What song was number 1 on the day I was born?

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The links above will allow you to discover which songs were number one on any date from 1940-2015. Select the year you want, followed by the month within that year (on the next page) then you will be able to see which songs were number one for each day of that month in the various countries covered.

The data shown represents all the information we currently have available, if you want number ones from before 1940, or for different countries we recommend that you follow the source data links yourself. The issues with defining which charts to use, which entries fall into each chart and how to treat double-A side records made us feel that listing number ones was not a worthwhile effort, however the number of users who request such data has convinced us to offer this set of pages. We quite often get requests to find out which song was number one on a particular day. There are a number of obvious comments:

  • Number 1 where? And according to who? We have lists of number one records and their dates from the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Canada, Spain, Japan, Europe and the USA. But they all have limited timeframes and some have other, more complete and "official" charts that overlap. If you want to examine these lists you should track down the original data
  • This site focuses on consolidating charts from round the world, not on tracking the accidental coincidence of a particular song's popularity on a particular date. We are interested in which songs were number 1 in most places but we don't set out to discover, or track, the day to day movements of songs. For most of our data its hard enough working out the right year
  • As you go back in time the charts are less well defined. The USA has the longest running set of chart data, but even there the Billboard Hot 100 chart started in 1958, before that there were a variety of less formal ones. Those charts in turn started in 1936 but we only have lists of number ones starting from 1940. Before 1936 there were Billboard charts but they were for the sheet music, not for the actual song, and for some eras they only really give an indication of the year, rather than the month.
  • If you want to know the US number one song for any date after 1940 have a look at //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-o ne_hits_(United_States)

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Some Feats

Given the range of countries that we have gathered information for we can answer some questions about number ones. If we restrict ourselves to the English speaking world that we have good charts for (that is the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland) then only two artists had number ones simultaneously across all those charts before 1990: The Beatles with "I Feel Fine" from Dec 1964 to Jan 1965 and John Lennon in Jan 1981. Three artists managed this feat in the 1990s: Bryan Adams in Aug 1991 - Sep 1991; Whitney Houston in Dec 1992 - Jan 1993; and Celine Dion in Mar 1998.

Looking at the proportion of time that each artist was number one in at least one of our target countries gives yet another measure of the relative success that various acts enjoyed. If we work out what proportion of each decade they spent in the number one song slot we get this listing:

# Artist 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
1 The Beatles 35.6% 1.7%
2 Bing Crosby 31.6% 2.3%
3 Elvis Presley 11.2% 19.7% 2.6%
4 Madonna 12.2% 6.9%
5 Abba 13.6% 1.9%
6 Perry Como 7.0% 10.4% 0.6%
7 Glenn Miller 13.2%
8 Mariah Carey 12.8%
9 Bee Gees 2.5% 10.8% 0.9%
10 Phil Collins 9.6% 2.8%
11 The Rolling Stones 8.1% 3.6% 1.3% 0.2%
12 Rod Stewart 8.6% 0.7% 1.9%
13 Elton John 5.6% 1.1% 6.5%
14 Michael Jackson 1.9% 5.9% 3.8%
15 Bryan Adams 0.4% 8.4%
16 The Ink Spots 8.3%
17 U2 4.2% 5.9%
18 Boyz II Men 7.7%
19 Celine Dion 7.4%
20 Wings 7.4%
21 Cliff Richard 2.1% 5.0% 1.0% 0.9% 0.8%
22 Dinah Shore 6.7% 1.0%
23 Johnnie Ray 6.7%
24 Whitney Houston 4.5% 4.4%
25 Spice Girls 6.7%
26 Nat King Cole 1.5% 5.8% 0.2%
27 Cher 1.7% 1.1% 4.9%
28 Jimmy Dorsey 6.1%
29 Vaughn Monroe 5.9%
30 Take That 5.8%

The 1940s and 1950s are biased in two different ways, firstly there are fewer charts (so acts are liable to spend less time at number one) and secondly the charts that existed were less dynamic (so acts spent longer in the top slot). We have assumed these factors just about cancel each other out. Only Cliff Richard and The Rolling Stones have managed to extend beyond 3 decades.

