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This page is no longer generated. It used to describe the album artist "Suzi Quatro". It could be that the name has been changed or a newer version of the data has make this item drop off the end of the lists.

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8 Aug 2017

Double Listing - Rock Hard

Based on time frame of Nov. 1980; #8 & #10 (Hard Rock) are the same.

Data fixed, thanks

4 Sep 2011

If You Knew Suzi & 4 Letter Words

Hi, "If you knew Suzi" also got to #32 in USA, and "Suzi and other 4 letter words" got to #117 in USA for 14 weeks

Also the 1980 album is called Rock Hard, and 'Quatro' also got to number 15 in Germany, the top 150 in America and Number 5 in Holland.

We don't have complete album charts for the US. If you know of any source where we can get them we'd be happy to use them.

Unfortunately we can't add individual entries as that would distort the listings.

In fact if you have any complete listings of German, Dutch or US album charts we'd be happy to add them.