make my dream come true

hello am from Libya and i have a dream am looking for a song that i had as a gives from my ex boyfriend in the 1994 1996 i remember that the singer was a woman it starts with a sound of a sea and i remember just some words like (someone else you can't resist her but she can't love you the way that i loved you) and i think that there is ( simple me don't you worry babe i will be there you can came.....simple me don't you worry babe were ever you want me were ever you need me i just .....come on babe simple me....) i love that songit is romantic but i don't know nothing about the title and artist can you help me plz make my dream came tru

13 Oct 2013

teenager on Mars

Looking for a song around late 1963 early 1964 about a teenager on Mars wanting to borrow Dad's spaceship for a date. +His dad says "Steer clear of the earth my son, stay away from that horrible place. +If you can't find anywhere better to go, just cool it in outer space." +Seems like the artist/group had an unusual name.

Any help tracking this down will be greatly appreciated.

12 Oct 2013

i'm looking for a song

The song I'm looking for has got "standing in a moment of truth" in there, it's a family song as far as I know,

9 Oct 2013


I'm trying to find a song +or who did it with the words Theres a girl in my heart that I keep thinking of Amelia my love...

6 Oct 2013

french carol

i read your enquiry about the french song a qui et beau +et charman - this is the song called IL EST NE LE DIVIN ENFANT +I HAVE THE MUSIC SUNG IN FRENCH ON RECORD SUNG BY LES CHANTEURS DE SAINT EUSTACHE HOPE THIS ISWHAT YOU ENQUIRED ABOUT


Thanks for the help

2 Oct 2013

I need to find a song name with an opening lyrics I know

Ok, so for this song a lady starts of singing( its a rnb/hip hop song, in english not an indian song or what what) ok so the opening, Sung by the lady goes: hey laaG, hey laag laaa.... hey laag, hey laag laaaa.... hey laag, hey laag laaa....( Then afew rapping and singing) then againg the words mentioned by the end of the song

1 Oct 2013

Cecilia (NOT the simon/garfunkel one)

I'm looking for a song I'm pretty sure it's titled Cecilia but it's not the simon and Garfunkel one. I think it came out sometime in the 80's

30 Sep 2013

gypsy rainbow

I'm looking for a song that was played on a "forties" radio station that mentioned "gypsy rainbow" in it.

Sorry, that's all I have. +Tx

30 Sep 2013

song my mother is looking for+

Hello I am looking for a song that is like tell Laura I love her. But it was done in early 1900's my mother says is call my mother or tell mother . Her mother use to sing it to her. I have search she also said Hank Williams sang it. it was to a son and her mother changed it to a daughter. Thank you for your time+

28 Sep 2013

C/W song titled "MATAMORRIES

I heard on "Willy's Roadhouse" a male singer doing a country/western song and it sounds like he's saying OLD MATAMORRIS". Don't know the correct spelling, but phonetically it sounds like the above The lyrics hint that it may be a town in Mexico ! It's a ballad and it sort of reminds you of Marty Robbins "EL PASO".

28 Sep 2013

unable to find song from 1968

There is a song I heard in 1968 that Im craving to hear again. It had the wordings "Another time". It sounded like the group " Association", but not sure to this day.How can such a wonderful song not be played on stations now that there is satalite access, I don't know. Goes to show how ratings can affect availability.

27 Sep 2013


I'm looking for a song.It's a woman singing.The lyrics goes like this : ...I'm not afraid of the sun and +I am not afraid of you. I have visions of we were married,I have visions of horpitals at night. I seek forgiveness for haven't asked too much of love,too much of love. I've got a few things to say to the one that broke your heart... [verse] Like a hurricane,like a hurricane,like a hurricane.

22 Sep 2013

Its a Nun English song and its kinda acapella type.

the only thing i know its that is 2 guys and 2 girls. they dont use instruments... only their voice, and the guys star the song by doing this " ah.. (pause half second" oh.. ah.. oh.. aah ooh" +and they do alittle dance like going down and the girls go up and down and girls go up. and they keep doing that sound while girls sing.. please help me.! its been stuck for 8 months now..!!!

21 Sep 2013

Please help me+

I'm looking for a song that VH1 used to play between 2000 and 2005, in the video we see the siger of the band (pop-rock) tryin to embark in a boat, with lot of swell people.. But he couldn't enter in, so he took another issu and once there he was kinda disapponted by what he found, at the end we see another member of the band cleaning the restroom... Than you

21 Sep 2013

Looking for a song

the trailer was a cartoon a group of animals playing instruments and a frog on the saxophone, which song is it?

We suspect the "Frog Chorus" in Paul McCartney's "We All Stand Together" but that was 1984

15 Sep 2013

Mystery song?

Was being played around 1944-46

Lady singer, started "Yippee-oree-ayoh, how my heart is singing ..."

