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29 Mar 2019

Each time I stumble each time I fail you rescued me

26 Sep 2018

Wilson eyes of blue or possibly green

Looking for country song pertaining to a man looking for his child with keywords of Wilson and eyes

27 Mar 2018

song lyrics

I am looking for person who sang the song EASTER. here are the lyrics. E is for the early morn that Christ arose that day, And left us for a new life to begin.

A is for the angel who rolled the stone away. S means that he suffered for our sins T is for two thieves who hung beside him on the tree E is for his ever lasting love R is for the richesness he gave to you and me.

Easter came from our dear god above.+

8 Nov 2017

Jamaican Song from Montego Bay+

I am looking for a song when I was in Montego, Bay Jamaica. It is sung by amale artist and the chorus goes "Everything will be okay" and it repeats its self three times

7 Oct 2016

epotee layafette

1 Oct 2016

Pop song that has a few Spanish words in

28 Jul 2016

Everybodys looking for a better way to get away from the violence gunshotsilence

18 Dec 2015

east tennessee highway

27 Aug 2014

in love with a girl+

The only thing he'll leave on her ate his eyes