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19 Feb 2023

When I was young+

Looking for a kids song from the 70s sung by a girls choir - first versestarts Lollipops and poppy socks… I think and ends with When I was young,,,

16 Nov 2021

looking for a Southern Gospel song and some of the lyrics are like asleepy little town called Lo Debar".+

12 Apr 2021

Movie song

I'm looking for a song titled, Love Songs Make Me Blue by Gloria Kaye from the year 2000 made for TV movie Mermaid. Thanks kindly.

14 Oct 2020

A FNaF song that i am looking for

It was about Freddy like- singing a song about the children having fun withoutknowing what was behind all those animatronics (the animatronics live at night and have souls of the missing children that have been murdered and then stuffed into the animatronic suits)And then when it turned night freddy then went on a rampage singing "LOOK AT ME NOW!" and i dont know what was the title so please help me

19 Aug 2020

Looking for a religious song with the word light in it

8 Jun 2020

newcomer in 2006/2007 blue eyed girl

the video takes place in an empty house, seems like she just moved in. She sings directly into the camera. I think she had paper notes on the palm of her hands in which she wrote 'I love you' and stuff. And I also remember that she did a little play like she was floating on water and like she was on a boat ( but she was still in that empty living room). Can anyone help me out? :/

14 Apr 2020

Little by little by little by little You’ve been breaking my heart

What is rest of song please+

5 Mar 2020

teaching young children about weather science

That song "Don't be scared of thunder..." was on a 78-RPM kid's record I grew up with.

It's title was something like "Jingle-Dingle the Weather-man". +It had manycatchy tunes that still run thru my head. +Last time I checked, I could not find any reference to the record's existence on the Internet.

31 Jan 2020

sad song

girl sings sad song cant remember much except one lyric lying on the bathroomfloor not a very old songand no not the song hold on but ive looked and cant find it plz help.

30 Jan 2020

Hit you with this letter so you could think about it+

It's a letter sung out loud, short, only time I ever heard it was like 99

15 Dec 2019

Older song,+

I’m standing in the doorway and I’m trying +hard to remember.... +chorus “and I never, no I never knew love line this”

And the blank and we all gathered+

5 Dec 2019

Till death

Boy has leather jacket till death do us part

1 Dec 2019

songs which have the word "Laura" somewhere in the title

songs which have the word "Laura" somewhere in the title

3 Nov 2019


Lost and blue been every shade of blue

2 Jun 2019

Reggae song

Look at the trees on the garden how they grow so tall

4 Apr 2019


every night he brings me lilacs, lilacs for me, well it cracks up my craniumif he brings me a geranium, cus he nose me nose is only use to lilacs

28 Mar 2019

Falling inlove+

A guy with really curly brown hair songs duet with a girl with brown hair theyare split screened scenes in record shop and coffee shop I can’t rememebr anything but the music video+

17 Mar 2019


Its a song about love as the object a rock, being stupid, under water, waitingdumb etc

24 Feb 2019


As I sat and listened to the old man talk of life many years ago and he toldme tales of different lands and friends he'd met and how he loved them so, he said you must do the things in life I failed to do, he said you must do the things in life I failed to do and then he smiled...

23 Feb 2019

Let's all go swimming under water with the Lord Mayors daughter

28 Nov 2018

We ain't perfect but we damn close that's what it's like loving you

2 Nov 2018

Lawrie the marigold of may would be the brides bouquet+

10 Oct 2018

trying to find a song titled Life

Heard this song on apple music, it's album cover is almost post apocalypse/rapture and I'm guessing the genre is like heavy metal/rock/alternative? lyrics I made out were "why is my life getting hardand harder"

27 Jul 2018

trying to find a song about a young man who takes a older lady out for a ride is his muscle car and then latr gives her a ride when she is ina nursing home

15 Jan 2018

sleeping in our bed with her , its a female singer about 2005 or 2006+

7 Jan 2018

Love Me Now

This was sung by a male country singer circa 1975

6 Dec 2017


Love oh love

15 Nov 2017

kendrik in her name

british female pop singer during 1970-1990

4 Nov 2017


I can't belueve I'm in love+

4 Nov 2017


You told me lies cause you didn't want to face me boy, you didn't want to face me child

1 Nov 2017


26 Oct 2017

Old song my daddy use to sing to me

Words are,,,A letter was written by a little girls hand and sealed with alittle hearts love. Was mailed to Heaven to her Daddy , to his new home somewhere up above. I think the name of the song was "A Letter" not sure. Never heard it but my daddy singing it. I believe it must be between 1900's -1933. Thanks

5 Apr 2017

"Fine righteous babe"

12 Mar 2017


i like to look inside your head

10 Mar 2017

I've been looking for so long

5 Feb 2017

teaching young children about weather science

Don't be scared of thunder, it's nothing but a great big sound. Don't bescared of lightning, it hardly ever reaches the ground. I learned this in the early 60's.