13 Sep 2013

German song 1958

I am looking for a song popular in 1958 (or earlier) called Blaue Augen. Do not know who sang it. + The band played it on the ocean liner "Italia".

A song called "Blaue Augen" has been a hit twice, in 1981 in France (by Ideal) and in 1998 by Blumchen (in France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland).

In 1968 Don Partridge had a hit with "Blue Eyes" (in Ireland, the UK, New Zealand and Holland).

But nothing from the 1950s

10 Sep 2013

name of song

I am looking for the name and name of lady singing this song on hell on wheelsseason 3eposode 5 ibelieve she sing this song as two men come into town on their horses +one man holding a baby

9 Sep 2013

I am looking for a song

Well the song is sung by a girl,I think it is from the 90's.She sings something and then a man says "Waba" or atleast sounds like waba.

2 Sep 2013

"I want to be like David Bowie" Lyric in song

I believe I heard this song either in 2002 or 2003 just a few times on the radio but now I can't find it anywhere! Please help!+

31 Aug 2013

Song called "Like An Eagle" ???

I'm trying to find the name of the song that was a hit here in Australia around 1968-69 (I think) that contained the words "Go with the wind 'cross the sea, 'cross the sky". +This song was used as the melody for a TV jingle here in Australia for the Bank of New South Wales soon after it was a hit here. +I'm not sure of the name, and I don't know many of the lyrics. +It was a male artist ... I don't know his name. +I think he has an afro hairstyle or very curly dark hair and I think he had a moustache. + I was very young at the time and loved the song. +

31 Aug 2013

has the words love that a woman can give to a man

I remember it's sang by a female artist. +It starts off with horns going: bomp,bomp booooomp-----bomp,bomp! and then a flute comes in. +This goes about four times, then the artist starts to sing the opening lyrics. +

That's all I can remember!

30 Aug 2013

Sainte Vierge

The song goes like this in French: +La Sainte Vierge sans venant chantant, au que'elle est belle et que'elle est charmant

27 Aug 2013

I'm looking for a song where the guy sing you a nare you a nare nare you eh, eh you a nare

25 Aug 2013

buddha bar song+

buddha bar song name is buddha bar 2005 nickodemus

Not a hit (at least in the charts we have)

21 Aug 2013

Tony Bennett

Does Tony Bennett sing this song on a CD

20 Aug 2013

you dont have to love me baby anymore

A 70s or 80s song you don't have to love me baby anymore by a black lady

20 Aug 2013

you dont have to love me baby anymore

A 70s or 80s text song you don't have to love me baby anymore+

20 Aug 2013

female country song

Its a music video where a woman standing outside looking in a cafe/restaurant at a man and woman. It is also raining and kind of a slow song

16 Aug 2013

name of song from 70's

I am trying to find the name of a song that is from +70's about a man trying to locate his daugher/ talking to operator and the number is missing off the wall, that she called, something about mississippi, i think her name was michelle, parents not together?

I can't remember for the life of me what it was called. Thanks

There is a song by "Glenside Allstars" called "Writing on the wall" that comes close, but it was never a hit.

14 Aug 2013

Looking for a song from the sixties

Part of the words "I love you with all my heart, and my love is so sincere.........and to know that you love me, only makes me love you more"

11 Aug 2013

You are all of a woman to me. There's a part of you in every girl I see.it is a male singer and the song starts with insrumental possibly xylophone.fairly old song late 80's-90's

The obvious one would be Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman" (1978), but that doesn't have the girl line

11 Aug 2013


heartbeat you make me feel so weak

One of us suspects Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat" from 1958 while the other says Taana Gardner's "Heartbeat" from 1981

Either way if you search for "Heartbeat" at the top of the page you'll see a whole load of potential candidates

10 Aug 2013

Looking for a song- very few data

I'm looking for an old song (80's maybe) but can't remember title, or any part of the words. it was something about a woman hitch hiking and spending one night with the man. Never saw each other again and a few years later they meet and she's got a child and the man can tell he's his son beacuse he's got his eyes

On this site songs from the 1980s don't count as "old"

We suspect you mean "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You" by Heart which was a hit in 1990

7 Aug 2013

I am looking for song+

I am looking for a song I heard in The Tomorrow People - Series Preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwXVsRUi53k

6 Aug 2013


this song was made in the year 2000 to maybe 2005 it was a dance hit it has no lyrics just mainly drums

3 Aug 2013

Looking for a megamix song

I am looking for a song in the mid-90's that was a mix of a bunch of other hitsongs...with the same consistent beat. It had "I called 911 a long time ago" by Public Enemy, then treat em like they want to be treated", then ci ci peneiston "been around the world", and many others wrapped into one song...with the same hip hop beat throughout. I think Heavy D and some other artists. It was samples form their songs thrown together with a smooth hip hop beat. +Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

2 Aug 2013

Looking for a song (female singer)

Relatively new, it came out maybe 2 - 5 years ago. The girl singing is very pretty and has a great voice. I remember that in the music video she is going to a record shop and a coffe shop with a bunch of girls. I think the song is called something with "sleepy" or "tired", anyway it's about being tired. I remember seeing the music video on youtube. I think she is from the UK.