Another interesting metric is to look at how long a particular artist managed to remain at number one in at least one of these countries. This shows artists that were globally popular with multiple songs released in quick succession. Here are all the artists that managed at least 75 days of being number one somewhere:

# Artist Days
1 Phil Collins 259
2 Bing Crosby 212
3 The Beatles 196
4 Glenn Miller 184
5 Dinah Shore 154
6 Elvis Presley 140
7 Sinead O'Connor 135
8 Boyz II Men 126
9 Elton John 125
10 Bryan Adams 121
11 Survivor 107
12 Stevie Wonder 99
13 Abba 98
13 Los Del Rio 98
13 Meat Loaf 98
13 Whitney Houston 98
17 Spice Girls 97
18 Britney Spears 92
19 Coolio 91
19 Doris Day 91
19 Perry Como 91
22 John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John 90
23 Starsound 86
23 Wings 86
25 P Diddy & Faith Evans 85
26 George Harrison 84
26 Harry James 84
26 Jimmy Dorsey 84
26 Johnnie Ray 84
36 Mariah Carey 84
31 Michael Jackson 83
32 Tony Orlando & Dawn 81
33 Lou Bega 78
34 Bill Haley & His Comets 77
34 The Rolling Stones 77
34 Vaughn Monroe 77
37 Nancy Sinatra 75

The Beatles and Bing Crosby both managed more than 100 day stints twice (The Beatles narrowly missed out on managing three 100 stretches because of a two day gap in Mar 1966.

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Read the page contents?

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January 15th, 1937, America

I don't care what position on the charts, or which chart you use (As long asit's a real chart list, not RYM or DDD) Just has to be started charting on or Near-before that day. +Great site you got here, It's helped me with some Documentaries I have done.+

Have a look at the 1937 year chart. Any of the top 20 there would fit your criteria. The listing of which charts should give you enough info to select. For example, Count Basie's "One O'Clock Jump" would be a valid candidate except you may reject it because it relies on recent assessments (such as the "Grammy Hall of Fame" and "Library of Congress" listings). Of course you may see those as supporting it.

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By the time you are 50 you really ought to be able to follow simple instructions (read the page)

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Joe Dolan+

Did Joe Dolan really has legend would have it, make # 1 in fourteen European countries?

We don't have listings for *all* European countries but we have quite a few and he has NO number one listings for any countries other than Ireland or South Africa. So being number one on 14 European countries is unlikely.

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We sometimes think that people who ask stupid questions (like what was number one on a particular date, without specifying the country or chart) are being deliberately stupid.

This question though is in a class of its own

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what song was made on April 13 2000 its for a project I'm doing and I need help

What song was MADE then? That we can't answer

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Who h so g was number one on 30th January 1947 please?

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Really, you're 15 and not able to follow simple instructions? Read what it says in the text

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What song was number 1 on 8/8/1940 in Enq

Follow the instructions on the page and you will find out.

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What song was #1 on October 2nd,2000?

You should be able to find that yourself, also try looking at http://chart2000.com/sd/00275.htm

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1976 1 22+

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The number one song in the US on September 30, 2005

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What an odd question. Umm, lets see The Farm's "All Together Now" (the Euro 2004 version) was released on that date, as was "Borrowed Heaven" by The Corrs and many others.

Our guess is that more than 125,000 songs and albums are released in North America and Europe each year so that means about 340 are released on any given day, we won't list them here.

(Oh and by the way the film "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was released that day too)

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what u.k. song was number one on 6th November 1986

Read the page? Follow the instructions?

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#1 song on this day 12/3/65

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What was the hit song on July 20th 2007 in West Yorkshire?

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Which song was a hit on the 4th of July

On the 4th July 1776 we would guess the song "Chester" (by William Billings) was a hit in the US

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Read the page, follow the instructions and find out for yourself

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28th November 1959

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What song was number one on 08/02/01?

On the 1st Feb 2008 Basshunter & DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheadz were number one in Ireland with "Now You're Gone"

If that doesn't answer your question why not try A) actually reading what this page says, B) pose better questions

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Hi was wondering what the no1 song on my date of birth of 8 th of April 1963 , thanks dean o'leary+

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What song was number 1 on 11 november 2013

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what song was number1the day I was born 1955 April

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What song was #1 when I was born April 8,1963

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Don McLean?

