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4 Feb 2023

Song with " spinning 'round . done by a trio of 60s/70s

1 Jan 2023


"There is a reason to be here and cry, I know the ocean will understand why,I'm feeling the way I do. The wind cries your name again...."

24 Apr 2022

Surfer tattoo

Looking for a song. In the video there is a girl with a male surfer tattoo andthere is a guy with a girl tattoo. During the video the guy tattoo leaves the girl and goes on the guy right beside the girl tattoo.

28 Feb 2022


Im looking for a song that has "Surfin and slidin" in the lyrics its either a50s or 60s song

2 Nov 2021

souped up cars

lyrics _ "I like pretty girls and souped up cars, I'm a travelling man and i'malways on the..." +

29 Aug 2021

musical "the Thorn" parody of "The Rose"

I am seeking songs from the musical "The Thorn" circa 1975 - I think it featured Divine. A parody of "The Rose" featuring Bette Midler.

For instance: Saggy tits and empty arms The Lord giveth and taketh away

3 Nov 2020


Susie you make my heart shine, you make my on the bone. 80s rap joint. Was onYouTube apparently it’s been deleted

15 Aug 2020

Italian song, 80’

Looking for italian song, I believe the name was Sara in that song.... something like : Sara, sweljetier? Prima vera.....

7 Jun 2020

Looking for a song with chorus like this, +darling Stay why dont you with metonight, stay

2 May 2020

parody song

I'm looking for a song --- or sorts. It was a parody performance of "Standing On The Promises" done in some of the music styles of the 1950's thru 2000---like the Beach Boys, country, rap, etc. +It was done years ago in my old church by a group of 2 or 3 guys. +They had it on a CD, too. I lost all my music and records in a house-fire, and am trying to recover some of them, but my memory isn't so good. +All my Net searches have failed. +Can you help me?



27 Apr 2020

south african oldie

i dont want no second hand love probably sang by Yvone Chaka chaka, or another lady

20 Apr 2020


the song is emo, about a school s***ting. mentions something about rings andthe news..

19 Apr 2020

A popular very rhythmic song from late 90s or early 2000 with the first wordof the lyrics being “sometime”

10 Apr 2020

looking for lyrics

Lyrics: Looking for a slow jazz song sung by a female singer ... Little sisterdon't you cry you should smile the same as I, for today mywedding day ...

28 Mar 2020

Song: Sailor, Stop your wandering! Sailor out at sea! Think now of yourhomeland! +Think now, a thought of me.

19 Jan 2020

name of song

lyrics hot nights city light hot summer sweat sweet summer sweat blanket roof

15 Jan 2020

girl cheating


30 Dec 2019

living in anyone elses shadowI dont want to live in

I don't want to live in any one elses shadow. I just want to be me.Thats all Iremember.

17 Dec 2019

santa suit

a man with his last dollar . Noticed a sign for santa. He put on the santasuit and he noticed his little girl and got tears in his eyes as she asked for her daddy to find his way home for Christmas

2 Dec 2019


The song has a dedication at the beginning for all the people who wanted tosay sorry but never did.+

21 Nov 2019


Hey hey hey, let change... stay tighter black and white

19 Nov 2019

You gotta shake, shake shake till the meat runs down your leg

"Juice" surely?

18 Nov 2019

Do wop

Summer is gone winters night but everybody's happy girl

18 Oct 2019

Superman superman woah woah woah I need you+

19 Sep 2019

the song is from the 90s and by a male r&b group with the lyrics stay in myarms, stay in these arms of mine

14 Sep 2019


i can live inside a tv i can die in penthouse 45

9 Sep 2019

can't remember the name of song

it had lyrics in it " shut the lights and shut the shutters" or just "shut the shutters". +It was a country song in male voice.

16 Aug 2019

Song that starts with skylight, broadway light, neon light

10 Aug 2019

A Latin song where a singer falls in love with +dumb girl and he learns signlanguage for her and proposes her+

8 Aug 2019


It was Sexy Girls mentioned Miami I’m sure recorded on a Jeep at the beach

15 Jun 2019

old 80's rock song?

lyrics in the chours say "skies a blue"

6 Jun 2019


where the guy breaks down the bathroom and finds his girl laying on the floor

26 May 2019

Sunny Mood - 1992

Line dance music

17 May 2019

+Billy Blanks workout video: Celebrity Sculpt+

Lyrics include: ain’t nobody gonna stand in my way

2 May 2019

musical instrument break

dun nun nun nun nun dun nun nunnnn

30 Apr 2019

What is the Title of this song?

