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This page is no longer generated. It used to describe the album artist "Gary Numan". It could be that the name has been changed or a newer version of the data has make this item drop off the end of the lists.

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30 Dec 2010

Bit omission

Dear Sirs, I love your site, but you have made a serious omission with GaryNuman's records . Cars was a No 1 hit in the UK in 1979, a No1 hit in Canada in 1980 and top ten in the USA in 1980 (as well in other countries. Also his album Pleasure Principle was No 1 in the UK in 1979 and No14 in the USA in 1980. Cars and PP were in the USA charts probably for the whole year.

The record is listed here, its under 1980 (which is the year it was a hit in most places), and "Gary Numan".

You could have found it under "C" in the site index, under 1980 or by looking at the top 1000 artists.

We also list "Pleasure Principle" and more than 20 other albums that were hits for him on his album page.

So, no we have not left out any of the things you mention.