29 Jul 2013

searching for the original artist from the song from a biggby coffee TV commercial, it's time to B ?

24 Jul 2013

Shirley Temple songs

The other day a song popped into my mind from many years ago. I wanted to sing it to my grandchildren but I can't remember after the first verse or the title. I think it was from one of Shirley Temple's movies. It goes," I don't want to play in your yard, I don't like you anymore. You'll be sorry when you see me Sliding down my cellar door......" then it talks about a "rain barrel" and not wanting them to come to their house. It was a catchy and cute little song. I used to sing all those catchy little funny songs such as "Doing what comes naturally." Fuedin', a fightin' and a fussin', and all the songs from Shirley Temple movies. Those were happy days!

24 Jul 2013


looking for the instrumental version of Dames and Hey! Sailor. They were onthe movie The case of the Howling Dog (Perry Mason) in 1934. Can you help me?

24 Jul 2013

I am looking for a song... it was kind of a hit

Hey, I am looking for a song that was played a lot on TV at one point. I think it's from the period 2003 - 2007 but I'm not so sure. It started with a violin and the action took place in a dark room, there was this girl who was handed a mask and that's all I can remember. I am pretty sure someone famous sang it but I can't remember any of the lyrics...

20 Jul 2013

Looking for Song Title

I don't wanna be like Cinderella, Sitting in a dark, cold, dusty cellar, Waiting for somebody to come and set me free. I don’t wanna be like someone waiting, For a handsome prince to come and save me, Oh I will survive Unless somebody's on my side. Don't wanna depend on no one else - I’d rather rescue myself~

11 Jul 2013

Sad love song sung by country singer (girl)

The lyrics are about a heart broken girl pleading to the other woman to give her back her lover as the broken heart girl says she loves him more than the other woman

Almost every female led Country Music song since "Jolene"?

5 Jul 2013

LF song!

I know its not that new of a song, think it was some kinf of "hits for kids"song, girl band perhaps singing in some kind of techno tune, and the chorus is something like; wanna know your name. Been searching a total of many hours, and singing it to soundhound. Have had it stuck in my head for months now

4 Jul 2013

Song title ? Weekend repeated in the chorus

I'm looking for a song that I think is from the 70's or 80's that has the word weekend in the chorus.

Here are the songs with "weekend" in the title from the 1970s or 1980s:

Mel & Kim "Showing Out (Get Fresh At the Weekend)" (1986); Earth & Fire "Weekend" (1980); Loverboy "Working For the Weekend" (1981); Barry Manilow "Weekend In New England" (1977); Wet Willie "Weekend" (1979); The Stylistics "Funky Weekend" (1976); The O'Jays "Living For the Weekend" (1976); Golden Earring "Weekend Love" (1979); Lloyd Cole & The Commotions "Lost Weekend" (1985); Dave Edmunds "Here Comes the Weekend" (1976); Class Action "Weekend" (1983); Todd Terry "Weekend" (1988); Mick Jackson "The Weekend" (1979); Etienne Daho "Weekend a Rome" (1984); Five Star "Another Weekend" (1988); Crowbar "Million Dollar Weekend" (1974); Blitz "Weekend" (1983); Nick Heyward "All Over The Weekend" (1986); SOS Band "Weekend Girl" (1984); Odyssey "Weekend Lover" (1978); Rod Stewart "Dirty Weekend" (1978);

1 Jul 2013

I found my song!!!! http://www.elyrics.net/find.php go here!!!

1 Jul 2013

I think Kelly Clarkson....

The only part of the song that i can remember are the words... "Clarity...clarity..." its late 90's to early 2000's. She may have not even been the one who sings the song.. AND NOT THE ONE BY ZED!!!!!

30 Jun 2013

At the beginning of the video the guy gets dropped off for work by his grandma or mom at a fast food place. He starts working and then starts singing about the girl he loves. I think it came out in early 2010 or late 2009.

It's like a teenage black guy

28 Jun 2013

Song 2002/2003

I'm looking for a song kind of pop. It show a Woman (and maybe also a man) doing an plastic surgery to an old lady.