Song sung by a female vocalist of a band 1980s "Sunday Monday..." and thenfollowed by a few French lyrics something like "tre bien an swar"

27 Apr 2019

Can't remember name of song+

This female song came out around 2006 - 2007. It had the je t'aime moi nonplus theme in it and it was very sexual

25 Mar 2019

song lyrics refrain: sleep, sleep, sleep

lyric: sleep, sleep, sleep from a song from either the 1940's or 1950's.

22 Mar 2019

Dutch singer from 1988 or 1989? Operator Of Love?

I found it!!Her name was Mariska Van Kolck and it was from 1988.

22 Mar 2019

Dutch singer from 1988 or 1989? Operator Of Love?

I was living in Europe from '87 to '89 and there was a chart show host thathosted often with Pat Sharp , and I think her name was Marissa? I could be wrong, but she had one of those high energy catchy songs that sounded very much like PWL's trademark sound, and the lyrics in the chorus went something like "send me a+ message tonight, operator, operator", and I think it was Operator Of Love, or Message Of Love? I fopund it on youtube a few years ago and now have completely forgotten her name as well as the song name

24 Feb 2019


sitting here and comfort hey lady that's my favorite song I wonder if she evercomes home I do everything sad songs at all

12 Feb 2019

Wedding song

Wedding a black artist with lyrics something old something newsomething borrowed something blue

22 Nov 2018

Song title Stay

The artist name start with "S" , his is something like Samuelia or somethinglike Samuela . Can you help

15 Nov 2018

country song

"they sleep over there by the pretty brick wall"

6 Mar 2018

A song titled "Sandy"+

When I was around 10 years old, 1963 - ish there was a song "Sandy about asurfer" +lyrics were "My sandy he follows the sun, Sandy riding the waves, Sandy waiting for winter to end..." +I think it was by a girl named "Dawn" And I can't find it anywhere. +Anyone know what I am talking about?

6 Mar 2018

Sad original song

Its a sad original song, i remember the video quality is poor, the girlsinging has black hair and she talks a little before singing.+

27 Feb 2018

She baby what can +I do +when your +gone +uh you gotta me but I can't let yougo

18 Feb 2018

Seasons change. + By Chicago or the birds. +1972-1978

5 Jan 2018

Single record 1969

Trying to find a record I remember singing , the words I remember were, +. Send a letter to me , saying that you love e?? 1960s

5 Jan 2018

Single record , Unknown singer 1960s

I remember singing a song that had the words ? Send a letter to me saying that you love me . That was around 1960s

10 Dec 2017

chake /check me out

I'm lookong fir title and singer of a 70s r'n'b song which the chorus is: '' shake me out babe'' (or ''Check me out''?) and begins like this: ''I bet she don't love me/So I'm going (discurve?)/I got a fun in something/you know i'm only.../ I pray (play?) finger on a corner/ you know i just get out/ If you like me babe a lot / you can hear a (misjudge? /shake me out babe oh you got to shake me out etc. Thanks a lot

28 Nov 2017

I am looking for an album from early 1990's , instrumental, new age meditationwith the word GARDEN in the title. They even made an album 2.

26 Nov 2017



29 Oct 2017

Sam Husky voice sings trucker songs

I can't come up with the guy, Sam, who sings trucker songs. he has a huskie rasp in his voice. Thank you.

Oh, also song I don't want to play in your yard song

C W McCall?

29 Oct 2017

A 50's song

It was a 50's song by a female vocalist.. Kinda bluesy.. Lyricswere.."Someday..It's gonna rain in your heart..And you'll come crying back to me..Saying I made a big mistake.

25 Oct 2017


You lay to fool around, finally you lose her. All your lies and alibis fail tomove her, now days you never know who's gonna blow your cover You better start in cleaning house of them closet lovers.

6 Oct 2017

A girl named Sophie

Found herself a moon hangin man Hangin there Sophie

22 Sep 2017

Record I had for my decks. Not sure of the year. 90s early 00s i think

Your like a sunflower every day. Dance tune

14 Aug 2017

Find pop song group

A sixties 45rpm pop song by a group not a big hit.

