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15 Feb 2023

male artist song with words i do i do i do i do in it Male singer walking on beach in some scenes Song from the 80's or 90's

11 Sep 2021

Re: please help me remember this somg

I am looking for an R&B song that was written between 2007-2009 & it’s a rapsong with I believe more than 1 rapper in it & it has the words “It’s like” in it & I thought it also had the word bomb in it? It is sand by atleast 1 if not 2 males

15 Apr 2021

lyrics of song well i seldom ask you questions with who or where you been

25 Nov 2020

In a flash, he's gone

Looking for what I think is an R&B song, female singer she almost talks through the song telling a story. The song ends with "in a flash, he's gone"This is probably between 1980 to 1990

8 Sep 2020

I'm looking for a 1984-1997 female country artist song with the lyrics " one look from you"

24 Apr 2020

ella song

if you feel like singing sing

18 Apr 2020

Car crash

I am looking for a song recorded in 1970 or 1971 where a man is lying instreet and sees his severed arm. The ongoing refrain is an eerie “I remember.”

14 Apr 2020

I will cling to your love more and more and put my trembling hand in yours

13 Mar 2020

I Had A Dream Of You Last Night We Were Surrounded By The Globe Of City Lights And You Were Holding Me So Tight, Everything Seems Too So Right lyrics

3 Mar 2020

gospel song

Lyrics: +I've never walked on streets of gold, +I've never seen the gates of pearl, I've never lived in a land where man would never die. But I've felt my Savior's love, When his spirit touches mine. And I've felt His love, and it makes me want to go.

25 Feb 2020


Looking for a rap song from back in 1984 to 1987.

Lyrics goes like this: I like you, I like you, I really, really do - I wantyou to serve me like the way I serve you.

25 Dec 2019


I am looking for a R&B song that is by a female artist. 80's possibly 90's and it goes something like thi, If you wanna leave me baby, and then I think it goes just +go on and let me know or go?

2 Nov 2019

I am walking easy, I am walking slow. + Looking for the Title of the songcontaining these words...

21 Oct 2019

beach music

If you're going to give your heart

6 Oct 2019

Not sure of the name song probably came out prior to 1975 some of the lyrics are if I ask strange when I call your name I'm sorry

7 Aug 2019

Dirty Song (almost)

I met a miss. She had to pick a flower. + She stepped in the grass, Up to her ankle tops. + She saw a bird, stepped on a turkey feather. + She broke her heart, and let a farmer carry her home.

I am wondering if anyone knows the music to this. I read it in a Meg Cabot's Vanished, book2

3 Aug 2019



27 Jul 2019


I'll be with you in summertime or showers. Don't forget the flowers in a softbouquet. And when I'm near you my heart begins to tremble

11 Jul 2019

Indian boy and bear

Trying to remember a song about an Indian boy being followed by a bear. +Hadto have been from a children’s album late 50’s to early 60’s. +All I can remember is the words: ———, ———, ———, right by his side.

This has to be a mangled version of "The Jungle Book" surely

11 Jul 2019

80's r&b song

I don't know the name of the song. But the only lyrics I know is, "I want youback..oh yes!" It was recently sampled by an artist named Cyberlust in a song called "Highlights".+

6 Jul 2019

1956 invasion of the body snatchers

At the end of the movie a folk song is heard being played on a farm. EloiseDragon sang that song. What is the name of the song? It was composed by Frank Dragon.

5 Jul 2019


I wanna find a song but a do´tn know title or artis, just de lyrics say "I´ts something,It´s something, I know you know Iknow....the songs is a 70s-80s disco hit

27 Jun 2019

song sounds like the old noun cartoon commercial

the chorus go. And every place that i go, you know i get down, i get down+upbeat song

7 Jun 2019

Latin Christian song

I come to you my father are the lyrics??