In the end, the old lady plunge in a swimming pool, then she out out from the water visible younger. The song was about about 2002/2003

28 Jun 2013

looking for the remake artist of a song

The name of the song is Forever's a long long time ago by Hank Williams, but a black guy redid the song with some very pretty music he has a respy voice. +Some of the words are...You swear your love will last forever, that I can always call you mine. +But before we make our vows to God Dear...Forever's a long long time..(chorus...Forever's a long long time, it's a long long time.)...Are you sure that time won't change your mind, Are you certain your love won't grow cold....(Chorus and music)...Will you always love my trustin heart or will you someday make it pine, the years may lead you to another, Forever's a long long time....(Chorus and music)....Unwanted hearts will fade and die dear, For them the sun don't ever shine, So please be sure of what you're saying, Forever's a long long time...(Chorus and music.)+

26 Jun 2013


Im looking for this rock song where the guys in the band are on top of a prison roof and they are all wearing orange overalls and one guy is skipping on a rope I think.

24 Jun 2013

song from movie

I an looking for the song called "I'm in the Middle of Nowhere", lip-synced by the actress, Nancy Guild, in the movie entitled Somewhere in the Night". + About 1946. +So far, no help from other sites

According to IMDb the music was by Harry Warren and David Buttolph

21 Jun 2013

I am looking for a song where bald girl takes a bath in an old house. girlsings and the song is in latin style. late 90`s - early 2000`s. and one boy sings only "a ringi kiki" and he "if u wanna get out" (probably)

18 Jun 2013

son the moon shines briht toniht on pretty red wins

how can i get a copy

5 Jun 2013

the song is called trouble in mind and it was played on music choice blues on comcast and the name that pops up on there is chuck willis, but everyone says he doesnt sing it, it starts off with a slow organ playing in the begining

30 May 2013

Dating rules

A song about rules of dating. What you can and cant do. late 90's -early 2000's

30 May 2013


Im looking for a song where this dude stands in an elevator and all strange things happen. Finnaly he wakes up and says something unhearable to his girfriend.

27 May 2013

looking for a song

some of the lyrics and this is a rock song remind you......has in it....God you have taken it all away and this is where I draw my line....looking for the artist and the name of the song

25 May 2013

looking for a song

im looking for a song the artist voice sounds like a child i suppose...and in one song it was about a boy he wanted to take a girl with him to i think prom or the movies but he didnt have the heart to ask her, but she wanted to hang with him all along

20 May 2013

ding dong buddha bar

hi, i'm looking for a song from buddha bar, chill out or something like this collections, and it's an remix, very dub step or like chemical brothers, the only lyrics are ooooo,eeeee ++ oooo, eeee ding dong ding dong .... is a male voice, like Freddy Mercury ... help

18 May 2013

looking for a song

i am looking for a song in the 70s it was instrumental and was called springtime but cant find it on the internet anywhere does anyone know the group who played it

15 May 2013

Rock-ish song

Hi, I'm looking for a rock-ish song, I didn't get much of the lyrics but itwent like "I'm addi-di-di-dicted (to you?)".. Any help would be great, thanks!

12 May 2013

looking for a song

a man came home from work one night, to find his house whithout a light

11 May 2013

the song i am looking for?

10 May 2013


What is the song called that goed, "ladadadadidadada, ladadadadidadada, lalaladida, lalalaladida, ladadidadadadada" ?

10 May 2013

song title, "Take this job and shove it"

song title, "Take this job and shove it"

Try searching on Wikipedia. The song by Johnny Paycheck was only a hit in the Country Music charts (so doesn't count here where we don't use any genre charts)

8 May 2013


so its like a bruno mar song where he is like oh whoa whoa whoa... i cant find it+

3 May 2013

Rap song+

90s rap song started with sandy shaws a puppet on a string, what's the name of the song and band ?+

2 May 2013

a song my mother is looking for

My mom has been looking for a song for years. She said my dad used to sing it, he's 72, so there's a lot of songs he's sung. Its about a little girl with a dead mother and an abusive drunk for a father. She said the lyrics contained something about " if I were a bird" she knows where shed fly, the the graveyard where here mother is buried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

23 Apr 2013


This is all I know...I wonder what she'd do if she only knew that you I and were more than just friends. One verse. Can someone help me with the title and who sings it?

23 Apr 2013


Begin the Begin sung by Chick Henderson

If you had looked up Chick Henderson in the index or tried typing it into the search box you would have found the "Begin the Beguine" page or the 1939 page either of which would give you the details.

16 Apr 2013

finding a song

the song is by artist donato and called move your body. he is a cuban hip hop artist and i cannot find the song on youtube

15 Apr 2013

Love Song Lyrics +

Hi, We have are to celebrate our 25th Aniversary. My husband remembers the lyrics to a song but can't remember all of it: When you walk, When you talk with the one you love, you don't know just how lucky you are! When the one that you love is in love with you - you Don't know just how lucky you are!

We suspect the song is "You don't know just how lucky you are" by the "Lettermen", released in 1963 but never was a hit.

