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At the TsorT Turret we have been putting together various Android apps. Mostly simple easy to use (and free) reference lists of all sorts of topics. You can find all our apps by searching for Steve Hawtin on the Android Market. We announce new releases via the twitter user @tsortinfo.

Our one major (and only paid for) app is RefLibrary. An app that collects all the datasets into a single place and lets you use the SD card to store data and do other things to manage the datasets.

This page provides some Android related software that is not available in the Android Market.

If you have a comment or question about any of our Android software you can send it to us via the form at the bottom of this page.

mp3 tag fixer: The Motorola Milestone (AKA Droid) only seems to look in the ID3v1 tags for the details of any mp3 files. Some people prefer to use the ID3v2 tags since they are more flexible, and don't populate the ID3v1 tags in their digital music files. When these files are loaded into the Droid they are all listed as having an "Unknown Artist" (despite working for iTunes, Zune and everything else). We suspect the same issue affects all Android 2.X devices.

This simple script can be run over a directory of mp3 files before they are copied to the device. The script duplicates the ID3v2 into the ID3v1 tags, so when the files are copied to the device they will be correctly listed. This script (and some ways it could be improved) have been discussed on PerlMonks.

Version 0.2
Released 7 Mar 2010 5kB

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