24 May 2019

"I Feel Alive" in lyrics (late 80s, early n 90s American group)

15 May 2019

I threw a baseball threw a window. He drove away with tears in his eyes.

4 May 2019

looking for a song

a song played in the movie prom ride ...its a beautiful song ... it playedwhen they were in the limmo ... the killer wanted the two couples to dance .... WHAT WAS THE SONGS NAME ?? it sounds like ... im in love with you ... a woman sings that part .... and theres a man that sings also in the song.

1 Apr 2019

What is the title and who I the singer

Is there a place in +your +heart +is +there +a +chance +we +can +start +all+over +again+

20 Mar 2019

love song

"It's our wedding day" by a black artist and his name starts with A i beliveor maybe O.

28 Jan 2019

Gospel song

Looking for old gospel some of the lyrics are,,I can’t sing like David Ican’t preach like Paul I am not strong like Samson I ain’t nothing at all

11 Dec 2018

song 20s 30s 40s or 50,s

I,m all alone

4 Dec 2018

love song

if i were your man and i was your world

14 Nov 2018


I,m so all alone,everso lonely,i,m so all alone ever so blue, theres ayearning for your returning such a yearning only for you

4 Nov 2018

lyrics for this song

if n i say im thinking of you ifn i say i do . where does this come from and who sang it etc

13 Apr 2018

70's song

I don't even know your name, but I love you just the same

3 Apr 2018

song identification and complete lyrics

partial parts: i didn't want to see you again but i did, i didn't want to holdyou again but i did, had a certain feeling for you i did, i wanted to find out what that certain feeling was.

15 Jan 2018

I want to... Female singer speaking English but song recorded by someone inGermany, maybe.

13 Jan 2018

Song maybe R&B i heard it back in 2008-2009

""Baby i need you in my life, i need you by my side""i really don't know whosings it...+

6 Jan 2018

70s or 80s rock n roll song

im looking for a rock song in which guy sings with exclusive beat

"DOnt Say im in Love" Im in Love Im in Love...

9 Dec 2017


'I don't wanna miss you the ... since i kiss you ' . The video is a band w ablonde male singer who has queit a baby face .+ I want to find this song so badly hope u guys could hepl me

9 Dec 2017


I don't wanna miss you

5 Dec 2017

into the night

8 Nov 2017

We have y Each other oh your heart

26 Oct 2017


21 Oct 2017

finding a song

is there a place in your is there a chance we can start our love all overagain

17 Oct 2017

american tv comedy

in a house with an upstairs and a downstairs theres a mistress and a masterand a maid who caused disaster

10 Sep 2017


30 Aug 2017

song +

The name of the song is "I" +lyrics start + "I want no other one dear but you, I only wish that you want me too, but then life can be so lonely and only your love can make my dreams come true...............

Don Cornell? Petey Pablo?

26 Aug 2017

Hard Men (Movie 1996)

words from song "i can see you, i can feel you"

19 Jul 2017

I had a job I had a girl had something going in this world

17 Jun 2017

Who did the song: In His Arms' ?

Partial lyrics: With arm number five, I felt so glad we were both alive With arm number six I felt myself falling like a ton of bricks

And when he took me in all eight of them, then I knew I was his Octopus

8 Mar 2017

serach fro a song

I love you friend change cause you're my life,.... baby baby

28 Feb 2017

Is it going to last

26 Feb 2017

I love you and you're like I love you too my eyes I love you you know I do

24 Feb 2017

It's coming down to the end of time

8 Feb 2017

song that sounds somewhat like (woman) "i see you" +"you see me" (man) not100% sure those are the words, but i think so.

16 Jan 2017


It is over now I loved you long enuf now is the time to move

5 Jan 2017

Is there a place in your heart

15 Dec 2016

If you cant tell the world she's a good little girl than dont say nothin at all

I have been searching for a barbershop quartet arrangement of this song.Unfortunately it is not in the society library. If anyone knows where I can obtain this arrangement or any sheet music for this song I would be willing to pay a fee

15 Dec 2016

song title and artist

I can only remember the one line: "Well I'm goin to the river, to find me a little girl' a tune from the 60"s

13 Sep 2016

I really love you you know that I love you+

Female r&b singer sings song. Sounds like Alicia Keys.