12 Apr 2013

have ly;rics 1956 female,slo beat

bought a 78 in new jersey,@1956.."the school bells just rang,class hasrecessed, this year has ended,just like the rest,johnny, will i see you at all"..been searaching for 50=/_ years please help or guide me to a club or collector who might remember..thank you..charlespavlu@yahoo.com..:o)..

9 Apr 2013

The Other Side of the Moon

For years I have searched for a single recording that I think was called The Other Side of the Moon. +I heard it for two or three weeks in San Francisco circa 1956-1957. In fact, I called in a request to the radio station and they played it. +The artist was a female. +The song suddenly disappeared and I've never been able to find it. +What do you suggest?

Thank you.

8 Apr 2013

Looking for a song

I'm looking for a song by a swedish female singer. the song was in swedish,and the music video was black/white. A jaguar car is also in the video.

30 Mar 2013

Sounds of desperation

i am looking for a song, in which the singer sings in a high pitched voice and says sounds of desperation that is the only thing i know

28 Mar 2013

I cant find the song

I'd really appreciate any help on find a song that goes like 'this love, thisold school love...I rember jodeci....', i v searched it up on google and youtube and its not the song!

16 Mar 2013

"I see you" song with Air france


I'm looking for a song I always listen to when I travel with air france but I can't find it, I just hear the singer(a woman) saying in the refrain "I see you " Can you help me please ??

26 Feb 2013

audio songs

i wana audio songs

We have no audio files here, just chart lists

24 Feb 2013

song sung by different artists

the song starts like this: A man came home from work one night ...

22 Feb 2013

I am looking for a disco/pop song of the late 70s A woman sing it i know fewwords from the song it goes like this. There's a party at the club tonight +and the chorus is Come on and dance the .... oh oh ohh repeat

18 Feb 2013

Eurobeat \ High energy compilations

anybody knows where i can find these comps it was definately 80's.+

15 Feb 2013

it kinda goes like "im walking now" or something i don't know just help me please

9 Feb 2013



Song Starts @ 3.58

Ive been searching for the song name of ages

6 Feb 2013

a song that sounds similar to Train's "Marry Me"

The song played on the radio (or Sirius XM) in 2012. It is a love song, sung by a male artist. Sounds like The Script or Lifehouse. It references marriage in the lyrics. The musical intro sounds like Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are". I am getting married in March and this is driving me CRAZY. I didn't figure that I would not hear it again. Please HELP!!

1 Feb 2013

Looking for a song with a banjo

I'm looking for a song with a banjo playing a tune in the background. I don't know the song name, nor artist, i do however know some of the lyrics, for example;

So i'm (or solong) lying in a dark room, a light is on instead, i'm not a friend to no man.

20 Jan 2013

electronica track from the '90s

I am looking for a song that (I believe) is called "Faces". I have no idea who it is by. The song is kind of ambient/chill. Some of the vocal samples include a woman singing "your face, your face, your face". There are other samples such as, "happy face", "sad face", "scared face", etc. and another sample saying "welcome to heaven" three times, then "welcome to hell". I know this is totally obscure, but it is all I can remember of the track. If anyone can help, that would be incredible.

Songs called "Faces" in the lists: 2 Unlimited "Faces" (1993) - Nonworkinggeneration "Faces" (2006) - Run DMC "Faces" (1991)

11 Jan 2013


Not a song of the 40s but one that has evaded me for years. Can anyone help me? I recall "Do you remember that day in September when you and I played we were married" From Childhood Days?

9 Jan 2013

song may be named "Bonnie Jean"

song search The song may be named "Bonnie Jean". Lyrics, "Jean, Jean, roses are red..." from around '67 or '68.

"Jean" -+ by Oliver (William Swofford) and Robin Spielberg 1969 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9EwCu7plVI

8 Jan 2013

Song title?+

They're dancing inside a club, Big hair and dressing so smart, Strobe lights then twirling around, Close ups of dancing shoes Slim legs are moving, Singing to a mic Put down a black box And sing some more yeah!

(American artist in 40's , rnb-soul-neo soul +genre )

Given that Stobe lights became popular in clubs in the 1960s it sounds like an unlikely lyric to come from the 1940s

17 Dec 2012

a song i heard in a wedding reception

There is a piano playing, and lots of female voices sounding like making love and speaking french

11 Dec 2012

song title author

Does this song sound familar to anyone? Bleh I hope so, I've been searching for a long time and I desperatly want to hear it again. The Chorus went something like:

single room at a hot summer night see ...moon disappeared I think we are talking about the Blues

Thank you

25 Nov 2012

date song written

when was 'only a beautiful picture in a beautiful golden frame written and popularised - it is an old irish folk song - thank you

18 Nov 2012

African dance song

I'm looking for an African dance song "Twan twan twan ebone" I can't find it its a male artist who sing it

4 Nov 2012


Ich suche ein altes Lied. ca 2000-2004 jahre Es wird von einer Frau gesungen. ein recht dünsteres / trauriges Lied.

