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This page is no longer generated. It used to describe the album artist "Manfred Mann". It could be that the name has been changed or a newer version of the data has make this item drop off the end of the lists.

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25 Oct 2016

Manfred Mann/Manfred Mann's Earth Band

The following (8) albums should be transferred from here (Album Artist 802 - Manfred Mann) to Album Artist 611 (Manfred Mann's Earth Band). #15 - The Roaring Silence is #1 there. #18 - Angel Station is #3 there. #12 - Somewhere In Africa is #5 there. #23 - Manfred Mann's Earth Band is #20 there. #21 - Get Your Rocks Off is #18 there. #22 - The Good Earth is #8 there. #20 - Solar Fire is #10 there. And finally #17 - Nightingales & Bombers is #9 there.

Perhaps the (2) Groups should be combined under (1) listing. Your thoughts?

In fact the two groups were combined until someone pointed ou that they are in fact completely different