6 Sep 2016

I'm someone who care,tho I can"t get no where

28 Aug 2016

i am in love and seraching about

26 Aug 2016

really don't no the title or the singer but the first line says( I pray you the alpha )....please reply fast

24 Aug 2016

childs song. +I got a big fat tum, cause I eat up every crumb

1 Aug 2016

im just a kid with a dream lalala song

15 Jul 2016

I'm happy even if you're not with me

looking for this song for so long now please help.It sounds like either PaulaAbdul,Madonna or Kylie Minogue,but can't find it nowhere.

11 Jun 2016

Locate a+ Title +POP Song +starting with I+

It's +a +Jazz +Song + 1960s +performed +by +George Or Johnny Daniels And +it's +similar +like +Innamorato, and +After +First +"I" goes +with +apostrophe. Please, +I'll +appreciate you +soon +reply. +Thanks. ++

1 Jun 2016

Its my life

Songs lyrics are like:- I woke up this morning at 7am Its mylife Its my way and i have the ryt to listen to d crazy

Plz if u could find me d song It was in an old cd my dad gave me. Its sung by a women

24 May 2016

Looking for the song I love you more and more every day

23 May 2016

2015 SYFY channel commercial+

I'll die tonight if I have to

18 May 2016



16 Apr 2016

I will be doggone if you ain't goodlooking

4 Mar 2016

Insane and out of your mind

29 Feb 2016

Name of song with lyrics:

I didn't want to see your again, but I did. I didn't want to hold you again, but I did. Had a certain feeling for you, I did. etc.

16 Feb 2016

The first line of the song I think is I don't love you anymore

29 Jan 2016

Who sang the song Never with the supplied lyrics below? Thanks

My love is as deep as the sea That flows forever You ask me when will it end I tell you never My love is bright as the sun That shines forever You ask me when will it end I tell you never The world may disappear Like a castle of sand But I’ll be waiting here With my heart in my hand You ask me when will it die I tell you never!

16 Jan 2016

female singer sounds country

if i cant go with you i don't want to go

9 Jan 2016

song starts off with "I am looking for love" singer is female

22 Dec 2015

i like

Song from the late 70's or early 80's "I like mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmm ... with you"

15 Nov 2015


I remember you

25 Oct 2015

There's rain in my eyes Al Bowlly

Looking for the lyrics to "There's rain in my eyes" Found the song + onYoutube and iTunes, but would like a copy of the lyrics. +Thanks

22 Oct 2015

+i love you more

I heard a song on the +radio, +Christian music. it was called +I love youmore. I would love to find it and buy it, thank you,

25 Sep 2015


Songs with the word Imagine in it 2010 and later

15 Sep 2015

Old country song

Who sings it and what's the name of the song ? It has some words like " is that you myrtle ? Just a minute papa " I had a cassette with it on there and other old songs by little Jimmy Dickens

29 Aug 2015

male singer

in the early 70's

I hope your new love after me is all it's meant to be

18 Aug 2015

Sad country song

Its a country song sung by a women her husband died and she says i reached foryou this morning but your not there. I kelt the old tshirt that i used to hate. I still call your mom on sunday. And she takes the little girl evety year to the cemetary. Dont know who sings it or what its called

5 Aug 2015

In Summertime

In summertime life is easy. Every care in the world jets by so easily. Thedays are so long and the nights bring so much joy ans baaaaaby ooooh, I'm a lover, you'll soon discover. In the summertime when the nights, when the nights are just right.

