Songs with an Unknown Year

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This page lists the songs that were highest in the source song charts but don't have a year associated.

# Artist Song Title Year Chart Entries
1 Led Zeppelin Ramble On unknown Scrobulate 16 of classic rock, TheQ 389, WXPN 409, Rolling Stone 433
2 Kelly Clarkson Before Your Love unknown Canada 2 X Platinum (certified by CRIA in Apr 2003), US Gold (certified by RIAA in Oct 2002)
3 Stevie Ray Vaughan Pride & Joy unknown Scrobulate 10 of blues, TheQ 98, WXPN 268, one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 500
4 Amon Tobin Easy Muffin unknown Scrobulate 1 of ninja tune
5 Evanescence Lies unknown Scrobulate 1 of female vocals
6 Belle & Sebastian Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying unknown Scrobulate 1 of twee
7 Death in June Fall Apart unknown Scrobulate 1 of neofolk
8 Chiodos One Day Women Will All Become Monsters unknown Scrobulate 1 of post hardcore
9 Alicia Keys Troubles unknown Scrobulate 1 of r & b
10 The Feitos Disco do Roberto unknown Scrobulate 1 of brazilian
11 Dimmu Borgir Puritania unknown Scrobulate 1 of black metal
12 Alex Under Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano unknown Scrobulate 1 of minimal
13 Metallica The Call of Ktulu unknown Scrobulate 1 of instrumental
14 Charlie Feathers That Certain Female unknown Scrobulate 1 of rockabilly
15 Bossa Nostra Jackie unknown Scrobulate 1 of lounge
16 Pendulum Slam unknown Scrobulate 1 of drum n bass
17 Mr Bungle Ars Moriendi unknown Scrobulate 1 of avant-garde
18 Tenacious D Fuck Her Gently unknown Scrobulate 1 of funny
19 Cult of Luna Waiting For You unknown Scrobulate 1 of sludge
20 Loreena McKennitt Skelling unknown Scrobulate 1 of celtic
21 Silverstein Smile in Your Sleep unknown Scrobulate 1 of emocore
22 KingBathmat Fantastic Freak Show Carnival unknown Scrobulate 1 of power pop
23 Comeback Kid Wake the Dead unknown Scrobulate 1 of hardcore
24 Hellogoodbye Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn unknown Scrobulate 1 of fun
25 Mahavishnu Orchestra Meeting Of The Spirits unknown Scrobulate 1 of fusion
26 Mudvayne Dig unknown US Gold (certified by RIAA in May 2001), Scrobulate 4 of nu-metal
27 Stone From Delphi The Best May Hide unknown Scrobulate 1 of uk
28 Stabilo Flawed Design unknown Canada Gold (certified by CRIA in Sep 2006), Scrobulate 31 of canadian
29 Yellowcard Only One unknown US Gold (certified by RIAA in Jun 2005), Scrobulate 12 of pop punk
30 Joni Mitchell All I Want unknown Scrobulate 88 of folk, WXPN 713, WFUV 21, NY Daily Love list 90
31 Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man unknown Scrobulate 5 of southern rock, WXPN 804
32 Miles Davis Blue in Green unknown Scrobulate 5 of jazz, WXPN 861
33 The Allman Brothers Band Blue Sky unknown Scrobulate 7 of southern rock, WXPN 63
34 Pink Floyd Mother unknown Scrobulate 33 of progressive rock, TheQ 104
35 Joni Mitchell River unknown Scrobulate 61 of folk, WXPN 152, WFUV 35
36 Tom Waits Martha unknown Scrobulate 100 of blues, Belgium 117 of all time
37 The Beatles Oh! Darling unknown Scrobulate 72 of british, OzNet 257
38 Rush Working Man unknown Scrobulate 68 of progressive, TheQ 395
39 Led Zeppelin Gallows Pole unknown Scrobulate 82 of guitar, TheQ 206
40 Rush Freewill unknown Scrobulate 96 of progressive rock, TheQ 230
41 Van Morrison Crazy Love unknown WXPN 198, OzNet 459
42 Led Zeppelin Thank You unknown TheQ 466, WXPN 625
43 Disney Sleeping Beauty unknown US 2 X Platinum (certified by RIAA in Jan 1993)
44 Disney Mother Goose Rhymes unknown US 2 X Platinum (certified by RIAA in Jan 1993)
45 Disney Peter Pan unknown US 2 X Platinum (certified by RIAA in Jan 1993)
46 Disney The Wizard Of Oz unknown US 2 X Platinum (certified by RIAA in Jan 1993)
47 State of Shock Money Honey unknown Canada 2 X Platinum (certified by CRIA in Jun 2009)
48 Disney The Three Little Pigs unknown US 2 X Platinum (certified by RIAA in Jan 1993)
49 Stereos Summer Girl unknown Canada 2 X Platinum (certified by CRIA in Nov 2009)
50 Carrie Underwood Independence Day unknown Canada 2 X Platinum (certified by CRIA in Jul 2005)

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13 Sep 2014

Joni Mitchell-All I Want

This recording (#29) is from album "Blue" released in 1971.

13 Sep 2014

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Pride and Joy

This recording (#2) is from "Texas Flood" album released in 1983.

13 Sep 2014

Led Zeppelin-Ramble On

This song (#1) is from Led Zeppelin II album released in 1969.

The year assigned is NOT the year the song was written, recorded or released but generated from when it was a hit (which can be much later). See the FAQ