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Any product has a number of different descriptions depending on who is asked, this idea lists the key definitions and the consequences of the differences.

Complete Product

In "The Marketing Imagination" Theodore Levitt explains that there are a number of different views of the "complete product", that is the combination of products and services that the vendor delivers. If the Delivered product is smaller than the Augmented product then the customer will not repeat the purchase, if the Offered product is smaller than the Expected product the customer will not purchase.

The types of product

  • Generic: The products and services that actually gets used, including elements from sources other than the vendor
  • Expected: What the customers think they need based on their previous experience
  • Augmented: What the customer really needs
  • Offered: What the vendors, or at least their sale's staff, think they deliver
  • Delivered: What actually gets delivered from the vendor
  • Potential: What the product could do

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