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22 Dec 2023

song by jonny cash

how she got that old truck runnin'

11 Jan 2022

Country music song+

Janie as a little girl waves good bye to her best friend, her mother consolesher. Tells her it’s okay to cry it’s okay to hurt. The end of the song has the mother on deaths bed and says it’s time for her to go now, again saying it’s okay to cry it’s okay to hurt.

18 Dec 2020

Young teen singing on stool with guitar named jay

14 Apr 2020

An old song+

A long time ago when i was younger i’d listen to this song on the old ondemand on comcast. i’d find the music video in the J section and i remember a name, maybe Jean or Jene. the music video had a young man with shoulder length hair. he’d start playing on a piano with sharpied keys (coloured rainbow) a woman from a curtain would come out (i remember her having white hair) and she’d try to kill the guy with magic tricks for an imaginary (paper) audience. she created this one knife thing and had the guy lay in a coffin but he escaped, +she looked around for him but then decide to leave. the only lyric i remember is “where did we goooo from here” +

10 Nov 2018

looking for a song

with words in the song.. james go hitch the wagon I remember in my childhood how

27 Jan 2018

Jesse James Is an outlaw honey 1970's

This song played in the 70's The lyrics are something about Jesse James is anoutlaw honey. He rides the road on a big old Harley He's not like you and me He'll never be free

25 Jan 2018

Jeans or Suits - song from the 80s

The song was a girl singing about Jeans or Suits on guys. I can't remember.+But she was describing different type of suits/jeans on men. It was kind of valley girl type of music, maybe early 80s. +Can anyone help!!!+

8 Jan 2018

Japanese singer

Acoustic pop

26 Oct 2017

Jamaica a place I'd like to be+

Old reggae song from 1050s

A reggae song from the 1050s? That is slightly outside our date range

29 Jun 2017

a song about Jennifer

I'm trying to find a song released in the early 90's Summertime. +It was a peppy song about Jennifer. +I don't remember who sang it. Seems like there might have been a line about getting in a car, but I'm not sure

Please help


7 Jun 2017

I'm on a journey to find love

30 Oct 2016


the music video begins where a dark guy in a white ship dressed in blue formal 2piece with white t- shirt calls his white friend who was dresed in white 2piece and pink t-shirt,sitting outside his mansion with some girls in black swimming costume,telling him that he is going to pick him up

10 Oct 2016

I'm gonna love you

Jim Ed Brown

9 Sep 2016

I'm looking for a Christian song from 1996 called Jump In The River+

30 Aug 2016


I'm looking for the song used to advertise CBN radio - it a very happy bouncysong which sings about Joy being a chain reaction. Any ideas?

17 Aug 2016

it's a black gospel story/song about a little girl who wrote a letter to jesusand mailed it. +The postman read the letter because he said it wasn't going anywhere anyway.

19 Dec 2015


4 Dec 2015

an old 60s song that talks about a drunk that wears a necklace around hisneck, they open it when he dies and its a picture of Jesus

3 Oct 2015

gUD bye


9 Oct 2014

jump n sing da reggae music

14 Jan 2010

lost song

In the early 1960 or late 50's a Christian rock song sang about the walls of Jericho tumbling down. Would you know the artist and where I can get a copy of it?

The song "Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho" is, we think, a traditional spiritual song. Paul Robeson, for example, recorded various versions from 1925 (on the "Ol' Man River (Living Era)" CD) until 1958 (on the "Ballads for Americans" CD). As far as we can see no one has ever had a hit in any chart with the song.

However we suspect that you are recalling the version by Elvis Presley (listed on some sites as "Joshua Fit the Battle" or "Joshua Fit de Battle ob Jericho") which he released as a single in 1965. It is available as a download from a number of places, such as Amazon or iTunes, and is on the CD "Peace In The Valley - The Complete Gospel Recordings".