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15 Sep 2023


it's a female singer late 90s and early 2000s song that has lyrics that golike (boom, shakey boom) that's all i got+

3 Sep 2023

Song name is "BREAK" and another song is called "BREAK" Part 2 by a metal/rock band

It's a song I found on YouTube and it has anime in their videos. Please helpme if possible they have a lot of other songs I just cannot remember the names. I found them on YouTube and downloaded a lot of their music. Now I can't find them. Their name is really simple and on YouTube they had weird lettering to their band name like: \/ it spells something simple I just cannot remember. Thank you.

23 Mar 2023

music video in a dark room, bald man singing guitar

middle aged man bald singing the guitar in dark room with a lightbulb and ballerinas

10 Jan 2022


spanish music video with man walking down the street and meeting kids, and oldlady, and crazy person, and group of teens, and a army

17 Nov 2020


New age genre, young female artist. Video has vivid blue colors done in early2000's.

14 Nov 2020


going to take a jet ride to Bermuda to see my baby stars so bright...

31 Oct 2020

Baby I

Looking for song played by group possibly 60s or 70s the lead singer playedthe guitar and wore a hat had long shoulder length hair don't know if they were British or american

30 Sep 2020

late 90s rock band+

One of their albums looks kinda punk with a girl in red and black striped socksitting in her room with a fish lens camera. A song i remember has buffalo in it and it was like 6 minutes long.

10 Jul 2020

music video in an army barracks

Can anyone identify a music video set in an army barracks, everyone inuniform, young black female singer, when the chorus starts everyone is marching to the music?

20 Mar 2020

Gospel song

The king said to bow but thay dint know how

18 Mar 2020

Song title

Song from 1950s with words: bug stomping.

24 Jan 2020

blue train+

HI IN THe early 60s i heard a song on the radio i was about 2 years old it wassung more as a rock version buy a women -blue train comming down the railraod track , blue smoke comming from the old smokestack oh blue train dont leave me behind etc it was an ubeat virsion sung by a white female any ideas?????

1 Sep 2019

long before I was a movie star back up on the farm I had picture of my best friend's wife tattoed on my art

21 Aug 2019


pencils in her ears (only lyrics I can remember) from the 1970s practicallyobscene underground 45 rpm record

21 Aug 2019

Looking for song /video+

She is singing about her child being taken away by cps and is wearing a whiteskin tight dress +with flowers on it and she has black straight hair and she’s Mexican+

12 Jul 2019


am big man riding a car titine ti

7 Jul 2019

Black & white video

Old video set to modern music. Two men and a lady dancing over sofa. Popular a couple of years ago

Sounds like one of the retro videos created for "The Old Grey Whistle Test"

12 Jun 2019

Looking for Song

I want you only i'm so lonely be my girl If you should fall I'll be right there

What is the name and artist of this song?

30 May 2019

a short hair blonde barefoot wearing headphones is listening at a son while a tea spot is boling and then she began to dance

22 Apr 2019

blue bird of happiness (not fly up your nose version)

(Lyrics) May the blue bird of happiness, drop his load of happiness on you,may you look up to the sky, and catch one in the eye , and may he decorate you boyfriend too. you gave me all that jazz about how I shouldn't care , how things work out and what will be will be! If what you say is true let me wish the same for you, may the blue bird dump on you what the blue bird dumped on me .

27 Mar 2019

finding a song called Believe

I'm looking for a song called believe of I believe by Live nation. This songis the song for my dance class and i cant find it any where.+

21 Feb 2019

jazz song about a girl riding a bike in brazil

10 Jan 2019

about a doll in a window tha nobody wanted

+Broken hearted dolly name of song from around 1970, 80's

3 Jan 2019

song 80s contemporary christian

has music with birds churping

17 Nov 2018

1980's 1990's

I'm looking for a song the was about husband staying out late coming homewaking wife and something about pots and pans and cupboards. Pretty sure it was a lady singing

12 Oct 2018

bells were ringing when I fell in love with a beautiful girl

14 Aug 2018

betsey blue the flower girl out in all the showers

23 May 2018

words in that song

back to my feet i was good to the place+

22 May 2018


Back on my feet i was good for the......

2 May 2018

black male jazz artist deep voice

words in the song at the b side

29 Mar 2018

my brother brother ( black male artist)

in the song it says you tell me everything is ok, cause he's my brotherbrother brother brother , I got your back cause I love you,love you love you, love you you can count on me cause he's mt brother brother brother brother

24 Jan 2018

Baby what you're going to do

It's a Christmas song (maybe) regarding Christ Jesus life

10 Dec 2017


I cant find out the song that i use to hear in 2010-20111 that gas like itsyour birthdayyy.....

