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Some reviewers have asked why the information is not in the form of a Wiki. That would allow others to contribute and help balance out some of my more unique beliefs.

At some future date I may organise this material that way, of course it would require either extending or replacing the existing publishing technology but that is possible.

However, my observation has been that Wikis are really good at collating information from multiple contributors, but tend to struggle with integrating the data. For example Wikipedia is great for finding individual facts, but does help when generating an overview of a subject, that integration happens elsewhere (and, of course, is often then excellently summarised on Wikipedia).

Once a topic has a skeleton that gives it a basic shape then a Wiki is an excellent mechanism for "fleshing out" the subject. Once I am happy that I understand the underlying shape, then it would be appropriate to create a Wiki.

My goal is not just to collect interesting facts but (I hope) to work out how they relate.

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25 Jan 2011

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In the seventh heaven Fresh Year everyone! :)

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