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The information here can be used in your own project. If you do that you must prominently note where the original data came from and provide an active link to the site (at the // address). If you want to use this data without meeting these requirement you can if you pay the licence fee (contact us for details). The real reason for placing this restriction is that the data is continually being corrected and new charts are being added.

At the moment you may scrape the site, provided your spidering does not impose too heavy a burden on the server or network. If the limited resources start being stretched then this position may change.

However you would probably find it easier and more useful to grab one of the CSV Files. These list all the songs and albums on the site (with details of all sources and positions), our guess at the top 5000 songs of all time (in case the top 1,000 was not enough), a list of the top 3000 albums and an ordered list of the top 2,000 artist. These Excel compatible files can be manipulated in a range of ways to further understand the music scene since 1900. If making these files available imposes too heavy a burden they may be removed in future.

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26 Oct 2019

Missing Song

Just an FYI, there's a song missing from your "songs and albums on the site"file that is included in your "top 5000 songs of all time" file. +It's "When the Children Cry" by White Lion (#4922 on your top 5000 song list).

The CSV file only lists songs that are on the web site pages.

26 Oct 2019

Missing Album

Just an FYI, there's an album missing from your "songs and albums on the site"file, but it's included in your "top 3000 albums" file. +It's the album "Kiss Me, Kate" by Original Artist (#1596 on your top 3000 albums).

The "songs and albums on the site" CSV only lists songs and albums that are actually on one of the web pages