Songs from the Year 1912

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This page lists the top songs of 1912 in the source charts. The way that the various charts are combined to reach this final list is described on the in the site generation page.

There are almost no charts from before 1920 so this list is heavily determined by very few entries.

The top ten song artists of 1912 were:

1:American Quartet2:Enrico Caruso3:Walter Van Brunt4:Al Jolson5:Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
6:Henry Burr & Albert Campbell7:Peerless Quartet8:Billy Murray9:Heidelberg Quintet10:Ada Jones & Billy Murray
# Artist Song Title Year Chart Entries
1 Al Jolson That Haunting Melody 1912 US Billboard 1 - Mar 1912 (11 weeks), Brazil 12 of 1913
2 American Quartet Moonlight Bay 1912 US Billboard 1 - Mar 1912 (16 weeks), Brazil 23 of 1913
3 Al Jolson Ragging the Baby to Sleep 1912 US Billboard 1 - Jul 1912 (12 weeks), Brazil 24 of 1913
4 Enrico Caruso Love is Mine 1912 US Billboard 1 - May 1912 (9 weeks), Brazil 27 of 1914
5 Lillian Russell Come Down, Ma Ev'ning Star 1912 Library of Congress artifact added 2011 (1912), Brazil 28 of 1913
6 Grupo Chiquinha Gonzaga O Forrobodo 1912 Brazil 1 of 1912
7 (unknown) I'm Twenty-One Today 1912 Peel list 1 of 1912
8 Heidelberg Quintet Waiting for the Robert E Lee 1912 US Billboard 1 - Sep 1912 (12 weeks)
9 Elsie Baker I Love You Truly 1912 US Billboard 1 - Aug 1912 (11 weeks)
10 Alan Turner Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold 1912 US Billboard 1 - Dec 1912 (10 weeks)
11 American Quartet Everybody Two-Step 1912 US Billboard 1 - Nov 1912 (10 weeks)
12 Bob Roberts Ragtime Cowboy Joe 1912 US Billboard 1 - Jul 1912 (14 weeks)
13 Henry Burr & Albert Campbell When You Were Sweet Sixteen 1912 US Billboard 1 - May 1912 (10 weeks)
14 Ada Jones & Billy Murray Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee 1912 US Billboard 1 - Oct 1912 (13 weeks)
15 Chauncy Olcott I Love The Name of Mary 1912 Peel list 4 of 1912, Brazil 39 of 1916
16 Enrico Caruso Canta Pe' Me (Neapolitan Song) 1912 US Billboard 4 - Mar 1912 (4 weeks), Brazil 16 of 1913
17 Lucy Isabelle Marsh The Maids of Cadiz (Les Filles De Cadiz) 1912 US Billboard 5 - Mar 1912 (4 weeks), Brazil 17 of 1913
18 Neco Amor Ingrato 1912 Brazil 2 of 1912
19 Mark Sheridan Who Were You With Last Night? 1912 Peel list 2 of 1912
20 Enrico Caruso Dreams of Long Ago 1912 US Billboard 2 - Aug 1912 (8 weeks)
21 Arthur Collins When Uncle Joe Plays a Rag on His Old Banjo 1912 US Billboard 2 - Sep 1912 (6 weeks)
22 Victor Light Opera Co Gems from Naughty Marietta 1912 US Billboard 2 - Feb 1912 (8 weeks)
23 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan Everybody's Doing it Now 1912 US Billboard 2 - Feb 1912 (10 weeks)
24 Vesta Victoria Look What Percy's Picked Up in The Park 1912 Peel list 3 of 1912
25 Joao Barros Ao Luar 1912 Brazil 3 of 1912
26 Joao Barros O Meu Ideal 1912 Brazil 4 of 1912
27 Columbia Stellar Quartet Take Me Back to the Garden of Love 1912 US Billboard 3 - May 1912 (6 weeks)
28 Peerless Quartet Kentucky Days 1912 US Billboard 3 - Nov 1912 (6 weeks)
29 Elsie Baker Please Don't Take My Lovin' Man Away 1912 US Billboard 3 - Jul 1912 (5 weeks)
30 Dolly Connolly Moonlight Bay 1912 US Billboard 3 - Apr 1912 (6 weeks)
31 Harry MacDonough When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 1912 US Billboard 3 - Jun 1912 (7 weeks)
32 Reed Miller A Stein Song 1912 US Billboard 3 - Aug 1912 (5 weeks)
33 Prince's Orchestra Alexander's ragtime band 1912 US Billboard 3 - Apr 1912 (5 weeks)
34 Harry MacDonough When I was Twenty-one & You Were Sweet Sixteen 1912 US Billboard 3 - May 1912 (7 weeks)
35 Billy Murray Any Place the Old Flag Flies 1912 US Billboard 3 - Feb 1912 (7 weeks)
36 Enrico Caruso The Lost Chord 1912 US Billboard 3 - Jul 1912 (5 weeks)
37 American Quartet Ragtime Violin 1912 US Billboard 3 - Feb 1912 (5 weeks)
38 Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt I'm Afraid, Pretty Maid, I'm Afraid 1912 US Billboard 3 - Jul 1912 (5 weeks)
39 Billy Murray The Gaby Glide 1912 US Billboard 3 - Jun 1912 (5 weeks)
40 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan Waiting for the Robert E Lee 1912 US Billboard 3 - Nov 1912 (5 weeks)