Das einzige an was ich mich erriner ist eine Treppe im Clip und eine Frau dass von einer Schlange verfolgt ( ?) oder so wird T_T

2 Nov 2012

A distant memory

Hey, I'm looking for a song which I heard many times many (probably six) years ago. I can't remember actually when, and only memory I have about the song is it's music video. In music video, there's someone watching out of the window and singing, while another person plays basket ball or something like that outside. It's also raining there. As far as I can remember, the music video was black and white colored.

23 Oct 2012

song title

i am looking for a song with the lyrics oeople ask me how ived lived till nowi tell them i dont know the book of life is resd etc cant remember anymore

can anyone help

18 Oct 2012

r&b song

Looking for a r&b song not jodeci talks about feenin for someone has the line: the only one i'll ever need; and i need her like she needs me

29 Sep 2012

80s song id

its got so scary in the title

7 Sep 2012

Finnish group/artist?: sung in English

I'm looking for a song by a non-US artist (I think Finnish, or less likely Welsh), but the only information I recall is from the video. It is sung in English, filmed in dim light, with lots of brushes on drums in the music. The lead singer is blonde. I believe the title includes the words "the universe" but searches with "under the universe" "among the universe" etc. bring up no hits, aside from the Beatles.

Any ideas?

Try searching for "Universe" in the search box on this page (or look in the index).

Of course it could also be a less widely successful song, such as The Soup Dragons "Mother Universe" from 1990.

24 Aug 2012

am looking for the title and singer of this song

Am in love with you..no one but you cant live without you..i just need to be with you..just one more time..will make it right...you are the only one i care for...to fill your arm sorround me.............

this is the only lyrics i've got from the you tube as background and it is a female singer...am sure it is a love song...

10 Aug 2012

looking for a song

i only know the chorus not the title.

14 Jul 2012

Old rock song MAYBE played by the band Savatage.

I honestly can't remember the lyrics, but I think it's played by the band called Savatage. (although i've looked through most of their albums and can't find it) All I remember is at the end of the song a man sings "la da da da da da da da da" repeatedly without background music until he fades away. I've been trying to find it but I've had no luck.

4 Jul 2012

searching for a song

I am looking for an the name of artist and title song title of a 70s/80s soul ballad. the lyrics go something like: they say it only hurts for a little while, they say that pain and heart come true,they say it only urts for a little while, i could never spear the heart of losing you .i'm only fronting when i start to cry....i break down and cry, i give you my love. little girl i tried not to let it show.but it was a terrible blow+

15 May 2012

song search

The song may be named "Bonnie Jean". Lyrics, "Jean, Jean, roses are red..." from around '67 or '68.

2 May 2012

Song about a tree


I am looking for a song about an old tree being cut down in a town. Its sung by an female singer, sad song in irish or welsh style.

I know this is not much to work with any help greatly appreciated+

8 Feb 2012

French song 1988

That's " Elle voulait toucher le soleil ". The song is "Soleil d'hiver" from the album " Quel enfer " (1988). The band is Niagara.

Thanks for the input

2 Nov 2011

i am looking for a new song:i just know the chorus:you have no right too call me father and i had no right to call you son.

9 Aug 2011

French Song 1988

I'm looking for a French pop song that was played on the radio in September 1988, sung by a female and had words similar to the following..... "Voulez toucher le soleil...."

We're not familiar with it, maybe another user has a clue?

8 Aug 2011

Mt. Etna

I have been trying to find the name and artist of a song I listened to back in the 1970's. It is a love song about the eruption of Mt. Etna and the Isle of Sicily. I have been looking for days, no luck.

No idea, maybe another user will know it

7 Jun 2011


bullseye/center of my heart

You said "We believe the song you are seeking is 'Bullseye' by the US based group Lakeside. Released in 1987 despite reaching 33 in the R&B charts it never broke into the Billboard 100"

No, the Lakeside song is not the same song. The Bullseye song we're lookingfor is fast paced and sung by a woman.

30 Apr 2011

Little bird on yonder tree tell me your song, why you sing so merrily all the day long? +I sing the love of God for thee

Little bird on yonder tree tell me your song, why you sing so merrily all the day long? I sing the love of God for thee

7 Apr 2011

songs I am trying to purchase

I am trying to buy "I am catching hell" by Betty Wright and "I want to write a love song" David Oliver

This site only lists hit charts, it has no music to sell.

You might try iTunes or Amazon's mp3 store.

As far as we can see Betty Wright never had a hit with that song and David Oliver never had a hit at all.

4 Apr 2011

Billboard before 1940

Where do you find charts from the US Billboard singles chart previous to 1940? Thanks.

