Things we have built

This page lists computer based things that we have actually constructed and documented. I must admit that my main reason for describing stuff that is actually working is for my own future maintenance. However I have had enough benefit over the years from reading other people's similar sites that I feel it is worth making these available to a wider audience.

Any thing you do as a result of reading this stuff is, of course, your own responsibility.

House Network

Diagram of network

We have a quite complex network layout in our house (at least compared with the other houses that I know). This page describes why we have taken this approach and how we configured the system to do all the things we wanted.

Soekris Server

The network here at Tsort Turret is controlled by a "house server" that protects the more secure network and provides various services for the whole house. This is implemented with a great little computer from Soekris Engineering in California ( This page describes how we configured the Soekris 4801 to handle all our needs.

Handling Music

This description is not yet written up

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