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27 Mar 2015

trying to find a rnb

Rnb song with the lyrics "baby dont you be afraid i promise i be good to you baby. Its a male sing from the 90's era. If anyone knows??

26 Mar 2015

cds of songs from 1912

Hi I wonder if you can help me I am looking for a cd with some of these songson in particular, Hitchey-Koo,and "The Bunny Hug Rag" plus any others from this era. Do you know where I could get one please ?

Thanks, Vivien Culton

There is a fantastic collection of material from before 1914 available for download from

We don't have any record of either of the songs you mention (which just means they were not big hits) however you might also find them on Amazon or iTunes

24 Jan 2014

I am related to Alec Kendal. Where can I find information about him please?

15 Jul 2013

Number20... Everybody's doing it now, I have this on clay record.. Any idea how much it is worth?

Good condition

5 Jan 2013

I'm Twenty-One Today

Greetings, and many thanks for this super site. The song 'I'm Twenty-One Today' was sung my a northern light comedian called Jack Pleasants, who also performed 'I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy'.

All good wishes,

Mickied Driver.

6 Nov 2012

I'm Twenty-One Today was sung initially bt Jack Pleasants.

5 Nov 2012

When do we get a more British influence aroud her? We are the ones also.

We don't know of any good charts that list success in the UK from before 1950. We do use John Peel's list (the Peelenium) but that is only a few songs from each year.

If we had any British charts for this period we'd use them (after all we are from the UK). Do you know of any?

23 May 2012

Those are many songs I have not herd but may sound good I am working on a school project and need to know what type of music they listen to. If could reply and tell me on this website that would be nice. Thanks with all respect.

oh and I willtalk tomarrow or check bye

This page shows the top music of the day (at least the top music in the USA, we don't have many inputs).

And we don't (indeed can't) respond the next day to any requests. All the contributors here have actual jobs that we have to do to pay for the site.

15 May 2012

To All

Please I am in need of some help. I got a project that is due sometime this week and I don't have any name of Musicians from 1912. If anyone can help me I will be greatly Thankful. you can send it to ...

First we don't do rapid replies (we have real jobs).

Secondly, did you try looking on the page for 1912? The list is biased towards US music (its the main place we have charts for from before 1920).

8 Feb 2012

Is this rare?

I have a song titled: "Titanic, In the Shadows of the Deep", and it dates to sometime after the sinking of the Titanic and this score is from 1912. +It is written by John Boland (words), and William Held (music) and is published by the Charles H. Henderson music publishing company. I would like to know its current market value, as well as how many were printed (if you people know).


We have no idea, we're not sheet music experts.

We can tell you it was never a hit.

18 Oct 2011

8 - (unknown) - I'm Twenty-One Today - 1912 - Peel list 1 of 1912

Hi all,

Many thanks for your exccellent list.

About the mentioned song: If you look at message #& here + you'll find "Alec Kendal" as Artist. This is also confirmed at this page: +

Best regards from Switzerland, Harald Fries

Alec Kendal is listed as the composer of the song, not the performer. In fact you will notice that in the Wikipedia page that there is a gap in the performer column, reflecting the fact that the original list didn't specify who sang it.

Thanks for input, but we'll not modify the original entry.