American Pie ought a be up there somewhere.

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What song was number one when I was born on February 7,1953

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I was born on October 154, 1993

October the 154th?

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I was born on November 29, 2000

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born 25 fevrier 1953

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what was the record on the 6th august 1947 please. Also the same for 1st of april 1951.

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August 18 2000

As a teenager you should be able to follow instructions on a web site

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May 4th 1984

What was the #1 song the week I was born? May 4, 1984

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11 07 1960 what was no 1+

By following the instructions at the top of this page I can tell you that on the 11th Jul 1960 Edith Piaf was number 1 in Germany with "Milord"

If, alternately, you want to know what was number 1 ijn the USA on Nov 7 1960 you will have to follow the instructions yourself

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20th Feb 1974, what classy song was number 1

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You are 20 years old and can't read a web page?

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What was the no. 1 in 10/17/1954-

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July 21 1981

American number 1

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what song september 7 2000

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what was number one on 19th oct 1933?

There was no number one before 1940. It explains that on the page

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3rd september 1988

hi, what was the number on song on 3rd September 1988

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british song no.1 on july 27th 1943

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On 8th august 1964

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No1song on 7th jan 1965

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#1 song on country, pop & r&b charts on April 27, 1954?

I'd like to know what the #1 songs on the country, pop & r&b charts were on April 27, 1954. +Thanks!

We don't do genre specific charts for each country

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What song was no.1 on 31 st august 1962 please?

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What was number 1 in the charts on 8th August 1957 please?

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What was number 1 in 2004

When in 2004 and where?

31 Jan 2013

je cherche comment acceder a la chanson du jour de ma naissance

je cherche comment acceder a la chanson du jour de ma naissance

1 Jan 2013

number 1 song on day i was born ?+

I was born in Canberra on 27th April 1947. What was the Australian No 1 at that time please?

Just pick the year and month at the top of the page

18 Nov 2012

May 15 1965

11 Nov 2012

9/11/10 & 5/3/12

What was the number 1 song on the 9th of november 2010? my sons birthday.

What was the number 1 song on the 5th of March 2012? My daughters birthday.

We don't list any music for this year, its too likely to need correcting later. You can navigate to Nov 2010 with the dates at the top of the month pages.

We would suggest you look at the sources on Wikipedia that are listed at the foot of each month's page.

31 Oct 2012

Monthly charts

if you would like to read all the charts year by year and month by month of any countries, how should I do?

Thank you.

If you are looking for charts since the year 2000 there are some sites that provide that. If you want side by side charts from before that we suspect you are out of luck. We find it hard enough to create charts that gather the information and consolidate by year.

The sources for various charts are listed on the "Source Charts" page, you could try and create such a resource yourself.

15 Jan 2012

What song was number 1 on november 26 1999

Follow the year link at the top of this page, then select the month you want (on the third row of the next page)

6 Jan 2012

Maybe you should delete the comments section instead of being an arse.

Your considerate and respectful approach do your country proud. I can't see where the reputation of Australians as rude and crass comes from.

6 Jan 2012

# 1 songs

what was the #1 song April 1, 1940.


The oldest listing of number one sons starts on the 27th July 1940 with "I'll Never Smile Again" by Tommy Dorsey

5 Jan 2012

31 January 1980

What song was number 1 in Canada on the 31st of January, 1980?

5 Jan 2012

what was number 1 song in Canada +June 5 1961

The best chart for Canada is the RPM one, however it won't help you for two reasons, firstly it only started in 1964 and secondly up to now it has only been available as scanned images (see for example http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/rpm/index-e.html)

The CHUM chart has Ricky Nelson - "Travellin' Man" as the number one

5 Jan 2012

I was born in Japan, March 22, 1951. +What were they singing there then?

We don't have any Japanese charts from before 1968. If you find any we'd like to add them

5 Jan 2012


8 february 1998 uk

You'll find it listed on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_singles_from_the_1990s_(UK)

5 Jan 2012

March 2, 1981

What was the #1 song on March 2, 1981 in United States?