Sticks and Stones--wont break my bones but words will hurt me.

19 May 2017

Looking for arabic sounding song, very sensual has the words 'stay with me,faithfully, open your heart....has woamn voice singing very high pitch

14 May 2017

Female singer, early mid-00s

The song is played in the TV show Gavin and Stacy in series 2 episode 2 aboutfive minutes in. It is acoustic and has the lyrics every singe night in it

30 Apr 2017

Female folk singer caught in snowstorm in colorado

Caught in snowstorm in Colorado. Spent night w/ another male stranded. Went separate ways next day


12 Apr 2017

Male Singer - singing "so tired" in the early fiftes......not Russ Morgan !

17 Mar 2017

Country Music Song

Looking for a music video that was done by a female country aritist in the1990's. +I believe she has red hair and was singing on a stage walking around. +I don't remember her having much else but remember this video. +I believe it would fall into a love song category?

10 Mar 2017


I am looking for a song sung by South African group named Shades back +in 1990

9 Mar 2017

Country Male song & video earlier than 2000

it was about a man(the singer) watching his best friend (in a bar sitting atthe same table) tell the gf that he loves her and the singer is singing " that's me saying I love you"

22 Feb 2017

Country song by male vocalist

The song about two people so in love that he doesn't know where he ends andwhere she starts.

20 Feb 2017

Country song female vocalist

lyrics ? + 'So Dream of me and I'll be Dreaming of You '

3 Feb 2017

Country. Song by woman singer 2000's

This song was about a married man having and affair with a single women. +She talks about wanting him to stay with her. The word stay is extended so it is drawn out .

Was number one hit in country somewhere 2006 and up + Is county +yet made pop radio stations+

1 Feb 2017

song of 70's (or perhaps early 80's)

I'm looking for a song, I've understood only few words. Can anyone help me? Thank so much! I don't understand what seems like "isisisì", is easy i-ì? ... (sounds like) isisisì baby i want to know isisisì isisisì baby how canI tell isisisì

22 Jan 2017

she was only 17 it was her first time

30 Nov 2016

R&B group solo

I'm looking for a Christmas song by the group solo

18 Nov 2016

1950's Instrumental+

I am looking for a song. +It is an instrumental song from the 1950's wherethey say "Subway" through the song.

15 Nov 2016

Sometimes I feel like I just can't get you right+

16 Oct 2016

Music video in lyrics to six in the Champagne room

25 Sep 2016

Looking for an older song, 60s/70s with words about Scarf covering a lamp or something similar

25 Sep 2016

Scarf covering a lamp

19 Sep 2016

+old country song

I,m sick and tired of bein sick and tired of you ++ I,m tired of makingexcuses for the things you do ++ I,m tired of wearing myself out just to hear you scream and shout and I,m sick and tired of being sick of you

Data fixed, thanks

19 Sep 2016

I saw a music video it was about a guy with a huge fake awkward head that's smiling, partying at a night club while the real author of the song would appear once in awhile in the video

Can you please tell me this song all else i know about it is that it is a mixof RnB and party mix the hook of the song also ends in summer

18 Sep 2016

I saw a music video...

I saw a music video it was about a guy with a huge fake awkward head that's smiling, partying at a night club while the real author of the song would appear once in awhile in the video

16 Sep 2016

see the birds

the song was sung slowly by a british female singer who sang " see the birds

16 Sep 2016

see the birds

12 Sep 2016

Sixties song

Big bears sweat lodge

8 Sep 2016

stars galaxy

8 Sep 2016

who sings this song?

male country singer i hear it on the radio sometimes? one of the things hesays over and over again is i hope you find the storm you are chasing? who sings this?

6 Sep 2016

song with lyrics, 1960s pop song +partial lyrics: "tell her that you love her, like you know you should"+

Gonna tell you a story, every man oughta know. If you want a little lovin' yougotta start real slow. It's called "Treat Her Right" by Roy Head.

6 Sep 2016


Portuguese perhaps? Refrain is "soledad, soledad, soledad..." minor key...+

3 Sep 2016

an early 90's song feat. a German baby

2 Sep 2016

Slow song by female+

Popular slow song sung by a female, lyrics about love and home ??+

26 Aug 2016

Lady Stranded

She was stranded by her car wrecked and a man rescued her.

