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This page is no longer generated. It used to describe the song decade "1900". It could be that the name has been changed or a newer version of the data has make this item drop off the end of the lists.

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19 Jun 2019

Lyrics of sitting in a chair next to your chair in Heaven+

Lyrics of sitting in a chair next to your chair in heaven, your toe to touchyour nose

22 Sep 2018

I'd like to have lyrics

Its a Boy Came the Call Down the Hallway

4 Sep 2018

My Gran sang a song which started Why do they say that I'm only a Jew when I'm one of God's people like you

10 Apr 2018

Old song sung in German accent, first line

There once was a woman who couldn't spell it,

11 Mar 2018

song by vincent courtney

the silver in my mothers hair sung by Mr Billy Malony

18 Dec 2017

looking for a song called 'Just for tonight' very old+

8 Dec 2017

Wedsite is dead

Yeah, the website is dead

Not dead, just resting

4 Feb 2017

Sad sunshine song

I'm trying to remember an old song. It's not You are my sunshine but itreminds me of same but it was sad. +Sullen

8 Nov 2016

looking for song

song title is LITTLE MARY +it was written +in the early 1900's +up to maybethe 30's + please help+

3 Nov 2016

did you ever hear of the old song, Fal der al dal--about an old man whothought that he knew her, and he fellow his ear in the sewer--Fal der al dal od y odi--?

25 Oct 2016

1900's song Carolina Brown?

This is a song my mother used to sing to me. +She had done a performance of it as a child in Scotland and would entertain me with it when I was a small child.

25 Oct 2016

Looking for the name of the song

My great grandfather sang the following to me and I really want to know the title of the song. +The lyrics I remember go like this I've got an F.O.R.D. ford made out of T.I.N tin board and I will take you on an R.I.D.E. ride to the P.A.R.K. park where it is D.A.R.K. dark and I will K.I.double S. kiss you all the T.I.M.E. time.

19 Oct 2016

old song

Looking for a song we had on a phonograph record back in 1934. The lyrics Iremember are: I fell in love with a pretty girl, she was a perfect date. Wasn't long before I found she was the mother of eight. Then my love began to wane, yes, my love betgan to wane. I had to have another on rebound to fall in love again. +There are many +stanzes- all very cute.

12 May 2016

Song lyrics: with someone like you, a pal so good and true

My grandpa used to sing a song to me that I am looking for: with someone likeyou, a pal so good and true, I'd like to leave it all behind and go and find - someplace that's known, to God alone - just a spot to call our own. +We'll find perfect peace - where joys will never cease - out there beneath the western sky. +We'll build a sweet little nest - somewhere out in the west - and let the rest of the world go by.

13 Feb 2016

Party song

if you want something good you've got to spend your jack I gaurntee you will never want your money back but i'll keep sitting on it before i give it away

12 Jan 2016


Looking for the lyrics to an early 1900's song called "Freckles" First stanzais: "Freckles was his name, he always used to +get the blame, for every broken window pane, oh how they'd yank him, and spank him"

30 Dec 2015

Song lyrics

Looking for lyrics to a song with these or similar partial lyrics "In the heart of a rose there's a story sweet. If you listen I'll tell it to you. It will tell of the love that is in my heart...."

10 Dec 2015

Old old song lyrics

Looking for the lyrics to a song that began "When you wore a tulip, a bright yellow tulip and I wore a big red rose, when you caress me it's like heaven blessed me. +What a blessing no one knows. +I know most of it but think there is more.

Also looking for "Margie, I'm always thinkin' of you Margie. +I tell the worldI love you..." +That's about all I know and maybe that isn't even right. + Help please

30 Oct 2015

song lyric

Refrain: I'm going there in a bamboo chair 'cause I've got my fare from here to Hong Kong. It was on an old '78 that we played on a Victrola. I didn't seeit on your list, as it probably wasn't a big hit.

17 Aug 2015

Old song, who sang this.(lyrics like this I remember)

In a quaint little house, by the old village church, an old lady lives alone,she's just a grey haired lady, Her eyes are filled with tears, her smile always makes you welcome, there can only be one mother, she's all the world to me.

13 Jul 2015

Have this?

Do you have" last kiss"by Wayne Cochran? If you do am I able to listen to it?+

We just list charts we have no music here

28 Jun 2015

basket of flowers

can you find any details of an old song called a basket of flowers

We have no hit called "basket of flowers"

4 Apr 2015

song/ "Lucky Lindie"

when I was a teen my father me some old 78s that my mother threw away. These are the only ones I can remember the titles to

Vernon Dalhart's 1927 song "Lucky Lindy" was a tribute to the aviator Charles Lindbergh. Later events such as his child's kidnapping, his enthusiasm for Eugenics and his pro-German stance before Pearl Harbor made him seem less Lucky.