It is listed on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hot_100_number-one_singles_of_1981_%28U.S.%29

5 Jan 2012

number 1 song

what song was number one on april 26, 1977? thank you very much for the work you do.

Where? We guess that you are from the USA, according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hot_100_number-one_singles_of_1977_%28U.S.%29 the US number one was Thelma Houston - "Don't Leave Me This Way"

5 Jan 2012

September 8, 1974 US #1 song

You'll find it listed on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hot_100_number-one_singles_of_1974_%28U.S.%29

5 Jan 2012

What song was number 1 on 7th October 1947

Where? According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_singles_in_Australia_during_the_1940s the Australian number one was Frank Sinatra - "Mam'selle"

5 Jan 2012

what was the #1 song in the us the week i was bron

iw as born in the 52nd week of the year 1981. i would like to know the number one song in the US during that week.thank you

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hot_100_number-one_singles_of_1981_%28U.S.%29 the US number one was Olivia Newton-John "Physical"

5 Jan 2012

what song was number 1 on nov 12 1974?

Where? According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hot_100_number-one_singles_of_1974_%28U.S.%29 the US number one was Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"

5 Jan 2012

What was number one song may 29 1965

Where? In the US it was The Beach Boys with "Help Me, Rhonda"

5 Jan 2012

August 14 1958, Australia, Melbourne


According to Kent the number 1 in August 1958 in Australia was Sheb Wooley with "Purple People Eater"

1 Nov 2011


What song was number one in Australia on Monday the 1st August, 2011

We don't know, that's not the kind of data we keep (too recent and specific)

1 Nov 2011

number one song when my son was born

what song was number one on Monday August 1st, 2011. Thank you :)

31 Oct 2011

wat was the number 1 song when i was born?? In US,, UK,,?? I was born on june 13 1990

wat was the number 1 song when i was born?? In US,, UK,,?? I was born on june 13 1990

Find a site that delivers that service or look in Wikipedia, all the links you need are listed here and on the "Source Charts" page.

20 Oct 2011


what was number one in Spain on 27th April 1974?

As it explains on the chart listing we don't have any information for Spain between 1967 and 1980

8 Oct 2011

worldwide number one songs

What song was number one 27th April 1974?

I'm looking for songs from charts around the world please! Can anyone help?

There are a number of number 1 lists on Wikipedia, you could start there.

The "Song Charts" page lists the sources of most of the charts we have here, going through those would add some extra ones.

8 Aug 2011

what song was #1 on 14/9/91

Which country? According to who? We suggest you look on Wikipedia.

22 Dec 2010

What song was number 1 on the day I was born?

What song was number 1 on the day I was born in the USA? August 25, 1950

15 Dec 2010

What was number one on 23/02/95?

What you didn't say is that you are from the UK, the list of UK number ones can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_singles_from_the_1990s_(UK)

The number 1 album in Japan that week was "Forever You" by Zard

8 Sep 2010


Hi guys, could you tell me what was number 1 in Ireland on 12/01/2010 my daughters birthday please?? im confused between what i remember in the our charts & the UK. Thanks xx

We don't keep records of the current year, because it is hard to know if current songs have reached their peak and the number of weeks changes too frequently.

However if you look at the description of where we obtain our Irish data from you will see a link which eventually leads to http://www.irishcharts.ie/search/number_one

That site is usually reliable and claims that the song you are looking for is "The climb" by Joe McElderry.

11 Aug 2010

8th April 2009

Hi i'm trying to find out what song was number one in Australia on my daughters birthday 8th April 2009? Please let me know+

The page //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_singles_in_Australia_in_2009 suggests that the answer is "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

7 Aug 2010

what song was number 1 on the 21st january 1964

Number 1 in Germany was "Das kannst Du mir Nicht Verbieten" by Bernd Spier

5 Jul 2010

What song was number 1 on the day I was born

What song was number 1 on the day I was born. I was born on Thursday 16th April 2009.

For one so young your typing skills are amazing. I also see that you are based in the UK.

On the day you were born the number one album in Sweden was "Kent Box 1991-2008" by Kent

10 Jun 2010

26 may 1974

26 may 1974