12 Jun 2015

hello can you help+

in 2006-2007 i heard a song on comcast music choice channel the chorus goestonight its all about me its a r&b song the artists is a female not mya+

20 May 2015

The song is a fast dance song that has the repeated phrase,"I Like it" It's by an african american group

9 May 2015

reggae lovers rock tune

Lyrics incldue" your my breakfast in the morning, and my dinner late at night" chorus is " I've fallen for you,"

7 May 2015


I can never find.... another girl like you

6 May 2015


I am the mighty wongaloo....

18 Apr 2015

a song

it goes like is ...... i am walking in the dark

17 Apr 2015



10 Apr 2015

Singer of this song? I think it's called " if you can"

Female country artist beginning lyrics are : are you awake? Are you asleep? It's hard to tell with your back to me.... Chorus is: now tell me about her, if you can. If you can look me in the eyes and say it's over. If you can kiss my lips and feel no fire inside. If you can hold my body close and still say you love her most. Tell me about her if you can.+

30 Mar 2015

I thank god for this country girl of mine

22 Mar 2015

Song- title?

I Am the____ king searching for.....

19 Mar 2015

I'm giving in to you again

25 Feb 2015

I've Been Changed - Im Not What I Used To Be I've been rearranged, it was the blood that set me free

29 Jan 2015

title and singer-s? from the 1960's

I'm too close to turn around I'll take my pride Talk to the sky

It's just a game Can't you se you cry in vain it's no use It's too late to change my mind oohoohooh

9 Dec 2014

oldies song called i love you

" I love you, i love you, i love you, yes I do but the words wont come and I don't know what to say+

24 Nov 2014

Need Song Title/Artist

I'm in love - this is the only phrase I know it is 2002,2003 or 2004 I'm not sure. The singer is a white guy wearing white and everything in the background is mostly white..

24 Oct 2014

It's a long, long way down the mississippi

24 Oct 2014

Spanish sounding

It had a spanish like marc anthony vibe. It was went something such as... I don't wanna do this anymore, I don't wanna add you to the list, I don't wanna... etc etc anymore+

21 Oct 2014

Need Song Title/Artist

I'm looking great all over- this is the only phrase I know it is a 1990's dance music song

18 Oct 2014

song from mid 60's to 70's

looking for a song from a female vocalist, I believe it was from the mid 60's to mid 70's. The lyrics contain, i'll stay with you a year, then I must be on my way. This may not be exact but close

11 Oct 2014


song began with I'm the one you're the one

10 Oct 2014

(bird in background) i need you ... And my heart keeps pounding.....

1 Oct 2014

help me find this song

part of the lyric: i think am in love, i think am in love, i think am in love with this african girl.....

26 Sep 2014


It was a really popular song but I can't remember the lyrics. I think it was out around the 70s or 80s. The chorus is the distinct part about it because its sung in w high falsetto and its sort of high energy

25 Sep 2014

looking for r&b song title

i was building castles in the sand until you came along and took my hand

looking for r&b song.....with these lyrics..."I was building castles in the sand until +you came along girl and took my hand...cause your love....????

22 Sep 2014

help me find this song

these are the lyrics- i dont have to look across the angel His voice is speaking in my heart today His words like a flame consuming all my shame Hes a shinning start to show the way. i will follow christ i will run the race+

12 Sep 2014


i know that i know i'm in love and you the only one i'm thinking of

9 Sep 2014

Song from 60's

Looking for song sung by Male or male group from 60's. These are the only lyrics I can remember ...I am who I am and you are who you are..

8 Sep 2014

who sings this song

There's a place where i can go to tell my troubles to== in my room in my room

2 Sep 2014

i've got the magic touch

am looking for this oldies but i know a few lyrics(i've got the magic touch,everything i touch turns to gold or sugar) help me find it

1 Sep 2014

I want you to want me by lady singer

31 Aug 2014

i say yer i love u till the morning

31 Aug 2014


I just want to dance with you

29 Aug 2014

old +song+

dad use to sing a song called i aint serpose to be all there looking for the words

24 Aug 2014

im looking +for s sonq

hey, I'm looking for an r&b song, sang by a lady, its a nice romantic song, I don't know the title of the song, +all I heard was the sentence of the chorus, it goes" CAUSE BABE IM STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU ......"