9 Dec 2017

western song

Has the words, +blood on the saddle, there's a big puddle of blood on theground.

19 Nov 2017

Folk song in Kentucky.

If I was a little birdie you know where I would fly.I would fly to thegraveyard where my mother lie.My daddy is a drunkerd won't buy me no bread ,no shoes or no socks to place upon my feet ,no one to pin my dresses ,but mother she's so sweet. God bless my mother she's gone to heaven to stay.

9 Oct 2017

Black jack he's been drinkin

7 Aug 2017

60s song with lyrics When +with you I can't help myself ba ba ba ba ba ba baba ba ba

14 Jul 2017

Beware in the 1900s

When the lion is sleeping, never you try to wake him

...but the hyena wake him quickly?

28 Jun 2017

country song

girls dancing in school hallway. early 90s

23 Jun 2017

music video where theres a blonde teacher with glasses and a guy who's sittingat a desk with other kids and he and she sings

27 Feb 2017

woman on a bus with children misbehaving

8 Feb 2017

hi ooking for a song ...some of the words i think are its been a longtime coming ....please help

8 Jan 2017

romantic song shot in rain english+

trying to find a song shot in rain with 2-3 boys singing in a black and whitevideo. it was a romantic song of 90's. +

3 Jan 2017

House track from 1990s

Chorus - 'back to the front from the front to the back' heard in hacienda club1990s

4 Dec 2016

Boy (little) and a man+

Hello, I am looking for a song with an man and little boy singing. In the clip they are walking in a park, the man has white hair and a beard. The man is speaking and the little boy sings. The song is like a ballad.

21 Nov 2016

78 rpm record

Basin Street Blues is name of record. There is a picture of a woman and a man dressed up standing on a street corner on the label which is part of the vinyl record

15 Nov 2016

baby i need you

31 Oct 2016

a pop song

Trying to find a song with a female pop artist featuring a rapper. She´s wearing a pink panty and dancing with a crew. The dance is something like the stanky leg. Please help me get that song.

21 Sep 2016

by my side

12 Sep 2016

I am a boy

4 Sep 2016


17 Aug 2016

buttoni advert maybe from years ago +

been trying to trace a song in Italian by a female vocalist called Carla?.don't know when it was recorded but might have been suggested as an entry in the Eurovision song contest some (many) years ago. it has also been suggested to me that Buttoni may have used it in a pasta advertisement. I think that the last line is "amici an amore" but not

We only list the very top artists, the top Italian singer called Carla was (we think) Carla Boni who was involved in a number of EuroVisions (at least 1957, 1961 and 1967 we suspect). But you'd have to find a source for EuroVision to confirm

25 Jul 2016

Bobby Blue Bland

Brought his women red shoes to got with her red dress

17 Jul 2016

1940s song about "Buddy"

Popular song about "Buddy" helped name my brother who was born July 1945

The two obvious songs would be "My Buddy" Sammy Kaye (1942) or "Oh Buddy I'm In Love" Bert Ambrose & his Orchestra (1941).

1 Jul 2016

baby i'm sorry

In beginning is a white taxi that came to a stop and then a african girl in awhite dress oproach him and then they sang the song while she is dancing

17 Jun 2016


cross that bridge,when we get to it i;m so in love with you

13 Jun 2016

Song with blonde hair blue eyed girl the group that sang the song sound likethe beach boys

30 May 2016


I look deep inside ____(maybe eyes)...I believe... I can..+

20 Apr 2016

Old Arabic Song Need help finding it please .

I can't recall any of the lyrics because the song is 10-11 years old , but Ido remember that the singing it was in a scene where he was driving a motorcycle , and was wearing I think a leather jacket and then the car hits him and he goes over the glass and the glass gets broken but doesn't tear and he is taken to the hospital where he meets the lady that hit him and we see his eye is injured . I know that it was a long description but if anybody does know it please reply :)

22 Dec 2015

Boogey man or Bogeyman

"The boogeymans comin to get you, but don't let that upset you"

22 Nov 2015



16 Oct 2015

baby please don't go

28 Aug 2015

Need to find this song, has a banjo in it

I dont remember the lyrics and its killing me! I know its a love song, male singer. 4-5 people in the band. Theres a drum someone taps on and someone else plays a guitar and another plays a banjo. The music video is of a girl following one end of a string and a guy follows the other end of the string. They finally meet in the middle where theres a tree with a bunch of those tin can talkies with the strig attached to them. This is going to drive me insaneuntil i remember it but the first time i heard it was almost 3 years ago.+