25 Aug 2016

supa chini nimata supa chini pushpata

18 Aug 2016

so sweet

The song has a caribbean feel with a female vocalist singing so sweet in thechorus backed by a Jamaican male..I think it's a mid 90s song.

16 Aug 2016

iam looking for a song that isnt very modern but was defo released within thelast 6 years. I thinl there was more than one artist and im prrtty sure they are both male. One had blonde hair and i think he sung the chorus. in the video they are in some sort of hotel and at the end there is a helicopter picking them up. thankyou x

28 Jul 2016


jazz lyrics I can't let this ship sail in the sea, into the hills I go

This is a gorgeous jazzy piece; please help!

20 Jul 2016

Something special between us

4 Jul 2016

looking for song by female singer in 1986/7 with the word sorry in it

3 Jul 2016

Searching for someone like you,searching for someone like me 80s r&b song+

30 Jun 2016

Saving my love for you

29 Jun 2016


Im am looking to find out who sang " searchin " in the 1960's please.

Did you try looking it up in the index? Or typing it into the search box at the top of the page? Either one would have given you the answers

27 Jun 2016

looking for a song

Hi there, I am looking for a song from quite some time ago. It was mainlyinstrumental but every now and again someone would sing "Sexy Girl"

Obviously "Sexy Girl" by D-project (or maybe not) or groovewatchers?

18 Jun 2016

Someday, love will get you back,you'll see your going to suffer the way youdone poor me

7 May 2016

lTrying to find a song

I think it might be titled someone like you. +some of the words are with ssomeone like you ???? and true , I;d like to leave it all behind and go and fine a place that'a known to God alone just a place to call our own

4 May 2016

Seventeen candles

7 Apr 2016

I am looking for a song in the 80's sung by a female and the title of the songis "Simply" +with the lyrics, "I'll tell you simply, I'm falling for you, +I never felt this way before, etc." +It has a guitar accompaniment.

The only song called "Simply" listed in the charts is by De La Soul (2001)

7 Apr 2016


I'll tell you simply I'm falling for you I never felt this way before I don't need flowers, I don't need rain I just want you to understand

27 Mar 2016

Late 70 & 80 a song where a woman has a affair & uses a man to have a baby &dosent tell him . But he later finds out he has a baby by her.+

Heart "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You" for example

2 Mar 2016

gospel song setting in white around the grate white thron

19 Feb 2016


17 Nov 2015

Realise you're in lie

16 Sep 2015

song with lyrics, 1960s pop song

partial lyrics: "tell her that you love her, like you know you should"

23 Aug 2015


23 Jul 2015

Set Me Free

A song written by (curly palmer and sang on an album by a African American male singer in 1967 or thereabouts

10 Jul 2015

Guitar Instrumental version of "Silent Night"

Back in the early 70's, a Canadian record label (I think it was Much),released a 45 rpm that was a guitar instrumental version of 'Silent Night'. +I don't think it sold well at all...BUT, whenever it was played on radio , it blew the phones off the wall. +I believe artist was TOM TOMSON (not exactly sure of spelling of surname). +He may have worked at one time for the CBC. +Am looking for a copy. ++ Tk You.

2 May 2015



5 Apr 2015


Heard it in a club lyrics goes "Soldier Ey Ey Ey" or something like that...

15 Mar 2015

Who sang

You don't have to tell me she's back in town

14 Mar 2015

60's pop tune

"Shed a tear for every living thing that ever died."

22 Jan 2015

Song late 60's 70's

About a cowboy trying to ride a horse. Some of the words- You ole mean cuss going to ride you or I'll bust. It's a shame, I'm getting buried or married and ole showboat your to blame

29 Dec 2014

Song late 70's or early 80's about skin so soft+

I am looking for a song with lots of S words, like skin so soft etc. It was late 1970's. Or 1980

4 Nov 2014

looking for song title and artist name

I'm looking for this Late'80s or early '90s slow r&b song by a female artist. +She starts off singing "Stay here don't you let me sleep alone tonight....oh don't ever do it" +Later, the chorus of the song is "I need your lovin' don't go away. Heel next to me, like a dog on a choke chain." While she sings that part the background singers keep singing "Stayyyy"

19 Oct 2014


" I see you in the sunlight" +"just a dream" This song I am trying to find was sung by a female voice and I heard it on the radio around 1995. It could have been older then and was just being played on a grocery store radio PA system.+

11 Oct 2014


you're so sexy early 1990s

8 Oct 2014

song titled slow burn or slowburn

It was total insturmental from the 90s the song is very hot. I dont think the group was named slow burn.