The sources for all our data are listed on the "Song Charts" page, linked at the top right of every page. That will show you where the spreadsheet file containing the chart you are after can be downloaded.

10 Mar 2011

looking for all the number 9 chart positiions can you help please

Looking for all the number 9 chart positiions can you help please

The first thing to say is that we list positions from a large number of charts, if you want data from a particular chart you'd find it easier to get that data direct. For example, you just wanted the songs that reached number 9 in the billboard charts then you'd find it easier to use the "Bullfrog" listing (see the "Source Charts" page to see how where to get it). Then you can use a spreadsheet program to identify entries that reached the number 9 slot.

The easiest way to do any calculation is to download the CSV file (from the page that describes the version numbers).

Its not clear if you are looking for the number 9 positions in our annual charts, or for songs that reached number 9 in one of the source charts.

If you load the CSV file into a spreadsheet you should be able to filter on the "year_pos" attribute and select just the songs with 9 in that column.

Alternately if you're looking for songs that reached number 9 in the source charts we don't have the data to identify all songs that were at the number 9 position at some time in their run, but we can tell you which songs peaked at number 9.

The easiest way to do this calculation is to search the CSV file for the a string " 9 ". For example on Linux (or CygWin) the command:

grep ' 9 ' tsort-chart-1-10-0003.csv

will list all the songs that peaked at number 9 anywhere. Alternately the command:

grep 'Holland 9 -' tsort-chart-1-10-0003.csv | grep " 197[3-7]"

will identify all the songs that peaked at number 9 in Holland and then select only those which have years in the range 1973-1977.

Combining simple searches in this way can quickly identify songs, for example the command:

grep 'Holland 9 -' tsort-chart-1-10-0003.csv | grep -i london

shows that the only song which peaked at number 9 in Holland and mentioned London in the title was Ralph McTell's "Streets of London" from 1974. Of course we don't know why anyone would want to do that particular search.

9 Mar 2011

Firefox search

Just wondering if there were any plans to create a Search Bar add-on for Firefox (Similar to those available for Wikipedia, Google, You Tube etc.)

It would be really handy :-)

We didn't have any plans to do that, but it sounds interesting.

If you know how to do it we'd be interested in hearing from you, in the meantime we'll look in to it.

9 Mar 2011

Fantastic Resource

An absolutely fantastic resource for everything you could ever wish to know about music.

I was looking for a friend for a Billy Eckstine Track "Give me your word", to find what album it was from so he could download it; but appears, that he either has the track title wrong or the artist.

Thanks to your site i've emailed him a link to your site so he can search for whatever it is he's after.


11 Feb 2011

what a great job you did. best site on internet on music

29 Dec 2010


Hello, great site, currently used some of the chart info for wikipedia however some other contributors believe this site is not a valid source of chart positions. Any way I can prove this site is valid, what sources does this site use? Thanks.

All the charts used on the site are listed on the "Song Charts" page (or "Album Charts" page), most of them linked to original sources.

We have seen some places where people claim that the data quoted here is invalid. Usually such comments have come from sources that don't provide any better data and often claim that "my private data shows the tsort site is wrong" and then when asked refuse to share that data or say where it came from.

If anyone makes a constructive suggestion we will normally consider it. We can do little about the people on the internet that feel it is easier to criticise our site anonymously than to offer suggestions to us for how to improve it.

There are also fans of particular artists who believe it is valid to assert "your site says my artist had fewer hits than a rival, therefore it is wrong", there is little we can do (or wish to do) to break their self delusion.

We've not seen anyone on Wikipedia claim that our data is wrong and should not be used. If you know of a page where that is being claimed we'd like to know about it so we can contribute to the discussion. There are many Wikipedia pages that do use this data, anyone saying you shouldn't is, we suspect, in the minority.

Our position is that a link on each artist's Wikipedia discography page to the matching page here would be helpful to most Wikipedia users. Of course Wikipedia's "Conflict of Interests" rules mean that we wouldn't add such links ourselves.

Of course the suitability of this data for use on Wikipedia varies, for example the description of the "Global" chart explains why that data shouldn't be quoted there. The charts from Poland, France and Brazil should probably not be used, but the US, UK and Australian charts are definitely the best available.

11 Oct 2010

Your web site.

Just a note to thank you for all the hard work that has gone into constructing this site. I am a music collector in the UK who loves chart information.

Your efforts are truly appreciated

Kind regards - Gerald Thorburn

Thank you

3 Oct 2010


hi! I am looking for a song, and the only lyrics that i know 'bout the song isjust 2 words.. it says "eighteen years" that is the beginning of the song.. it is about a girl thanking her mom for the 18 years of caring.. it's like she's turning 18.. please help me.. thanks! :))

No idea

26 Sep 2010

Good info

Hello! interesting site!