31 Mar 2015


Word: the brook gently playing the lilac tree swaying one word they keep saying Helene

27 Feb 2015

The song, Oh lord its hard to be humble, when you perfect in every way.+

4 Jan 2015

song title

There was a song, I believe from early 1900's about a man and his "faithful hound". +They were homeward bound from hunting. The man falls in water and the dog saves him.

29 Dec 2014

old song about a baby that die

my grand mother sang that song, something about a littlie bootie .it could of been in the late 1800 that the song was wrote.the song said that the baby die and they saved her little bootie+

19 Sep 2014


IN 1909 there was no Billboard Hot 100, or any other Billboard Chart, until 1944!

There were a variety of charts published at different times

14 Aug 2014


11 May 2014

Give her a bunch of roses

To the woman in her 70s looking for the song about roses and mother's day. It's Al Jolson "Remember Mother's Day" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBrd6CVyU1A

13 Apr 2014

We go dancing in the park

My dad used to sing this song to me, and I can't find the name of it or the lyrics on-line. It went like this "We go dancing in the park is nice. Is nice. You like. I like. I like it to."

It seemed like the singer/lyricist spoke English as a second language and my dad would sing it with an accent. He came from a Polish immigrant family in Chicago.

Do you know this song?

16 Mar 2014

Beware When Bright Eyes Glance

This song was mentioned as The Eisteddfod Song in the program of the first Maryborough (Queensland, Australia) Eisteddfod which was held in 1903. Any assistance with the words or music would be most appreciated. Thank you

16 Jan 2014

Little rose in a garden of weeds+

Hi I am trying to track down a song that my Grans dad used to sing to her as a child . I have looked all over n found snippets of different versions but would like to know what the real version would have been in the 1940s probably of " just a rose in a garden of weeds, when the night sheds it's few there's a year she's for you little rose in a garden of weeds" . Thanks+

1 Jan 2014

Part of a song from late 1800's

I don't know the title but part of the lyrics are as follows: the night was dark and fearful, the blast whaling by, a watcher pale and tearful, looked forth with anxious eye.

(My grandfather and his sister sang this song in late 1800's)

"The Watcher" by Sarah Josepha Hale

30 Sep 2013

song my mother is looking for+

Hello I am looking for a song that is like tell Laura I love her. But it was done in early 1900's my mother says is call my mother or tell mother . Her mother use to sing it to her. I have search she also said Hank Williams sang it. it was to a son and her mother changed it to a daughter. Thank you for your time+

31 Jul 2013

Trumpet music

Anybody heard of +Bob The Trumpeter music or Relic of the Cornfields ,from the early 1900'

16 Jul 2013

Not sure of year, it was a song my Mother and Aunt sang to us when we were children. A way upon the mou-oui wount tain there did dwell a pretty little maaaaiden I loved so well. Come tyru tyru tyray. Have no idea the spelling of this but tried to kind of sound it out. I seem to remember hearing it in an old western movie.+

28 Apr 2013

Song "fascination" first song

23 Apr 2013

from Lanna Hartley

I have partial lyrics, +"I see the moon and the moon sees me, down in the hollow by the old oak tree" +I am sure there is more and I would like to find them, +another, "My moon shining thru the pine while Mohawk sleeps, let her leep thru the dell, your cowboy lover" +again I know there is more. + thank you

17 Dec 2012


These people are driving me crazy

10 Nov 2012

In my 70s and remember these words my mother used to sing

Just a rose in a garden of weeds no one knows just who just planted you there,although your alone,how sweet you have grown,with know one to tend you or care.never mind little rose never mind,though your lonesome ........

Re just a Rose,I hope this helps!

Can some one help me, +i too am looking for the words of another old song....give her a bunch of Roses,Mum loves Roses,give her a small bouquet ..love on Mothers day..?

13 Oct 2012

#4 Tell Me Pretty Maiden

According to Joel Whitburn, this recording features Byron G Harlan, Frank C Stanley, Joe Belmont and the Folorodora Girls.

You will notice that it is also listed in other sources (from different countries), they give the entry we have.

Most music from before about 1940 has a range of different ways the artists can be assigned, we try and ensure consistency rather than worry about exactly matching a single source.

20 Feb 2012


I'm looking for the the lyrics and melody to "JUST A ROSE IN A GARDEN OF WEEDS" No one believes me that there is an old song out there with this title

We think that the song is the one listed here as "Garden of Weeds". Which was a minor hit for Paul Whiteman in 1935. You could have found it by searching for "Garden of Weeds" in the search box at the top of this page.

We, of course, do not have any lyrics here.

14 Feb 2012

Thank you

I would just like to thank you for this invaluable website. This is the most consice chart archive access I have ever come across.

14 Jan 2012

lyrics to " a rose in a garden of weeds "

I am trying to find the lyrics for " just a rose in a garden of weeds. Can you help ???

Kindest regards

Doug Burgess

20 Feb 2011

I'm looking for the song "You'll Never Know the Good Fellow I've Been"

We don't have any music files here, just a listing of chart positions

4 Nov 2010

Holy Ancient! These are over 100 years old!