24 Jan 2017

girl looking for keys in purse; boy waiting for goodnight kiss

14 Oct 2016


Loyal and steadfast we stand to a man. +Our memories keep time with the bandwhile our colors wave in the sun.. we will ever be loyal

8 Oct 2016

lifeboats here, lifeboats everywhere +oh how I wish I were back in...

4 Oct 2016


though your lessons don't get in me easier, i turned my back from you for her,and you showed me the way and you made me see, +that i need you, here beside me to guide me.

4 Sep 2016

let your feelings show

2 Sep 2016

love is gone

19 Aug 2016

Life is in your hands but you keep on standing

13 Aug 2016

the song is called "lightning" +dancehall music . who sings it?

5 Aug 2016

london town

4 Aug 2016

1974 disco

let's get it on is time to get down

30 Jun 2016

If you had been away...eyes..memories+

5 Jun 2016


songs with the word " lucky" in the tittle

Just look up the word "Lucky" in the index, that entry links to songs by: Ace Of Base, Alma Cogan, Amy Grant, Anne Murray, Artie Shaw, Barbra Streisand, Benny Goodman, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Cliff Richard, Colbie Caillat, Daft Punk, Donna Summer, Eddy Duchin, Eiffel 65, Elvis Presley, Evelyn Knight, Faith Hill, Frank Ifield, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine, Frankie Vaughan, Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians, George Olsen, Glee Cast, Guy Mitchell, Henry Mancini, Jason Mraz, Joni James, Kylie Minogue, Laura Branigan, Little River Band, Louis Armstrong, Madonna, Marty Robbins, Marvin Gaye, Paul Whiteman, Perry Como, Petula Clark, Radiohead, Ray Charles, Ricky Nelson, Ruth Etting, Sarah Vaughan, The Andrews Sisters, The Four Seasons, The Verve, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tommy Dorsey, Vaughn Monroe, Vernon Dalhart and Wet Wet Wet

27 Mar 2016

Loving one another+

21 Feb 2016

seeking over 2 decades for this r&b song to these lyrics


yes i'm looking for a love that's free from all man-made obstacles yes i'm looking for a love a love that's pure, a love sent from above I thought this was done by evelyn 'champayne' king but not so. these are the only lyrics I can remember. I think this was a song in the late 80's or early 90's

1 Jan 2016

loving things you do

its the loving things you do that make me feel so close to you, gonna love youmy whole life through for the loving things baby that you do

25 Oct 2015

seeking over 2 decades for this r&b song to these lyrics

yes i'm looking for a love that's free from all man-made obstacles yes i'm looking for a love a love that's pure, a love sent from above

I thought this was done by evelyn 'champayne' king but not so. these are theonly lyrics I can remember. I think this was a song in the late 80's or early 90's

6 Sep 2015


i want the name of a song which has 4 words and the last word is lady

The CSV file is your friend:

Betty Legler "Rock For The Lady" (1981), Brian Setzer Orchestra "Luck Be a Lady" (2003), Cab Calloway & his Cotton Club Orchestra "Eadier Was a Lady" (1932), Ethel Merman "Eadie Was a Lady" (1933), Frank Sinatra "LA is My Lady" (1984), Freddie Jackson "You Are My Lady" (1985), Jack Jersey "Blue Brown Eyed Lady" (1976), Journey "Walks Like A Lady" (1980), Larry Graham "Just Be My Lady" (1981), Lyric Quartet "My Dreamy China Lady" (1916), Marlon Brando "Luck Be a Lady" (1955), Paul Whiteman "Eadie Was a Lady" (1933), Supertramp "My Kind of Lady" (1983), The Commodores "Three Times a Lady" (1978)

20 Aug 2015

looking for a 80's or early 90's song

Lyrics: Love me like you mean it. If this love is real then there's no beed tofear.(bla blah) love affair.....(blah blah)

10 Aug 2015


The song goes the light meets the dark

1 Aug 2015

Long long ago three ships

26 Jul 2015


Here are some of its words + love is gentle,and ,love is love all the timeloveis kind

5 Jun 2015

hey boy doesn't matter what they they say boy gonna love you anyway boy +we'llfind love and +i fell under your spell knowing quite well. hey girl

15 May 2015


It goes like I'm looking at you while your looking at me

26 Apr 2015

Popular song in Benidorm

In our about 1977/1978 I went to benidorm, I was 13. +I think at that time there was very popular song over there and every now and then all these years later the "catchy bit" pops into my head. +All I can remember is the tune (which obviously you cant hear) but one line which is "lay love on me, lay...." I remember a woman sang it. +I also remember coming home to London and having to pre-order it because we couldnt get it over here - any ideas. +Thanks

7 Jan 2015

Love Letters on the wall

4 Jan 2015

looking for that llama

I'm gonna come into your home, and look for that llama. +I'll kill you, your sister and your mama.