14 Sep 2010

bullseye/center of my heart

looking for the title of a dance song from the early 80's. Title was either Bull's eye or Center of my Heart. The Chorus went something like: You hit me with a bull's eye, a shot in the dark-right through the center of my heart" It's a really dancy fast paced song, sung by a woman. Any help would be great. Thanks!

We believe the song you are seeking is "Bullseye" by the US based group Lakeside. Released in 1987 despite reaching 33 in the R&B charts it never broke into the Billboard 100.

8 Sep 2010

whores lament

a man came home from work one night to find his house without a light he went upstairs to go to bed when a sudden thought comes to his head he wet into his duaghters room to find her hanging from a beam and on her breast this note he found

No idea. We note that this is discussed at http://able2know.org/topic/52-2

8 Aug 2010

These entries look duplicates (v1.9.0047. Haven't checked if it was corrected in v67)

{List of more than 30 Corrections with artist name, title and year}

Wow, what an excelent list of potential corrections, a couple of the items had already been corrected. With one exception the remaining ones have now also been done.

The only one we didn't do was The Isley Brothers, you suggest that the 1964 song "Who's That Lady?" is the same as the 1973 song "That Lady". As you can see from the Wikipedia article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/That_Lady,_Pt._1_%26_2 the story is a bit more complex. The underlying song is the same but the group deliberately gave it a different title when they re-recorded it in the 1970s. Its a tricky question but we have decided to keep the titles distinct.

The rest of your suggested changes are clearly correct. Finding these types of mismatches between charts is one of the most difficult tasks we have to perform, so your list is very welcome.

Thanks for the input

12 Apr 2010

its to soon to know, by tony Bennett number 60+

I have found the song by Tony Bennett now how can I buy the track thank you for such a great list

The most obvious sources would be iTunes or Amazon

25 Feb 2010

What was the no. 1 song on 27th Oct 1930 in England

Thanks, Doug Smith

The most widely accepted UK charts start on the 14 Nov 1952 (in the "New Musical Express"). There were some occasional sheet music charts going back to 1936, however there really are no UK charts from 1930.

1 Feb 2010

number one song on Jan.28,1952

What was the number one song on Jan.28,1952?

The first question is "where?", for example in Australia the number 1 song was "Because of You" by Tony Bennett.

We suspect that you meant what was the number 1 song in the US.

So the next question would be "according to who?", there were no official charts published in the early 1950s, the closest would be some occasional charts published by Billboard magazine. Billboard produced a variety of different charts starting in 1936 these were finally consolidated in 1958 into the "Hot 100" which has been published ever since (although the way they are calculated has changed of course).

In 1952 the "Best Sellers in Stores" chart is probably the most representative one. In that chart the number 1 record was:

"Cry" by Johnnie Ray

In our list the song is listed under 1951 where is says "US 1 for 11 weeks - Dec 1951" which means it was the Billboard "Stores" number 1 for 11 weeks starting in December 1951

11 Dec 2009

"If those lips could only speak" by Dermot Henry

Dermot Henry had a hit in Ireland and Australia with "If Those Lips could Only Speak" in late 1970/ early 1971. The stats are "Eire 1 for 1 week - Dec 1970, Australia Goset 31 - Aug 1971 (13 weeks)"

The song did not do well enough to be in the top 100 for that year, nor did Dermot Henry have enough success to have his own page on this site.

The song is refered to on Wikipedia, but does not yet have its own page there either.

2 Nov 2009

a beautiful picture in a ....

Did you find the rest of the song? If so i would like a copy. Thanks.

We don't supply music, we list chart entries. As we said above the song was never a hit, anywhere, so that is why it is not listed here.

If you want to purchase music by Slim Dusty you can do so at your local Amazon, iTunes or a host of other sites, just search for "Slim Dusty"

2 Oct 2009

old 1920s song sheet music and words

I am looking for an old song with the words;- it stood in a beautiful mansion surrounded by riches untold ............................... and hung in a frame of gold it was a picture of a lady so beautiful ,young and fair twas to that lifelike picture that he murmered in sad dispair if those lips could only speak if those eyes could only see if those beautiful golden tresses were ther in reality could i only take your hand as i did when you took my name but its only a beautiful picture in a beautiful golden frame

Finding a song when you know the lyrics is really easy. Just pick a unique sounding phrase, like "murmured in sad dispair" and seach for it in Google.

That will lead you to the fact that the song you are looking for is "If Those Lips Could Only Speak" by Slim Dusty. Which, as far as we can see, was never a hit anywhere. Slim Dusty did have a hit in 1958 with "A Pub With No Beer" and a hit in Australia in 1981 with "Duncan".

The song title "If Those Lips Could Only Speak" was also a hit for Dermot Henry in Ireland in 1970 and in 1905 George Baker released a song of the same title (possibly the same song) that John Peel had in his Peelenium listing