Capability Maturity Model

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Originally developed by Carnegie Mellon University, now handled by the Software Engineering Institute, this abstract model of an organisation's capabilities estimates how the current practices fit along a scale:

  • Chaotic: The organisation does not even realise it has a problem
  • Repeatable: effort is being applied to ensure consistency
  • Defined: an agreed description has been created
  • Measured: objective KPIs are being tracked
  • Optimising: a mature understanding is being used to ratchet up the quality

Usually a range of activities is measured against this maturity scale and estimates take for the AsIs and ToBe situations. This helps focus on the activities that need the most urgent effort.

For example when assessing a company's Data Management activities one might select to adopt the Data Management Body of Knowledge and assess an organisation's maturity for the 10 functions it defines. This might then illustarate that Data Governance is the least mature activity and hence focus attention on improving that.

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