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Steve Hawtin

This page provides some details about the Steve Hawtin that is associated with this site. If you are looking for the computer person who is obsessed with information architecture, popular music, history, data management and juggling you probably are in the right place. If you are looking for the Steve Hawtin that writes interactive fiction, or the one that was at your drunken party last summer, or the one who is in his twenties then you need to keep looking, this is a different person.


Exploration & Production Data

I have been working with data for the oil industry for more than 20 years. This has ranged from developing applications for geologists, via building integration software to consulting on Enterprise Architecture. I also present at various Information Management conferences.

Information Architecture

As the data at this site suggests I am obsessed with architecture: of information; enterprises; frameworks and software.

Open Source Software

I was infected with the concept of open source while working with Richard Stallman in the 1980s. Since then I have released various pieces of software, including a C compiler, a juggling simulator, a neural network evolution test bed, date conversion software (coping with various strange calendars such as Islamic, Chinese, Julian, Mayan and Coptic), a software chess board, a database of trivia, web page generators and a music management library.

Family History

The name Hawtin has been around for a long time. During the 19th century a history of the family was written which traces the name back to an entry in the Doomsday book (1086). In the middle ages the name pops up in various places, as the Sheriff of Norfolk, suing the Pastons when they illegally occupied land and so on.

All the current Hawtin families seem to be direct (and traceable) decendants of Richard Hawtaine (of the Ley) who was born near Banbury in about 1450. The name is fairly uncommon, which simplifies keeping track. That is how we know that there are quite a few people called "Steve Hawtin".


As far as I know I'm the only Steve Hawtin that can juggle a Mill's Mess or a four ball shower.

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16 Jan 2014

album artist ranking Johnny Mathis

another gold award

although not charted, Johnny Mathis uk sony release HITS OF JOHNNY MATHIS has been certified UK GOLD award. released in 1995 - Gold in 2013 by the B.P.I+ This needs adding to his list, thank you

We never add individual entries, the charts would end up be biased, we can only add complete lists

27 Mar 2014

Johnny Mathis

although not charted, Johnny Mathis sony release HITS OF JOHNNY MATHIS has been certified UK GOLD award. released in 1995 - Gold in 2013 by the B.P.I+ This needs to be added to Johnny Mathis Album artist list ranking, Thank you

The BPI have made it more difficult to get the list of awards. If we can get a complete list we'll add the entries.

28 Jul 2015


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