2 Oct 2014

Please help I am looking for a song called stay sung by two men.

1 Oct 2014

i want yo know whats the name of the song and who sings it

This song its between rap ir hip hop its a 90's song ando ir has a frase thats says shakalon twenty up days fallos that its ladies night+

24 Sep 2014


songs with the word smile in it

20 Sep 2014


I am looking for a song sung by (i think two german guys and a girl). +I think its a german group. +The men are well built with no shirts on in the video and the girl lies down most of the song with the men kissing her. +I think they sing, "sexy, gorgeous....."something like that. +not many words in the song. + mostly the words "sexy, gorgeous....". +i think those are the words, but cannot be 100% sure. +Thanks.

12 Sep 2014


title "snow" or had the word snow in lyrics from the 70's

4 Sep 2014


this is a musical track - sounds as though it features +steel drums, background harmonies with an African feel to it. +Chris Evans has played it a few times on his Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2

31 Aug 2014

Lyrics in the song

Stop hurting me You know I love you now Stop Stop

30 Aug 2014

thought the dj was named something like Sabatu Song says something like "can you hear me crying out......Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ahhh

29 Aug 2014

Sexy eyes

29 Jul 2014



27 Jun 2014

since Ive meet you baby my whole life has changed

11 Jun 2014

Say what you want (Country lyric)

28 May 2014

confused i cant find

Itz +one of the newest songs but i dnt know the name of the person who sings it but i know too short is featuring in it and they keep saying give me my money

3 May 2014

song about a woman who wants a one night stand to have a baby

Suggest : All that she wants by ace of base

18 Jan 2014

Song name required

Hi, There was a dance house mix that was released in either the year 2001 or 2002 under the name "somebody". A famous speech appeared in the background of the song "I am somebody, I have the power, follow me...." Can you help me find the name of the artist and song name.+

6 Dec 2013

Lyrics of song


I just heard a 70's song that was really good, but I don't know the name ofthe song or the band. I do know that at the end of the last verse of the song, the last words are "of the song". Then they continue playing for a while. Can you help me?

1 Dec 2013

song titled "Smooth"+

some of the lyrics go " would I wouldn't do to make this thing go smooth". The song is by a woman. Its R&B/Jazz. Not that old

31 Oct 2013

slow dance

I am looking for a song i don't know if its old or new but it starts with violin very jazzy and the only lyrics i know of it is i just want to slow dance with you night and day. i have been searching for too long to find this song

3 Oct 2013

I am looking for the name of a song

It's about a woman who had a one night stand with a guy because she wanted to have a baby...I think she was married.+

The obvious one would be "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You" by Heart

21 Sep 2013

Like sun bumps

It's like an alternative rock song and the album cover is like a bottle lotion or glue

28 Sep 2011

"saturday night" sounds like Nora Jones singing but not on her lists

The songs listed on this site were all hits in some chart or another. Any song of Nora Jones' that was not a hit somewhere won't be in these lists (but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist).

13 Sep 2009

Song title and artist

"Smugler's Blues" The artist use to be with the EAGLES.

Glenn Frey's three biggest hits were (in order) "The Heat is On", "You Belong To The City" and "Smuggler's Blues" all in 1985. The first two made it into the top 100 for 1985. "Smuggler's Blues" does not have enough entries to be in the top 100 for that year, it has the following chart entries:

"US Billboard 12 - Apr 1985 (19 weeks), UK 22 - Jun 1985 (9 weeks), Poland 35 - Jul 1985 (4 weeks), RYM 184 of 1985"

Glenn Frey just misses being in the top 1000 artists, so he does not have his own page. If he did then it would note the fact that he was one of the founders of The Eagles. The page about The Eagles does mention his name

Searching with the word "Smuggler" on or both lead to Glenn Frey's song.