20 Aug 2014

name of song and artist

I'm the wood I know i'm good and i'm giving up the beat

7 Aug 2014

I am gonna make you wonder if ....

28 Jul 2014

I'm thinking of you is by a gene in the 70,s but who?

15 Jul 2014

in summertime

in +summertime, life is easy, every chance in the world, get by so easy andthen________ooooh Im your lover, you soon discover, in summertime when the nights ++

30 Jun 2014

I don't wanna play in your yard

15 Jun 2014

Lyrics are "I think I'm in love"

10 Jun 2014


Who sang, "I love the night life, I want to Boogie? Thought it might be called "ACTION"

"I Love the Nightlife" - Alicia Bridges 1978

2 May 2014

find artist for an r&b slow song+

hi,i have been trying to find a song and who sings this song called i want your love. it's an r&b slow song with the lyrics: i want your love,yes i doboy and i won't give up till i have you, oh ah oh ah oh. not to be confuse with the song i want your love by chic

Songs called "I Want Your Love" have been hits (somewhere) for 5 different acts: As you say Chic in 1979 had the biggest hit, but Transvision Vamp's 1988 hit was almost as big, the versions by Atomic Kitten (2000), Roger Sanchez & Twilight (1999) and Paul Rutherford (1989) were all only hits in the UK.

22 Apr 2014

Who sings this song?

Song is sung by a female british artist - lyrics: "Fairy tales about Cupid's wings then Lady's luck does crazy things. I found you, I found you. +Does anyone know this song?

Thank you!

2 Apr 2014

Lyrics are "I really wish you well"

24 Oct 2013

looking for song/artist

Male singer," i'm looking for someone to change my life,i'm looking for the miracle in the sky,and if you could see what its done to me...'..

22 Oct 2013


lookin for a song when one friend female sings to another female friend bout a guy think its called i hate to say i told you or i told you so

14 Aug 2013

Looking for a song from the sixties

Part of the words "I love you with all my heart, and my love is so sincere.........and to know that you love me, only makes me love you more"

20 Jul 2013

Looking for Song Title

I don't wanna be like Cinderella, Sitting in a dark, cold, dusty cellar, Waiting for somebody to come and set me free. I don’t wanna be like someone waiting, For a handsome prince to come and save me, Oh I will survive Unless somebody's on my side. Don't wanna depend on no one else - I’d rather rescue myself~

15 Mar 2013

please name the song and artist

I'm looking for an old song. The only lyrics I know are,"I like the way you do do do do.

4 Feb 2013

kindly name of the song and artist

All i can remember was , but some +of the lyrics went something like " I am going to love you for the rest of my life...)a male singer, year 2000-2001, in the states..Thankx

7 Apr 2012

London bridge is burning down

This is Mr Guy Fawkes by Dave Miller Set

25 Aug 2010

can you name this artist

I havent heard this song for years, but some of the lyrics went something like..'I was talking to a policeman, london bridge is burning down'' then the chorus went ''Ive got my love to keep me warm''there was some sort of an explosion in the middle and then he sings about a starry night my love is dynamite and then the chorus again +any ideas???


No idea at all

18 Dec 2009

can you name this song and artist

I gonna keep movin oh yea think it was 1983/84 the chorus was never gona break my stride gotta keep movin oh yeah

Doing a search on Google shows that the song "Break My Stride" was a major hit single for Matthew Wilder in 1983 and 1984. Look up Matthew Wilder in the index, look at the page for 1984 songs or find the title "Break My Stride". It shows that the song was a big hit in North Europe with later covers by Blue Lagoon and others.