Ref Library

RefLib is an Android application that displays and manages a collection of datasets. It provides a simple interface to access data, load new datasets from the web and manage how they are displayed. Each dataset can contain anything from reference data to a personal list, currently available datasets include lists of the US Presidents, the World's Airports and the 300 biggest grossing Films of all time.

Once the data has been loaded the software does not require an active connection. So important ref data can be available at any time.

Using freely available software users can process CSV files to display any simple data that is valuable to them.

If you have a comment or question about Ref Library or any of our other Android software you can send it to us via the form at the bottom of this page.

You can follow us on Twitter as @tsortinfo. When new datasets are published, or new versions are available it will be announced there.

Index File: This file contains a listing of the currently available datasets. The RefLibrary app can load these datasets from this location.

Version 1.07
Released 13 Jul 2010

refdata.rli 1kB

Dataset Prepare: This sample Perl script takes a CSV file and creates a RefLib Dataset file (.rld). It may be freely copied, modified and redistributed. It is intended to show the steps required to create the SQLite data that RefLib relies on. The CSV file that this script works on is also available.

Version 1.07
Released 28 Jun 2010 8kB
help.csv 9kB

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