9 Nov 2014

Something in the song about "Lady Love"

13 Oct 2014

Walkin down the broken line

19 Sep 2014

I feel love on the outside but I'm cold inside

19 Sep 2014

Let's run run run away+

It's old not sure of the years. The lyrics go like this:You don't how much I love you but I love you like the sun, I wanted to +put my arms around you and just run, run, run, run away+

4 Sep 2014

Love letters

3 Sep 2014

loving you

31 Aug 2014


Girl you welcome to come on over to my place ,girl you welcome to everything I got

10 Aug 2014

Looking for the title of a song either late 70's or early 80's with the name lynda in it+

The Beach Boys "Lady Lynda" from 1979 (a hit in the UK)

23 Jul 2014

german folk song

lady in blue

23 Jun 2014

reggae artist

thanks for leaving me thanks you made me who i am today thanks for walking away cause now i see

19 Mar 2014

Love/ song

I believe it's a new song about why it's so hard to love me? Even when I didn't have money, you loved me. +Something like that :) The singer sounds like Justin Timberlake to me.

18 Sep 2013

donna summers

where dona summers song looking for a hero

As far as we can see it was never a hit anywhere

31 Aug 2013

has the words love that a woman can give to a man

I remember it's sang by a female artist. +It starts off with horns going: bomp,bomp booooomp-----bomp,bomp! and then a flute comes in. +This goes about four times, then the artist starts to sing the opening lyrics. +

That's all I can remember!

30 Aug 2013

I'm looking for the rest of this song: +Las Sainte Vierge sans venant chantant, au que'elle est belle et que'elle est chanrmant

30 Aug 2013

Sainte Vierge

The song goes like this in French: +La Sainte Vierge sans venant chantant, au que'elle est belle et que'elle est charmant

1 Jul 2013

song tite

has the words major tom in it but its not the bowie song

1 May 2013

Last Kiss

looking for artist of song last kiss from the 70's

The obvious candidate would be "The Last Kiss" which was a hit for Wednesday in 1973 (Canada 7 - Oct 1973 (12 weeks), Record World 33 - 1974, US Billboard 34 - Nov 1973 (18 weeks))

31 Jan 2013

song chorus let me down easy babe

Looking for song I think was titled Let Me Down Easy or Slow. First verse began, I've got a feeling that you are leaving me. It came out in the sixties and it was a male singing,

We have six hits with that title:

The Isley Brothers "Let Me Down Easy" (1977) - France 10 - May 1977 (1 week)

The Stranglers "Let Me Down Easy" (1985) - UK 48 - Feb 1985 (4 weeks)

Billy Currington "Let Me Down Easy" (2010) - US Billboard 46 - Dec 2010 (20 weeks)

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Let Me Down Easy" (1973) - US Billboard 96 - Apr 1973 (2 weeks)

Roger Daltrey "Let Me Down Easy" (1985) - US Billboard 86 - Dec 1985 (3 weeks)

American Flyer "Let Me Down Easy" (1976) - US Billboard 80 - Oct 1976 (4 weeks)

15 Jun 2011

song about lies-- basket?? of lies

I heard this song on Sirius radio on the Sinatra station. I thought the songwriter was named Fishburn but I could be wrong. Also I think the writer writes for Broadway.

We have no idea, here are some possibilities:

Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra "Love Lies" (1940) Dick Haymes "Little White Lies" (1948) Perry Como "Lies" (1952) Fats Domino "Telling Lies" (1959) Manhattan Brothers & Miriam Makeba "Lovely Lies" (1956) Julia Lee "Lies" (1946) Kay Starr "How it Lies, How it Lies, How it Lies" (1949) Martha Davis "Little White Lies" (1948)

30 Mar 2011

old old song

Looking for an old song my parents had on Phonograph! Laziest dog that ever was born, He's howlin' cause he's sittin on a thorn, and he's just to lazy to move.

A quick search on lyric sites suggests that its "Life Gits Tee-jus Don't It" by Tex Williams & The Western Caravan released in 1948. It entered the US Billboard charts in Dec 1948 peaked at number 27 and was in the charts for 2 weeks. It was not a hit in any other chart.