15 Aug 2015

baby pictures

lyrics.. let's look at my baby pictures, they're so cute and sweet

12 Jul 2015

baby all my crib, baby all in my ride

8 Jul 2015

Music video with motorcycle

A music video where a man rides his bike through the countryside. I only know the refrence '' I ,,, what.... nana na.. baby. It quites sounds like elvis presley and if i where to write the tones it would be like '' aa'o +aah aoo ah ah mmhm baby'''

20 May 2015

steve miller?

this song sounds like steve miller but blues/sad song. darlin' or little baby were said a lot. trumpets toawrds the end with scream: sort of like i love you i love you! ive searched steve miller band blues but i cant find it.

22 Apr 2015

bright lights female artiste

+bright lights

4 Jan 2015

love song

The song goes baby can I can I text that post up now do miss me because i missus there so much shit we gotta discus and its bye a femal singer and rapper+

29 Sep 2014


it's a rap song by a male artist with a female singing the chorus. The chorus has something like "you know the boys make me feel..." or something along those lines. it sounds recent

27 Sep 2014

Black man in Love with white women but they have to keep their Love secret

21 Sep 2014

baby girl. i love you, i love you, i love you

21 Sep 2014

'black gold' instrumental hit from the 70s or 80s

I wonder if you could help me please? I bought a vinyl, I think in the eighties, after hearing it on Radio 2. I'm sure it was called 'Black Gold' By Black Gold. It was an instrumental. Very good. But no matter how I try, I cannot find it again, and no longer have my vinyls. HELP!!+

10 Sep 2014

move your body+

the only thing i recall from this song is that it is from the 70s and its a disco funk song, it goes something like "move your body ... , move your body yeah yeah yeah

31 Aug 2014

video music+

i only remember the video of the song at the first the girl wakes au in underwear then get dressed and head down to meat with the white singer who is wearing a flat cap and white shirt and in the song there is another black guy singing with him. In the lyrics i only remember him singing about the girl beautiful eyes+

30 Aug 2014

story song

Looking for the name of the song - sung by a woman. +she had a one night stand, has a kid, sees a billboard that advertising the guy is in town performing and goes to see him. does not tell him about the boy. +Please help - this is driving me crazy.

15 Aug 2014

80s dance song

The singer is female and the lady often repeats "you know i need you bay-bay" the only other words in the song i recall are "I remember..."

12 Aug 2014

Hi guys I relly whant to find this song+

IT's a full rock guitar song ,not a single voice in it, and it's pretty recenti think , the video is animated with stripes , circles and the most common color is blue.The singer is male

27 Jul 2014

mid to late 90's r&b

female singer...her boyfriend is cheating on her...she tells him she sleptwith his friend Mike, but she calls him Big Mike. Someone please remember this!!

17 Jul 2014

Looking for a song

I'm looking for a song which I think has the words black world in it I think it's female vocalist

28 Jun 2014

music video

Blond lead female singer in bathtub. Black and white video. Hillbilly looking band members. Drawings on the walls. I think her father is part of the band

16 Jun 2014

Early 1980's R&B Song

Throughout this particular song is the lyrics YOU, YOU, YOU---YOU GOT ME HEADIN TOWARD A BREAKDOWN....This R&B song has a catchy, almost Caribbean type sound to it that seemed to start around 1982...This song was popular, and have heard it many times over the years, but can't remember the title....If you can help, please do so....+

30 May 2014

Baby I'm sorry I I apologize

4 May 2014

r b song

belive half of what u see and none of what u hear

23 Apr 2014

irish country band+

song possibly called tell me baby

13 Mar 2014

R&B Song

I am searching for the song that has these lyrics. "Baby when I look at you, my worries are over. +When bad luck seems to have me down, your love is like a four leaf clover."

24 Jan 2014

About a girl she went to coffi shop then she read a newspaper about a handsome boy somebody chase him and she jemp insid the newspaper anf they run together from a bad people


5 Dec 2013


the title of the song is 'beverly'

28 Nov 2013

blck veil brides

i would like to find the statistics for their record sales

27 Sep 2012


The song cores is manly "oh bamarang" or something like very close to it.

Surely its more likely to be "Boomerang" (in which case "Do The Boomerang" by Junior Walker & The All-Stars, "Bang-A-Boomerang" by all sorts of artists or "Baby Boomerang" by T Rex).

Another song that it could (just about) be is the rather odd "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson.