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15 Apr 2017

Looking for song

Looking for the name of a song that has a young guy singing about hisgirlfriend who keeps talking. +You can hear a young woman talking in the background. +It is somewhat humorous. It was probably between 1990 and 2010. +It is probably an Alternative song.

24 Feb 2017

Cannot Find Song

Hi:) I am looking for a song and I have not been able to find it based on thevery few words I can remember. It is from the 90's (I think) and it is a techno/rap(ish) song. The only line I remember is Girls...beat (da dat dat da dat) Girls...

15 Feb 2017

Losing someone+

A video of een boys group singing about losing someone in de video you seepeople with spanish mask i think lost of gold sunlight

1 Jan 2017

Golden hair

Song from the 70s or 80s sung by a woman with the words golden hair somewherein the song. Not the title.

9 Nov 2016

Singer walking through fire

I am looking for a song that was on the top 20 countdown detween 2003 and 2008. in the song video the band is playing out side and the singer walks through fire as he is still sing. I recorded this song at one point buy can no longer find it. PLEASE help. Thank You

Charts from after 2000 are also listed on our sister site (

2 Nov 2016

Girl with red dress on

31 Oct 2016

guy claims to be a ghost at a party to pick up girls

It is fairly modern about a hip black guy claiming to be a ghost and trying topick up girls at a party.

31 Oct 2016

guy claims to be a ghost at a party to pick up girls

10 Aug 2016


1 Dec 2015


I know it's by a man who has a soft voice and the song is soft, it kind ofsounds similar to the start of on my mind (before "i dont understand" the alex aiono version

18 May 2015


please send list of theme and title song Gloria +

20 Aug 2014

get it get it get it

An r & b recording's song Was made between 1972 and 1975+

16 Jul 2014

looking for a na e or artist

babe whats your name can we talk about it in the rain

26 May 2014


id rather be in a cold dark grave and know that im saved

26 May 2014

looking for a song with partial lyrics

I'm looking for a song around 60s or 70s, I dont know who sang it or the title. +lyrics something like.... Stop treating me like a broken toy no no no, I may be broken but I aint no toy no no no and when you fall in the arms of another woe woe woe, +you've got the nerve to say, you've got the nerve to say that I am the guilty guilty guilty guilt one.